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Naruto Story Fusion: Shinobi Fighter.

Author: Zep-kun


Here it is, another NSF. This time I’m going to tackle Street Fighter/Naruto. Hope you guy/girls enjoy.


Naryuto (Naruto+Ryu) – Naryuto is a very talented Shinobi Fighter from Japan. He travels the world to challenge worthy opponent to fight, in an effort to become a better fighter. As a child he was trained by Goukakashi (Gouken+Kakashi), along with his best friend Sasuken. Through the years Naryuto would always be better than Sasuken, this made the two develop a friendly rivalry. As a kid, Naryuto struggled to keep his Dark Chakra (Dark Hadou/Kyubi Chakra) in check, but he’s slowly learning to contain it.

Hurricane Kick – Tha same as Ryu’s Hurricane Kick.
Hadougan – A Hadouken-like attack in the form of a ball; it’s thrown at the opponent.
Rasenken – A Rasengan-like attack that forms in Naryuto’s fist; close range.

Sasuken (Sasuke+Ken) – Sasuken is as much as a talented fighter as Naryuto. His still of fighting is almost the same as Naryuto; both were trained by the same sensei. However, Sasuken has the unique talent of being able to use Fire in his attacks. After years of trying to be better than Naryuto, Sasuken became desperate and eventually joined the criminal organization, Kageloo (Shadowloo w/ the Japanese word for Shadow replacing the English one.), to improve his skills.

Fireball – Sasuken’s version of the Hadougan.
Dragon Punch – An upwards uppercut with fire at the base of Sasuken’s fist.
Fire-Spin Kick – Sasuken’s form of the Hurricane Kick, with fire at the base of the feet.

Sakura – Sakura is a young girl who looks up to Naryuto, some say she thinks of him as her idol. After witnessing some of Naryuto’s bout, she decided to seek him, for both guidance and the chance to fight him. After watching from afar, she developed some of his techniques, with some differences.

SHANNARO!! Punch – A really stong punch that can know almost anyone out.
Blossom Fist – Her variation of the Rasenken
Cherry Blossim Petals – Her variation of the Hurricane kick.

Ten-li (Tenten+Chun-li) – Ten-li is a extraordinary fighter in her own right. She also has a 100% hit rate, making her miss close to none of her attacks. At a young age she lost her father to an attack from Kageloo. She is currently an officer of Interpool, an anti-crime organization established to get rid of Kageloo.

Twin Dragons Assault – Ten-li launches an opponent to the air, then follows with a devastating upwards kicking combo.
Heavenly Kicks – Ten-li’s variation of Chun-li’s rapid kicks.
Hevenly Sphere – Ten-li’s variation of Chun-li’s sphere-blast-thingy.

Cammino (Cammy+Ino) – Cammino is an Ex-Kageloo operative, who joined Interpool after she deflected from her previous organization. She’s a very sensual woman with long legs that aren’t just for looks. She is Ten’li’s current partner.

Flower Spin Kick – Her variation of Cammy’s Spiral Arrow.
Rose Thorn – Her variation of Cammy’s Cannon Spike.

Fei Lee (Fei Long+Rock Lee) – Fei Lee is Ten’li’s long time friend, since they grew up together they’re practically siblings. He’s an action movie star, but secretly fights as a Shinobi Fighter. After the loss of one of his great friends at the hands of Kageloo, he decided to join Ten’li in the fight against Kageloo.

Dynamic Kick – It’s basically Dynamic Entry, but with fire.
Rising Leaf Kick – A mixture of Rock Lee’s Hurricane Kick and Fei Long’s Flame Igniting Kick attack.
Leaf Rapid Strikes – Lee’s variation of Fei Long’s Blazing Flame Fist.

Rosi Nata (Rose+Hinata) – A very mysterious woman who appers to Naryuto in his dreams. She’s the enbodiment of beauty: long heather hair. big lavender eyes. She’s also a very kind person, and only fights when need be.

Rosi Deflect – A mixture of Rose’s Soul Delfect and Hinata’s 64 Palms Guard.
Rosi Spark – A mixture of Rose’s Soul Spark and the Hyuga’s Gentle Fist.

Gaakuma (Gaara+Akuma) – Gaakuma is the one responsible for the death of Goukakashi. He killed him after an amazing battle. A battle that Naryuto witnessed, and bowed revenge on Gaakuma. In a way, Gaakuma’s not that different from Naryuto, they both have the Dark Chakra in them, it just manifests differently.

Instant Kill Coffin – Gaakuma’s version of Akuma’s Instant Kill Murder.
Metsu Hadougan – A Hadougan with the intention to kill.
Sand Vortex – A faster and stronger version of the Hurrican Kick; Sand and Wind is used to make the attack more devastating.

Jiranka (Jiraiya+Blanka) – Jiranka is a wild fighter whom was raises in wild. After observing frogs, and their life still, he found a way to incorporate it into his own fighting style: Frog Kata. Since then he’s been fighting almost anyone who is willing. At time he would get in brawls with women, because he’ll get caught ‘peeking’ at them in saunas.

Slime Ball – The same as Blanka Roll Attack, but with toad slime.
Hair Cushion – Jiranka’s version of the Lightning attack: substitute lightning with spicky hair.
Frog Leap – Jiranka leaps into the air and slams down on the opponent.

Python (Orochmaru+M.Bison/Vega) – Python is the leader of the crime organization Kageloo. Along with his trusty subordonates, he intents to rulle the world and become the strongest Shinobi Fighter there is. One of the reasons he’s so powerful is his Pycho-Venom powers (Phycho Power+Curse Seal).

Venom Slide – His sversion of Bison’s Slide.
Snake Spin – His version of Bison’s Pycho Spin. He covers himself in snakes when he does it.
Viper Fangs – His version of Bison’s Scissor Kick.

K. Vega (Kimimaru+Vega) – K is Python’s right-hand man. He has three bone claws that petrude from his hand. He’s a very talented fighter, and as fast as they come. Hardly anyone can keep up with him, except for maybe Fei Lee.

Rolling Flower Dance – The best I can do with their own unique attacks.
Scarlet Rose Terror – Same as above.

Kazugat (Kazuya+Sagat) – Kazugat is another of Python’s subordunates. He lost one of his eyes in a fight with Naryuto, and has vowed revenge on him ever since. He joined Python’s organization for this very reason.

Shark Shot – Same as Sagat’s Tiger Shot.
Shark Knee – Same as Sagat’s Tiger Knee.
Shark Uppercut – Same as Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut.