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The End of Peace 4: The Enemies Introductions!

End of Peace 3: The Price of Power, the Results of Betrayal!

2 Days earlier. In on of Orochumaru Lairs

Suigetsu: So. Do you understand your mission? Taku you will be the Leader of this group. You have no Affiliation to any Nation or Village…


Taku: Yes sir… Shikibu and Kimono, we are leaving. I know the ninja of the Cloud Village and Konoha are pretty weak, but I will pick up your slack.

Shikibu: Do you wish to settle this outside,


Suigetsu: I put you three together for a reason, each of you have betrayed your village in the search of Power, Revenge and Hatred etc. You will have to find a way to work together…

Suigetsu just remembered how he felt when he was with Sasuke and Hawk. Thinking to himself: “I felt like my life ment something; people would give their life for me…”


Suigetsu: Any Failure is a Failure on the team, and we aren’t soft here in Otogakure, You understand me!!

Taku: Yes Sir!

Shikibu: Yes,

Kimono: Yes.

With that the three leave,

“You did well Suigetsu, they all think your pulling the strings, little do they know…”

The Dark Figure walks into the light.

Orochumaru: I have returned to my rightful place.


Present: Battle Field, Trees fallen to the ground by the power of Azuma’s attack…

Taku: Shikibu, it seems the girl is a medical ninja; we will need to eliminate her first…

Shikibu: Let’s see (begins his jutsu) Earth Style: Falling land Jutsu

The Earth begins to shake again; a huge crack begins to appear through the middle towards Tsunade.

Itachi: Move!! Get out the way!

Tsunade stands frozen…

Itachi Grabs her and pushes her aside, but Hizume lies on the ground about to fall into the crack. The Earth is torn in two, so deep you cannot see the bottom of the just darkness. Hizume falls.

Azuma suddenly grabs Hizume and pulls him out…

Azuma: Tsunade you need to get to safety, that jutsu is a long range Jutsu, but it will have a limit we will need you to get Hizume back to his feet.

Tsunade: R…Right! She picks up Hizume’s body and moves towards the forest…

Taku: You think you two can beat us three… You where a miss match when there was four!!

With that Taku and Kimono move towards Itachi and Azuma.

Azuma: Itachi can you read there movements?

Itachi: I can to a degree at this speed but not if they begin moving fast again.

Azuma: Alright, we gonna have to eliminate the one they call Taku first he seems to be the leader; Shikibu seems to be a long range expert… Wait! What is that?

Azuma stares at Kimono.

Azuma: She…. She’s from Konoha, she graduated my year! It was said she ran away after nearly killing her Jonin teacher during the first Test… This could be worse then I thought… Those eyes…

Itachi: Its alright, my eyes can see through just about any dojutsu. Lets see what she’s got…

With that a huge bolder crashes to the ground, Shikibu launches another, bombarding Itachi and Azuma. They both able to dodge but Kimono and Taku stand just clear of the safety.

Azuma: I will stay; hold these two off you eliminate Shikibu.

Itachi: You know that’s not an option, I am the only one that will be able to handle Kimono… plus your Earth Style Jutsu is the only way we can beat him…

Azuma: Fine but I will need a diversion…

Itachi: I got you, Steam Jutsu, Hidden Heat

With that a cloud Steam comes from Itachi’s mouth covering the area…

Taku: Thinking to himself “this brat can combine his Water and Fire Elements to make Steam…”

The steam clears and Itachi stands alone another bolder falls to the ground right next to him…

Shikibu: So close!

Taku raises his hand, “That’s enough; we got what we wanted Itachi is alone now… Keep look out for Azuma…”

Shikibu: Fine. The little rats probably hiding under the ground somewhere… This will flush him out. Earth style Moving Earth Jutsu…

The earth around Shikibu begins to shake,

Shikibu looks to the ground to see where Azuma would pop out, When he sees a shadow approaching him…

Shikibu: What no way?! How did you get above me…?

Azuma brings down his Kunai into Shikibu arm,

Azuma: You’re finished!!

Shikibu: You are good, but not good enough…

With that his body turns to a bunch of Rubble.

Azuma: A Clone, Real one must be!!

