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Naruto Chapter 455 is Out!


Does everyone have a Sharingan?!



45 Responses

  1. I agree with the question, “does everyone has sharingan?”

    here is another question: how many agree that this manga should be named “Sharingan” or “Uchiha Clan” even Kyubi is related to Uchiha clan. Kishi is loosing his touch or he is thinking of finishing the chapter in easiest way (“then they lived happily ever after” way)

    i don’t know about others, but this chapter was lame to me. everything in this chapter was predictable: Danzo’s sharingan, Naruto saying craps about “bonds” and going to Kage summit, everything was predicted before. this is so unlike kishi.

    the past few chapter was really boring and after Danzo declared Hokage, everything is way to predictable. now everyone can imagine what will happen in next few chapters.

  2. okay, b4 mart gives me his shit talk about how i was wrong and he wass right: THERE WAS NO FUCKING PROOF THAT DANZO HAD THE SHARINGAN BETWEEN THE FIRST PAGE OF CHAPTER 1 AND THE SECOND-TO-LAST LAST PAGE OF CHAPTER 455!!!!!!!! so it was reasonable 4 me to assume they were 2 completely seperate entities and completly UNREASONABLE 4 u to assume they were the same entitie and then go on about it like 1 of those wack-jobs in large cities going: “aliens r here, they want to take over the Earth, prepare yourselves by wearing foil on your heads so they can’t steal your brains!” cuz mart, that is exactly how u sounded, and there was more proof 4 them then there was 4 your conspeiracy theory up until the last chapter: U JUST FUCKING MADE A LUCKY GUESS. so, i wanted to say that b4 mart commented and went all (imagine a retarded sounding voice when reading the quote) “oh, JPUA, i was sooooo right and u were *alcohol burp* sooo wrong, see, the ugly old man and the crazy mask guy who act nothing alike r the same person *alcohol hiccup*” so, please mart, don’t give me that crap

  3. I’m still sticking to Danzo does not =Madara….
    On another note, Karui beat up Naruto in one chapter better than Pein did in an entire arc lol. I sense a battle between Root and Kakashi soon….

  4. @ kisu, yeah, there’s still that possibility, but @ 1st they made it seem that Sasuke and Itachi were the only Uchihas, then when Itachi died, they introduced Mandara, taking away some (but not all) of the impact Itachi’s death made, and now Danzo, but what might b cool tho is that he somehow got hold of Obito’s body and used the Sharingan not given to Kakashi and mabe has some new power that only Obito’s meant to have (like Kamui, the black-hole-like thing Kakashi can do). ya kno, i think some1 should do a blog on what would’ve happened if Obito survived and how he would b as an adult

  5. i didnt notice danzo has sharingan.. in chap 455? which pic or page ?

  6. Remember when madara first talked to sasuke and in one panel it looks like he’s clinching his right arm? Me personally I want to see what the new ninjas can do.

  7. @ hawk, the very last panel of the very last page

  8. @hawk page 17.

  9. Danzo does not = Madara for the simple fact that there seems to be something wrong with his Sharingan eye (as he hints at at the end of chapter 454 and how it looks at the end of chapter 455) and Madara still has the Mangekyou. Plus there is something wrong wrong enough with Danzo’s right arm to keep it wrapped up while Madara uses his freely.
    For a while I did believe they were the same person but after the last five chapters (them both being in two places at once and Madara sending Sasuke to kill the Kages) I knew this might not be the case (I could still be wrong, it could all be explained eventually).
    Danzo could have taken his eye from one of the Uchihas that he had Itachi kill, that might also explain why there is something wrong with it!

  10. i like it that Kakkashi knows abt the 4th being Naruto’s father. dunno how many others knows abt that ‘secret’.

