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Naruto Chapter 458 – The Kages Mince Words

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Boy, this was some chapter, the tension was high but not a single punch was thrown. Well, what do you expect, it’ a conference of the kages – it’s not like they’re going to break out into an all out brawl; it did come close though at one point. There’s a lot more reading in this chapter, it might seem a bit boring, but you don’t need to dig too hard to find a ton of new information just from the talk between the five kages. So let’s get going.

naruto458-1This meeting was more than a meeting of five leaders, it also showed a clear clash between the old and new generation and their ideals on how countries, and the ninja world for that matter, should be run. I consider Gaara and the Mizukage to be of the new generation. Gaara has a very open attitude about the relationship between the hidden villages and could care less about keeping up appearances just to hide weakness. And although the Mizukage is older than Gaara, she is still younger than the other three kages, and demonstrated that she’s willing to share some secrets of Kirigakure to help. The Raikage, Tsuchikage and Danzo, on the other hand, are clearly still playing the game of the old world – ie. they’re very careful about sharing secrets and military strength with the other countries; the Tsuchikage especially places things like appearances and dignity above all else, and refuses to seek or give help to other countries if it will not benefit them in return.

naruto458-2The topic of their discussion involves the Jinchuuriki and Akatsuki. I felt that Gaara was a bit singled out here because he was a previous host, but the guy is as cool as cucumber and stood his ground even against the Tsuchikage’s taunts. A key bit of information is revealed: Danzo states that the four people who could truly control the Bijuu were/are Madara, the First Hokage, Yagura the Fourth Mizukage, and Killerbee. I think most of us know about Madara, 1st Hokage and Killerbee, but Yagura hasn’t been touched on too much in the manga. The Mizukage (the current one) reluctantly mentions that her predecessor, the Fourth Mizukage, was rumoured to have been under the influence of an outside force – possibly Akatsuki. Now, there was a time several chapters ago where Kisame met Madara in Kirigakure and called him the ‘Mizukage.’ If you connect the dots, it’s clear that Madara was the one who was influencing and possibly even controlling Yagura. Yagura was also at one point the host to the Sanbi (the turtle Bijuu which Tobi and Deidara caught), so it’s not too surprising that Madara could somehow control Yagura given his Mangekyou Sharingan and ability to control the Bijuu like he did with Kyuubi. Also, Yagura was the Mizukage during the period when Kirigakura was known as the hidden village of the bloody mist. All the brutal and bloody practices that occurred in the village during that period could also have been the influence of Madara, after all the Uchiha clan once also had the pratice of brothers killing each other in order to become stronger, ie. obtain the Mangekyou. I think there’s a lot more to the Yagura character that will be revealed to us in the future… and that anime filler crap about the Sanbi doesn’t count!

naruto458-3The Raikage did lose his temper at one point during the meeting when Danzo mentioned his brother Killerbee. It was a pretty cool scene when all the bodyguards immediately jumped in ready to defend their kages – kinda like one of those movie scenes when a deal goes bad and everyone draws their gun. The interesting things I wanted to point out during that scene are hints to some of the weapons the characters wield. Chojiro reveals his sword for the first time, though it is very oddly shaped. Like Kisame’s Samehada, the sword is wrapped in bandages, but it has a strange oval shape and seems too short to be a sword. I’m sure we’ll get him to see Chojiro in action in the near future and just what his weapon can do. The only other significant thing is Kankuro’s new puppet. Pein0avenue mentioned this in the comments and I tend to agree, that puppet could be Sasori of all people. The two clues are the hair and that nozzle sticking out of the puppet’s hand – it’s exactly the same type of weapon Sasori hand concealed in his palms, allowing him to shoot out fire or water jets. I just can’t wait to see some of these new fighters in action soon!

naruto458-4As expected the kages soon begin to blame each other for the situation they are in and how strong Akatsuki has become. The Raikage blames Suna for hiring Akatsuki during previous wars (something Gaara hadn’t been told about), but the Tsuchikage blames Kumogakure because they kept building up their military even during the disarmament period, effectively forcing the other countries to seek mercenary forces like Akatsuki. Danzo plays his hand quite well in this situation by dropping the news about Madara being the leader of Akatsuki. Now everyone has a common hated enemy to focus on, and not some criminal organization composed of missing nin from all (except Kumogakure) the villages. Conveniently, Mifune the leader of Iron Country plays right into Danzo’s hand by suggesting that all five countries form a united alliance to wipe out Akatsuki. Futhermore, he even nominates Danzo to lead such an alliance because Konoha has the only known surviving host (everyone believes Killerbee has been captured) and I guess because they would know the most about Madara. Nevertheless, this seems all too convenient for Danzo. Either he is a really good schemer (and has proven so in the past) or has Mifune in the palm of his hand, either using some type of jutsu, bribery or otherwise. If Danzo does come into power, the world of the ninja will be heading down two paths: either a world ruled by Danzo or by Madara; I don’t think either of those will be lolipops and jellybeans.