Itachi’s Leg is grabbed by the bottom, Earth Style Head Hunter Jutsu!!

Azuma: Oh no! He’s been caught, I have to stop it! I can’t move.

Azuma sees his feet are in the ground covered with earth…

Taku: Shikibu used the Earth Jutsu as a trap; we needed to keep you as far away from our prize as possible, to bad we can’t stay longer. I would have enjoyed killing you!

Kimono: This is strange

Taku: What now?

Kimono: Azuma was one of the smartest Ninja in my class, he was taught by Shikamaru, and he is supposed to be a genius… Why would he fall so easily?

Itachi disappears in a cloud of steam.

Taku: It’s a clone, but then…

Taku looks back at Azuma to see a huge Fire Ball rushing towards them…

Taku: Ah man he made himself look like Azuma to get behind us, knowing we would be too preoccupied watching Shikibu’s fight!!

He is hit by the Fire ball falls to the ground.

Kimono: but where’s Azuma!!

In a flash Azuma, stands behind Kimono with his Kunai at her throat…

Azuma: Right beneath your feet! You would do well not to move!

Shikibu (above Ground): Ninja Art.

As he makes his hand signs, Hizume appears in front of him,

Hizume: Gentle Fist: 16 Palms!!

His hands immobilize Shikibu’s body.

Azuma: It seems you made it just in time Hizume!

Hizume: (Turns around) someone’s got to pick up your slack

Azuma: (smile) that’s funny I could of sworn you where the one letting your guard down, giving Tsunade a deep emotional hug…

Hizume: (smiles) what do you want me to do with her, should I immobilize her too!

Hizume gets into Gentle Fist Stance ready to attack.

Taku gets up of the ground.

Taku: Retreat tactic!

Kimono: Ah, Fine…

Kimono’s body disappears in a haze towards Shikibu…

Kimono: Sorry I couldn’t play longer, Azuma, we will have to schedule a rematch.

She gives him an air kiss and disappears along with Taku and Shikibu’s body…

Azuma: Hizume can you track them!

Hizume there chakra is moving so fast it seems they almost out of my reach.

Itachi walks into the group formation.

Itachi: I can find them I can sense there Chakra, that’s why my father sent me on this mission, I have the 2nd best tracking ability in Konoha.

Azuma: Why didn’t you tell us this before!?? You must have known that they would attack!!

Itachi (calm and collected): I had to, we need to know there target. If they where just ninja trying to intercept or…. but these ninja are all high level, how you say, Prodigies and they where sent to attack us, and kidnap me. I am sorry I put you all in danger but I need to know for the mission. We won’t have a lot more time, if my father was correct when he briefed me the next attackers wont be this easy!

Orochimaru’s Lair

Suigetsu: So it would seem the team we sent failed in their attempts, I am surprised with Kimino and Taku there, these ninja must be powerful,

Orochimaru: (thinking to himself) hmm, Kimino it seems she wasn’t able to kill this time.

Orochimaru: Don’t worry about Kimino, she has been my little experiment for a long time now, even before I was able to to completly overtake Kabuto and his body, He always wanted a daughter, so (Orochimaru’s voice changes to sound like two people are talking) we created one, giving her Kabuto’s DNA and dojutsu, plus a little bit of my power, she was the perfect ninja.

Orochimaru’s voice returns: but the little bit of Kabuto that was left, felt affection for the child and gave it to a family in Konoha, where she could be protected, but the blood lust and thirst for power is too much for her she saw the light eventually and hear we stand today…

Suigetsu (stares at Orochimaru after hearing Kabuto’s voice) : Are you the real one…

Orochimaru: Well not my body but my concienseness remains, after Kabuto revived me I realised I could spread my soul in different hosts, and be able to control them all, this body was one of the last I have that I needed to infuse Kabuto’s spirit, of course his Medical Skills has helped me too.

Suigetsu: Ok, I am off, I have a little someone I need to pay a visit to.

Suigetsu: (thinking to himself) : How can I kill something that I cannot find, Orochimaru’s body can be killed but as soon as I kill one, the others would find out and go into hiding, how many are there? Looks like I will have to wait a little longer before I can find Peace.


I have put a link, to the previous, thanks for all the advise it helps a lot 🙂