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The History of Kisame: Part 3: Deception

Post Author: Kisuzachi

To all of my faithful readers out there; sorry for making you guys wait so long, but I got lazy. Anyway boys and girls, here’s the link to the previous chapter of Kisame’s history https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2009/05/07/the-history-of-kisame-part-2-make-a-choice/.

Mizukage: “Kisame, it’s been ten years since your mission to kill the Daimyo of the Land of Tea, a mission you completed excellently. However! It cost us a very powerful swordsman and a possible future swordsman. After this long period of establishing peace with Konoha and the Land of Tea, I think it’s time I put the next phase of my plan into action.”

Mizukage's office

Kisame: “What plan?”

Mizukage: “Why do you think I disrupted the alliance between The Fire Country and the Land of Tea? Simple, we are weakening The Fire Country.”

Kisame: “Not that I really care, but why?”

Mizukage: “It’s simple Kisame…….another Ninja War. All the weaker countries surrounding the Fire Country are slowly losing confidence in it, and without their support, without the fuel, the Land of Fire is weak and will eventually burn out.”

Kisame: “So what does all of this have to do directly with me?”

Mizukage: “As you may know, the Uchiha clan has recently been wiped out, and by one of their own clan members, Konoha is now at its weakest. We need you to protect the Land of Water’s Daimyo, our Daimyo.”

Kisame: “What does that old man have to do with this?”

water daimyo

Mizukage: “He’s the one who came up with this plan. He will expand our territory far across the waters that separate us from the mainland. Protect him at all costs, I trust no one else with this mission.”

Kisame: “Whatever you want Lord Mizukage. Hehehehe.”

Kisame leaves the Mizukage’s office with a sinister smile on his face. He approaches the Village’s gates.

Guard Ninja1: “We’re are you off to?”

Kisame: “I’m on an urgent mission from the Mizukage! Now move if you want all your limbs to stay attached to your body!”

Guard Ninja2: “You better get out of the way and shut up, that’s Kisame of the Hoshigaki clan! Sorry for his impudence Kisame-sama, he is new at the job.”

Kisame: “Hehehehe, you just saved your friend’s life, and ruined my fun.”

They both step aside as Kisame exits Kirigakure. After an hour of traveling he comes upon an isolated island. A figure steps out of the shadows.

Figure: “Our plan is coming full circle Kisame.”

Kisame: “It’s taken ten years, but the Mizukage finally trusts me. Just as you planned, Madara. Hehehehe.”


Madara: “The Akatsuki is finally almost at full power. Let me introduce you to our newest member.”

Itachi: “Good to finally meet you, Kisame.”

Itachi Uchiha Anbu

Kisame: “Hehehehe, so you’re the one that annihilated the Uchihas huh? Not very impressive-looking are you? Hehehehe, well I guess looks can be deceiving.”

Madara: “You two will be partners as of now, I recommend you two get used to each other.”

Kisame: “I’ll finish the mission the Mizukage sent me on. But once I’m there, two obstacles will be removed at once. Hehehehe. I can handle this mission on my own, so I don’t need Itachi to come.”

Kisame leaves the island and is now en route to the Daimyo’s castle. He arrives six hours later at night. He walks pass the Kirigakure guard ninjas that surround the castle. He enters the Daimyo’s indoor library.

Daimyo: “Ah, it must be the great Kisame. You’re the ninja the Mizukage sent to protect me, correct?”

Kisame: “Yeah, but it’s just as I thought. You’re in a lot of danger here, even with all these ninja. Your assassination is guaranteed if you don’t listen me.”

Daimyo: “What?! Really!? That’s impossible! These men are all Jonin and Chunin and I also have you, and you’re a Swordsman of the Mist. There’s no one who would be crazy enough to try to assassinate me here!”

Kisame: “That may be true, but there are ninja that can possibly outdo me, like the Sanin of Konoha. That is just the worst case scenario, however. Hehehehe.”

Daimyo: “What do you propose I should do Kisame? Please tell me!”

Kisame: “Hehehehe, it’s simple. Call the Mizukage. With his battle skills, the Sanin wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Daimyo: “The Mizukage would never leave Kirigakure just to protect me.”

Kisame: “He would, if you told him that the Sanin were here. After all Kirigakure is protected by the Seven Swordsmen.”