naruto458-5The last thing I want to squeeze into this rant of a blog is the bit between Sakura and Sai. I know everyone was probably thinking the same thing: it’s about time somebody gave Sakura the hard truth. And I don’t mean the part about Naruto loving her, I think she should have clued in on that by now, I mean the part where Sai tells her that she is causing as much pain to Naruto as Sasuke is. It’s about time somebody jammed some reality into her head! It’s been several hundred chapters too late, but hopefully this is a turning point for Sakura to stop playing the victim and relying on Naruto to solve everything. And to think how ironic that it took a guy who had no emotions when he was first introduced to tell her these things.

That’s for this week folks, remember that there’s a group blog in progress and we’re still accepting entries: check out this post.  Also, check out Bleached Ichigo for weekly manga and anime updates if you’re also a Bleach fan!


Naruto Chapter 458 Is Out!!!


Minato Namikaze: Minato’s Counter

Minato battling the Kyuubi decides to use a secret jutsu to end the battle once and for all but, the Kyuubi isn’t waiting for his jutsu and it suddenly starts to shake violently causing Minato to watch in horror as it splits into two seperate forms but smaller in size. They both dash forward even faster than before extending their paws sending Bunta and Minato crashing into the ground, as they try to recover the kyuubi now in the air in the form of a giant ball comes crashing down on Gamabunta crushing his large body. The two Kyuubi entities stand side by side as they both release two chakra cannons, as the cannons head straight for Minato and Bunta they combine forming a stronger blast causing a giant crater.

Minato and Gamabunta then appears after disappearing using a combined space and time ninjutsu to avoid the blast. Now angerd by the Kyuubi’s attacks Gamabunta spits a large stream of Toad Oil as Minato fires it up with his Dragon Flame Bomb ninjutsu, the jutsu slows down the Kyuubi.

Minato: I can’t keep this up, I don’t have enough chakra,….. we are going to have to end this soon.

Bunta: Then what are we goina do next?

Minato: Don’t worry my plan can still work, I just need a few minutes to work it all out.

Bunta: We may not have that time, what eva you’re thinking you’d better do it now, but first tell me why you think Madara is behind this.

Minato: It all started a few years ago when I was training with Jiraiya at Myobukuzan Mountain, I met with the Great Toad Sage and he told me that my destiny is to have a great battle, a battle that would be the start of a war for the future of the world of shinobi. This war will either revolutionarize the shinobi world or destroy it all together.

Bunta: And you think this is that war?

Minato: Yeah, I do!

Bunta: But what does this have to do with Madara?

Minato: I always had a feeling that the Uchiha which posesses one of the most power kekkai genkai’s would be a great part of this prophecy and then I thought of him, not believing he was dead  I seeked him out studying and searching through this world for a ghost. When I started to give up I came upon a small village being annihalated so I went to help and when I got there I saw him amongst the flames of the burning village, even though he has a mask I saw his Sharingan with it’s sinister chakra staring back at me. Then in an instant he vanished before my eyes, after that I knew he was alive and well.

Bunta: I see,… And now he is here to get his revenge for all those years ago when he was thrown out of the village, even by his own people. I have to admit for you to have forseen this is evidence that you really are the greatest Hokage this village has ever seen.

Minato: Thanks big guy, but lets put this vile beast to rest.

Minato forms a single hand sign a seal breaks inside his chakra network!

Bunta: What was that?, Your chakra!

Minato: I supressed some of my chakra, I guess it comes in handy to come from a family with great amounts of chakra and now it’s time to unleash my full power!…. This jutsu is the only thing that can break this connection of power and give me enough time to seal this thing once and for all.

