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Naruto chapter 459 – Dojutsu Implants for Everyone!

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

A lot of new information have been revealed in Naruto chapter 459, though I admit some of it was a little sudden and maybe too convenient in my opinion. A whole floodgate is opened and I’m sure many of us Naruto theory fanatics will have a field day with this chapter. Also in this chapter, the rest of the Konoha 11 have come to an agreement on how to deal with the Sasuke situation, but how will Sakura and Naruto accept it? Sasuke and Akatsuki have also made their move, and it appears that Sasuke is being played once again.


If you were still placing bets on whose Sharingan Danzo stole for his right eye, well, you’re too late. It’s been revealed that Danzo possesses none other than Shisui Uchiha’s eye. I’m sure most of us hardcore Naruto fans will no doubt know who Shuisui was, but I doubt a more casual reader would remember. After all, I think Shisui was maybe mentioned only twice in this whole series, his face was never revealed and his powers were only hinted at. It felt to me that suddenly bringing Shisui back into the plot at this point without any backstory or flashbacks is a little sudden, but maybe that’s just me. Just to summarize, Shisui was first mentioned in a flashback (in Naruto part 1) to the events before the massacre of the Uchiha clan. Shisui was Itachi’s best friend apparently and a skilled Uchiha. His body was later found with an apparent suicide note written with his hand. Itachi said to Sasuke that he killed his best friend to obtain his Mangekyou Sharingan, but recent events suggest that he was likely lying. We don’t know yet who really killed Shisui, but I’m guessing Madara because if Shisui’s power to control others without them knowing is true, then few other than Madara would be able to counter Shisui’s ability. It’s unknown how Danzo got a hold of Shisui’s Sharingan, it could be that he was cooperating with Madara, but after the massacre he certainly would have had plenty of Sharingans to choose from.


I found the way in which Danzo’s Sharigan was discovered a little too convenient. Ao, one of the Mizukage’s bodyguards, just happens to have an implanted Byakugan taken from a Hyuga he defeated. And he just happened to have fought Shisui Uchiha before and remembered the exact chakra pattern of Shisui and is able to match it with the one he sees in Danzo. Well, whatever, maybe I‘m just thinking too much. Ao also mentions that he used his Byakugan to see through the genjutsu placed on the Fourth Mizukage, possibly by Madara, so I guess his ability to see through Danzo’s tricks is not a surprise. But you got to wonder if someone like Ao, who has a second-rate Byakugan at best, can detect Danzo’s Sharingan, why the heck didn’t any of the true Hyugas back in Konoha figure it out. I mean I realize Danzo probably keeps himself out of public sight most of the time, but he is also a member of Konoha’s elder council so he has to show his ugly mug at important meetings and such events. Couldn’t Tsunade have asked one of her ANBU who is a Hyuga to, you know, take a peek at what that creepy old man is hiding behind his bandages?


I’m a little disappointed to see all these characters showing up with implanted Sharingans or Byakugans. It’s making what was once a rare trait become stale. Remember when having a transplanted dojutsu was the coolest thing ever? I mean, it was partly what made Kakashi so popular. But that was because it was rare, now every joe-schmoe is showing up with their fancy eye implants! I wonder how many more Sharingan, Byakugan or even Rinnegan-implants are out there. I bet there’s even some kind of kekkei genkai transplant clinic making money off of this, lolz.


Anyways, where was I…. oh yeah. I don’t have too much more to say about he whole Sakura thing than I did in last chapter’s rant. I just feel it’s been a hundred chapters too late for this to happen now. But I guess I can see why Sakura allowed herself to deny it this long; ask yourself if you have done something similar – denying something when the truth is within reach, but you just don’t want to admit it. It’s good to see the rest of the Konoha 11 getting involved. 1. Naruto and Sakura need to realize that Sasuke’s fiascos isn’t just a team 7 thing anymore, and 2. I want to see more of the other characters in action!


Lastly, it looks like Madara is putting his plan into motion and is using Sasuke as a sacrificial lamb. By having Zetsu pop in and reveal Sasuke’s presence, it looks like Madara has an agenda other than just assassination in mind at this meeting. It could be that Madara is selling Sasuke out, but I doubt he’ll want Sasuke killed because he needs him to be Nagato’s replacement for the Bijuu sealing statue. But with Sasuke’s presence and intentions revealed, you can bet that the alliance of the five countries will be in shambles. And nobody will want to cooperate with Konoha since one of their missing nins – a missing nin Konoha has failed to deal with for over three years no less – has threatened the security of all the other kages. But there’s also has to be more to Madara’s plan than this; I’m expecting a lot more twists and revelations in the next couple of chapters.

114 Responses

  1. dude, i think akamaru has the rinnegan. he must have chewed nagato’s eye and now he’s a super k9.

  2. Woah WTF….i just see this after i wrote my thoughts on teh chapter on the other one T___T i guess ill copy it here if anyone dicides to see…

    AH so some of people’s predictions shown to be correct. The eye patch guy hasa byakugan from a Hyuga…i wonder who? Danzo got his eye transplanted from an Uchiha, but his sharingan manipulates people. Yeah, i figured there was no way that mifune could be that easily persuaded…or its just a coincidence.
    Sakura is going to go to Naruto, see Sasuke, rough up, blah blah blah. I hope Naruto stops loving Sakura. But she does care. The man was right. the Kirikage is too freakign crazy and lets his emotions take over. Tsukage (idk how to spell) is old, Kazakage is too young. And the mizukage has a reason too (too lazy to go check)
    I think we need someone new, someone who is ready to take control but doesnt have too much power. Perhaps Shikimaru’s dad or maybe Kakashi. The Hokage has too much power as it is and control over an army is too much.

    Oh, sorry, forgot to mention. The Kages (not Hokage) has too much power. Perhaps Gaar is the only one kept in the shadow because of his youth. Since we all know the new generation of ninjas (Naruto, Shikimaru, Choji, Gaara, etc) will take over the old ones and live their own wonderful legacy, they should get a chance to lead. The old people have too many chances and have failed numerous times. Their honor is to be questioned and their minds to be answered.
    The Byakugan can see through genjutsu? i didn’t know that? Further more, the ending was interesting. “uchiha Sasuke is here but the question is where?”
    Killerbro will go bezerk. Hokqage will simply look (or he already knew) The Byakuagn user will scan teh room etc. Naruto might get his butt over theree as well.

    sorry if anyone see’s this as spam…

  3. “Oh, sorry, forgot to mention. The Kages (not Hokage) has too much power. Perhaps Gaar is the only one kept in the shadow because of his youth. Since we all know the new generation of ninjas (Naruto, Shikimaru, Choji, Gaara, etc) will take over the old ones and live their own wonderful legacy, they should get a chance to lead. ”

    I wonder if Kishi is commenting on the real world, ie. the old people with the money and power have control of the world and have really messed it up for us (wars, terrorists, huge debts). But we, the new generation, can’t do anything about it except live with it.

