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Minato Namikaze: Reaper Death Seal

Minato and Gamabunta face off with the Kyuubi for the last time!

Bunta: You don’t have to put a brave face on for me, kid, I know how much pain you are in and your chakra reserves should be very low.

Minato: I’m okay, I can’t give up, I will not let this thing crush my home…my family.

As the Kyuubi looks on hungrily at the village it sees Minato once again in it’s way, it violently dashes forward at them,even faster then before.

Minato: It’s even faster and stronger than before, this must be it’s true power.

The Bijuu jumps over Minato and Gamabunta headed straight for the village but Minato sends one of his chakra ropes to grabs its leg, the Kyuubi regurgitates a copy of itself causing the other copy that has been captured to explode. Minato and Bunta are greatly injured from this attack but they get up and jump in front of the Kyuubi once again, Minato forms hands signs, Wind Style: Giant Air Bullet, the Air bullet pushes the kyuubi way back. During the air bullet it had planted an extended arm under ground which erupts and grabs Gamabunta, the Kyuubi throws him into the air and shoot him with a chakra bullet knocking him unconscious.

Minato: (now standing on the very top of a tree), BUNTA!!!!,…..  I don’t think I’ll last much longer but I will stop this thing even if it takes up every last drop of my chakra.

Kyuubi: You can’t beat me, I am the Ultimate Power!

Minato: So, you can talk?, How weird!

Kyuubi: I have to thank you for freeing me from the clutches of that power hungry fool Madara Uchiha.

Minato: I wouldn’t thank me after all I am trying to kill you!

Kyuubi: I’m not worried about that, I will make short work of you soon enough then I’ll pay a visit to Madara, it’s been awhile since I had this much fun!

Minato: Well, sorry to ruin your fun but you won’t be paying anyone a visit anytime soon, your play time ends here!

Kyuubi: You think so…. I kinda like you, your arrogance intrigues me.

Minato: Sorry, I can’t say the same after you’ve killed so many of my comrades!

Kyuubi: Nothing personal just having a little fun!

Minato: It’s more personal than you know, now let’s finish this!

Minato forms hand signs, Fire Style: Toad Flame Bomb, A giant fire ball shoots at the Kyuubi with full force, the Kyuubi’s chakra blocks the attack and with a blow of it’s breath it blows a giant crater in the earths crust. Minato jumps into the air and summons a shuriken from the seal written on his hand and fills it with wind chakra, and throw it at the kyuubi as it flies through the air it gets bigger and bigger. The Shuriken hits the Kyuubi in the back forcing it to the ground but in return the Kyuubi manages to extend his arm but the pain from the shuriken is too great and it only manages to pierce Minato’s chest with its sharp claw.

Minato falls to his knees in pain and with great effort activates the scroll to tie up the Kyuubi.

Minato: (Panting) I did it……(Panting)……(Panting)……. I know your there, come out!

An Anbu Black Op comes out from behind the tree!

Anbu: Yondaime, Are you okay?

Minato: I’ll be fine, I thought I told you to leave!

Anbu: I’m sorry, but I couldn’t leave you.

Minato: Thanks,…  now take your mask off will ya!

Female Anbu: I think you should know that your son has been born!

Minato: Really, is he as strong as his old man?

Female Anbu ( Laughing): Maybe even stronger, sir!

Minato: What about Kushina? How is she doing?

Female Anbu: ……… I’m sorry…. but she died giving birth….!

Minato:( Teary Eyed)………… Kushina!……… Bring my son here, now!

Female Anbu: But, Yondaime!

Minato: Now, I want to see him!

Female Anbu: Yes, Lord Hokage.

Kyuubi: Let me out you little insect, I’m going to smash you like a bug!!!

Minato: Looks like the bug smashed you!

Kyuubi: You will regret you’ve ever met me!

Minato: Actually, I don’t regret it, in a way you’ve given this village hope, you power will forever be a source of good for this village.

Kyuubi: I’ll never help this pathetic village!

Minato: You won’t have a choice because there is someone who will be even stronger than me, someone who will inherit you and this entire village, he will bring true peace.

