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The Village Hidden in the Sky Chronicles: The Beginning

Post Author: Pain the Clown
This is the first in many (maybe 7, probable more) chapters about the Village Hidden in the Sky. Hope you enjoy.  (If you do or don’t like it, comment on it.  If too many people don’t like it, I will stop writing them.)

It all began with 5 ninjas…

Togami (Head Councilman of Earth Village): Well, it’s settled.  The new country will be called the Sky Country.

Dagami (Head Councilman of Rain Village): That is wonderful!  There hasn’t been a new country in 25 years!

Hegami (Head Councilwoman of Lightning Village): But first we need more than 42 people to inhabit this country.

Kugami (Head Councilwoman of the Grass Village): That is true.  What should we do?

Sigami (Head Councilman of Mist Village): I know what we should.  We should  go to the Fire and Wind Countries and find followers.  So what if the Daimyos and Kages don’t agree with this new country.

Hegami: That is a great idea!

Togami: You know what, that just might work.  Just because the Daimyos and Kages don’t agree doesn’t mean that the people don’t agree.

Dagami: That’s true. But how can we pull it off?

Kugami: I don’t know yet.  But give me a few days.  OK?

All but Kugami: OK!

It has been 3 days since the meeting of the Council-Persons and they have gathered once again to discuss Kugami’s decision.

Sigami: Are you sure it will work?

Kugami: Why are you doubting me?

Hegami: I agree with Sigami, it’s just that this plan isn’t landlocked.

Kugami: That’s why they’ll never see it coming!

Dagami: I don’t know, but we’ll try it.

Kugami: Great, we’ll start tomorrow.

Togami: Fine.

The next day…

Huge crowds are gathered in both villages in the Fire and Wind Countries.  People are shoving each other to get to the front of the crowds.  (There are about 82 people in each crowd)  In the middle of both crowds a Council-Person stands talking about “THE NEW COUNTRY!!”

Togami, Dagami, and Hegami: Be hold!! The New Country!!

Kugami and Sigami: The Sky Country!!

The Council-Persons then begin to tell the villagers about the Sky Country.

A few hours later…

All: And that is just about everything about the Sky Country.

Togami for Fire Country and Kugami for Wind Country: Are there any people that want to join the Sky Country.

Almost everyone in each crowd raise their hands.

All: Perfect. (with sly grins on their faces)

From above in the Hokage’s Mansion, Hiruzen Sarutobi watches on as the Council-Persons count the people.

In the Wind Country, the Third Kazekage watches too.

They both think to themselves “This is bad, very bad.”

The Council-Persons look up above.  They spot the Kages.  They know what is going to happen.  And they like it.

It has been 3 years since the Sky Country was formed.  The country is thriving like a Utopia.  There hasn’t been a war in 6 year.  Then, one day…

A man named “Gen”: I think that, I, Gen should become Sorakage of the Sky Village.  Yes, are village has been fine these past 3 years, but what if the Five Great Countries try to take over are country?  We won’t be prepared.  But, if you people elect me, then i promise you that are country will never be destroyed.  So, who’s with me?

A man named “Shinnou”: I’m with you!!  That is my whole philosophy!  I will stand by you 100% of the way.  So, who is with us?

Villager1: I am!

Villager2: I am too!

Villager3: Me too!

And many others agree with them.

It has been 2 and a half months and the election is in 2 hours.  The 2 competitors are on the stage.  On the left is Gen.  On the right is a woman named Zanaji.  They both have their own purpose for becoming the Sorakage.  Gen want to become the Sorakage to make the Sky Village like a hierarchy.  While Zanaji want to become Sorakage to make the Sky Village a peaceful village.

After the vote are rallied, Gen had 735 votes, while Zanaji got 423 votes.  The “Gen Party” cheers after their electy won.

After only 5 months of being Kage, Gen has already started conflicts with the other countries.  The Kages gather in an emergency conference.

3rd Hokage: Gen, you must be stopped.  You are destroying the peace treaties!

3rd Raikage: Sarutobi is right Gen, you must be stopped!!

3rd Mizukage: Well, I agree with Gen.  This world is too soft.  We need to harden up!

3rd Tsuchikage: Well, I guess it’s settled.  This world is at war- again!

Next Time: The War Begins!!

That is the end of the first in many chapters about the Sky Country

P.S.  Remember to comment on this chapter so I can decide to whether to write more chapters.  Also, I really didn’t need pics for this chapter because it’s mostly council-persons talking.

7 Responses

  1. sounds cool, i’ll have a hard time w/ the names, but it was pretty good. i’ve been in the mood 4 a good fanfic in a while. i vote u keep it up, @ least c where this is going

  2. btw, y is it called “Village Hidden in the Sky”? is it floating or somthing?

  3. I liked it, here is my critisism, but it’s not meant to be detrimental in any way, you did a great job.

    1. I would have liked to know more about the Sky Village

    2. I would have liked Pic.s

    3. I would have liked names instead of titles

    4. Why didn’t the Kaze and Ho kages stop the village from forming?

    5. What are the people like in the village? (Besides Gen and his compettitor)

    6. What jutsus can they use?

    7. Please tell me this isn’t the village in the Shippuden movie: Bonds…

  4. ok, 1; its not the village from shippuden movie: bonds, but shinnou is part of this for only a short time. 2; all the rest is goin 2 b in the next chapter

  5. Great

  6. Well I liked it, especially the Mizukage. I think the Kages would have stopped them from leaving the villages. You should definitely continue this.

  7. ok, im going 2 continue writing the series

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