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The History of Tobi: Part 3: Final Conclusion

Post Author: Kisuzachi

This continues Tobi’s story one year later. If you missed the last installment, here you are https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2009/06/28/the-history-of-tobi-part-2-surprise/.

In Konoha‘s cemetery….

Itachi (on his knees): “Another on of clan members………is gone.”

Fugaku: “It’s ok Itachi…..we are at war. There has to be casualties….. Maybe its because you‘re just four years old….”


Itachi: “It doesn’t matter how old I am dad…..death is still……death….. Why do so many people have to die? It makes no sense.”

Fugaku (hugs Itachi): “This is what being a ninja means….Itachi.”

Itachi (tears falling from eyes): “If this is what being a ninja means….then I’ll change the world.”

Fugaku: “I believe you will, my son.”


Madara: “Finally, my body has fully bonded with the Uchiha’s heart. Now it’s time to pay Konoha a visit.”

White Zetsu: “Be careful with this plan of yours.”
Black Zetsu: “Yeah, we wouldn’t want to have to eat your body.”

Madara: “You wont get that chance.”

Madara teleports out of the cave and into Konoha. He uses his Mangekyou Sharingan to disguise himself. He shakes hands with Danzo.


Danzo: “Nice to see you again, Tobi.”

Madara: “Let’s skip the pleasantries and get to business.”

Danzo: “Yes, let’s get to business.”

Madara: “You failed to become Hokage some years ago, but with my help, you will rise from the chaos as the new Hokage.”

Danzo: “Yes and in return, the Uchiha Clan will be granted far more than they have now.”

Madara: “Well, you do owe me already. After all, I was the one that financed Root and helped you to recruit members.”

Danzo: “Yes and thanks to you Tobi, Konoha will experience relative peace.”

The two shake hands, but unbeknown to them, someone is watching from the corners, someone named Itachi. Danzo makes a hand sign, but is stopped by Madara, immediately thereafter, Madara throws a kunai in the corner, but Itachi evades it. Itachi then comes out of the shadows and bows down to Madara.


Itachi: “I want you to teach me. Even though I don’t have a Sharingan yet, I can tell you are an Uchiha. I want you to train me so I can help stop this war. Danzo, you are the best bet to achieve peace. All this emotion that the Fourth has, it costs lives, you makes decision based on facts. If you lead, then peace will be established sooner.”

Danzo: “Young Uchiha, you seem very wise for your young appearance. Since you want peace, join Root, train to join it. Once you graduate the Academy, I’ll let Tobi start training you. But first…tell me your name.”

Itachi: “It’s Itachi, Itachi Uchiha.”

Madara leaves the Village just as easily has he entered. Two years pass…

Madara: “My Mangekyou Sharingan is now back to its full strength! Its time the Leaf sees my power.”

He arrives outside of Konoha. He takes out a large scroll and gathers his chakra and his negative emotions. In his office, Minato senses this massive chakra gathering and quickly reaches outside the Village. There he sees Madara’s large scroll, with hundreds of bodies and markings on it.

Minato: “Who are you!?!? And what are you doing?!?!”

Madara: “Ahh, Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. Nice to finally meet you.”


Minato: “Answer my questions. Or die.”

Madara: “Ok, let me tell you…..I’m going to destroy Konoha.”
(Minato dashes at him with blinding speed, but Madara easily evades him.)

Minato: “How did you?”

Madara: “Remember your battle with Kakuzu, all those years ago? He was working for me. During that battle all your jutsus were viewed with my Sharingan.”

Minato: “But that wasn’t my technique…..”

Madara: “This is your technique, combined with mine that is. The Mangekyou Sharingan offers the user many techniques, one of which was Kamui. It’s a technique that sends anything to another dimension, so by combining it with your jutsu, I have created a move you cannot defeat!”

He teleports in front of Minato with blinding speed, but Minato tries to out-speed him and goes behind him and uses a Rasengan. It goes straight through Madara and so does Minato. Madara uses Fireball jutsu on him and a huge explosion envelops the area.


Madara: “Well Minato, it seems you escaped my jutsu… It doesn’t matter, the Kyubi will finish what I started.” (He disappears).

The large scroll begins to glow with red light and a large beam shoots into the sky. An evil chakra descends onto the land. The Kyubi takes its fox-like shape. All the vegetation around its body starts to decay. The Fourth returns to Konoha and warns the Village of the threat headed their way. He looks at his new-born son and remembers Kushina, who died in childbirth.

Minato: “I’m sorry Naruto, but I’ll have to use that jutsu. Please forgive me, I love you my son.”
(Jiraiya enters the room through the window).

Jiraiya: “So this is it huh?”

Minato: “Yes sensei, please, look after him when I’m gone.”

Jiraiya: “Don’t worry, I’ll take care him for you. I’ll protect him with my life. Goodbye Minato.”

baby naruto

Minato places a seal on Naruto and then leaves and summons Gamabunta. He looks at the destruction caused by the Kyubi and silently says goodbye to the Village.


Kyubi: “Who are you?”

Minato: “The one who’s gonna stop you, you ugly demon.”

Kyubi: “I’m going to enjoy ripping your flesh of your body and feasting upon your marrow!”

The Kyubi lunges at him, but Minato remains unfazed. While all this chaos is going on, Madara and Danzou meet outside the Village. Madara tells Danzo that he no longer needs him and that there is a change of plans. Madara tells him that Konoha will fall. Danzo becomes angered at this betrayal and is about to make a hand sign, when suddenly black flames engulf his right arm.


