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The Ultimate Jutsu!

Post Author: Kisuzachi

I was on a trip when I suddenly started to wonder, “What is the ultimate jutsu?” Then I started to think more about it and I came to the conclusion that…… well if you want to know my conclusion, read the entire post :D. Please remember that this post isn’t “The Most Powerful Jutsu” post, its “The Ultimate Jutsu” post.

Let’s start with the Chidori. It’s been invented, used and made famous by Kakashi, but it’s used most by Sasuke. The Chidori focuses strictly on chakra nature and a little on control. It’s used most for assassinations mainly because it kills with one hit. It does this because no one can survive thousands of volts of electricity flowing through their body for an extended period of time, like two seconds (lightning only shocks you for a few milliseconds). Sasuke has demonstrated great control of his Chidori, and by mastering Chakra Shape, he can now use many Chidori-based attacks (Chidori Spear, Chidori Senbon, Chidori Current, and I think he has more because he’s just manipulating it’s shape). The drawbacks are great however. The speed it takes to use this technique is unreal, and if one achieves this speed, using the Chidori without a Sharingan, Rinnegan or a Byakugan would be fatal in battle. This is because the speed creates a tunnel vision, as the user MUST run in a straight line, this weakened vision leaves the user open to an enemy attack. Another flaw is the large amount of chakra it takes. Sasuke could only use it twice per day when he just learned it and he had a large chakra supply back then. The last flaw is that the user can damage their hands if they pump too much chakra into the attack. The Chidori gets a 6/10.

800px-Kakashi_Using_Chidori Dark_Chidori_State_2_by_aye_bo

Next up is the Lightning Blade. Well it has the same advantages and disadvantages of the Chidori, except its more concentrated and deadly. Because of this heightened concentration, its been called an S-rank jutsu, but it still gets a 6/10.


Now its time for Kirin. It’s extremely powerful and fast, and requires absolutely NO CHAKRA. If, by some crazy chance, the target manages to dodge, they would be incinerated by the heat it produces in the explosion (normal natural lightning reaches 30,000 °C, so this could be equal to that or more). The drawback to this technique is that it’s a one-shot-one-kill technique. It’s too conditional, if there are no storm clouds one has to use powerful fire jutsus to produce these necessary clouds. Then all that hard work goes away once Kirin is used because all the clouds will be used up. Creating more storm clouds would just be a waste of chakra because the enemy would already figure out that that’s what you’re doing again, and the opponent will stop you. So the Kirin doesn’t DIRECTLY uses chakra, but rather INDIRECTLY, because of all the Fire techniques necessary for its use. It gets an 8/10.


Mangekyou techniques are powerful but require too much chakra, and eventually leads to blindness. On a whole, they get 7.5/10.


Reaper Death Seal time! This jutsu is multi-functional. The Fourth used it to seal away the Kyubi, the Third used it to seal away Orochimaru’s jutsus, and Sarutobi’s Shadow Clones used it to absorb the First and Second Hokages. The price for using this is great however. It doesn’t cost your life, instead it costs you’re eternal soul. The user’s soul gets eaten by the Reaper (and you do die), along with the target, and both the user and the target are destined to fight for all eternity in the Reaper’s stomach. It gets 7/10.


Time for the Rasengan. The Rasengan requires no chakra to sustain itself, in other words, when its used you don’t have to keep pumping chakra into it (unlike the Chidori). The downside is just how hard it is to master. Another downside is the rasengan has a fair amount of predictability to it. One could say this about the chidori as well, but a chidori user has a definite amount to the chidori they can produce, this makes them more cautious about using it. Rasengan users however, have no definite limit to how many times they can use it, so they’ll tend to use it more and thus make it predictable. This is the same kind of negative effect that Hidan’s immortal jutsu has, a psychological downside. The immortal jutsu makes it’s user feel unbeatable and they become careless, rasengan users tend to overuse the technique. The biggest downside is it can only be in spherical form (according to Jiraiya and Minato) and cant be turned into other shapes and sizes. Its versatility is lacking and thus makes it predictable. It gets 8/10.


Wind Release: Rasenshuriken! The upside is all the destructive power it has. It has all the advantages and disadvantages of the Rasengan, taken to the extreme. The downside to this technique (other than the insane training it needs) is that it’s a shuriken. It can be dodged fairly easily, until the user signals for it to explode, that’s the trick to this technique, thus looking like a shuriken isn’t a downside :D. The real disadvantage is its chakra requirement. It can only be used twice or thrice in Sage Mode and the amount of chakra Sage Mode gives is beyond any amount a normal human may have. It gets an 8/10.


