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The Ultimate Eye!

Post Author: Kisuzachi

This is a tribute to Nagato since we’ve seen the last of him :(.

What is the most powerful dojutsu? This is a somewhat frequently asked question, so I decided to dedicate an entire post to it. Here’s how this post works. The dojutsu will be judged in three areas; insight, battle effectiveness/maneuverability and raw power.

Insight: this is how effective the dojutsu is in detecting things the average eye would miss.

The Rinnegan has shown that it gives the user advanced eyesight, but I don’t think its on the Sharingan or the Byakugan’s level in that department. When Pein first arrived in Konoha (or outside Konoha as the case may be) before even attempting to enter the village, he was able to see an otherwise invisible barrier. When he was about to fight Tsunade, he was able to see the chakra being channeled to her and the A.N.B.U’s feet. Now this could be Kishi forgetting about the Rinnegan’s improved sight or Pein just didn’t care to look, but Naruto was able to surprise attack him by transforming (a Transformation Jutsu would have been easily detected by the Sharingan and the Byakugan) into rocks. So for insight, I give the Rinnegan 6 out of 10. However, if the Six Paths of Pein are included into the mix, the Rinnegan gets a score of  9 because there will be no blind spot. So on average it would be 7.5.

barrier Six_Paths_Of_Pain_by_keitari_azuko

The Sharingan, or should I say a fully mature Sharingan has exceptional insight. In the Forest of Death, Sasuke was able to see who were the clones and who were the physical humans, thus ruining their whole combat strategy (and at the time this was only a level 2 Sharingan). Another example of the Sharingan’s insight is when Sasuke fought a Kyubi-enhanced Naruto. His level two Sharingan was no match for Naruto’s speed, he just couldn’t see Naruto’s fast movements, so (way too luckily) his Sharingan evolved to level 3 and he was easily able to keep track of Naruto’s movements. There are no downsides to using the Sharingan in battle except it uses too much chakra, and only for a non-Uchiha. So, I give it 8.5 out of 10.

Sharingan2 Sharingan3

The Byakugan is easily the best in this area. Neji’s Byakugan can see up to 800 meters and he isn’t trained to be a tracker, Hinata, who has been trained to be a tracker, can see up to 10 kilometers (8000 meters). Other than seeing in one direction, the Byakugan can see almost 360 degrees (though the Rinnegan offers the full 360 as long as the individual bodies can see each other). So for insight, I give the Byakugan 9.5 (not 10 because of the blind spot).

nejivshinata Byakugan3 blindspot

Now let’s go to battle effectiveness/maneuverability.

The Byakugan is effective to an extent in battle. It offers its user constant surveillance of the battlefield in almost all directions. It allows the user to carefully monitor the foes body and detect any changes that might be disastrous for him/her (change in chakra, and the body systems). When coupled with the Gentle Fist, it becomes a serious and deadly weapon, so for effectiveness 8. However that’s about all it does. If the opponent pays close attention (like Kidomaru in his fight against Neji), the Byakugan will be basically useless, so for maneuverability 5. All together it gets a 6.5 out of 10.

The Sharingan is a Ninjutsu-user’s nightmare. As demonstrated by Itachi, the Sharingan can create many different types of Genjutsu to fit any situation. However, there is a way to counter the Sharingan’s Genjutsus, a method that Chiyo discussed with Sakura (I don’t remember the chapter) in which a teammate either attacks the Sharingan-user or attacks the victim to wake him from the Genjutsu. Gai also has a method, don’t look into the Sharingan-user’s eyes, which is easier said than done. If the Genjutsu aspect fails, there’s always Ninjutsu. The user can copy the opponents jutsus and use them against the opponent, other than putting the opponent in a world of hurt, it also demoralizes them (imagine how Zabuza felt being hit by an attack he trained really hard to master). Zabuza found a way to counter this aspect of the Sharingan as well, by using The Hidden Mist Jutsu , he cancelled the copy effect. The Mangekyou Sharingan offers even more powerful Genjutsus, Genjutsus that only Gai’s method can counter. The Ninjutsu it offers is the Amaterasu which can burn anything to ashes, the Susanoo which is a giant flaming warrior that can withstand even lightning and seal away foes in its sword and the Kamui, which sends anything into another dimension. But the drawbacks to these Mangekyou techniques is the users eyesight and eventually their life (if chakra gets too low). So I give it an 8.5 for effectiveness and maneuverability (just because of the drawbacks).

sharingan-Tsukuyomi Susanoo 250px-Sharingan-mangekyou-2

The Rinnegan offers the user the ability of ALL the Six Paths, need I say more? Shinra-Tensei (push), Bansho-Tenin (pull), Chibaku-Tensei (big moon creator thingy), Ninjutsu Absorption, rip souls out of bodies, summon the giant statue thingy, having dozens f animal summons at your disposal etc. So I give the Rinnegan a 9 (not 10 because if one body uses all the powers, the result is extreme aging.)


Next is Raw Power!