  11. oooh…i thought pg 16 is the end…tq

  12. HOLY CRAP!!! Danzo has the sharingon too, this is rreeeaaalllyyy getting exciting!

  13. if you could get your hands on the Sharingan wouldn’t you take it too

  14. wtf naruto could just nail a rasen shuriken at kairo

  15. whatever, I don’t feel like rubbing it in JPAU, you can believe in whatever you want,

    I think Danzo could have gotten his Sharingan 1 of 3 ways

    1. he’s Madara (unlikely because of this chapter.

    2. He did what cracked genome said and stole a sharingan (unlikely because Kakashi never had problems with his except eternal activation)

    3. He’s Madara’s brother (unlikely cuz he’s dead, this goes for Obito as well but less so because obtio is Kakashi’s age and Danzo’s been around since Pein)

  16. i think danzo found out madara was gonna attack the village 16 years ago and made a deal with madara not to tell everyone about it if madara gave him one of his eyes sumthing along the lines of that

  17. I think this was a sick (ie; cool) chapter! I know the sharingan is getting really played out but you have to admit him having it is pretty cool. I am really curious to see if kakashi sides with naruto or agrees with the anbu ninjas and keeps naruto in the city, i mean afterall both him and yamato have anbu roots if i’m not mistaken-good times ahead!
    What would have made danzo’s sharingan even sicker is if it was an EMS. I am really starting ti suspect that danzo is just twisted enough to have had his hand in summoning the kyuubi 16yrs ago bcoz he was pissed off about being sidelined by the 3rd who allowed minato to become the 4th

  18. did not read wat i wrote i think he has madara’s sharingan therefore EMS

  19. @ mart, yeah, up until now, there was 0 proof 4 your theory and that’s y i don’t want u to rub it in, cuz u just used recycled assumptions to make a guess when there was no hard evidence to support it, so there4, while there is a chance u may b right after seeing Danzo w/ a Sharingan, u didn’t really do any research other than same hair (Mandara could b Goku under that assumption tho) 1 only shows his right eye and the other only shows his left (big deal, there r only 2 eyes, so it could more easily b a coincidence than anything else) and Mandara has pins on his right arm and Danzo, according to Narupedia, has his in bandages and covered, but we thought he didn’t even have it 4 the longest time. so u really just made a lucky guess in my opinion, unless of course, he did what some1 mentioned about stealing it from 1 of the Uchihas Itachi killed, then you’d b totally screwed. btw, where is that comment, i remember reading it on this post earlier, but it isn’t here, mart u didn’t delete it did u?

  20. I decided not to go to your level of juveility and deleated it, Your oppinions are your own and I have no desire to gloat, if I argue with you, it’s to see another point of view, I could care less that I’m right, there’s little point in saying I was because even if I do, you’d still be in the exact same denile your in now, view the facts however you want.

    and as far as “unless of course, he did what some1 mentioned about stealing it from 1 of the Uchihas Itachi killed” I kind of like that theory, I don’t see how if that comes to pass I’m screwed, in fact I think that it’s more likely that THAT happened now that cracked genome brought it up than Madara being Danzo. It’s honestly a better theory right now than Madara = Danzo when you view some simple facts in perspective 1. Madara was Orochimaru’s leader for a while. 2. Danzo said he hadn’t battled in a while. 3. Danzo’s that twisted.

  21. I miss the old shannaro, where all the other guys?

  22. @ mart, i’m not juvenile and i look thru other ppl’s perspectives, i just goof off a bit (like Naruto) and don’t agree w/ certain things. i couldn’t find genome’s comment when i brought it up, but i could find it now (i was probably looking 4 hte wrong person) and the reason you’d b screwed is cuz u spent the past month going “MANDARA = DANZO, MANDARA = DANZO, MANDARA = DANZO” 4 really no reason. and i think u r in denial cuz u really did act like that (okay, maybe not to THAT extreme, but it was what it felt like u were saying) and i m right now neutral on the debate cuz of there is now a shred of reliable evidence that could point the opposite way of what i originally thought. mart, 1 last thing, u shouldn’t b calling me the childish one, cuz i admit my mistakes while whenever u think it might b best 4 your image, u change your opinion: ex, just now u went from “Mandara = Danzo” to “Mandara doesn’t= Danzo” in the blink of an eye; another is when u made a certain post that proved my side of an argument right in that pure chakra can have the attributes of anything else. there r other examples where we were arguing, then u tried doing what Bugs Bunny does and say what i’ve been saying the whole time. so while i use insults, i’m still more mature since i can accept defeat (even if i don’t like it) while u have yet to have shown that ability