  4. Great work Bob-sama.

    The most interesting thing in this chapter is what the Konoha 11 are gonna do. I doubt they’re gonna go and try to talk it out with Sasugay, but I may be wrong considering that they’re from Konoha *sigh*. At least Shikamaru recognizes that they aren’t invincible and that they’re revenge will only get them killed. In my opinion, the Konoha 11 are supporting a criminal. Why cant they realize this (Sakura and Ino)? You dont see Iwagakure or Sunagakure supporting Deidara or Sasori. Isn’t this a world of ninjas? Aren’t ninjas NOT supposed to let emotions cloud they’re judgment? There’s no understanding Konoha and its ninjas *sigh*

    Anyway, Ao’s Byakugan must be from a member of the Main Branch (possibly Hinata’s Mother?) because the Main Branch members dont get the Hyuga Curse Mark put on them. And as many know, when a Hyuga with the Curse Mark dies, they’re Byakugan gets sealed, so the fact that the Byakugan wasn’t sealed, means its a Main Branch member.

    And now Zetsu shows up. I doubt Madara will sell out Sasugay. Why would you want to lose such an easy-to-manipulate pawn? I think what Zetsu is doing, is trying to cause a panic. He talks about Sasugay, the Raikage gets angry etc.

    oh yeah, before i forget….. BOOYA! Danzo = NOT MADARA!!!!!

  5. If shisui’s doujutsu is so badass-mind control, how the hell did itachi manage to get him to write the suicide note? Kishi is slipping a bit

  6. anyways, some things i wanna say: great post as usual, Bob; finally somthing that’l shut up the conspieracy theorists about Danzo =ing Mandara; i’m starting to no longer care whether or not Sasuke dies; yeah, it’s cheap that guy has the Byakugan; i’m getting bored w/ this site, all i care about anymore really r Bob’s analisys’s’s’s, and Suna’s and Zep’s respective fan-fics, other than that, i’m getting kinda bored here

  7. ad I commented on the other blog, there is no way a fight can ensue from this, I mean zetsu will probably melt into the floor and sasuke isn’t dumb enough to try and fight a whole village plus all the kages and their guards

  8. After working with hanzou and orochimaru, I wouldn’t be surprised if danzou has ties to madara. I mean zetsu’s appearance was way too convenient

  9. Naruto… He,s just not that into you and the person who truly loves you, is the one that’ll never make you cry! What a tool

  10. @ madzikage with the sharingan Itachi (or Madara as Bob suggests) could probably copy his handwriting style and write the note himself. However, if Shisui was controlled to write the letter of his own demise, the person controlling him must be rather strong. This making the Madara theory valid.

  11. @ gottakillemallsasukemon!, lol, that name alone was able to cure me of my week of total boredom 😀

  12. @ Bob – Nice Post, Good review 😀

    this was a hectic chapter but I think its because he just wants to move the story forward quickly, A) Ao having the dojutsu, why does he only use it now, he could read chakra see if someone is lying, why use it now only…. Konoha’s 11 gonna try eliminate Sasuke,

    I agree with Kisu, but who is standing outside and says, where the heck he go…. It looks like they don’t know it

    @ Madzi – I think maybe, Itachi lied about killing him.

  13. We’d figured Danzo’s eye was stolen from a dead Uchiha, but the arm too? Still, Zetsu sure knows how to make an entrance, big kage-level battle here we come. Plus it seems even the Raikage thinks Danzo embodies the darkness of the ninja world.

    This whole Hinata or Sakura debate reminds of another love conflict in another anime. I’m referring to D.N. Angel, where the main character is in love with one girl but near the end realizes his true feelings for another he had overlooked for a long time, I sense a connection.

  14. P.S.: My second half, of course, is supporting the highly anticipated NaruHina relationship! Plus it sucks that they’ll be taking a break next week, aww man.

  15. @ xeras, thnk u 4 mentioning that @ the end, it makes me feel better cuz now i kno 4 a fact that this won’t b the only anime/manga where the main male protagonist does NOT get the main female protagonist

  16. the sakura Naruto reunion is gonna be lame and what the f*ck with her calling him a fool.
    I just hope Naruto being freed of his ‘curse’ allows him to translate that into battle focus. I mean thinking about sasuke hasn’t made him learn any jutsu just get taken over by kyuubi and tail whip sakura, whereas akatsuki has made him learn FRS and sage Mode.
    I’m crossing my fingers for a introduction of the sage fox!

  17. Kishi created Sakura’s character to exemplify human weakness. I’m looking forward to seeing how she resolves the matter of Naruto’s burden (hopefully next chapter). To me, there is great beauty in realizing the weakness of human emotions; it really shows through with Sakura. She was fiercely devoted to Sasuke in Part 1 and then he left her confused and broken. Naruto left soon after that and she spent the next two and a half years thinking of those bonds, on how she could help in some way. When Naruto returned in Part 2, she undoubtedly saw him the same as he left, just her close comrade. Over the course of their next few missions, however, she learned of the Kyuubi and she started to realize just how difficult life was for Naruto. It is my guess, as Yamato has noted, that along with that realization came more confusing feelings. Was she willing to hold onto her memories of Sasuke, or were these new compassionate feelings for Naruto suggestive that there may be more there? This situation is really quite an awful one to be in. How would you deal with it? Naruto started to feel the weight of this love triangle heavily in Part 2. His situation is easily as difficult, especially since he feels that it is his duty to bring back the man his heart’s desire desires. I think he was hoping that Sakura would support him more emotionally, however she was too dazed herself to realize his need for it. Upon Sai confirming her thoughts, fears perhaps, that Naruto loved her, she realized that the time for thinking it over had elapsed. This chapter was titled “Sakura’s Decision” for a reason. She has decided to go to Naruto and explain the feelings of the 11. However, how will it play out? Will she declare her feelings, if any, to him? Will she seek to find Sasuke and convince him of his death sentence and that he should lay low? Or will she agree with the others and put the greater good over her own personal crisis, something that a ninja is expected to do? Yes, next chapter should be very interesting indeed.

  18. Hi guys! nice analysis Bob, does anyone have noticed that Juugo changed into his child form? and Sasuke was kinda laughing while touching his eye when they asked for Zetsu? Could it be possible that Sasuke manipulated Zetsu with his sharingan?

