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NGS: Ch1 – Training Day

—– This is a ZepWolfX Creation. —–


Next-Generation of Shinobies

Next-Generation of Shinobies

Chapter 1:
Training Day

It’s a normal day in the Hokage Mansion, at least as normal as it can get: Errands are being fulfilled; Missions both being distributed and accomplished; No paper goes unread, unchecked, and unsigned. No concert unheard, and taken care of. Yes, it’s a normal day, and Naruto is, as always, up to the challenges bestowed to him.

Since being appointed the job of leading Konohagakure, Naruto has turned out to be what everyone he’s met viewed him to be, a great Hokage. Naruto goes out of his way for Konoha, and all who reside inside it’s reconstructed walls. However, being so busy keeps him away from his family, and most importantly his children.

Outside the Hokage Mansion RAI UZUMAKI, Naruto’s youngest twin son – the mirror image of his father, with his mother’s hair color – is training hard along with his oldest twin sibling, KASHI – whom resembles his godfather Kakashi when he was a kid, with the exception of the mask – both just turned 12 and had the ability to activate their Byakugan. The two are great fighters for their age, Kashi being the superior, which makes Rai the more determined one. As the two brothers are sparring, Kashi easily evades Rai’s taijutsu attacks, frustrating Rai.

In spite of his lack of skill against his brother, Rai is no push over. No matter how many hits Kashi get on him, he continues his pursute. That, at times, takes Kashi out of his game, but not often. Kashi can easily adapt to his brothers ‘techniques’. After much time sparring, they deside to take a break. Rai breaks the silence, with a concerning remark. “Hey, it’s been a while since we saw Yuri. Wonder where she went off to?” “I don’t worry much about her. Or her childish endevours.” replied Kashi, with a lack of concern in his expresion.
‘Why are you so cold towards her? What she ever do to you?!” Rai exclaimed, always being the over protective brother.
“Please. You can’t do anything to me, what makes you think she can? She doesn’t even poses ‘our’ skills. She’s nothing to be concered about.”
“If your talking about her not being born with the Byaku-”
“You know exaclty what I’m talking about.” interrupted Kashi.
That’s not the only thing that separates her from us.” Rai secretly admitted to himself.

Back inside the Hokage Mansion, a vast variety of sounds were being heard from inside the Library. Iruka, whom was on his way out, after just meeting with Naruto , heard the racket and decided to investigate. “Who could be in here? And make so much-“, he stopped himself. “I know.” Iruka said to himself, door already opened.

Inside he found books, scrolls, and any form of literature on the floor. On top and below the desk. Inside and out of the bookcases. Anywhere and everywhere objects were where they weren’t suppost to be. “What are you looking for now young lady?” – Iruka guessed. His guess was confirmed with the movement of paper five pases to his right. “How you know it was me, Iruka-sensei?!” answered the pile of paper. Out of the pile a head sprouted out. “It could of been some really bad Shinobi on an espionage mission.” continued the girls head: full with her grand-mother’s red hair, her big bright blue eyes were covered by her father’s googles.

She was YURI NAMIKAZE, grand-daughter of the great Minato Namikaze, and Daghter of the current Hokage, Naruto. She decided to use her grandfather’s surname out of respect to him. Naruto didn’t object, he even incouraged it. “You know Iruka-sensei, I could of been a dangerous Shinobi from Kirigakure, trying to steal some valuble information.” Yuri said, with a sound dissapointment in her voice. “Not with the noise you were making. Unless your objective was to get caught.” Iruka explained, and quickly changed his tone at the sight of Yuri’s lowered head. “But, I’m sure you’ll be better than that. After all you are your parents’ daughter. You have both your father’s stubbornness and your mother’s determination.” Yuri’s head quickly jumped back up. “And don’t forget. I’m the granddaughter of the Yondaime, Minato Namikaze!” Yuri stated proudly. Iruka couldn’t help but smile.

