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Naruto Shippuuden Anime Review – Episode 63 – Two Kings

Episode 63: Two Kings

Shannaro Authors Group Review:

Average Score: 6/10


I watched it, at first I thought it was kind of predictable. Actually it is more like all the fillers are predictable, but I’ve come around. I thought that this filler arc is really cool especially how we get to know more about Asume seeing as he will be dieing soon during the manga arc that will most probably follow this arc.



  1. J-sama
  2. I gotta agree with Shika – the episode was pretty predictable And, as usual, there was only 8 minutes of actual content But Yamato drunk in the end was priceless, so I’ll give it:


authors-.gifssj sasuke

Well, even thought i think fillers are way cheezier than the manga plotline, this one wasn’t as bad. And atleast with fillers, its stuff that we don’t know will happen already. This episode was ok, a little boring for my taste.


This is a very predictable filler episode. It was quite interesting in how Yamato conned Asuma into training Naruto and Sora. Sora is also a rippoff imitation of Naruto. Same personality and both have a demon or greater powers trapped within. I will give the episode a 6/10 as well


I liked this video much more than most of the fillers. I like how the connection with Asuma ties everything together, as well as his bond with Sora. The demon part of Sora was pretty cool also. It was better than I thought it would be but I have to admit that i like the episodes that aren’t fillers better. 7/10 for me, actually, 8 for the demon part


Compared to some of the fillers in the first Naruto anime, this one is actually not too bad. That said, it’s still a filler and the weak plot and storyline reek of it. Sora’s character is an exactly carbon copy of Naruto’s, except he’s even ruder. I know they made Sora similar to Naruto in order to make him a rival, but it’s no fun if they’re too similar. Drunk Yamato at the end is the only thing keeping the score from being even lower. Next episode looks to contain more action, but this one was just meh..


I’d really LOVE for them to tie this into the big story arc and here’s how
Sora has a tailed beast in him or something and then the imitation Jiraiya would steal his bijuu and then he’s the guy seen later on Kisame’s sword.
Because doesn’t Kakuzu go to the fire temple in search of something? (besides the fact that Kishimoto was tying them and asuma together so you get a sense of how strong they are).
I just like the idea of there being more Jinchuuriki introduced besides Naruto and Gaara.
The anime really gave Asuma a chance to shine before they threw him to the dogs.


i’m just gonna say it.F### this arc. So over this already. There is too much crap that just isnt relavent. but hey, we cant change that. as for the episodenot much really stood out to me. I wonder what Danzou is up to though. i dont like him very much. He reminds me of those uncles that you hate but are too scared of them to say anything. so the episode alone..
but Yamato’s little drunk scene at the end is classic. That alone gets 2 pts. so..



authors-shino.gifShino Aburame
I like few things about this episode, and they are all pretty much the funny parts. I’m kinda sick of the whole pity me fillers; with the I’m a monster and its going to make me angry bull, and then Naruto comes in and makes them love people some how. It was good a few times, but we all know the story and how it is going to turn out so can you please stop with the same story with different characters as fillers?
Sad enough I still want to see the next episode because it looked like Sora was going to start going crazy and have a sweet fight scene )


Man. Of all the episodes that had to be out on my birthday, it had to be THIS one. T^T That alone put me off this episode, but there’s more.
Although I appreceate the fact that they’re starting to slightly expand on Azuma’s character, I still find my confidence in the Naruto series dwindling. First of all: You NEVER add another random plot right in the middle of things. Second: Don’t add new characters if there’s still a lot of other characters that are about as deep as a table spoon. Three: NEVER PUT FILLER IN THE BEGINNING OF A SEASON!!! It’s basic story telling and writing rules, but Kishimoto (or whoever the hell writes these infuriating filler episodes) seems to thing the rules don’t apply to him/her.
If I was in a really bitchy mood, I’d be putting this episode at about a four, but I’m bumping it up a point because Azuma actually got some creditable screen time, they gave us some valuable information about people’s chakara elements and because Sasuke WASN’T IN THIS EPISODE!!!