  19. Wow DH

    You truly love to talk


    Sorry if I offended you

  20. Oops… sorry Bob

    Great Post!

    These Dojutsu Transplant is just too coincidental. I agree that the Dojutsu Transplant WAS unique. But, not anymore.


    Really!? You think that’s Juugo? I should really check that out.


    Sage Fox Mode would be cool! I wonder what Jutsu’s it could have.

    Once again, great post Bob

  21. Great Post Bob! (Like Always) 😛


    Really, Juugo was in a child form? I’ll check it out.


    Sage Fox Mode would be cool! I wonder what Jutsu’s it could use…?

    Once again, Great Post Bob

  22. @ Yondy
    I checked it out and wow thats crazy!!!!
    i knew something looked really weird but i never expectd jugo as a child….
    wonder how it happened…
    maybe it has something to do with him sacraficing part of himself to save sasuke during the killerbee fight…just a thought…

  23. @paintheclown: I’d be happy with an amalgamation of the kyuubi’s powers, e.g. 1. That roar that repel stuff, but in his mode rather like pein’s gravity repel jutsu 2. That dense chakra ball added to rasengan and capable of being thrown (without bloody KBs), 3. That thing where 4tails dug his hands in the soil vs oro, 4. Ability to break genjutsu and ‘possess’ an opponent’s mind to freak them out wit kyuubi’s chakra.
    It wud be dark, but badass!

  24. @Jet Prime: Your welcome, if your curious about the connection I mentioned, maybe you should check the anime.


    This link is as good a place as any to check it out.

  25. doesn’t anyone think that Madara just wants Sasuke’s team killed??? Sasuke , is a fool, and Madara is just gonna use him as he please but needs him and the only way to get him to merge with the statue is by killing his team( I’m sure this tatic was used in another anime, I think…lol. ) and not making himself look guilty( oh its like what was done to Wolverine in X-men …lol, sorry, got that mixed up)

  26. srry i posted on the wrong one …. everyone is obviously over here

    idk about u guys but i got alot out of this chapter…….

    1. all of the Konaha “Chunin” (Sakura, Shikamaru, Choji, Ino, Shino, Hinata, Kiba, Neji, Tenten, and Lee) are finally going to kick it up a notch and start doin some real damage. they might as well finish of the entire akaski group all together.

    2. the chunin also understand that they can’t rely on naruto forever, and that Saskue is a pain in the A** so they are goin to throw him a beating

    3. I am reealllllly getting tired of everyone ALL OF A SUDDEN reveal that they have some type of “gan”, next thing you kno Rock Lee will have Rinnegan

    4. im suprised to see that Ino even still had feelings for saskue……… i knew that sakura still did…..*sigh* the girl is hopeless


    6. i hope that naruto finially give up on saskue …. agrees with the girl he loves (sakura), and joins the team to [hopefully] KILL SASKUE

    7. i love the kage’s bodyguards XD, they are always spring into action

    8. *takes a deep breath*……………… if you kno anything about my comments then u kno that i am 100% devoted to Danzo = Madara/Tobi, this chapter did hider it to 62%, due to the fact that Danzo was in the meeting when they showed Tobi’s face, and the fact that Danzo’s sharingan was stolen,but it is 62% because,when they showed tobi’s face, it could have been Danzo thinking with the mind of tobi (idk if that makes sence to you), Danzo also didn’t seem as suprised when Zetsu showed up, [maybe] the reason he said “akatski!?” is because he didn’t expect them this soon or something.


    srry dont mean to spam

  27. No, Madara has some other plan with Sasuke. may be he is doing this to ensure that Sasuke will be most wanted criminal in the ninja world, even more so than Akatsuki.

    by the way, nice post Bob. I agree with your opinion in eye transplantation thing. I dodn’t know, may be we will see that Sakura is having a doujutsu which can produce water from nowhere (you know with all those tears………………). I heard someone naming it “Sakuragan”

    by the way, anyone else find Ino as the most pathetic fangirl ever? did she have any reason to cry for Sasuke in the first place? I liked her character until this chapter, but now…..

  28. I KNEW IT! it was SHisui Uchiha who other would of been the future center of attention! *KACHING!!!*

    SCORE! lol Ive had a bad feeling since Naruto episode 130 during Sasuke’s flashbacks with Itachi Uchiha … lol who would of thought Danzo was also all behind it >> that Ratt forced Itachi to kill Shisui for him >> but Tobi What the hell is he up to??

    He’s selling out Sasuke hahahaha guess he betrayed him FIRST than Sasuke >> but i wonder if Sasuke already knows or has a plan, hope so or he’ll be killed there, Damn that Zetsu >> wanna fucking kill that ratt, but also if Shisui…then what is he doing all this time >> Theres no way Madara could live long enough without doing the samething Orochimaru did Swapping bodies except he did it with his own Clan’s lol

    Not to mention if theyre all blood related wouldnt that make Madara like Sasuke’s Great, great, great, great+ GrandPappy?

  29. overloaded chapter. made me sad for some reason. 😐

  30. hey guys youve seen Chojiro’s sword last chapter right?
    well in this chapter it shows a side view version.
    Check it out yourselves!

  31. wow…its pretty cool to see who the guy itachi killed to get his mangekyou sharingan….i think….
    where was his body though?
    How does orochimaru’s research fit into this?
    cuz danzo did say that orochimaru’s reasearch would help him get his arm and eye back….

  32. heres my proof…..i dunno its sometin to think about…


  33. GJ bob-sama as usual so great analysis.

    @madzi: maybe shisui controlled itatchi lied about killing him?i doubt about it, thus, possible danzou was already have implant that eye of shisui to manipulate itatchi too after massacre and erase some memories on him (framed). and you’re ryt kishi is slipping a bit…lols

    danzou was influence the elders into making decisions, it’s obvious. thus itatchi knew about it??or it’s too late…

    IMO, apparently Madara wants the ninja war 4 to happen allows him to move more freely when everyone is too busy killing each other. then he goes to control all narutoverse.

    who will win battle of the genius??sasuke over madara??hmmm…i know sasuke is not that easy to get lured in hands of madara…

    now the 4th great ninja war begins…

    ’em getting excited for next chapter, it’s obvious the war triggers.