Back outside, the two Uzumaki brothers continued there training, this time they were getting serious and were using their Byakugan. This placed Rai in a disadvantage, since he doesn’t have much training with his Doujutsu as his brother does. It didn’t take Kashi long to outstage his brother, and end the friendly duel. “No fair!! You used Juuken!!” accused Rai. “It’s not my fault you haven’t learned it!!” Kashi defended himself, and added, “Uncle Neji invited both of us to train with him, you chose not to.”
“His training is to hard, and difficult.” – Rai.
I wonder if he knows that hard and difficult mean the same thing?” pondered Kashi as he slightly shook his head. “What good is having Byakugan, if your not going to use it.”
“I do use it.” argued Rai, with his usual childish smirk. “In my own way. hehe.”
“I meant, using it the way it was intended for it to be used. Not your perverse ‘research’ of the female anatomy.”
“How you know what I do, and when?” asked Rai, alarmed at the truth his brother spoke of.
“Please, you act as if it was a big secret. Your at the Springs almost all the time.”
“Yeah, well-”

Their arguing was interrupted by Iruka and Yuri, as they were on their way out. Yuri went to hug her big brother Rai – who’s only older by two years. Her hug was fierce and emotional, as if the two haven’t seen each other in years. In reality, it’s been only a couple of hours. She would hug Kashi, but the two don’t really see eye to eye, sort to speak.

“Nice to see you to Imouto*-chan.” Rai replied to his sister’s greeting.
“Good, your all here.” “Your father has asked me to take all three of you to the Training Grounds.”
– Iruka
“Nani?” – Yuri
“What do you mean? What for?” – Rai
“…” – Kashi.
“Since he’s been to busy as of late, he hasn’t had time to spend with you three…”
“That’s understandable. His the Hokage.” interrupted Rai.
“Yes of course. However-”
“It’s his job to be busy. We completely understand.” Yuri added to the interruption.
“It’s rude to interrupt people while they are talking you know.” preached Kashi. “What was it you were saying Iruka-sensei?”
“Uh..well.. Oh yeah. Naruto would like to take some time of his schedule to … Well, I’ll just let him tell you himself. Let’s go.”


After a long walk to the Training Grounds, the group arrived to see that the place was all alone. “Are you sure he said he was coming, Iruka-sensei?” – Yuri. “Yes. Don’t worry he’ll be here.” – Iruka. “I still don’t see what’s so important, that he couldn’t tell us back home.” – complined Rai. “Stop your whinning. Father know why he does things. If he said to meet him here, then we meet him here.” – Kashi responded. “Besides, he chose this place out of all Konoha for a reason.” “That is correct!” replied Iruka. Well, the figure that used to look like Iruka.
After the smoke cleared, the figure spoke again. “I decided to meet you guys here, for the same reason it was called the Training Grounds.” – Naruto. “To train you!”
“Outosan!!!” cheered Yuri, as she made her way to hug her father. “What a wonderful surprise.”
“Nice ta’ see ya’ old man. It’s been a while.” greeted Rai.
“Father.” stated Kashi as he bowed to his father.
“So, what kind of training are we talking about here?” Rai said, with concern in his voice.
“Well, since it is both your birthdays today. I decided to…”
Both Rai and Kashi just looked at their father, with a plain look on their faces.
Naruto saw Yuri slowly shake her head, and decided to ask her. “What’s with the faces?” “Their birthday was two weeks ago.” – Yuri. “Oooooh. I’m sorry.” – Naruto. “Didn’t mom tell you?!?!” exclaimed Rai. “Of coarse she did. She’s the responsible one!” followed Kashi. “Hey, give your father some slack, he’s a busy person!!!” Naruto desperately tried to defend himself. “You want your present or not!!!”
“Since when is punishment a gift?!” – Rai.
“It’s not punishment. It’s training.” – Kashi.
“Same difference.” – Rai.
“Can I have Rai’s present, since he doesn’t want it?” – Yuri.
“It’s not an actual present. The training is the Gift. And it’s for all of you.” – Naruto.
“But we train, almost everyday. What makes this one so special?” – Rai.
“NO. I train almost everyday, make that EVERYDAY. You train on occasion. And SHE hardly does.” – Kashi.
“She has a name you bastard!!” – Rai.
Yuri just ignored her brother, she was used to his attitude towards her.
“Enough!!!” disciplined Naruto. “What makes this training session so different from all the rest is what I’m going to train you on!”
All three stood in attention to their father’s voice. Waiting to hear what was so important about this training session.

“Now that I have your attention. Today, I’m going to teach you one of my most powerful techniques.”
Can it be?” thought Rai.
“A technique so powerful, that not anyone can use, or master for that matter…”
Please, let it be.” Kashi thought, his heart filled with hope..
“The technique that has been passed down, from pupil to sensei to pupil…”
It can’t be. He can’t be talking about?” Yuri though, ecstatic painted in her face.
“And now I’m going to pass IT down to you. This technique is your inheritance, by nature. ”
Finally.The day has come” -Kashi
It is. I can’t believe it.” – Rai.
It’s Sofu**-sama’s technique. I’m going to learn HIS technique.” – Yuri.
“The RASENGAN!!” – Naruto.