Daimyo: “Good idea Kisame, I will call him right away!”

Kisame: “You better do that quickly. (He smiles and thinks to himself “Fool.”)”

Meanwhile at Kirigakure, the Mizukage gets the message from an A.N.B.U. He leaves the Swordsmen in charge of protecting the Village while he’s away. Within only 30 minutes, the Mizukage arrives at the Daimyo’s mansion. He falls to his knees at what he sees. The mansion which was once luxurious, now looks like no one has lived there for ages. He sees vast amounts of blood on the ground and sees the corpses of the Kiri-nin posted there. He breathes heavily and screams “Who did this!!!!???? Show yourself!!!!! I’ll make you pay for this!!”. Just as he finishes screaming, a shadowy figure walks out of the mansion.

Mizukage daimyo's mansion

Mizukage: “Kisame, your still alive? Thank goodness!”

Kisame: “Strange, your usually cold demeanor has vanished. Mizukages don’t break down like this. Hehehehe”

Mizukage: “Whatever, who did this???”

Kisame: “It was the Sanin, who else could do this? Hehehehe”

Mizukage: “The Sanin? Wait – why don’t you have a scratch on you?? You couldn’t have do–” (Kisame interrupts)

Kisame: “Yes!!! You trained us to be ruthless killers!! I killed the Daimyo and all the ninjas here. You know, for having the most ruthless military, these guys were screaming like babies when Samehada cut their skins off. Hehehehehe!!!”

The Mizukage stands, and suddenly three more Mizukage clones run right out of him straight to Kisame, with their kunai extended. Kisame barely dodges the clones attacks and while in mid-dodge he manages to kill all three. The Mizukage uses Suiton: Water Dragon Jutsu but Kisame counters with Suiton: Five Man-Eating Sharks, the two jutsu collide. Four sharks subdue the dragon and the fifth shark goes after the Mizukage and bites him. Kisame laughs thinking he has won, but suddenly, the shark turns to ice and falls off.

83 abilities-kisame-sharkmissile1

Kisame: “What the??!?!!?”

Mizukage: “I didn’t tell anyone about my Kekkei Genkai, and it looks like I was right to do so. My Kekkei Genkai is the legendary Hyoton! That is why I cannot lose to you Kisame. All your Water-based techniques don’t affect me, I’ll just turn them to ice.”

Kisame: “Let’s test the limits of your power, shall we!!!! Water Style: Water Shockwave Jutsu!”

A huge body of water crashes into the Mizukage. When the water finally settles, the Mizukage hasn’t moved an inch. All the water around him turns to ice.

Mizukage: “Now its time for me to attack! Ice Style: Dragon vs. Tiger!

Kisame: “Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu!”


The two jutsus counter and attack each other. The Mizukage makes a sword of ice and jumps over the colliding jutsus.  He comes down with tremendous force, but Kisame raises Samehada above his head to block the attack. When the two swords meet, the massive shockwave makes a giant crater form where Kisame is standing. Kisame struggles to pus the Mizukage back. The Mizukage stomps the ground and ice needles attack Kisame. He spins to deflect the attack, the Mizukage uses this opening to throw a kunai with an explosive tag at Kisame. When Kisame stops spinning he sees the kunai at his foot. The Mizukage detonates it and a huge explosion follows. Kisame barely evaded the attack, but his left leg took some serious damage due to the explosion. The Mizukage walks over to where Kisame is laying.

swords-1 samehada

Mizukage (speaking in a sad tone because he is fighting someone he trusted with his life): “Kisame……do you know what one must do to become Mizukage? Let me tell you. You have to lead the Seven Swordsmen, in other words, you must be the strongest. That was me, but there’s one other thing you must do. You must…..fight the previous Mizukage in a one on one battle to death. That is how I became the third Mizukage, that also means I am the strongest ninja of Kirigakure.”

Kisame: “*grrrrr* I’ll kill you! You know, it’s nice to finally have an opponent that can push me to my limits!! Hahahahaha!”

Kisame’s body becomes enveloped in chakra. He uses sheer force of will to stand up. His eyes are overflowing with killer intent, and his smile looks more fearsome than the hungriest Great White Shark. He runs straight for the Mizukage with tremendous speed (due to his massive output of chakra), he slashes with Samehada. The Mizukage attempts to block with his sword but it shatters before the overwhelming might of Kisame and Samehada. Samehada cuts through his Kage robe and tears of a piece of his skin as well. The Mizukage jumps back. He too begins to smile.