  34. ooops wait…the itatchi gift’s getting near activated, it’s not waited too long. hope kishi won’t end this manga quickly. it seems that the story speeding is getting faster.>.<

  35. @sasukethebeast: my theory is that Oro always wanted the sharingan even before seeing itachi. But he didn’t want the downsides like draining chakra. Danzou on the other hand, being power hungry and arrogant made oro get kabuto to make the transplant. But now its probably dying or something so he needs it to be fixed.
    Sasuke’s best bet right now is to make a fire clone and go to the kages saying he’s here to kill danzou and give tell them that he didn’t kill Killerbee. The kages know that danzou is a douche it just might work

  36. I am not surprise to Ao’s byakugan! From the very 1st time i saw his face in 3 previous chapter that that right eye that covered has something to reveal in the near chapter. Other than that there are other things to discover and to make us surprise, as all we know each kage has 2 bodyguards believe it or not we might see in the next chapter to come if what kind of ability they have and what capacity they can do for their opponents.

  37. But I think the worst thing of having the so called dojutsu is that they can not make fully used the technique because it is bloodline limit only.

  38. There is still no proof that danzou doesn’t = Madara. There is such thing as a shadow clone jutsu. I don’t have an oppinion in this argument but if Madara had lost his sharingan then could have taken shisui’s.

    On a different idea, Madara could be using a similar genjutsu on sasuke to make him do the things he is doing.

    Also IF Madara = Danzou then it would explain the way that Madara is so easily manipulating sasuke.

  39. Also we get 2 c the actual shape of the swordsman’s sword (I couldn’t remember his name). It is in the bottom right pic on this page – http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/459/16-17/

  40. Chojiro’s sword kinda looks like its transparent or like ethereal! I think He,s quite proficient but as I said I can’t see how a fight can logically break out, unless kishi wanted to take out sasuke now (and’given his man-boy love for sasuke, that’s highly unlikely)

  41. great post bob
    madara is concerned that he wont be able to control sasuke when the time comes so either he doesnt have shisui’s eye (isnt danzou) or possibly believes sasukes sharingan would see through the genjutsu (if he was danzou).
    i dont know a lot about shisui uchiha but the genjutsu can be used on almost anyone, as high as kage level shinobi and seems to last indefinately. someone please correct me if im wrong.
    as bob says, prob some big twists coming up.

  42. @ qwertyuiop, thnx 4 pointing out Chojiro’s sword, it looks bad-ass

  43. hello there, amp Madara is really not danzo… in my opinion Madara is testing Sasuke again. if he is really capable of being an Akatsuki, i think Madara will trigger the 4 or 5 ninja war! is doujustu available in ninja world? everybody wants to have a rare bloodline limit. im still hoping for a team hawk vs team 7 rematch. ehehe. i hope shikamaru’s decision will be approved.

    ty BOB, nyc post ehhehe

  44. what the hell… just happened?

    I don’t get it. This is obviously part of Tobi’s plan for moon shadow or whatever but I don’t get it. Maybe revealing Sasuke is the backup plan incase someone found out it was his sharingan that was controlling the situtation.

    Or maybe this is Tobi just being true to his word. You double cross me and I’ll kill you.

    And Ao definitely didn’t kill someone from the main branch because Konoha is smarter than that to let a man Branch person go wandering around. He must have taken it out of someone’s head while they were still alive.

  45. I think aoi, took the byakugan from a branch hyuuga and that is the reason they placed the seal on them
    @sharinnegan I think madara wants to save sasuke in order to reaffirm who has the biggest nutsack and tow him back into line. Karin and juugo will probably die if this is the case.

  46. I’m a bit late commenting, I’m crazy and I KNOW this will antagonize a lot of you, BUT I’m STILL not giving up on the Tobi = Madara theory, what convinced me of it wasn’t the hair, eye placement or other similarities, though I will point out that this chapter didn’t disprove the Danzo = Tobi theory by revealing it was Shusui’s (Spelling?) body because it showed that Danzo DOES have an arm to match Madara’s and their goals/personalities are erily similar (they both ultimately want world domination) and they are both pushing each other toward that spot.

    NOW on this chapter… REALLY WTF??? Everyone has a doujutsu? it couldn’t have just been Ranmaru’s (filler character from the same village-ish) Doujutsu? It did basically the same thing… and that plot twist WAS worthy of a filler episode…

  47. Well I’ve been proved wrong and I’m not too prideful to admit so, but this chapter was lame, and not because my theory was shot down. There just seemed to be no sense of oringinality or thoughtfullness. This seemed to be a chapter of convience at the expense of effort. As many of you noted, it’s too coincidental that two of the greatest eye techniques have been transplanted into somewhat average ninja. Side Note: (just popped into my head) If Danzo had this implant with the mind control abilities while fighting the Third Hokage how did that battle go, and the same goes for the ninja with the byakugan transplant, how in the hell did he beat a Uchiha with his byakakugan especially one with mind control abilities, or least survive long enough to observe his chakra patterns? The Uchiha are losing some luster and brownie points. It seemed that the only Uchiha worthy of praise is Itachi… I miss Itachi….

  48. @takstar: the 3rd was the professor and knew a s*itload odds jutsu so that doesn’t even factor

  49. @Madzikage; It’s irrelevant at skill level or knowleged when the opponent you’re facing can enter your mind withouth you knowing it… There’s no defense for that, except in the instance demonstrated in the current chapter; an outside source with the capabilities to recognize you are being manipulated, or maybe some sort of self implanted mind barrier that would have the ability to deflect such attacks. Maybe the Third had such a technique. But this is all speculation and I’m just thinking out loud, I know the Third was probably the greatest of the Hokages in his day… The bigger issue for me is how was Shisui defeated when he possessed such a formidable jutsu

  50. great chapter good job bob, things are getting very interesting, danzou got caught up, naruto will realize to end the cycle of hatred he has to kill sauske, im not going to mention sakura cuz i really dont care, shikamaru is dope, sauske might be in a little of trouble, zetsu is one of my favorites and i hope he shows what he can do, he might manipulated by sauske, get ready for some fighting, whats his name sword is sick, wonder what tobi has planned, his intentions will be revealed soon, cant wait till thursday for the next chapter

  51. Ok i just wanted to tell everyone something..

    to those who still believe that Maddara/tobi=danzo, let me say something, since you insane, crazy theorists think that DANZO HAS to be maddara for w/e reasons you may have….HOW can that be?? it just SAID that danzo’s sharingan WAS an IMPLANTED former uchia…. and since kishi has pretty much SAID so himself, that TOBI IS maddara…how can DANZO be maddara if Danzo’s ONE EYE is an implant? it makes no sense, its insane and infuriating that you all just REFUSE to be proved wrong on such a simple matter. Another thing, Danzo was GENUINLY suprised with Zetsu showing up, not to mention Maddara was just in the previous pannel talking to Zetsu…..ANOTHER thing i wanted to point out, if “AO” recognized DANZO’S sharingan illusion THAT easily, and IF MADDARA IS DANZO, he WOULD have recgonized that DANZO’s illusion was SIMILIAR to the ONE placed on HIS former Mizukage…..AO said HIMSELF that he saw through the illusion placed on The 4th Mizukage, so he would have ALSO instantly recognized SHisuisu’s “color”/chakra as easily as he did during the meeting….