As Minato gets ready to attack, Gamabunta suddenly uses his fog cloud jutsu to make the connection of Madara and the Kyuubi harder to control, Minato starts to form more hand signs, Secret Ninja Art: Mind of Intensity Vortex of Pain, the ground starts to turn violently like a whirlpool sucking the landscape down at a rapid speed, the Kyuubi starts to struggle as it is being pulled into another dimension. Madara starts to feel the power of this jutsu and a cold silence comes over him. Powerless, the Kyuubi’s is sucked into the vortex and everthing goes into darkness, suddenly Madara realizes what has just happened. The landscape and the Kyuubi has not been sucked into a vortex but the Kyuubi is in a powerful illusion. With the connection broken the Kyuubi’s mind is trapped in another dimension preventing the Sharingan, even as strong as Madara’s from having any control over the beast as long as it is trapped in the other dimension.

Bunta: What the hell was that jutsu?

Minato activates his scroll and large chakra ropes tie up the Kyuubi just in case it break out of the technique!

Minato: This is the only illusion I have in my arsenal of techiniques, this jutsu can actually suck my opponents mind temporarily into another dimension. After it is done, the enemies body is now reduced to a vegetable state. A normal illusion forces an opponents mind to play trick on itself, leaving him at a disadvantage but this jutsu completely removes their mind all together, not even the Sharingan can do that.

Madara: He really is something…. to think he could really be strong enough to break my control over the Nine-Tail Fox. I think he has earned an audience with me.

The scene switches to Kakashi awaking in the hospital wondering how he got there, he then remembers the Kyuubi’s attack and his sensei coming to his rescue and tries to run to help him. He is stopped right in his tracks by an Anbu Black Op.

Kakashi: Get out of my way, I have to help my sensei!!

Anbu: I was ordered by Yondaime himself to keep you here, no one is allowed in the battle area.

Kakashi: You he is still fighting….all alone?

Anbu: I’m afraid so and it’s his wish, I will not let him down!

Kakashi: ( Falling on the ground in exhaustion) I can just sit here and do nothing!

Anbu: You must rest, your still injured from the fight.

Suddenly a nurse is heard running down the hall screaming for someone to help Kushina!

Kakashi: Stands to his feet and tells the Anbu he’s going to help Kushina, the least he can do is to look after his sensei’s family.

Kakashi runs to her room and when he gets there he sees Naruto lying in her arms as Kushina, exausted from the birth, quietly says “Naruto” and she closes her eyes dying with tears running down her face! Kakashi picks up Naruto as he cries while Kakashi also cries as he cradles his sensei’s legacy.

The scene changes back to Minato as he sits on the ground next to the Kyuubi panting from the overuse of his chakra. Madara suddenly appears above him on a tree limb!

Madara: So you are the protector of the Leaf?…. I guess you should be proud that you are strong enough to fool even someone like me… someone that’s been around for a long time.

Minato: It’s true you are alive?

Madara: Yes, it is I, Madara Uchiha, and I am here to extract my full power on to this village!

Minato: You think I will let you hurt anyone in this village, you’ve gotta be joking!

Madara: And arrogant too, to go along with that great strength of yours, you would have made a fine Uchiha, but I guess we aren’t the only true warriors in this accursed world of ninja.

Minato ( Standing to his feet): I think it’s time we finish this, so me and my people can live in peace!

Madara: Please, with your level of chakra you won’t last five minutes, and seeing that I created this village, I think it’s up to me to destroy it. But you know what, I am a fair guy, since you’ve broken my connection with the Kyuubi which even I believe that no one had the power to do I will postpone the destruction of this pathetic village, that is if you can defeat the Kyuubi.

Minato: How noble, but you don’t honestly think I will let you go knowing you are alive out there plotting to take us out?

Madara: You have no choice, I have seen through you to the core and I could wipe the floor with you, but I will leave that to the the kyuubi.

Madara suddenly forms a single hand sign awakening the Kyuubi,  it struggles to brake out of the chakra chains.

Minato: BUT HOW?!!!!…… It doesn’t even matter if you get away today, the whole shinobi world will soon know about your existence and there will be no where you can hide, I will find you and end you.

Madara: I’m sorry to say your end will come way before mine.

Madara in an instant appears right in front of Minato and punches him in the gut causing him to fall on the ground, then he unleashes to Kyuubi’s maximum power allowing it to break free and then he disperses bidding Minato good luck!

Bunta: How can he move like you?

Minato: I don’t know, but now I have to focus on sealing the Kyuubi, let’s go Bunta!

Next: Fuuinjutsu: Shiki Fuujin

End of Peace 3: The Price of Power, the Results of Betrayal!