The Byakugan doesn’t offer much in this department so it gets a 4 out of 10.

neji_byakugan byakugan

The Sharingan offers much in the way of raw power. Amaterasu, Kamui, and Susanoo, so it gets an 8.5 out of 10.

Sharingan1 eternal-mangekyou-preview

The Rinnegan controls life and death plus all the other things mentioned above; so it gets a well deserved 10 out of 10 for raw power

Six_Path_Of_Pain_and_Nagato_by_Jim1088 rinnegan

Which is the best?

Byakugan total; 20 out of 30

Sharingan total; 25.5 out of 30

Rinnegan total; 26.5 out of 30

However these are just my thoughts, you decide which is better. May Nagato find peace in death……



86 Responses

  1. Hands down the Rinnegan is the best eye in the Naruto world. Sorry Byukagan and Sharingan you can’t compete with it. That my thoughts about this post. Well See ya!!!!!!

  2. Yeah I agree, Rinnegan for life! (but i had to be a little more than fair just so sasuke’s fan boys dont attack me) 🙂 . R.I.P Nagato, we miss u

  3. @ kisu, u were a lil unfair for the Byakugan in the aspect of something EVERYONE forgets: THE BLIND SPOT IS ONLY A FEW CENTIMETERS AT LARGEST. Kidomaru just got lucky that his weapons r so skinny and he has good aim, if it weren’t 4 those, Neji’s only trouble would’ve been exhaustian. so it has better perceptability and effectiveness than u gave it credit for. as far as raw power, do u use either Neji or Hinata in any Ultimate Ninja game? UN Storm is the best example where their attacks r pretty kick-ass, not as strong as Sharingan or Rinnegan, but better than u gave them credit 4. i think it should have @ least a 6 out of 10. but i still agree w/ u on Rinnegan is 1st and Sharingan is 2nd, i just think Byakugan deserved a better grade (and no, not just cuz Hinata has the Byakugan; those r my true feelings about the dojutsu’s power. besides Neji and Hiashi really pissed me off in part one and they haven’t really done enuf to redeem themselves TO ME, so there r more Byakugan users not in my favor than ones that r)

  4. @FSD
    Lol this guy got offended. but the overall of the Byakugan should have been a 22/30 in my opinion
    But i agree that Rin’negan is the best. But i am a fan of genjutsu (dont ask why) so i like the Sharingan better. I don’t like sasuke, but his dojutsu is the real power. I think the Rinnegan gives waaay too much power to the user, he is pretty much invincible (not the bodies the actual user AKA Nagato.) He con trol life and death, cmon isnt that a bit too much..but still its a wicked power and comes with great responsibility (ok Spider man wisdom time 0___0)
    On top of that Rinnegan is pretty much the ability to control nature. look: gravity, life, death, hell, animals, etc. All proves that Rinnegan is invincible although there are some flaws but in all, if Nagato didn’t try so hard to seal the fox he would’ve killed Naruto. Instead of summoning up all teh bodies he couldve gotten the big soul guy in and take away his soul, easy as that.
    But, yes Rinnegan is stronger, but i like Sharingan better plus it looks cooler xP
    oh and RIP Nagato, you will be forever with us (hopefully)

  5. Actually FSD, the Ultimate Ninja games greatly exaggerate what characters can actually do. Anyway, I personally hate the Sharingan and all Sharingan users (except Itachi and Kakashi), but I tried to be as unbiased as possible, hence the Byakugan had to lose (even though I think Neji could kick Sasuke’s emo-ass). The bottom line is, the blind spot is still there no matter how small it is, and like I said, if any opponent is observant enough they will be able to find it and use it against the Byakugan user.

  6. @KISU
    You hate teh Sharingan?
    Dude, that is one of the most powerful ways to hold a genjutsu over someone, and yes i hate Sasuke with my black heart (according to class mates). But i respect Itachi and Kakashi and all they have managed with the Sharingan, the Demons eyes. I dont think the sharingan is bad and i dont appreciate it when people say they hate it. i respect your opinions and i understand why but to me, Sharingan is one of the best Kekkie Genkais.

  7. @kisuzachit-

    first off i want say great post

    alright, i agree, the rinnegan is the most powerful doujutsu, and possibly the most powerful kenkai genka…. kishi just likes to show favorites lol

    but anyways, i thought the byakugan was a little low, not much, but i think it should have gotten a little higher 22-23…

    btw, kisuzachi, why do you hate the sharingan and all sharingan users??? i respect em, its stilll an extreemely powerful doujutsu, there’s really nothing i could think of that would degrade an uchia….well maddara maybe lol


    i think we can all tell that kishi is a fan of DBZ, lol but still nagato was called a GOD…at first i thought the show was just making a pun…but after this last arc, LOL i think nagato would give the boys on Mt.Olypus a good run

