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Best and Worst Battles in Naruto


Here it is folks, group blog #3.  Didn’t get as many participants as I had hoped, but it was still a good showing.  Thanks to everyone who managed to send an entry to me 🙂

White Shinobi’s picks:
Best Battle; Mizuki vs Naruto. Seriously, I’m not kidding. This battle showed that Naruto was determined to get stronger despite his prankster demeanor. It gave us a glimpse of what he would be able to do in the future.
Worst Battle; Dosu vs Choji. It didnt last long enough…..

Paintheclown’s picks:
My pick for the best battle is Nagato (Pain) vs. Naruto.
It’s because it made Naruto go over the edge to protect everyone he cared about.  It’s also where Hinata finally gave into her ove for Naruto and stood up for herself.
I also picked this battle because it’s the battle that made me like manga again.  I was about to stop reading the Naruto Manga until I saw this battle.  So, this battle is special to me.

Naruruler12’s picks

Wow, I have really been waiting for something like this ^_^!
Okay, so, I think one of the greatest battles ever…Well…Sasuke and Itachi’s battle…That one was a combination of power and abilities. A true showing of the abilities Sasuke and Itachi gained, more over Sasuke, over the years at least since the Uchiha Massacre…Oh…6-8 years ago…Wow…That battle was a real test…I loved it because it was extensive and talkative at the same time, showing the words and real thoughts inside Itachi’s head and why he did what he did…Itachi spared his brother because he loved him…and that fight was just magnicifent.
I think the worst battle, a very short one of course, was the slight battle between Gaara and the shinboi from…the Land of Grass…I believe…It was short, and nothing really happened except Gaara showing what he can do with his sand, or at least what his Mother does…So…I know it was really to give a little “insight” (I know that is not really what I should be using the word for…but…) on what Gaara’s abilities are before the actual Preliminary matches happened. The battle wasn’t a real BATTLE, but I would guess that it counts for something…right?

mart1’s picks
I think the best battle was either Gaara vs. Naruto or Neji vs. Naruto because they were the first fights I watched and they sucked me into the series though the Valley of the End Sasuke-Naruto fight could give them a run for their money and the worst fights were Hinata vs. Neji because she got owned and yet so many people make SUCH a big deal about her losing

Sokka Of Otogakure (FirelordSokka)’s picks
Best Fight: Naruto vs Kakashi
This is actually when Team 7 is trying to take the bell from Kakashi. Naruto , being the knucklehead that he is, tries to take it before the fact. As a result, he receives … 1000 YEARS OF PAIN!!!!!
Winner: Kakashi

Worst Fight: Orochimaru vs Sasuke
The only reason Sasuke won was because Orochimaru was already dying. Really brave there Sasuke. Pick on a guy that’s already dying. If they were both on par, both healthy, it’d be really hard to call. However …
Winner: Sasuke

pein0avenue’s picks
I will being with my choice for worst battle in Naruto, its hard to say here has been a lot of Good Battles but I cannot actually think of one worst battle, it also depends on what you see as a battle, Gaara vs that Sound Guy, Baki vs that sickly ninja, they where so short so I could not actually base my opinion on that. My worst battle was the Sanin Battle, it was prettty boring if you think they where the most powerful ninja in the world, I thought it would be more ultimate jutsu’s and less summons but then again, Oro had no arms so it was a kinda handicapped battle and that makes it my worst. Tsunade was usless and too much emphisise was put on Naruto vs Kabuto which kinda annoyed me since we see him ALL the time fighting and these three Sanin should of been the best, there where a few good moments but for all the build up to me it was kinda climactic, I do not see Movies as real battles but my second worst if I think of that is when Naruto fights in the 2nd shippuden movie

This was tough since the most epic in Naruto was the Battle of the End and Shipuden so far I think Pein vs Naruto maybe Sasuke vs Itachi, ALL brilliant, but my best is actually one from the beginning, Zabuza/Haku vs Sasuke/Naruto/Kakashi. Reasons why it my favourite is because, Sasuke first gains his Sharingan and Naruto unleashes his Kuuybi for the first time, Kakashi was also bad @$$ Assassin in this one. The battle was also not too long if I recall in the anime, but there was a constant ups and down, where we thought that Haku/Zabuza where winning and then back to Naruto, it was also hard to distinguish the real bad guys near the end, since Haku was just protecting his dreams for Zabuza (or however that thing works) We also first see Sasuke’s kinder side saving Naruto’s life inspit of wanting to stay alive to kill his brother. There was also a moment of comedy when all the other Ninja where talking about Naruto and Sasuke being in the perfect position since one was outside and the other inside, as they realise this we see Naruto snuck in to save Sasuke ruining their advantage… it was funny to me… When Sasuke does eventually “die” we see the true extent of Naruto’s power (at the time) and how strong he can be, but we also see Naruto is not a true Shinobi since he cannot kill Haku, this battle shows us what Sacrifice and fighting for a dream means, Haku giving his life for Zabuza made Zabuza realize there is more to the world then death and he freed the Land of Waves from Gato… Thanks for reading to my long comment, hope it helps with your desicion 🙂

Bob’s picks
Best for me is Naruto and Gaara’s battle. I think this part in the manga was the one that got me hooked on Naruto. I had heard about Naruto before back then, but wasn’t all that interested in it despite the hype. Out of chance, somebody posted some pictures from the manga on some forum somewhere, and I instantly took a liking to it. It was also the battle I think Naruto really defined himself as a truly great ninja. When he summoned Gamabunta just like the Fourth did when he fought Kyuubi, you knew then that this was that this kid was going all the way until he becomes Hokage.

It’s hard to pick a worst battle, but generally I think battles between female ninja in Naruto are often marginalized. The exception areTsunade’s fights, but if you think back to the fights involving the other heroines, there wasn’t not nearly enough time and effort spent on them compared to other battles; not too mention that there are so few of them. Heck, the battle between Temari and Tenten in the manga was even skipped! And more recently, I was expecting a good show when Hinata went to take on Pein, but it ended in 2 or 3 frames 😦 I guess I’d just like to see stronger female characters in Naruto for a change.