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A New Danger Emerges

A New Danger Emerges

By Darkknight

Fifteen years after Naruto and Sasuke defeated Madara Uchiha we see our young man, rather the new 6th Hokage, sitting in his desk doing some paperwork…
Sakura: Naruto, Kakashi just reported, the mission in the Land of Rice went by without a flaw
Naruto: Of course, Kakashi is always reliable. So how’s Sasuke doing?
Sakura: Much better than before, he settled and started teaching the kids. We’re going to stay near the border if there’s any need for us.
Naruto: Alright, happy to hear nothing’s wrong and I doubt that we’re going to have an invasion now
Sakura: Don’t let your guard down Baka, so how’s Hinata?
Naruto: She’s doing fine, still mad that I get so worked up on the Hokage business, but she’s cooling down. Hiruzen is doing great, improving greatly too!
Sakura: Still surprised you named him after the third
Naruto: Well yeah, the old man is great
BOOOOOOM A loud explosion occurred outside not too far away near the border. A startled Naruto wonders over what just happened.
Naruto: What happened?
Sakura: I’m on it
Naruto: Tsk….
A few minutes later
Sakura: Naruto, there’s been an explosion near the border and approximately 70 ninjas came in. Some of our own Jonin and Chunin are fighting them off but it’s not enough.
Naruto: Send the Black Ops and every other ninjas above Chunin level there, were under an attack!
Naruto looks out of his window as he views the deployed ninjas go.
Naruto: Tajuu kage bunshin no jutsu. I’m going to need to give them some back up.
Naruto summons 100 shadow clones and quickly divides them to the attack. After a few minutes he learns that the ninjas attacking are from some unknown village without a forehead protector. One of the shadow clones notices Sasuke as well as Kakashi fighting a large number of shinobi. Another clone realizes that some of the fallen are Konoha ninja.
Naruto: Sakura!! Get the medical corp down there as fast as you can, we have fallen ninja
Sakura: I already sent them there. Should we evacuate everyone?
Naruto: Not yet, I’ll see if it’s really needed.
After a few minutes Naruto realizes that even more enemy ninjas arrive and the Konoha ninjas are having a rough time.
Naruto: Sakura…
Sakura: Yes, Naruto?
Naruto: Did you send the roots to the battleground?
Sakura: No…I don’t think we have to
Naruto: Well I do, go send the roots there, and evacuate the citizens
Sakura: Is that really needed?
Naruto: Yes, we are under invasion and it’s my soul duty to protect everyone
Sakura: Alright, I’ll do that immediately
Naruto (to himself): This is getting out of hand; I have to put this to an end.
With that he got up and called Tsunade
Tsunade: You called?
Naruto: yeah, watch the office and give orders, I just evacuated everyone
Tsunade: Going to go fight?
Naruto: I will put an end to this fast
Tsunade: Don’t get too cocky just because your Hokage
Naruto: *chuckles* Don’t worry, I won’t.
With that he left to go to the battle grounds.
On the battle ground Naruto heard an odd call.
Unknown person: Na…ru…to…
Naruto turns around to see a man behind him, and blood was all around him with a kunai in his back.
Unknown person: Na…ru..to
It was Sasuke
Naruto: oh shit…
Naruto quickly takes out the kunai from his back and calls over a medic ninja.
Sasuke: Baka…Look up ahead…
Naruto does as he is told and see’s what took down Sasuke, a ninja with an unknown village headband
Ninja: Hmph, looks like the Hokage showed up, well ill make you go to the same place that Uchiha is going
Naruto is completely still from the moment he looked
Ninja: What Is this??? Are you to chicken too move? The Hokage is a joke after all
Naruto looks up with the eyes of a sage
Naruto: I will make you regret what you just did to Sasuke, I swear on my soul.

To be continued…