    BUT if you all are stilll in denialed refusal at this point, then i guess NARUTO has to be maddara too, remember, he had HIS right eye bandaged, OMG IT MAKES SENSE NOW, everyone who has a implanted sharigan HAS TO BE MADDAR :O, oh that means KAKASHI IS MADDARA!!!

    “I like the idea that maddara is actually Minato theory”

    wow……like…just..wow.. that quote above me PROVES how insane some of you theorists are 🙂 so chill out…danzo is just DANZO!

  52. and yes that was heavy sarcasm to anyone who was confused lmao

  53. @ smartass, thank you for saying that. it’s what i’ve been trying to say for the past 2 months (more or less), and another thing, i’m surprised no-one ever pointed out that the 2nd Hokage’s name is “TOBIrama”, which links him to Tobi just as much as Danzo’s linked to him (ie, it doesn’t link them together, AT ALL) which has really been driving me insane. so i hope your rant knocked some sense into the crazies at this site.

  54. @Smartass: I think I’m the only one that still likes the Tobi=Danzo theory and I fully admit it’s riddiculous and just a crazy theory, I also don’t refuse to be proved wrong. I have some definition of situations when I will except Danzo isn’t Tobi, though they could all be disproved in themselves, They are: when Tobi is demasked in a way that shows he isn’t Danzo by having features that aren’t Danzo’s (though there are extreamly advanced transformation techniques), one of them dies (and then I don’t care either way about this arguement, though it doesn’t mean they aren’t one in the same), or they fight each other (I’m not sure on this one either, Akatsuki has shown VERY advanced cloning techniques AND Madara IS a master of faking his own death). In the end it would all come down to how it was done. Another posibiltiy I thought of that might disqualify them from being eachother is them acting in direct or indirect opposition to each other but then I realized that if seen as two co-operative personalities that work for eachother unselfishly (because they are one in the same) they have NEVER DONE SO EVEN IN SENDING SASUKE TO ATTACK Danzo!

    My case for Tobi = Danzo is this:

    1. Their Physical features match (this is first because it is what everyone seems to lock onto and I want it out of the way, though I see this as the least important), Danzo and Madara have both revealed one “weird” Sharingan eye (they could be the same eye though there is the “Strained eye arguement” I think Madara’s eyeis/could be strained because it is hidden in darkness. It is also important that Kakashi and Danzo’s implants are vastly different and Danzo doesn’t have Kakashi’s scar, which proves nothing but is weird.) and crippled arms as their distinctive features (I don’t give a crap about the hair, because they could both have the same crappy barber at “Hair Club for Villans”) again, this is the point I care the least about though, what I notice is their psychology

    2. Both have the same goal, world domination (Pein was the one who wanted pure world destruction and even he said that his plan was in the long run and that the weapon he created to end war would first be used by Akatsuki) and each has manuvered the other into their current positions of power. Akatsuki killed all three of Danzo’s rivals for Hokageship and gave Danzo his opportunity with Mifune while Danzo definately had his hand in the Uchiha massacure which this chapter showed didn’t go according to either Madara’s or Itachi’s version. Sasuke has even played into this, his attack on the meeting will force the Kage’s into unity even in their current position and create another opportunity for Danzo to seize supream power (what he said through Mifune while underhanded, was still true, though in doing so he also showed he was unworthy [because Naruto has to be the real winner] ) It even makes SOME sense from Madara’s perspective, Sasuke is the only REAL uchiha left, and if anyone was a clear cut candidate to stop Madara, it is Sasuke who can match his power if not beat it. There is an old saying, “keep your friends close, your enemys closer” and this is what Madara is doing. In an almost risk free way he is guiding Sasuke to his doom without having to face Sasuke himself and possibly losing/becoming more crippled.

    3. Both use similar methods and have similar personalities, power-hungry war hawks that were denied hokageship, and EVEN similar techniques. They both use underground networks of spies, use mind-controling techniques, Danzo is wind natured, one of the two main uchiha elements. Danzo hasn’t been shown to have either of Tobi’s signature space/time techniques, but seeing how he hasn’t been in a “Real” fight, if he was madara, I don’t see why he would give himself away by using those techniques.

    MY point in this IS NOT that they are NESSECARILY the SAME but that they are SIMILAR and CONNECTED if only by “Coincidences”

  55. @Smartass

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

    I hate all these Madara/Tobi=Danzo

    There is NO proof!!!! At all!! You are all morons if you believe this s***.

    There is ZERO chance that Madara is Danzo. Madara is Madara and Danzo is Danzo. End of theory. You got it. Sorry If I’m being too harsh. Delete my comment if you think I am.

  56. @mart1-

    i wasnt directing towards you specificaly, and i can find alot of things that it wrong with your reasong in points that make the danzo=maddara theory valid..but im too lazy…however..you didnt answer any of MY questions that disprove the Maddara=danzo theory…..so your changing the subject…slightly

    but w/e dont feel like debating right now, its late im tired, so sleep time for me 😉

  57. First at all BOB this is a great summary-analysis

    There are some other INCONSISTENCIES in this chapter.

    Fist Itachi said that having someone’s eyes doesn’t means to have his powers transferred as well, so How Danzou posses Shisui’s ability? Also Shisui must had had a MS, and only Madaracould have defeated him, and gave the Sharingan to Danzou. Anyway Ao can be the one under Madara’s control, and all the Danzous controlling Minds… can be a lie.

    How does Sasuke’s all mighty eyes loose Zetsu ? Isn’t that odd?

    How does that Ao got his hand on the byakugan? Is Siskin Right? OR Did Madara handle a Hyuga tto Yondaime Mizukage? OR Danzou traded a Hyuga (main Branch) for some other technique?

    @TrakStar, Dazou got the sharingan many years after that battle.

  58. I thought I was addressing you questions in my comment, but I’ll be more direct about it.

    Okay to tackle your questions: On how they can be the same when we know the source of Danzo’s eye’s is Itachi’s friend (I can never spell his name) 1. “and since kishi has pretty much SAID so himself, that TOBI IS maddara” MENTALLY tobi MAY or may not be Madara, though I don’t think he is PHSYICALLY the same because of Madara’s implied incapasitance (compared to how he was before) after his battle with Hirashima (I also considered after that the fourth could have done the job by sealing madara’s eye’s), as Itachi said “Madara is a shell of his former self”

    So how did he get to that point? The obvious answer on how to incapasitate an uchiha is to remove his eyes, which are his greatest gift, (This has been shown time and time again such as when zabuza fought Kakashi and Itachi’s MS declined). Madara’s eye(s) have also been shown to be affected by his lose of power to some extent, because he is no longer sporting the EMS (activated). BUT if you were Madara and survived losing your eyes, you would want them back, and the obvious place to get them is from another Uchiha, THIS is how I see Madara coming to be in exactly the same spot as Danzo.