Moments later she arrives with Naruto in her arms, Minato takes him in his arms and tells the Anbu to leave and come back exactly in one hour then he tells her to make sure everyone knows his son as the true hero of the village,she is confused but agrees and then she disperses.

Minato: You are quite the looker, Naruto, I know you are going to be something great, after all you are my son. I wish I could have watched you grow up but I have to protect everything that we hold dear for you to achieve your destiny. You would have loved your mother, she was the best, well, you know, I mean you did live inside her for a while didn’t you. I love you my son, I wouldn’t do this if I knew it wasn’t the best for you, I only have one request, Don’t ever give up on your dreams, believe in yourself.


Minato kisses the forehead of the giggling Naruto and lies him on the scroll in front of him, he then creates a shadow clone and forms hands signs.

Minato: Sealing Jutsu: Reaper Death Seal…..Be safe Naruto!

The Soul Reaper appears behind Minato, the Kyuubi growls in horror trying to fight his way out of being sealed. The Soul Reaper smiles hungrily and starts to devour the great source of power.


Minato remembers himself and his teammates running through the training field as genin while an angry Jiraiya runs after them, then he thinks of meeting Kushina and her being pregnant with Naruto, then he thinks of his Squad with kakashi, Obito, and Rin, and lastly he thinks of becoming Hokage and taking a picture with the Third and Jiraiya. He take one last look at his son as the the Soul Reaper grabs the Kyuubi and forces him inside Naruto as the infant cries he grabs his fathers finger. Minato falls on side his frightened and screaming son exhausted from using up the last of his chakra, he smiles at his son and looks in the sky where he sees Kushina smiling down at him, he slowly closes his eyes and dies with Naruto still holding his finger. A leaf from a tree falls down on the seal on Naruto’s stomach as the little guy falls asleep.


The scene changes to a few days later where Kakashi stands staring at the memorial statue in the training field thinking of all the ninja who’s falling during the Kyuubi’s attack, then the scene switches to Jiraiya talking to the Third Hokage.

Jiraiya: Looks like you are out of retirement, old man!

Sarutobi: Yeah I guess so, I know your still grieving about the death of your stud-

Jiraiya: He was more than my student, he was like my son.

Sarutobi: I know, I cared for him a great deal myself, but I know he wouldn’t want us to grieve, he would want us to repair the village and look after the next generation and his son Naruto. That’s why I would like you to become the Fifth Hokage!

Jiraiya: So your trying to get back to retirement already aren’t you, but, I’m not suited for something like that, I have a destiny of my own that I have to fulfill.

Sarutobi: Someone has to be here for Naruto,  you are his Godfather, and I need your strength and wisdom to protect this village.

Jiraiya: There’s nothing I can do for Naruto now, and who better to raise him than you the man who made me the shinobi I am today, and besides the village is fine no one knows Minato is dead so they won’t attack, you have time to stabilize the village.

Sarutobi:I guess your right, So what will you be doing in the meantime?….. Your going to look for him aren’t you?

Jiraiya: Orochimaru made his choice and now I’ve made mine, for now I’m going to do a little traveling but don’t worry I’ll be back!

Sarutobi: I’m counting on you, and do me a favor stay away from the women hot springs I don’t want to have to visit you in the hospital again!

Jiraiya: Hmph! See ya later old man!


The scene jumps to the counsel, Danzo and the Third sitting inside a disclosed area!

Counselman: You all know why we are here, we have to find out everything about the Kyuubi’s attack and the Uchiha Clans involvement!

The Third is shocked!

Next: The start of my new Fanfic, The Fall of Uchiha!

I hope you all liked my Minato story, and I wanted to let you know that I’m going to start a new Fanfic called,”The Fall of Uchiha”. I don’t know, I may change the name but this is what I got so far! The main character will be of course Itachi Uchiha and will surround his rise to power and fame, him relationship with his girlfriend, family and Madara, it will also be about his life as a double agent and the Massacre of his clan, so I hope you Narutards stay tuned.