13 years ago…

Sasuke hand is grabbed pulled down to the ground before Kirin is ready,

Sakura: Stop, Konoha will soon know of his betrayal its finished we won! You can come home now…


Sasuke: No! Not till I see him die by my hands, he is the cause of my Hate! I will show him the power he tried to destroy, the Uchiha
Sasuke pulls his hand away uses his Chidori Current to push Sakura away. Raise’s his hand to the sky. Kirin flies down from the heavens into his hand, the light is so bright. Sakura grabs Sasuke’s hand pulls it to her chest with all of her strength, redirecting his attack to her heart:
Sasuke: Why? Why would you do that? Protect the enemy!


Sakura: I… I did it to protect you. If you killed Donzo you would have been hunted by ANBU for crimes against Konoha. I (coughing blood) I Lo…
Sakura’s body falls to the ground, Sasuke falls to his knee’s with rain falling all around.


Donzo stands behind him with Sasuke’s fallen sword in his hand.
Donzo: ah little boy, today dies my secret with you!
Sword falls to Sasuke’s neck


When another sword, blocks it inched from Sasuke neck, Suigetsu, Karin and Jugo stand beside Sasuke.


Sasuke: What? What you doing here!
Suigetsu: It seems Team Hawk still has one mission left…


In one move Suigetsu takes Sasuke’s sword away from Donzo, but as he does Lightning strikes the ground 5 m away from them. A blinding light engulfs them. When the light has gone Donzo is no where to be seen…
Karin: That’s weird I do not sense his Chakra! It seems its gone straight up.
Skies begin to clear, sun light hits the earth.
Suigetsu: Let’s go Sasuke, she’s dead there is no Medical Ninjutsu that can save…
Sasuke: There must be a way, what about your blood Karin?
Karin: She needs to be alive for it to heal her.
(Karin’s tone is cold)
Karin: and even if it could she’s a Konoha ninja we have no need for her.
Sasuke seemed not to hear the last part.
Suigetsu: Come on Sasuke, we can go home now. We will rule the Otogakure together us four!
Suigetsu turns begins walking Karin seems ready to follow, only Sasuke and Jugo seem concerned for Sakura
Suigetsu: ARE YOU COMING!!
Sasuke: No!
Suigetsu: What! We save your life and you won’t come with us.
Sasuke: I must pay for my Betrayal; I need to make things right for Konoha…
Suigetsu: How? As soon as you walk into the village they going to try kill you.
Sasuke: If that is the case it is the price I must pay.
Karin: That’s Suicide!
Suigetsu: Well if you going to try kill yourself, I might as well end your life now. I don’t want you revealing the Secrets of Otogakure…
Suigetsu runs towards Sasuke draws his swords, Jugo goes Curse Mark 2, Grabs the sword from Suigetsu.
Jugo: I cannot allow you to harm Sasuke.
Suigetsu: hmm… So you will go with him to Konoha and die by the hands of that scum fine. Karin lets go
Karin: I… I can’t, I cannot leave…
Suigetsu: Fine! You are all fools! Sheep to the Slaughter!!
Suigetsu extends his arm, and grabs his sword of the ground. Turns around and goes leave.


Jugo: Should I stop him Sasuke?
Sasuke: No, let him be…
Sasuke looks down towards Sakura,
Sasuke: I am sorry.
Jugo: There may be a way to save her but there is a high price…
Jugo goes down to his knee’s besides Sasuke, puts his hand on Sakura. A Purple glows from him.
Jugo: When I am done Sasuke, Kill me immediately if you don’t I will end up killing everyone here,
Sasuke: What are you doing?
Jugo: I am transferring my life force into her, Since my personality is split once I am done the Dark side will take over.
Karin grabs his arms away from Sakura,
Karin: Why!? She means nothing to you! Nothing!! And you will allow this Sasuke!! Do we mean nothing to you!!
Jugo: I have always wanted to be able to give my life for someone, to save one life maybe it will help right the wrongs of all the others I have killed. This girl mean nothing to me and you, but I am not doing this for her I am doing it for me. I have been living in pain for so long; all I want to do now is rest. Its funny Sasuke, I always thought I would give my life for you, but this seems more important now.
Jugo pulls his hand away from Karin, and continues. Karin turns away, her eyes watering.
Sakura’s chest begins to heal; her heart begins to beat again, as Jugo is healing his Curse Mark begins to spread towards his hands…
Jugo (evil voice): Ah, feels good to be free, this will be the first one I kill!
Jugo (normal): Sasuke, I will be finished in 10 seconds, you will have 2 seconds I will be able to hold myself back, but after that I will be gone and darkness will have full control
Sasuke (pulls his sword ready): Thank You, you will die a hero, I am sorry it came to this…
Jugo: I’m not, I could have died in that cell, you saved me, and I could have died a meaningless death now I die with purpose.
Sakura’s eyes open, all she sees is Jugo’s face smiling back at her, Sasuke’s figure blurred in the background and in one motion, Sasuke sword falls towards Jugo…