    That was a bit winded so for those who might get lost in the gist of it: Madara WAS crippled to SOME extent and his eye’s WERE involved to some extent. If he wanted to regain his power the best way to do so would be to steal another pair of eyes (something he has a habit of doing) just as Danzo did.

    The next thing you addressed was Danzo being “Genuinely surprized” by Zetsu, but I don’t see how a single picture could come close to telling you whether it was an act or not because if he were Madara he’s not exactly going to reveal it by saying “Hey Zetsu, see ya at the next Villans Anonymous meeting… I mean oopps.” And while Zetsu spoke with Madara, there are so many ways to be in two places at once it’s not funny and Madara has shown that he has the best of them (his time/space ninjutsu) at his disposal which was able to fool a byakugan before…

    Finnaly on Ao’s statements… http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/459/15/
    It sounds to me like he DID recognize Shusuisu’s Illusion, TO ME it sounded like Shusuisu was the one controling the Mizukage, though the final thing to notice about Ao’s statements is that he gets cut off. (this leads me to another thing I thought off that I would take as proof of Danzo not = Tobi, a view of Tobi’s chakra through Byakugan eyes (I checked and “oddly” it doesn’t show this during Tobi’s fight with Team 7, Hinata, Kiba and Shino)

    Finnaly I know you weren’t directly addressing me, I was just stating the fact that you should argue with me instead of the masses you for some reason seem to think disagree with you. I am seeing and acknowledging the fact that this theory isn’t all that credible or popular. Finnaly I want to say again what I was trying to make in the chatroll. Danzo and Madara are as similar as two unconnected people can be, they have had NO shown contact with each other and yet are ensnared in the same plots, work with the same people, have the same goal, ect. can you show me any other two unconnected characters that have as much in comon as they do? If you can I will start a theory that those two are also the same people.

  59. Note also Shikamaru said: “if Sasuke’s still an Akatsuki”.

    Madara is saving Sasuke by telling the world that he is no longer Akatsuki?
    Madara is saving Danzou by forcing Sasuke to run away from the Kages? (Sasuke isn’t that stupid to fight all of those powerful ninjas at once) OR

    Also Zetsu saved Danzou from punishment for controlling the moderator.

  60. @ S_U: Shikamaru’s main focus was stopping the war. acting as Akatsuki, Sasuke caused enough reason for that. now he is acting for himself and in a mess larger than before. this is more outrageous than the previous one. being an akatsuki doesn’t matter. he tried to envade on Kages, that’s enough to make him an international criminal.

  61. i wonder where shisui’s other eye is

  62. I agree completely with Darkprince on the Sasuke matter. He has to die for their to be peace. After all he’s done, there IS no happily ever after for him.

  63. I’m completely with you on the Tobi/Madara =Danzo thing Mart1. My point to add (sorry if anyone has already It’s 4:45 a.m. and Im bloody tired right now) But does anyone think that maybe Danzo is just another split personality of Madara? no one will know for sure until Kishi goes further into detail about Madara and/or Danzo. However, because I know some of you are dead set on proving how they aren’t one in the same, everyone get ready for another 20+ comment war like we have all seen for the past 50 chapters!!!!!!!!!

  64. and also because I know we all have a love/hate relationship with theorists…………………..HERE’S ANOTHER THEORY!!!!! I’ve been thinking about how Kishi re-introduced Kabuto before the 5 Kages Meeting…………and How Tobi was outside in the land of iron (assumed because of the snow)…………Maybe Tobi (Madara) placed a genjutsu in the room where the 5 kages and Mifune are meeting to make it appear that Danzo is inside with them, and as a fail safe decided to make it appear that it is Shisui’s chakra within Danzo as a way to cloak the fact that Danzo had Orochimaru transplant parts of Madara’s body with his own body…And just like what’s happening with Kabuto, maybe Danzo was taken over by Madara’s chakra and became Madara…………………………….I know that this is like 0.09% possibe but here are my reasonign for this theory (does everyone like the way I said “theory” there?)
    1.Sharingan users are VERY skilled in genjutsu
    2. Tobi/Madara and Danzo are in the Land of Iron (easier for Tobi/Madara to control his surrounding.)
    3. Kabuto reappearing in Manga
    4. Last time Kabuto was in the Manga he was showing off his scaley face and Orochi eye’s it showed how the transplant was takign over Kabuto’s body

  65. i would like a sharinnebyakugan transplant hehe!

  66. @ boobie and the blonde, DAMNIT!! (starts whimpering) i wanted to say i’d like a combo of them all, but u beat me to it :,(

  67. I think one thing people need to understand is that although danzou is messed up, he loves konoha but being a meglomaniac he thinks he’s the only one who has what it takes to rule it.
    Madara on the other hand has a grudge against konoha going back to the senju clan. I do however believe that they are working together with both parties believing that they have the upper hand. I mean in all honesty, it appears as though the moon’s eye plan was the original idea in the first place and all the other akatsuki members have just been pawns who were meant to die.

  68. @madzikage: i thought through same line as you. i thought that Danzo may be a bad man, but he acts for Konoha’s sake. but it didn’t take long for that thought to be destroyed.

  69. I think a Dubble Doujutsu user would be great but only if it was done correctly, I think a Sharingan in one eye with a Byakugan in the other would cause an astigmatism that would create huge blind spots. I think a doubble doujutsu user would have to have one activated at a time or both in both eye’s at the same time.

    Oh and gottakillemall: Thanks, I like your theory as well in the transplant take over part, but I don’t think that Madara could do that level of genjutsu on Kages. I think it’s more likely that 1. people are reading two much into Ao’s half finished sentance (though it is an important one), any uchiha using that technique could look like that (or Shusuisu was the one controling Fugara) 2. Madara WAS Shusuisu (this would explain Itachi finding him)

  70. @mart1 I like the shisui being madara theory as it adds credibility to my danzou has MADARA’S eye theory. Kudos!

  71. Oh yeah if the current Mizukage uncovers her right eye and shows a sharingan/byakugan, I’m giving up on this manga! Too many implants! Well at least this time it was a Byakugan (finally Byakugan gets some limelight), but I hope Kishi explains why the dead Hyuga’s Byakugan wasn’t sealed by the Curse Mark.