Mizukage: “Looks like I can go all out too!! (He throws off his Kage robe.) Wind Style: Scattering Flower Dance!”

Mizukage- robeless 800px-Wind_Element_-_Falling_Petal_Dance

A tornado of petals slams Kisame into a wall, the Mizukage immediately uses  ice to create a hundred needles. The needles get picked up by the tornado and fly directly at Kisame, but it was just a Water clone. Suddenly five water sharks come out from the ground and the Mizukage easily dodges but then a hand comes out of the ground and grabs his leg. The moment the sharks make contact, they all turn to ice.


Mizukage: “Well Kisame, looks like you’re physically strong, but mentally weak!! Hahahaha! You actually got me to enjoy this fight, but now you’re making this boring!”

Kisame: I knew you would turn them to ice, in fact I was counting on it! Detonate!”

The five frozen sharks that are attached to the Mizukage’s body explode. Kisame emerges from underground and laughs. Suddenly, a huge shadow envelops the mansion. Kisame turns around to see a massive whale above him. He has no time to react so he braces himself for the impact. The moment the whale is about to hit him a huge fireball melts it.

Fireball_composed 800px-Ice_Style_White_Wale_Jutsu

Kisame: “What the-?? Itachi? What‘re you doing here? Didn’t I tell you I don’t need help?!”


Itachi: “Be quiet Kisame, you let your guard down because you assumed you’re opponent was dead. The moment your hand emerged from the ground he did a Water clone jutsu. Had you executed the strategy more effectively, you would be the victor right now.”

Kisame: “What do you mean more effectively?! There’s no way he could have known I was underground!”

Itachi: “Even a Genin would sense your  immense chakra beneath them. Now let’s deal with the matter at hand.”

The Mizukage declares his victory and uses Ice Style: Wolf-Fang Avalanche Jutsu, and a pack of wolves charges at Kisame and Itachi, but Itachi simply counters with a fireball jutsu. All the wolves melt and then Kisame uses the resulting water to create a few sharks. The Mizukage dodges them, but when he lands he is looking directly into Itachi’s eyes. The Sharingan then takes an unusual pattern instead of the usual three tomoes. After 72 hours in Tsukuyomi, the Mizukage falls and turns into a puddle of water.

800px-Wolf_Fang_Avalanche sharingan-tsukuyomi

Mizukage (the real one): “I knew I had to be on my guard, especially since I’m fighting the murderer of the Uchiha clan. Now I’ll use a jutsu I invented just to fight Uchihas. Ice Style: Third Eye Technique! (basically the same as Gaara’s third eye technique, except this one is made from ice and not sand) Now I can see you with my third eye, and since it’s a jutsu, anytime it gets caught in Genjutsu all I have to do is dispel it, then reform it. You two will die.”

The Mizukage closes his real eyes and uses the jutsu to see. He uses Ice Style: Black Dragon Blizzard Jutsu and Kisame tries to counter with a Water Dragon, but the moment it makes contact, it freezes. Itachi jumps over the Black Dragon and uses Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu on the dragon, but this doesn’t work either. The dragon catches Itachi in mid-air and freezes him, but then the real Itachi emerges from underwater and makes the clone self-destruct. The dragon breaks apart. The Mizukage is furious now and desperate to end the battle. He makes six hand signs and uses his most powerful jutsu, the Ice Style: Twin Black Dragon Jutsu. The two dragons meet and create a giant black ice tornado. The tornado comes directly for Kisame and Itachi.

800px-Ice_Release_Black_Dragon_Blizzard fireball

Itachi (thinking to himself): “I didn’t want to use this, but the situation needs it. (Not thinking to himself now) Kisame, get ready to subdue him once I overpower his jutsu.

Kisame: There’s no way you can out-power that jutsu on your own! But if you think you can, go for it hehehehe.”

The black tornado comes close to Itachi and the strange pattern forms in his eyes again. A black fire consumes the tornado. The moment the fire hit’s the third eye, Kisame emerges right in front of the Mizukage and kills him quickly with Samehada, before he could even open his eyes.