5 miles into Thunder Country:

Hizume: I need to rest soon, my chakra is beginning to deplete…
Azuma: Alright, we will rest here for a moment.
Tsunade: Thank goodness, I thought you would never get tired Zoomy, Zooma would never let us rest, turned into a real dictator hey Zooma. Itachi, you talk less then Zoomy here
Hizume: Stop calling me that! I am named after one of the strongest Hyuga’s of all time, my name is an honor! Stop making a joke of it!!
Tsunade: Ah, if it bothers you that much… Just trying to make our new member welcome. So Itachi tells us more about yourself, what’s it like to be the son of Serious Sasuke!
Tsunade frowns, putting on a serious face crossing her arms to emulate Sasuke.
Itachi: My father told me that an Uchiha does not need to talk, loud mouths are usually the weakest. Rather act when needed…
Tsunade: ah what type of life is that! My mom told me that’s how my father was like that but then he changed to become one of the happiest and loudest ninja…
Hizume: but you do not know who your father he left your family before you where even born…
Tsunade face fades she looks to the ground, tears beginning to build.
Azuma: Hizume, you know we do not talk about those things!!
Hizume: What? I am just saying!!
Tsunade (more to herself) I wasn’t even worth waiting for…
Hizume: I am sorry,
Hizume stands up and surprises everyone by hugging Tsunade,
Hizume (whispers in her ear): You are worth waiting for; I would spend my whole life waiting for you…

An arrow flies towards; Hizume strikes him in his back!

Hidden Ninja: Perfect, in his blind spot.
Azuma: Everyone defense position.
Hizume falls to the ground, the other three stand around his body in formation.
Azuma: check his vitals?


Tsunade: Begins, healing him.
Azuma: Itachi, what do you see?
Itachi: There are three of them in the area, I cannot pinpoint them their Chakra trail is all around us, and these guys are fast.
Azuma: Alright,
Uses his hand signs, Earth, Wind, and Dragon.

Azuma: Earth and Wind Style, Inescapable Jutsu

The earth starts to shake as a twister begins around them spreading into the trees
Tsunade: His wounds aren’t too bad he will recover. How could they hit him? Was it my fault, he couldn’t use his, barrier jutsu…
Azuma: No, it wasn’t you’re fault all Hyuga have 1 blind spot, our enemy know a lot about us.
Tsunade: Is that why you’re using your best jutsu so early?
The winds die down, there is nothing within a about 100m, all of the tree’s have fallen to the earth,

Three Ninja begin to stand from the wreckage.

Unknown Ninja 1: Well it seems, we under estimated our opponents I thought the Hyuga would be the strongest…
Unknown Ninja 2: Seems we attacked the wrong one first!
Unknown Ninja 3: It doesn’t matter that Jutsu must have taken a lot out of him, meaning we only have two left to deal with… I little Boy and a girl!
Unknown Ninja 1: Don’t under estimate the boy he is an Uchiha!
Unknown Ninja 2: He is our target!!
Unknown Ninja 3: Master Suigetsu will be happy with us when we bring him the son of the Traitor Sasuke!!

Far away Cave, Dark can barely make out who or how many people are there, Suigetsu stands by the door the light slightly illuminating his face. a strange fingure walks in.

Suigetsu: So Sai, what did you learn?
Sai: Naruto is where we expected him, he has the brat Konohamaru with him but that shouldn’t be a problem for me, what are your orders?
Dark Figure: Leave him be, the rebuilding of our order has been troublesome till now, we cannot risk people getting killed, and that is where Tobi failed. Sai do you know where Shikamaru buried Hidan’s body.
Sai: Not specifically but I do know that he was buried in the Nara Forrest.
Dark Figure: Sai I will need you to get Hidan, and then you must Assassinate Shikamaru Nara.
Sai: I do not think that will work, Hidan’s religion required him to kill to remain immortal, without the sacrifices I believe he may be dead by now.
Dark Figure: Don’t worry about that I am well aware of the Dogma’s of his religion. I have made sacrifices to his god in his Honor. I believe that would of kept him alive, until now that is… If you allow him to kill Shikamaru he will probably regain full immortality.