Shinra Tensei, Bansho Tenin and Chibaku Tensei. Shinra Tensei is one of the most powerful jutsus ever seen in the series. It had the power to push, the power to manipulate Gravity. So one could do tasks like pushing kunai away or leveling an entire village! Using the power of Shinra Tensei, Pein was able to leap great distances and at one point, hover above Konoha. The downside is that after its use, the user must wait 5 seconds for it to be used again. These were some more gravity powers used by God Realm Pein. Bansho Tenin could pull a target to the user. Chibaku Tensei was the technique (used by the Sage of Six Paths) that created the moon. Nagato used it to seal a 6 Tailed transformed Naruto with ease, and only going to 8 tails was the only way for him to break free of its tremendous power. The gravity powers of God Realm Pein get a score of 9/10.

Shinra Tensei and Bansho Tenin

Hidan’s Immortal technique. Hidan’s immortality is what Orochimaru lusted after, but was rejected time and time again. Immortality, kind of explains its advantages, so I wont go into that. The disadvantage is that it makes the user careless, cocky, and WAY too overconfident. We saw this with Hidan over and over again. Another downside is dismemberment. If one loses a part of ones body, it becomes useless (which is kind of true for anyone, so lets not call this a disadvantage) unless sewed back on (not true for everyone). A way around this immortality is a way only Nagato (or the Reaper Death Seal) can do, namely, pull out the Immortal’s soul. The other downside is that if one doesn’t perform any killings for a LONG time, the immortality wears off (Jashin gets hungry) and one becomes normal again. It gets a 7/10.


Shadow clones are very good for battle. They can also be used to store up chakra, they can be used for reconnaissance, and as bait. When the clones are dispersed, everything they learned is passed on to the user, advantage. One downside is that these clones split the users chakra evenly among the clones. This is not a practical jutsu for someone like Kakashi, someone without extraordinary chakra. Another downside is that the clones’ fatigue passes on to the user when they are dispersed. It gets a 6/10.

Shadow Clones

There’s only one Ultimate Jutsu, and we’ve seen it time and time again throughout the series. In fact, its so essential that its taught to Academy students! This is no joke, if you didn’t guess, it’s the Replacement Jutsu! It can get the user out of any bind and has no drawbacks, unlike these A to S-class jutsus. The Replacement jutsu gets a 10/10.

Replacement Jutsu


35 Responses

  1. on replacement tech, i guess you’re right: no damage to the user, saves u from everything and acording to the “Ultimate Ninja” series, it costs virtually no chakra (only lil’ bit) and can b used endlessly (which aggrivates me whenever i’m fighting someone who just uses that everytime i attack and then he/she appears behind me and does a 100-hit combo or whatever, and the way it’s designed, i can’t block while being attacked, only b4 the attack hits). but yeah, it’s the greatest jutsu ever (when Sasuke fought Oto 4, he was shocked by their use of replacement tech, as were the Oto genin when fighting Sakura) but i would’ve never imagined it would b the perfect jutsu until now!

  2. i’d have to say that i agree with you on the ultimate jutsu, maybe the replacement jutsu should be an ‘S’ rank jutsu (sure it’s basic, but it helps a lot) 🙂

  3. wow kisu, great post
    kinda stupid though no offence
    i though it was going to be the Gravity Moves
    well, to u replacement jutsu is ur ultimate jutsu

  4. oh, yeah, in a filler, the replacement jutsu could b used to avoid drinking poisons (as long as u kno the drink is poisoned)

  5. That was the point JPUA, everyone sees this jutsu all the time, but no one truly appreciates it. It’s a jutsu that can be used to get the user out of any situation and has zero-negative-effects on the user. The only reason I think it’s still a D-rank jutsu is because everyone knows it.

  6. That was a great post! I’m so glad you compiled Naruto and Sasuke’s best jutsu’s so that when the upcoming fight occurs I can reference this post if needed. Great job : )

  7. is chidori stronger than the rasengan?

  8. I think chidori is the ultimate jutsu. who knows how limitless its potential can be. it can be molded into almost anything and cut through almost anything.
    and about peins gravity move….coundt sasuke just either extend it if pein pulled him or pushed him??

  9. I’m back from vacation everyone

    there is only one problem with the replacement jutsu, it can be seen through, especially if the user uses it reppetitively also, it in it’s self doesn’t do any damage (only the counter attack afterwards.

    I say that the Iron Sand is the best jutsu because it can beat Pein’s five second limit fairly easily especially if it wasn’t seen coming (ex. he hid some of the dust under ground and then after Pein blows away the main attack he uses the reserve.

