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TFGC Part 3

This weeks children are the children of The Sand Siblings. I decided to do all the Siblings together so it wouldn’t take so long and you’d forget all the characters. By the way, sorry for all the characters. There should only be about 2 or 3 more.

Shikamaru and Temari’s Children.

Name: Cero Nara

Age: 13

Element(s): Water, Lightning, and Storm

Specializes in: Storm Style, Analyzing, and Strategies

Rank: Genin

Bio: Cero is Shikamaru’s protege. He has an IQ of 213, just a bit higher than his father. His original name was Discuto, but it was changed to Cero. The reason for this is, Cero is spanish for zero and once you get into a battle with Cero, there is a zero percent chance of winning. The reason he’s so special is because he was born with a very special Kekkei Genkai, Storm Style!! Storm Style is a combination of the elements Water and Lightning. Also, instead of blue lightning, it’s yellow. The reason for this is because, it’s real lightning, not chakra lightning. He has a large chakra reserve, even compared to a low tailed Jinchuriki. His mentor is Naruto and deems him best fit to be Hokage, even though his father is the current Hokage.

Techniques: (Not All) Water Style: Water Bullet, Water Style: Water Dragon, Water Style: Water Fang, Water Style: Water Slice, Lightning Style: Piercing Blackness, Lightning Style: Lightning Swords, Lightning Style: Lightning Shockwave, Lightning Style: Electric Discharge, Storm Style: Stormy Rasengan, Storm Style: Thundercloud Barrier, Storm Style: Death By Lightning, Storm Style: Thunderstorm.

Name: Gedito Nara

Age: 8

Element(s): –

Specializes in: –

Rank: –

Bio: Gedito is the little one of the Nara kids. He usually hides in the shadows because no one wants to play with him. He’s always sad because his father never tries to train him. He is thankful that his brother pays attention to him. Up till now, he didn’t have any friends besides Cero. But now, he’s being more open to people. Now he has two more friends, Fresco and Getta. They value their friendship very much. They would all die for one another. Sadly, there is no more information about him.

Techniques: –

Kankuro and Flena’s Children.

Flena is a character from the Grass Village.

Name: Fauna

Age: 15

Element(s): Earth

Specializes in: Copy Jutsu

Rank: Chunin

Bio: Fauna is the older child of the two. He likes to be around animals. He is very considerate of people’s feelings, like animals. He can diagnose the situation in a blink of an eye. He has many “feelings” in his body. He sometimes talk to himself to sort out these “feelings”. He is called “The Crazy Animal”, because his name is Latin for Animal. He has only two friends, Cero and Matra. (Gaara and Matsuri’s daughter) Even though they are all cousins, he feels like they are his brother and sister. He is very flexible, as he can do many front and back-flips. He has a very unique technique that lets him copy most jutsu, even Kekkei Genkai. But, for it to work, he must make the signs while the opponent is activating their Kekkei Genkai or Jutsu. He also has very good chakra control, the very opposite of his sister.

Techniques: (Not All) Earth Style: Mud Wall, Earth Style: Earth Clone, Earth Style: Stone Rain, Earth Style: Desert Storm, Earth Style: Stone Avalanche, Earth Style: Rock Cannon, Clone Jutsu, Copy Jutsu.

Name: Flora

Age: 12

Element(s): Water

Specializes in: Puppets

Rank: Genin

Bio: Flora is the younger child of the two. She likes to be around plants. In her spare time, she likes to grow many different flowers for her garden. From these she makes many cures for victims of poison. She also makes poison for her puppets to use in battle. ¬†Though she does this, she doesn’t classify herself as a medic-nin because she has not been trained in chakra control. For this reason, she has horribly chakra control, the very opposite of her brother. She loves to talk. Once she starts, you can never get her to shut up! She can learn just about anything that her sensei, Hinata, teaches her in a matter of hours. She thinks that her sensei is depressed because she is not with the love of her life, Naruto.

Techniques: (Not all) Water Style: Waterfall Crush, Water Style: Water Clone, Water Style: Water Fang, Water Style: Slicing Water, Water Style: Crushing Whirlpool, Water Style: Explosive Water, Water Style: Water Dragon Whip, Water Style: Flaming Water, Puppet Show: Strangling Puppets, Puppet Show: Slicing Death.

Gaara and Matsuri’s child.

Name: Matra

Age: 11

Element(s): Sand

Specializes in: Biju Chakra

Rank: Genin

Bio: Matra is a very kind girl. She thinks that life is peaceful because she was born one year after the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Even though she was born after the war, she has had hardships. Her father got sick and almost died. She was in the middle of a fight and was paralyzes and was almost finished off in the Forest Of Death. Even though this has happened, she is still cheerful and witty. She is quite strong for her age, able to take out 24 people in 3 minutes without tiring. She inherited her fathers Biju Chakra and can call on it at anytime. The reason for this is because part of the Biju went into her when she was born. She will always stand by her father because they have both almost died. She cares deeply for her father, as she would sacrifice herself to protect him.

Techniques: (Not all) Sand Waterfall, Sand Coffin, Sand Collision, Sand Claw, Sand Destruction, Venomous Sand, Sandstorm Of Shukaku, Shukaku’s Wrath, Flaming Sand, Sand Burial, Giant Sand Burial, Twin Sand Swords.

Thank you for reading it through to the end. Sorry it was so long.