800px-Twin_Dragon_Blizzard_2 800px-Effect_Of_Twin_Dragon_Blizzard Amaterasu

Itachi puts out the fire and is about to fall, but Kisame catches him before he does. His right eye is bleeding heavily.


Kisame: “What’s wrong with your eye, and what was that weird Sharingan?”

Itachi: “I will tell you later, right now I need to rest.” (Itachi stands up and goes into the mansion to rest)

Kisame (thinking to himself): “Whatever those moves were, they sure took a toll on him.”

Madara teleports to the dead Mizukage’s body.


Madara: “Good work Kisame. You left no witnesses and the Mizukage was always fully covered, so no one knows how he actually looks. All I will have to do is dawn his identity, and then Kirigakure will be mine. However, you will be exiled from the Village, it suits my needs better if you’re not attached to Kirigakure.

Kisame: “Whatever, I was getting tired of that Village anyway.”

Madara: “There is something that must be done to ensue the complete subjugation of Kirigakure. All the powerful Kekkei genkais must be removed. The Hyoton can create a third eye that makes my Sharingan useless, and the Kaguya clan is almost impervious to attacks. They all can oppose my power, so they must be eliminated. In the meantime, you and Itachi will recruit members for Akatsuki.”

Kisame: “Whatever, this should be entertaining. Hehehehehe!”


(If you guys wanna know what happened on one of the recruitment missions, read this post https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2009/02/16/duel-in-the-mist/)


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  1. REally Cool Chapter It Made Me Like Itachi All OVer Again 🙂 Keep Up The Great Work Who Is The Next Member Ur Doing ?

  2. Tobi is next whenever I/Kisu. have time (I had SATs and now Finals 😦 ) Tobi is different from Madara (done earlier), it’s in the presentish instead of Kakuzu’s time. It will focus on how Madara survived, got his present jutsu, and formed Akatsuki (a little is shown here)

  3. Cool, loved the battle. but it would be better if you had it in japanese 9the jutsus) and then english in parenthesis.

  4. That was a great chapter! (kisame pwns) Tobi is cool too so that should be good. Plus I like how you snuck in the reason for why all the ice kekkei genkais were eliminated at the end.

  5. @ lame stories: I curious to know, what was the ‘last piese of shit’ you just read?

    As far as the fanfic. It was good, I could of done without Kisame’s constant laghter, but it was fine. I also liked how you explained the whole Ice-ban thing. Good job.

    Oh, and before I forget. Try to come up w/ your own jutsus. It makes the story, and the charaters your using, more original, then using already existing ones. Using already mentioned jutsus, makes it look like watching the same old characters. Either than that good job.

  6. if anyone noticed (or even cared), i was on a 3 day vacation w/ my family (btw, if u still didn’t get the memo, i’m FSD but i changed my name)

  7. STOP F’N CHANGING YOU GOD#@!$% F’N NAME!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes things complicated.

    And good to have you back.

  8. @ zep, sorry, i just felt like changing it to a good guy’s name instead of a villians name, but this should b the last time 4 the rest of 2009 and most likly 2010 also (besides, it was like 5 months or somthing, which seems like forever to a teenager)

  9. They Keep Erasing My Comments…..u Just Dnt Understand These Wack As writers need to kno dat there stories suck……dat chosen story was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

    EDIT*** It could have something to do with you swearing, spamming, and being rude.-mart1

  10. Damn this was a great post, I read four times it was that good. Keep up the great work. Between this and the Manga Naruto never gets dull

  11. Well mart u kno wat I think I think ur a faggot

  12. There’s nothing wrong w/ criticism in this site, as long as it’s constructive.

    But, Lame you have to get that stick out of your ass, if you want to be part of this site.

  13. Damn, I’ve been away from Shannaro for over a week now. It was torture! Anyway thanks guys, and mart basically summed up what’s coming in the future.
    @Zep, I made him laugh a lot because Kisame is a really twisted character, but I could have toned it down a bit lol. I think I will start making up my own jutsus, hmmm…..
    Well once again, thanks for the comments guys.

  14. this n’ do not have true for the mizukage the proof: http://www.captainaruto.com/lecture/chapitre/454#5 (for those which speaks French)

  15. This shit is fucking stupid.

  16. ocupo que sea en spanich plis tequiu

  17. love this awsome work….keep up the great work

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