    On Chidori vs. Rasengan: didn’t one of them anihalate the other in a mock battle between Kakashi and Naruto (during element training) (I forget which one won) as well as the water tower contest and valley of the end fight, so it’s pretty inconclusive, though through elemental manipulation, their ultimate forms (Karin vs. Rasenshuriken) Rasenshuriken wins (because it is equal and has the element advantage)

    On Chidori beating Pein: Kashi’s lightning dog got beaten so I doubt Chidori would win in a direct fight though if Sasuke could keep it going during the five second interval (like Naruto did with Rasengan) it would be just as effective, still this wouldn’t be the chidori wining over the gravity jutsu, just strategy beating Pein.

  10. i think naruto’s rasengan beat kakashi’s chidori…

  11. I thought it was that, after all look at the water tower thing, Rasengan won there, Valley of the end was more one tailed kyubbi gainst CS than Chidori vs. Rasengan AND Sasuke didn’t have to battle like Naruto, instead he spent time in a coma (very restfull)

  12. @Mart, replacement jutsu cant be seen by the ordinary ninja. You have to be very experienced or have a dojutsu and neither case is very common in the ninja world. Ninja usually diie young, so they dont get the chance to be too experienced and only ninja in Konoha have Dojutsu (Kishi always plays favorites) and the one non-Konoha dojutsu (Rinnegan) wont appear for another 1000 years. So replacement jutsu is the best because most ninja cant counter it and it usually puts the user in an advantageous position, while doing the opposite to the opponent.

  13. In the first movie and a filler arc, the chidori only cracked the target, while the rasengan completely destroyed it. But i think that its the amount of chakra put into the jutsus by the user determines its power. This is where chidori’s weakness comes in, the user cant put too much chakra or they could severly damage their hand, while the rasengan doesn’t do that to its user. So rasengan wins

  14. The best offensive jutsu in my opinion is GRP’s Shinra-Tensei. We’ve seen it make Rasenshuriken totally useless, knock back three fully grown summons really far and we’ve seen it destroy an entire village. It’s very versatile in its usage.

  15. Both Kakashi and the Zaku (guy with the air tubes) saw through replacement techniques (Zaku took a while to catch on to it but eventually saw through it (only to get tricked by another stupid jutsu) also it is important to note you can’t avoid it if you don’t see it coming, (ex. shadow shuriken tircks) or if it is all encompasing (best example: a filler jutsu that acts like a prisim and then shrinks, best non-filler, probably Naruto’s thousand clone attack [anyway you go you hit a clone) the only way to deal with this is to upgrade like Orochimaru and Madara did, and THOSE are great jutsu but cost a lot.

    “the user cant put too much chakra or they could severly damage their hand, while the rasengan doesn’t do that to its user.” where is this shown? because it’s present in wind jutsu but I don’t remember it in lightning (I did a research blog [unpublished] on elements so I’m interested)

    another thing to be considered similar to Kisu.s chakra thing is how skilled the ninja is with the jutsu, for instance Chidori has several forms (basic, lightning blade, channeled, spear form, ect.) as well as the Rasengan (two-handed, one-handed, one-handed Kyubbi chakra, one-handed Senjutsu, ect.)

  16. http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Chidori, yeah read the part about its drawbacks. To anyone who cares.

  17. Kisuzachi! Whats with the rasengan downside!!! Thats ridiculous!!! “It’s hard to master”?!?! So is the mangekyou sharingan! And I’ll bet the reaper death seal is pretty hard to master! (not to mention needing to be, like one in a thousand with sharingan to be able to awaken mangekyou! COME ON!!!

  18. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but think of something more creative than that…

  19. pwnage naruto, i think the rasengan that Naruto learnt during his initial journey with Jiraiya to find Tsunade WAS difficult to learn. remember he was not born with it, like Sasuke is born with a sharingan. no doubt Sasuke needs to practice alot to master it, but the bottomline was, he was BORN with it. whereas Naruto had to learn from scratch. and it was only because of his (genius) genes and his huge amt of chakra and intelligence that he mastered such a difficult jutsu.

    yes kakashi and some other jounins, maybe, also knows rasengan but naruto was only 12 when he learnt it.

    so yeah it’s a difficult jutsu and i agree with kisu.