  72. hmmnn..madara and danzo took shisui’s eyes to each of them hence both of can cast genjutsu to manipulate others…maybe danzo cast a genjutsu to tsunade not to wake up so he can conveniently take over lol!..everybody’s in a damn genjutsu probably even kishi hehe!..i wish itachi never died he is(for me..) the only genjutsu master worhty of the name pawning everybody else..and it’s cool to see shikamaru in action again he’s awesome..

  73. i want the 9 tailed fox unleashed in the kage summit…pawnage :o!..by the way thanks jet prime! hehe!

  74. I know this will probabbly never happen but what if naruto lead the army? I would like to see that because hes really grown and hes very strong. Only problem with that is danzo probably wouldnt vote for the kyuubi to be leader of the army.

  75. Btw awesome chapter and yet another gj Bob-sama.

  76. Another point we have all overlooked; the theory of samurai being impervious to doujutsu just went down the drain – mifune is weak considering he’s the head of the iron country.

  77. either that or it just goes to show that Tom Cruise really ruined the whole Samurai being cool thing in that horrible movie of his! Ninjas are better than Samurai and Pirates!

  78. What! The blasphemy! The last samurai was epic!

  79. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/396/01/ I wanted to show something I discovered to all of the people, look at Tobi’s eye, it’s got veins just like Danzo’s, unfortuenately, Photobucket isn’t working for me so I can’t show you the enlarged versions of this eye compared to Danzo’s until I get it to work, but when I do I’ll post that picture as well

  80. @ mart, nope, don’t see any veins that symbolise extreme ainguish (did i spell that right?) the way there r in Danzo’s eyes

  81. mart thats the SHADOWS of the mask mate :\ it can, and could be anything

    so you cant say that it has vains like danzo’s, unless your absoulutely sure

  82. if it were shadows from the mask it would be a unified shade. JPUA, what I am talking about is in the (normaly) white area outside the pupil (I forget what it’s called) are dark lines on the gray area, these are similar to what Danzo has on his eye’s though he didn’t have a mask and his whole eye was visible. It’d be easier to show you if my pjotobucket account was working but it isn’t.

  83. @ mart, i’m honestly looking @ it as closly as possible, but i just can’t see anything, u might just b getting confused from the way it was colored (using black streaks to symbolize somthing very white that is in the shade). but i honestly can’t see anything anywhere near what Danzo’s looks like. here is an absolutly clear pic: http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/397/01/ , no veins

  84. Where’s Black Zetsu? And why would he split up anyway unless it was the the fact that he split up made it so easy to lose Sasuke and Karin.

    Why would Shusiu’s chakra be in Danzo’s arm? That doesn’t make sense to me. Unless this is a similar situation to Orochimaru and Kabuto’s situation.

  85. yeap you see Mart, JPUA’S picture has no veins, its clean, and white throughout

  86. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/396/01/ Here is a picture I created on Photobucket/Paint. On the top left is Danzo’s sharingan eye (page 17 in chapter 455), the Top Right is Tobi’s (from page 1 in chapter 396) and the bottom is Tobi’s eye again, but I enlarged it and drew red lines over the black lines to make them more visible, that is all I did, you can look at the top right and see it hasn’t been effected in any other way and the underlying black lines are still there in the original picture (I only added the red lines so people could see what I was talking about).

  87. What is Madara’s plan? could it be that he wants everyone focus on Sasuke so he feel cut off? Now with the konoha 11 are after him as well Sasuke have no choice but to go back to Madara and obey him.
    This chapter prove that Sakura is not having any feeling for Naruto at all. She is just being totally denial. She’s just relying on Naruto too much and she clearly still have feeling for Sasuke. Sorry Narusaku fan. Now I just feel sorry for Naruto because of her.

  88. JPUA, I could give all kinds of excuses as to why that is, I’m just going to say that while the picture I presented has veins, and while yours does not, it is quite possible that his eye isn’t strained all of the time and there are many POSSIBLE situations where Danzo could be Madara, and any made up situations to explain it will seem weird/stupid/impposible and there will always be those that disagree with the theory until Kishi shows how it actually happened (not saying that he neccesarily will, it is a theory).

  89. mart its still just shadows, you see hundreds of them in maddara’s eye’s has it ever occured to you that kishi was drawing and happened to make a couple lines longer? besides the ENTIRE eye is covered in shadows from the mask

    when you look at JPUA’S picture, when saskue and maddara met after Itachi died, it showed maddara’s EYE clearly white and pure throughout.

    while it was UNCOVERED by the mask…your picture however it the one that is almost uniformly black, and holds no proof, nor evidence to veins in the eye…besides the one you created on PHOTOBUCKET, where anyone can add anything to the pictures

  90. All I did on Photobucket was trace lines already there in black with red, and the top two pictures are compleatly unedited, I gave the chapters/pages so that anyone can check.

  91. I’ve just seen something…

    This is another Sharingan eye, tell me, does it look “strained” or “veiny” like Danzo, except less so?

    If you agree with that, do you think, given that it’s veiny, would you say it is a non-uchiha like Kakashi or Danzo?

    I’ll tell you who’s it is after you answer, it hasn’t been doctored in any way, it was a screenshot straight from onemanga

  92. it looks like a left eye (by the way it’s slanted towards the left, which would b that person’s right, which is alot like how anime eyes r drawn), and Mandara’s and Danzo’s r on the right. but yes, it is veiny, and a little stressed. show me where exactly u found it in the manga

  93. wait mart, i think i just found out where u got that pic from: Sasuke on http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/397/01/ , so i guess that whole “not stressed all the time” theory has some merit, but not nearly enuf to prove Mandara and Danzo 1-in-the-same or even give a good arguement 4 it. thus far, u really have never given any arguement that supports your side in this matter

  94. my arguement from that picture (which is on that page) is that even Sasuke’s eye is stressed from time to time, albeit when under extream use (He was forced into using Amatseru) We’ve seen Danzo’s eye once, while he was using it for battle. Danzo’s eye could be unstressed at other times, Kakashi, with a similar implant, doesn’t have constantly strained/veiny eyes. It doesn’t prove Danzo is Madara, no, but it does show that saying “Danzo’s eye’s are veiny” doesn’t disprove the theory.

  95. JPUA, what would you accept as “Proof”? I’ve said that they are similar (Phsyically and Psychologically), and that it’s POSSIBLE for them to be one in the same. Is there anything short of Madara saying “Yup I’m Danzo” :Removes mask and is Danzo: because if that’s what your waiting for, I’ll compleatly ignore your comments about my theory until it happens and then you can say “Mart, I don’t want to hear it, there WAS NO PROOF” like you did in chapter 455 and then I’ll ignore that too..