— Japanese Translator —

* Imouto = Little Sister

**Sofu = Grandfather


Next Chapter: “Water Balloon Party”.

The Village Hidden in the Sky Chronicles: The Beginning

Post Author: Pain the Clown
This is the first in many (maybe 7, probable more) chapters about the Village Hidden in the Sky. Hope you enjoy.  (If you do or don’t like it, comment on it.  If too many people don’t like it, I will stop writing them.)

It all began with 5 ninjas…

Togami (Head Councilman of Earth Village): Well, it’s settled.  The new country will be called the Sky Country.

Dagami (Head Councilman of Rain Village): That is wonderful!  There hasn’t been a new country in 25 years!

Hegami (Head Councilwoman of Lightning Village): But first we need more than 42 people to inhabit this country.

Kugami (Head Councilwoman of the Grass Village): That is true.  What should we do?

Sigami (Head Councilman of Mist Village): I know what we should.  We should  go to the Fire and Wind Countries and find followers.  So what if the Daimyos and Kages don’t agree with this new country.

Hegami: That is a great idea!

Togami: You know what, that just might work.  Just because the Daimyos and Kages don’t agree doesn’t mean that the people don’t agree.

Dagami: That’s true. But how can we pull it off?

Kugami: I don’t know yet.  But give me a few days.  OK?

All but Kugami: OK!

It has been 3 days since the meeting of the Council-Persons and they have gathered once again to discuss Kugami’s decision.

Sigami: Are you sure it will work?

Kugami: Why are you doubting me?

Hegami: I agree with Sigami, it’s just that this plan isn’t landlocked.

Kugami: That’s why they’ll never see it coming!

Dagami: I don’t know, but we’ll try it.

Kugami: Great, we’ll start tomorrow.

Togami: Fine.

The next day…

Huge crowds are gathered in both villages in the Fire and Wind Countries.  People are shoving each other to get to the front of the crowds.  (There are about 82 people in each crowd)  In the middle of both crowds a Council-Person stands talking about “THE NEW COUNTRY!!”

Togami, Dagami, and Hegami: Be hold!! The New Country!!

Kugami and Sigami: The Sky Country!!

The Council-Persons then begin to tell the villagers about the Sky Country.

A few hours later…

All: And that is just about everything about the Sky Country.

Togami for Fire Country and Kugami for Wind Country: Are there any people that want to join the Sky Country.

Almost everyone in each crowd raise their hands.

All: Perfect. (with sly grins on their faces)

From above in the Hokage’s Mansion, Hiruzen Sarutobi watches on as the Council-Persons count the people.

In the Wind Country, the Third Kazekage watches too.

They both think to themselves “This is bad, very bad.”

The Council-Persons look up above.  They spot the Kages.  They know what is going to happen.  And they like it.

It has been 3 years since the Sky Country was formed.  The country is thriving like a Utopia.  There hasn’t been a war in 6 year.  Then, one day…

A man named “Gen”: I think that, I, Gen should become Sorakage of the Sky Village.  Yes, are village has been fine these past 3 years, but what if the Five Great Countries try to take over are country?  We won’t be prepared.  But, if you people elect me, then i promise you that are country will never be destroyed.  So, who’s with me?

A man named “Shinnou”: I’m with you!!  That is my whole philosophy!  I will stand by you 100% of the way.  So, who is with us?

Villager1: I am!

Villager2: I am too!

Villager3: Me too!

And many others agree with them.

It has been 2 and a half months and the election is in 2 hours.  The 2 competitors are on the stage.  On the left is Gen.  On the right is a woman named Zanaji.  They both have their own purpose for becoming the Sorakage.  Gen want to become the Sorakage to make the Sky Village like a hierarchy.  While Zanaji want to become Sorakage to make the Sky Village a peaceful village.

After the vote are rallied, Gen had 735 votes, while Zanaji got 423 votes.  The “Gen Party” cheers after their electy won.

After only 5 months of being Kage, Gen has already started conflicts with the other countries.  The Kages gather in an emergency conference.

3rd Hokage: Gen, you must be stopped.  You are destroying the peace treaties!

3rd Raikage: Sarutobi is right Gen, you must be stopped!!

3rd Mizukage: Well, I agree with Gen.  This world is too soft.  We need to harden up!

3rd Tsuchikage: Well, I guess it’s settled.  This world is at war- again!

Next Time: The War Begins!!

That is the end of the first in many chapters about the Sky Country

P.S.  Remember to comment on this chapter so I can decide to whether to write more chapters.  Also, I really didn’t need pics for this chapter because it’s mostly council-persons talking.