  23. this is just crazy. every big shot has a doujutsu. the uchiha clan was wiped out but somehow many people have the uchiha doujutsu. what with kakashi first, and now danzou, sasuke isn’t so special anymore. it’s nice to see danzou having succeeded in acquiring the sharingan so early when orochimaru failed after during so many years. sasuke can’t possibly be able to have his revenge so easily with these revelations. danzou’s sharinan and mist swordsman must be a serious problem for him. these last two chapters have been really informative. but i won’t be thinking danzou is obito or madara’s brother. kishi seems to be in a good mood, so why not let him go on as long as possible?

  24. Enough with the danzou=madara stuff! Lets theorise about naruto’s ability to leave the village and the consequences of him leaving against the hokage’s wishes! Finally the possibility of being escorted by kakashi (ex-ROOT) and yamato (ex/current who knows-ANBU)

  25. stop arguing Danzo’s sharingan this is one of Kishi’s power to twist our mind into different dimension, what could we expect from a writer of this manga, he’s so unpredictable after all his motivation in having a twist story it comes to an end with a crystal conclusion……..

    Like anyone of you who were surprised with Danzo’s sharingan, i feel something fishy with this revelation, i couldn’t imagine that not only Kakashi and Madara owned a single eye sharingan, these another revelation might come out in a historical relationship between Danzo and the Uchiha Clan, we knew that Kakashi’s sharingan was came from Obito. To make an early conclusion or should i say prediction, Danzo’s sharingan might subjected to an history between him and Uchiha clan or his sharingan might have a connection with Oruchimaru’s hidden agenda……….

    Anyway, whatever i quote or predictions are just still predictions, guys take note, Kishi can formulate various story with explicit and vivid ideas. He’s real genius in this field so to anyone out there don’t panic cause this is just a cliffhanging idea to a great writer of manga.

  26. In addition to my conclusion, do you believe that this is the reason why the 2 hokage’s (shodaime and nidaime) didn’t give the 3rd title to danzo? uhmmmm…. i smell something fishy………..

  27. Guys, I just realized why Kakashi never takes off his mask! If it is true what Kazekage-dono said abotu kakashi being ex-root (I though he was only anbu, but maybe I missed it somewhere) then he probably doesn’t take his mask off due to a huge scar from trying to remove that seal on his tongue! -> Just kidding. Anyway, the fact that Danzo has the Sharingan is pretty much expected at this point, but who he actually is and how he got it are unknown. I’m not gonna specualte till after bob’s post, but I have a lot to say on this matter later. Maybe even a blog submission’s full.

    -pcgnome out

  28. JPAU, I do change my mind, I like the Madara = Danzo theory over Danzo just being some random ninja newly introduced HOWEVER I see that there is a great possibility that Danzo could have ordered the Uchiha massacer simply to get his own Sharingan because he is that twisted, I said that it was a possibility before you even said that if it happened I would be “screwed” it’s a very likely theory, and I recognize that, it’s not the end of the world if I’m wrong.

    I don’t feel like arguing the “chakra nature” discusion every so often after you feel like it’s been left alone to long, because it doesn’t change the issue that started the blog, your hinata blog was biased in her favor unrealistically. Your free to your oppinion of that, I don’t really care.

  29. @pcgnome, ur wrong, Kakashi is extremely handsome (not my opinion). He took off his mask to eat ramen and the rame guy’s daughter went gaa gaa over him. Hell he was so gorgeous even the Ramen Guy went gaa gaa XD.
    ENOUGH WITH MADARA=DANZO ALREADY!!!!! I’ll give my reasons why this CANT be true in bob-sama’s post.