The Hokage Mansion


Sasuke: I have assembled you all here, I will need your team to be backup for the old Team Shikamaru.
Shodi: I do not understand, why not include Shikamaru.
Sasuke: Shikamaru is on a mission at the moment, I do not want him involved in this matter.
Rin Hatake: Lord Hokage, I… I…
Obito: Speak up! You need to be more decisive, act when needed. There is no time for hesitation…
Sasuke(Thinking to himself) The Hatake twins, like Yin and Yang…
Sasuke: You do not need to be shy in front of me, your father was once my teacher, (Sasuke Smiles).
Rin: I just wanted to know the statues on my previous teacher. Sakura, I heard after that day she hasn.
Sasuke’s smile suddenly fades and interrupts Rin
Sasuke: Look, I over view many Jonin, I don’t know…
Rin: Oh, I thought since you where friends…
Obito suddenly nudges her trying to get her to stop talking, he looks at Sasuke’s eyes and sees this will not end well.
Obito: Rin that’s not important, we need to continue. You where lucky to join my group a year ahead of your year, After what Kimino did and after we lost our medical ninja. Its the life we chose to live, we serve and protect the village, nothing else…
Kammu: Give it a break Obito, you two are Brother and Sister yet I am surprised you guys are even from the same village. Rin is an excelent Medical Ninja and was just curious on how her teacher is doing, No need to fight.
Sasuke: Alright, you have your mission, leave now! They where heading to the Thunder Country, Kammu you will need to use your families tracking skills now more then ever.
Shodi: Right!! Team you head of an collect some supplies.
The three members of team 7 rush out.
Shodi: Lord Hokage, may I ask you a question?
Sasuke: Yes.
Shodi: You told me the Missing-nin that, that, ummm well the one Sakura was trying to teach, is on the Squad chasing Team Shikamaru.
Sasuke: Yes, my spy’s throughout the countries have said she was present. What is your point?
Shodi: Do you think it wise to send Rin? I mean…
Sasuke: Look I have my reasons!! I have spoken to Kakashi he feels it was alright.
Shodi: Alright, I am sure, I will send back a messenger Hawk once we made contact. What is your orders for the Leaf Village Rouge, Kimono ?
Sasuke: Kill on Sight!!
Shodi: Understood

Shodi walks towards the door, “You should see her you know”

Sasuke looks to the ground…


Kimono (Missing Nin of Konoha)

2 Years Ago:

Sakura Thinking to herself: Well Its finally my turn to begin Nurture a new Generation… Team 5, Keno Abrami, Kimono, Rin Hatake, Luckily I got Rin, been training her since a little girl… Little Me

Sakura: Alright, your mission is simple, you need to take these two Bells from me… Now Go!!

With that Kimono, Rin and Keno jump to the air concealing themselves…

Kimono: (Thinking to herself) Hm, So this is a Jonin. That man promised me power if I could kill her, but to kill her I will have to Kill one of my team mates… This Dojutsu needs a sacrifice to work effectively to defeat a Jonin.
Keno: Hey Kimono, I have an Idea why don’t me and you work together. We need one of those bells.
Kimono: Fine.
With one swoop, Kimono pulls out a sword stabbing Keno in the Back.

Sakura stands by the water suddenly senses, Keno’s chakra has dissipated.

Sakura turns around to see Kimono looking back at her, her left eye black.

Sakura: What have you done!!?
Kimono: I gained power of course you said anything goes, the only way I could become powerful enough was to kill an innocent, and Keno couldn’t help but fall to my sword…
(Kimono likes her blade of the blood) You see, years ago when my family was killed a man approached me, he told me I could use his power but only if I could kill he said killing an innocent would unlock my Blood Limit, but he said If I could kill you he would make me even more powerful…

Kimono’s eye’s widen and a shot of darkness engulfs Sakura.

Hours Later

Sasuke runs towards Sakura, Rin running right behind her.
Rin: Is she gonna be ok, I saw she wanted to deflect it but… she stopped just before she could… I do not understand.
Sasuke kneels down to check her pulse…
Sasuke: She’s not dead, but she is badly injured I will have to get her to a Medical Ninja fast!!



This one is Really Long if you got to this part well done 🙂

Religious Excuses in Naruto

Post Author: Kisuzachi

This is something I’ve been wondering for quite some time. I think I finally found an answer though. The question is; “Is there any religion in Naruto?”