  96. @Mart1 and JPUA
    I have to agree with Mart about the fact that Danzo = Madara I really really do. However, I will have to agree with JPUA on a few things, as i’m sure you know Mart artists like to use lines in there drawings to give pictures a sense of depth and shade. If there weren’t any lines in his eyes all we would see is the sharingan….and not give any further depth to give imagery of his face….I think that you are looking way to far into things and you are starting to see things…I am a fan of the whole naruto series but damn…what else do you do?
    Also there is no proof until Kishi has Madara or Danzo actually say they are the same………..until then it’s all just a piece to a puzzle that might just be missing that one big piece!

  97. so with that I’m going to have to say Sir’s, you need to calm down!

  98. @ mart, what i’ll take as proof is somthing that connects them other than the fact they both wanna take over the world and have black hair/Sharingan, cuz then, if Invader Zim got a Sharingan, you’d say he’s Mandara too (well, based on the logic you’re useing) i just don’t want to jump to that conclusion cuz all we know from what Kishi’s given us is that Tobi=Mandara, therefore an Uchiha, while Danzo has an implant, therefore not an Uchiha. and thus far, there has been no example in the manga where 2 seemingly different characters that co-exist where they were really the same person in a crazy plot. the 2 closest incidents to what u r implying r: Oro as the Grass-nin, but we haven’t heard of Oro yet, so he wasn’t exactly some1 we could make any assumptions about; Haku as the tracker ninja, but, again, that was Haku’s first appearance, so he wasn’t a pre-existing character. and neither were introduced until after they revealed their disguise, so it’s not so much as i’m saying it’s immpossible, i just don’t find your reasoning enuf to prove it and there’s nothing in the manga which suggests that anything like that might happen
    @ gottakillemallsasukemon!, i’ve actually been calm during this particular debate, and was trying to sound as polite as possible, so i don’t think i’m the one who needs to calm down, and if it looked like i did from what i wrote, i sincerely apologize 4 sending the wrong message

  99. @ Yondy – Yes when, Jugo heal someone like he did Sasuke he becomes younger, don’t know how or why but he does 🙂

    @ the Argument – about Danzo = Madara, yes there is a lot of proof of him being Danzo but there was also a lot of theories that said he was Tobi, Childish act, Sharingan in that specific eye, Hair etc, but later on those same romours died, I believe Kishi does these things to make us not expect and not know, keep us fans arguing and interested in the Manga, if it is Danzo then so be it, but I highly doubt it. If having sharingan is the the reason, well we seen how easy it is to obtain any Dojutsu and even gain MS (Kakashi) so that isn’t proof to me, Hair um not really, Naruto, Tobi, Obito, God Realm Pein, even Kankuro have similar hair styles, even color can be changed in Naruto as the 2nd movie proved…

    @ gottakillemallsasukemon! – JPUA doesn’t get angry easily. As long as I have been here, I have liked arguing with people, but so far no one will talk to any other with disrespect, we just give facts, and our proofs/theories, respect is everything with others 😀 I mean its all for fun in the end 🙂

  100. error on my message:

    I said “Theories that said he was Tobi, Childish act” I meant to say Obito.

  101. If you look at the fact that yes Danzo is an unknown, now, how did he become a leaf ninja, and get so high up in the orders of Konoha, if he is actually older then Konoha, to me I do not see how all the hokages just missed some guy not registered as a ninja of Konoha and to register as a Konoha ninja you need to pass the Academy Exams which would mean he had to of been 13 at one stage, walking around, finding a squad, I don’t know, if Danzo is Madara, why would he steel the eyes of another when Madara have the strongest Sharingan eyes? He was the 3rds Rival, which means he must be round about the thirds age, if he was Madara he would already have been like 75 then plus a couple of years, so wouldn’t it be strange that he doesn’t age at all… So he must of been at one stage 13 (to become a ninja) had a family, been round about 17 (to become Chunin) round about 24 (to become a Jonin/ANBU), been the same age as the Third Hokage to be his rival for the position and since he is the same age as the 3rd would be if he was still alive (plus minus)

    Sorry for the Long messages and getting involved just thought I would put in my opinion

  102. did they always have the academy? the way I figured it seemed like it was something that was created during the Leaf 11’s parents time

  103. opps apparently I pasted the wrong link above when I said I created a pic. because there’s only a link to the onemanga page, my bad… Here it is:

    You can see (if you don’t look at it with bias) that there are distinct lines for shading (parallel lines similar to how Kishi does shading else where) and then irregular non-parallel line that are the veins

    P.S. i don’t want to restart this arguement, just correcting a mistake I made above

  104. @ mart, either they r veins, or it’s just that the many lines and dashes just look kinda weird
    @ pein avenue, actually, i get pissed very easily, but i’ve kept my cool during this particular arguement (things that piss me off: Hinata-haters and cat-haters, but that’s about it, altho i don’t like ppl insulting Transformers either, but that’s lower on the list)

  105. yeah I gotta say JPUA’s had a very ususual level of calmness for this 3000 comment debate compared to others… 1. no rants 2. no swears 3. “no hinata should rule the ninja world” it’s almost sane….

  106. @ mart, lol, i never say anything about Hinata should rule the ninja world, i just think she should, in the series, surpass Neji and start dating Naruto. the no rants or swears is cuz this debate we’re having doesn’t really matter to me that much, i just don’t think it’s a good idea to assume the 2 r alike, cuz, like i said, Invader Zim wants world domination and his disguise has black hair, so that’s 2 of the similarities between him and Mandara and Danzo right there (in a sarcastic and goofy voice) all Zim needs is a Sharingan implant and he’ll equal Mandara too! 😀

  107. oops, when i said “the 2 r alike”, i meant to say “the same”, i agree that they r alike, just not the same

  108. this chaper was great…10/10

  109. ok seriously whats up with people like using my name :\

  110. smartass, as you can see, I edited the name, now it says “Smartass2” also it’s the same person as before so it’s not so much people as it is him.

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  112. @ GottaKillEmAllSasukemon! – Since the time of the 1st Hokage there where squads of three people under a Jonin, so it is fair to assume there was some sort of test, to become ninja, You cannot have too many because then you sacrifice quality of the ninja, maybe not an academy as we know it today, but some sort of pre training before learning mission, or else how did people get there head bands, and stuff.

  113. I wasn’t disagreeing with the idea of a test I just was thinking maybe there wasn’t an academy

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