Madara: “You have now lost your jutsu. This has been your fate from the very first day we met.”


Danzo: “Damn you Tobi! Those eyes are an Uchiha’s eyes! You’re an Uchiha! Damn you! Your entire clan will suffer for this!” (Danzo throws a smoke bomb and detonates all the explosive tags he set up for their meeting. He heads back to Konoha thinking he killed Tobi, but the explosion simply phazes through him.)

Back to Minato’s battle with the Kyubi. The Kyubi lunges forward and Minato uses the Reaper Death Seal to take the Kyubi and place it in his son, he divides its chakra into dark and light.

Madara: “Damn! Damn you Namikaze! Aaaahhhh!!!!”

Zetsu: “What’s wrong!?”

Madara: “I bonded my Sharingan to the Kyubi and he just sealed the beast. My Mangekyou Sharingan is gone! Damn, I’ll have to go to plan B.”

Zetsu: “What is this ‘Plan B’?”

Madara: “In due time Zetsu…..” (He leaves.)

Six years later, Itachi graduates the Academy, masters his Sharingan, becomes a Chunin and joins Root. When he was a part of Root he realized just how unqualified Danzo was for the position. H sees how Danzo treats those who follow him. He sees that this would only lead to more wars. Meanwhile…..

Danzo: “It’s time we start monitoring the Uchiha more! The Kyubi attacked everywhere in the Village, except the Uchihas’ section! The Kyubi caused me to lose my arm and damaged my eye! I was fighting on the font lines despite my position as an Elder. This is the Uchihas‘ doing!”

Elder Homura: “I think there’s something to what Danzo is saying.”


Elder Koharu: “Yes, I think something must be done about the Uchiha. They have gradually become stronger, they’re military power is great now.”


Sarutobi: “Instead of an all out massacre, like what you want, instead we should watch them.”


Danzo: “We’ll use my Root to watch them.”

Sarutobi: “No, we’ll use Itachi.” (The meeting ends and they leave. Itachi walks in.)


Itachi: “What are they planning.”

Sarutobi: “They want to extinguish the Uchiha, but I pray that the Uchiha aren’t planning on doing what we think they are doing.”

Itachi: “Sadly, it’s true…. My father is planning an all out civil war. He wants me to keep tabs on all of you, but I cant. I don’t want another war to break out. It costs too many lives….”

Sarutobi: “I feared this….. We’ll have to talk about this in the council. We’ll decide on the best course of action. You may leave now Itachi.”

Itachi leaves the Uchiha section of the Village in the night to train with Madara. He has been doing this for two years now.

Madara: “Itachi, you have fully mastered the Sharingan by Uchiha standards, at only 8 years old. You mastered the Sharingan last year by my standards, but now its time for me to teach you the most powerful Uchiha technique.”

Itachi: “What is that technique, sensei?”

Madara: “The Mangekyou Sharingan…. However, to use it, you need to kill those closest to you. You must kill your best friend.” (they leave each other and Madara leaves the Village).

Itachi is called to Sarutobi’s office and is ordered to kill the entire clan. He, however, begs to leave Sasuke alive, Sarutobi agrees. He tells the Third to not let the truth about the Uchiha clan to ever slip out. Itachi attained the Mangekyou Sharingan after he killed Shisui Uchiha. The Elders order him to carry out his orders. He waits until Sasuke leaves, he then starts to kill every single member of the clan, with help from his sensei, Madara. Itachi goes to his lover’s house and speaks to her.

Itachi: “Wake up, wake up. Karasu my love, I will miss you.”

Karasu (opens her eyes): “I-Is that you, Itachi?”

Itachi: “Please forgive my actions.” (He raises his katana, but seeing this, she quickly jumps out of bed and readies her kunais for battle).


Karasu: “Why are you doing this, Itachi?”

Itachi: “I’m sorry, I’m following orders.”

Karasu (she drops her kunais and looks directly into his eyes): “Do what you feel is right, but remember. I love you.”

Itachi uses the power of Tsukuyomi to kill her quickly, with no pain. He goes to his own house and sees his father standing at the door with his Sharingan activated.


Fugaku: “So this is what it has come to, Itachi?”

Itachi: “I’m sorry father.”

Fugaku runs towards Itachi with his kunai outstretched. Itachi hits his hand away, which causes Fugaku to spin. Itachi then uses his sword to slash his father, but he uses a Replacement jutsu. Fugaku then uses a fireball jutsu from mid-air to strike Itachi on the ground. The fireball hits, but then Itachi’s body disperses into several crows, which then turn into kunais. The kunais run straight through Fugaku’s body. (Fugaku was trapped in Tsukuyomi from the moment he looked into Itachi’s eyes). Fugaku’s body falls to the ground, Itachi then goes into the house and uses Tsukuyomi on his mother and waits for Sasuke’s return.

One month later, Madara and Zetsu speak…

Madara: “Zetsu, my Sharingan has once again been lost to me. Once I become Mizukage, a new being will shall join. His name will be………..Tobi, take care of him. He’s a good boy.”

Zetsu: “Whatever you say Madara.”

Continues here https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2009/06/08/the-history-of-kisame-part-3-deception/. Oh and Karasu means crows. Which also explains Itachi’s love of crow techniques.


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  4. Well, this is my final akatsuki post, it’s all Kisu. from here on out (well not ALL kisu…). I like what you’ve done with it and how it’s been going, good luck

  5. i love naruto

  6. none of this is true. im madara after all you fools.

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