There have been ninja such as Kimimaro and Haku who looked at their ‘saviors’ as gods. Haku believed he was nothing but a tool to be used by Zabuza. He viewed all shinobi as tools of war and when he was ‘defeated’ by Naruto, he thought of himself as a useless tool. However, in one last ditch effort to prove himself to his ‘god’, he jumped in front of Kakashi’s Lightning Blade and died for his ‘religion’. Now we move on to Kimimaro. He thought of Orochimaru as nothing less than a ‘god’. When he saw that he had become useless to Orochimaru, he tried to prove himself by retrieving Sasuke. His devotion to Orochimaru eventually led to his death because he tried to punish Gaara who, in his eyes, blasphemed against Orochimaru, but unlike Haku, his ‘god’ discarded him. Despite being comparable to religions, what these characters had was a serious case of fanaticism


We all know or have heard about the Will of Fire before. If not, this should sum up The Will of Fire for you, “All the ninjas in the hidden village of Konoha have a will of fire; the strong will to protect Konoha. As long as they have that will of fire, everyone in this village is family.” Those were the words of Sarutobi. The meaning behind this is unity. Konoha ninjas exemplify the word ‘unity’ to the fullest extent (example, 5 ninjas united and mugged an old man with a few hearts).

The only real Religion shown in the series was Jashinism. Members of this religion, Jashinists, must leave nothing other than pure destruction and carnage wherever and in whatever they do. The religion requires constant sacrifices and rituals. Those who follow Jashin (translates to Wicked God) cannot indulge in greed (Hidan hated Kakuzu’s greediness) and must remain celibate. The payoff for obeying Jashin’s rules and laws is Immortality. It makes sense to assume that those who defy Jashin will lose this ‘gift’, and if that’s the case, then Hidan has probably lost his Immortality by now because he isn’t able to leave any destruction for Jashin. This means Jashin has powers like Nagato’s, he can control life and death, which means he may be related to or that he is the Shinigami (Death God) summoned in the Reaper Death Seal. This fits because the Shinigami looks and acts like one would expect the ‘God of Evil’ (Jashin) to behave. It helps those who summon it, just to consume their souls and watch them fight for all eternity (so far he’s consumed every Hokage except Tsunade and Danzo).

Konoha actually is pretty smart, they train their shinobi to believe in The Will of Fire from a very tender age (like when The Third taught Iruka The Will of Fire after, conveniently after he became an orphan). This belief makes the young and promising children grow into shinobi that dedicate their lives to killing foreigners for pitiful payment in the name of honor, ancestry and ‘protecting their comrades‘. We saw that The Will of Fire was used by Shikamaru as an excuse to mercilessly, brutally and cold-bloodedly  kill a fellow human being. Hidan didn’t deserve what happened to him at the hands of Shikamaru (maybe at the hands of someone else, but not Shikamaru) because every ninja knows if you go up against a superior opponent, you are likely to die. Asuma fought and lost to Hidan fairly (except Asuma cheated by using Shikamaru to hold Hidan and by using two Chunins to help him also), which means what Shikamaru did wasn’t justice, it was simply murder driven by revenge (isn’t this so-called noble Village just adding to the Cycle of Hatred like everyone else?).

Jashinists are instructed to leave nothing but total destruction, thus making them evil. But really, are they evil? Is total destruction evil? Wouldn’t total destruction be considered an act of mercy? It would, because no survivors are being left behind to suffer in the wake of this destruction. What makes Jashinists different is that they don’t just kill indiscriminately, they form a ‘blood bond’ with their targets first and feel their pain as they die. This means that Jashinists understand the pain of those they kill.

What makes Konohanians even worse is that they don’t accept The Will of Fire as a god, instead its more of an idea or culture. We’ve heard Konoha-nin use phrases such as; “Oh my God”, and “Thank God…”. This means they do believe in or know of a god, but they use The Will of Fire as an excuse to justify their more questionable acts. Sarutobi used the Will of Fire as an excuse to try to kill Orochimaru and Shikamaru used it as an excuse to torture and murder Hidan.

Will of Fire yuffkyh

In conclusion, just as easily as one could consider Jashin evil, one could also consider the Will of Fire (and Konohanians) as evil. Just because they are the main Village doesn’t mean they are the ‘good guys’.