  20. I disagree on the Rasengan’s difficulty: It is A-ranked difficulty but most genin have a jutsu in that area of difficulty, plus, Naruto developed short cuts to learning it that anyone can use (with enough chakra) I doubt any of the other jutsu are easy to master and though some of them are inborn (sharingan/Pein’s jutsu) they still have to be LEARNED and PRACTISED Sasuke’s sharingan wasn’t at MS level from birth he had to awaken the tomoes and then the MS over time through hard training that took MUCH longer than the Rasengan training even with Itachi’s gift of instant use of the MS powers. I think all jutsu, especially these that are the best, are hard won, the Rasengan was simply the one we saw develope fully, but if you look close, you can see the development of others such as Pein’s jutsu (Wind release:shuriken throwing jutsu<Shinrei Tensei<Bashou Tensei<Chibaku Tensei

    HOWEVER I think the Rasengan has a different fault: versatility: we've seen three main versions of it, Rasengan, Big Rasengan, Bigger Rasengan… It doesn't have the free flow of Sasuke's chidori or any other jutsu. Until Rasenshuriken it had the same attack range in all it's forms. These other jutsu all have multiple ranges it's a neccesity. I think the Rasengan could be the ultimate jutsu (offensively) but NOT until it gains versatility like that of it's antithesis jutsu chidori.

  21. nice post Kisuzachi. replacement technique indeed is a very useful one. may be the opponent will see through it while used multiple times, but it still can be used in times of needs.

  22. by the way, i agree with Pwnage Naruto that it’s quite strange to rank a jutsu based on how difficult it is to master the jutsu. It is the Jutsu you are ranking, not the person.

  23. @ Shykss

    Technically he was NOT born with it, he was born with the ABILITY to awaken it. Which takes skill, and usually a situation ex. rin captured, invisible guy, obitos sharingan awakened; Sasuke and naruto trapped by ice jutsu, haku too fast, sasuke developed sharingan to cope with the speed like obito with the invisibility. Sasuke had to learn from scratch too. Uchiha learn quickly tho, but so did Naruto with his “shortcuts” ex. using two hands. It’s not ” OMG I have Sharingan! cool! TSUK-FRICKIN-YOMI!!!!”
    ( I know thats mangekyou sharingan)

    @ darkprince0521

    Thank you, i agree with me as well.

  24. Kisuzachi, if your judging all the magekyou techniques down together(not really fair) because of amount of chakra and blindness (unless new eyes are transplanted) Then wouldnt the reaper death seal be given a zero for killing you?

  25. Ok guys, the Rasengan downside was just me being lazy. The real downside is this. The rasengan has a fair amount of predictability to it. One could say this about the chidori as well, but a chidori user has a definite amount to the chidori they can produce, this makes them more cautious about using it. Rasengan users however, have no definite limit to how many times they can use it, so they’ll tend to use it more and thus make it predictable. This is the same kind of negative effect that Hidan’s immortal jutsu has, a psychological downside. The immortal jutsu makes it’s user feel unbeatable and they become careless, rasengan users tend to overuse the technique. This can be overcome so I’ll change the Rasengan’s score to 8/10.

  26. @pwnage Naruto, thanks for making me type that long disadvantage you bastard. Nah, I’m just kidding lol. But you did force me out of my lazy state of mind. I didnt give the Reaper Death Seal a zero because it kills the user once done, but also kills the opponent, and its versatile, and it’s what keeps that Kyubi in check. It deserved to be on this list of best jutsu…..but REPLACEMENT PWNS ALL!!!!!!!

  27. @ kisu, i bet Oro would’ve loved to have read this b4 his attack on Konoha so he could have done Replacement to avoid Reaper Death Seal and not have to lose use of his arms

  28. @JPUA, if he only did it before the reaper caught him….. Poor snake bastard, his real life counterpart died today (Micheal Jackson).

  29. @ kisu, oh yeah, i saw that on the news (i didn’t really care) my dad was talking about how wierd he (Jackson) was. all i can remember of him r him looking like Oro and him being blamed 4 rapeing children, so i don’t have much 2 say about him other than those 2 facts clearly point to Oro being based off of him

  30. The Rasengan is semi-predictable, Kabuto showed it’s weakness in it’s first fight, but the Kakuzu fight showed that even though it’s predictable it can still hit when the opponent know’s what’s coming.

    On MJ: finally little boys are safe at night! oh wait I forgot Johnny Dep is still alive.

  31. @ mart, lol, don’t let my sisters catch u insulting Johnny Depp; unless of course u LIKE haveing your head sprouting from your a$$ hole

  32. @everyone, I’m gonna stop being lazy and give you the ACTUAL and MAIN disadvantage of the Rasengan. It can only be in spherical form (according to Jiraiya and the guy who taught it to him) and cant be turned into other shapes and sizes. Its versatility is lacking and thus makes it predictable.

  33. Mangekyo is much more powerful because of its modes and techniques that it can do. The users also suffers a fraction of its powerful effect. Like the rinnegan it also can control chakra, reads them, and even see through things beyond sight. Also, it creates powerful illusions


  35. Dont forget about Madara’s ability to teleport and erase parts of his body. Much more effective than the replacement jutsu.

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