  30. what a twist :O!! who knew?! now i’m seriously convinced that danzo is madara!!

  31. anyone?

  32. What we seem to be overlooking are certain characteristics they both have, both at some point wanted to be Hokage, both have hidden agendas, both are head of secret powerful organizations, and both blame the other for the Uchia massacre, so they may be plotting together because of their similar goals.

  33. i said this b4 and alot of people laughed im telling u danzo is MAdara brother watch and see

  34. is that saskue attaking danzou already

  35. Theory time; given the fact that the uchihas were pretty much the cops of konoha, doesn’t it make sense that the whole murder was simply danzou’s way of covering up a plot of his the the uchiha knew about? Plus itachi was unable to tell anyone because he was ROOT and therefore had the seal on his tongue. That might even have been what he was dying of in his fight with sasuke

  36. Okay this is an interesting chapter, We see new characters and we find out Kakashi knew about Naruto being the son of the Fourth which we already knew and now Naruto is goin to the Summit and Kakashi and Yamato will be his escorts which is very cool. We also can anticipate a battle between Naruto, Kakashi, and yamato against ROOT!

    Now for the big one, Danzo has the Sharingan!!!!!!
    First of all I highly doubt that Danzo is Madara but let’s say that he is, He has to probably be a clone or a body that Madara controls and have the Sharingan so I can’t really tie him to Madara that much except the small characteristics.

    If Danzo was somehow Madara’s brother which is still unlikely
    We all saw Madaras brother with both of his eyes token out and he can’t possibly be alive because he is as old as Madara and the only way Madara is alive is because of his Eternal Sharingan and we know Pein had something to do with that as well. Madara’s brother didn’t have Eternal Sharingan or Pein so how can he still be alive!

    Maybe Danzo like some of you said he took an eye from an Uchiha corps after the Massacre, it’s very possible I mean they aren’t like the Hyuuga their eyes just don’t seal away after they die, maybe he got it from Sasukes fathers body it could be a possibility, or Shisui Uchiha!

  37. I also don’t think it is Obito either because
    1. Danzo is way to old
    2. His right side of his body including his eyes was smashed unless it really wasn’t but thats just speculation.
    3.Obito is dead and was a child he wasn’t strong enough to pull something like this!

    but there is one way Madara can be Obito, which I know he is not, we all know Pein Manipulated bodies, what if he repaired Obito’s body and put Madara’s soul and eyes inside him, that’s a guess!

  38. Danzou = Madara has basically been shut down
    Thank the lord for that…no more BS retarded research theories on how the two old geezers may or may not b connected

  39. Maybe Danzou is really Michael Jackson and he just faked his death…..give me a break

  40. Who got crushed by a stone and lost his right arm and gave away his right eye obito. Danzou has to be obito orochimaru could likely found him and we now his obsession with young boys with shariganXD Please bob put this theory n your blog.

  41. @ deiboom. Danzo can’t be Obito because Danzo was in the running to become Hokage at the same time as the 3rd. Obito wasn’t even born then!

  42. whether its predictable or not kishi is still making it not yall so just sit back and enjoy the damn manga instead always complaining cause whether u lik it or not at the end of the day kishi is making the manga and money not you shit…

  43. ok people talk about danzo not=madara cuz their on two places at once. but remember his special jutsu? he can basically teleport in the blink of an eye and able to know where sasuke is. it probably isnt that hard for him. That said i still dont think danzo =madara.

  44. its lame, now. next thing u know, naruto has a sharingan. how many more ppl? it irritates me. >.<

  45. Madara already has a history of pretending to be other people. Remember Toby? When Madara first spoke to Sasuke and he took off his mask, you could see his haircut. Danzo’s haircut. Madara’s mask only had a eye hole for the right eye, and through it we saw he has the sharingan. Danzo has used the sharingan only in his right eye. Its blatantly obvious that Danzo is Madara.

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