Shannaro!!! Group Blog #3: Best and Worst Battles in Naruto


Hello people, Bob here with another group blog idea. And this one is so simple that I’m sure anyone and everyone would want to get their opinion in. The question is: what is the BEST and WORST battles in the Naruto series?  Now you can pick anything from the manga, anime (including fillers) and even the movies, but that’s it.  No fantasy battles please and please only pick one best and one worst battle.  I’m closing comments on this post as usual because I want you to send me your responses via email (b0buchiha@yahoo.com ; and that’s b0b with a “zero”) instead of spoiling other people’s ideas.  The deadline is next Saturday (August 1st) and please include why you chose the battles you picked or I might not use them when the final group blog is published.  Thanks to everyone who participates 🙂

– Bob-o-tron

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Naruto Chapter 457 – Swallowing Your Pride

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Well, this wasn’t the most exciting of chapters, but I understand we need further plot development before action happens, so it’s forgiven. The short of it is: Naruto begs Raikage to forgive Sasuke, Raikage calls him a noob. Meanwhile Sasuke, the very man Naruto was pleading mercy for, was planning his assault on the Kage Meeting with the intent of killing Danzo. There was also a bit where Sai was contemplating about a time when he talked to Naruto about his crush for Sakura – what’s weird is that it’s hinting that Sakura may not have a clue about Naruto’s affection for her… really, after 457 chapters and not one clue?

naruto457-1naruto457-2Let’s get to the meat first. And look, colored pages! I dunno though, that front cover of Shounen Jump with Naruto on naruto457-3it looks poorly done… maybe it’s the scanning that’s messing up the colors. I can understand Naruto’s feelings when he begged the Raikage for forgiveness of Sasuke. This is the only course of action he can take now without resorting to violence and more bloodshed – the one thing he is trying to prevent. The path to Jiraiya’s dream is a tough one. You can try to make the world do it your way through brute strength, but there will always be people who fight back, inevitably turning into a cycle of hate where the original goals, however noble they were, are lost in the dust. Naruto resorting to getting on his knees and pleading with the Raikage may look weak to some, but I say it takes a greater man to swallow his pride and seek a non-violent solution than one who solves everything with his fists. Besides, what other alternatives did Naruto have? He does not have any rank or prestige under his belt, he is still a genin and he is trying to persuade the Kage of another country?

naruto457-5The Raikage is also not one to be easily persuaded by sympathy or emotional acts. He clearly is a man who respects strength and action above all else. The Raikge is entrenched deeply in the old ways of the Ninja World. He has probably seen more battles than he can count and understands firmly the rules of the game: an eye for an eye; the strong rule the weak. To convince this man, Naruto will need more than words; he’ll need to persuade the Raikage through action, something I’m sure Naruto will succeed in.

Ironically, in the mean time, Sasuke and his team have infiltrated into the meeting halls in the Land of Iron and is preparing for his assassination attempt. What’s the point of asking for leniency for a criminal when he is still committing crimes. It’s like going to a judge and asking him to reduce the sentence on a naruto457-4person while that person is in the process of robbing a bank. And when Sasuke does attack the meeting o the Kages, I’m sure all hope of him being forgiven will be thrown out the window. What Naruto must do is stop Sasuke himself. He can succeed now where he failed three years ago because 1. He is stronger than Sasuke (according to Zetsu) and 2. He now recognizes that Sasuke has been changed by his thirst for revenge and that he is no longer the same Sasuke; this might seem trivial, but it’s an important point. Naruto has for the first time shown that he has given up trying to “bring things back to what they were before.” I think he gets it now that they will never be the same anymore; there isn’t going to be a happy ending.

One last thing I want to discuss is the bit with Sai contemplating a talk with Naruto in the past. In it, he asks Naruto about his crush on Sakura. Naruto tries to deny it but then speaks his true feelings when he says he can’t allow himself to confessing his feelings to Sakura when he couldn’t even keep the promise he made to her regarding Sasuke. Sai then takes it up to himself to go and speak with Sakura, likely about naruto457-6the bonds between she and Naruto and Sasuke. What I can’t come to grips is why Sakura needs to be spoken to about Naruto’s feelings for her? There shouldn’t be any reason for her not to realize that this kid loves her and will do anything to protect her and make her happy. Naruto has been literally spilling his own blood for Sakura’s sake and has been working himself into exhaustion trying to fulfill his promise to her of bringing Sasuke back. I mean, what more can a guy do to try to get a the girl he loves. I know this is manga, where unrequited love stories thrive like weeds, but stretching this out for 457 chapters, I just don’t buy it if it surprises Sakura that a certain knucklehead is head-over-heels for her.