    Nagato wouldnt have been able to summon the statue to steal his soul….1.) there has to be alot of people to get the DEMON FOX out of naruto…and nagato wouldnt do that in the middle of enemy territory for three days getting the fox out 2.)i dont think the statue could be summoned in the middle of enemy territory with all the power of the beasts in it…not exactly smart to move your un-finished weapon into enemy territory

    besides i dont think naruto would have just stood there and let it happen :p

    @the poll-

    holy sh*t, the sharingan got beat by a sh^t slide lol

  8. @TRS
    But would Narato know what the heck that big thing would do? he would be able to realize it (hopefully) but maybe it would be too late.
    And damn your right Sharingan lost by a landslide )=

    But if Nagato didnt waste his chakra destroying the village would you think Nagato could have killed Naruto. (that goes to everyone)

  9. Ok here’s why I hate the Sharingan and its users. Zabuza is one of my favorite characters, and he trained for perhaps years to master his jutsus, and then some white haired Sharingan user just comes and copies it willy-nilly. Rock Lee trained his ass off, and then another Sharingan user (the gay emo kid) just copies it (years of hard work mastered in a month). That’s why I like Itachi, so far he hasn’t copied anyone’s hard learned techniques, unlike his stupid little brother. The Sharingan’s appearance is also stupid, three little dots???? C’mon you can do better than that. The Mangekyous however look really cool (except Madara’s original Mangekyou). And that’s why I hate the Sharingan 🙂

  10. shut up kizsuzachi

  11. sorry just a joke

  12. changed my name back


    so you hate the sharingan because of an ability it grants to the user?? thats a little extreeme, the sharingan grants the user inhanced perception, and the ability to read peoples hand sighns…that doesnt neccesarily mean they CAN actually use the jutsu, it just means they have the possibility To. EXP. kakashi might not have been able to use Zabuza’s jutsu, if he didnt have the intelligence, skill, and the experience with the sharingan…..so i dont see how that would anger you…its an abillity hard earned just like any other, except its an ability to help learn OTHER hard earned attacks

    thats just my opinon

  13. rinnegan is probobly the most powerful one, but if u have one of those i aint really the one fightin its the clones that are doin it and your body is all mess up cause of the chakra transmitters. So i think the sharingan is the best, because not only you could predict movements but u could also copy techniques and the best part is it dont damage u unless to got mangekyu sharingan then ul be blind lol… Well thats just what i think…

  14. I agree to a degree, I think the Rin’negan is the best out of the three and I have to admit the sharingan is next then the byakugan.

    I love the byakugan but we have to remember we havent seen the full extent to it’s power I mean maybe there is a next step to the byakugan just like the sharingan!

    The sharingan is a kick ass doujutsu as was shown with Itachi, and the ability to control the nine tails I do hate the fact that it is made to be the strongest which is not the case if it were matched with the Rin’negan.

    But with the Rin’negan it is the ultimate doujutsu it can control life and death and not to mention all 5 elements and the six path techniques and the huge amount of chakra they are able to use.

  15. @hokage-sama

    well thats just what nagato did, we all saw nagato was able to use all of his techniques in his real body

    the only backdraw to the rinnegan is that if you use the most powerful techniques (seen so far) then it ages you more quickly…but thats the only backdraw, and it PALES in comparison with the enourmous amount of powers gained with it….gravity, life and death, invicible summonings, chakra absorbtion, powerful tajutsu…etc..

  16. “Kidomaru just got lucky that his weapons r so skinny” his arrows seem to be about the same size as Kunai, but even if they aren’t, plenty of ninja use kunai needles, ex. Haku (Ice needles), Shizune (Poisoned), Sasuke (enfused with lightning chakra), Anko, ect. the byakugan also seems to split the users perception, because it has been shown to see through rock, but neji didn’t see naruto, and he also missed the final bird, Hinata’s battles haven’t really been first person enough to show if this is just Neji or a trend of all Hyuga.

    Anyway, I think the Renningan is the most powerfull doujutsu, but I would want to have the Sharingan if I could have any because one, I don’t want to become Timmy from south park and two, I think it fits my personality the best.

  17. yeah, i agree, the rinnegan is (so far) the most powerful doujutsu. but we haven’t seen madara’s abilities. we’ve seen so far what a normal sharingan and a mangekyo sharingan are capable of. but i wonder what an eternal mangekyo sharingan can do. madara can dodge (if you can call it dodge) every attack you throw at him, making the rinnegan and all it’s technique useless, not to mention his teleportation jutsu (?) and how he avoided getting burned by sasuke’s amaterasu. that’s all we’ve seen so far from an EMS user.

    although i’m not a sharingan fan, it’s a bit too early to classify the rinnegan as the most powerful doujutsu. we have to see the sharingan’s true power.

  18. nice blog!!
    i too chose rinnegan as the most powerful.
    but my grouse is, why was byakugan made to look so weak compared to sharingan. we know that sharingan comes from byakugan who in turn comes from rinnegan.

    but to make byakugan look so weak is like a huge injustice. at least make byakugan equal to sharingan; not so much weaker!! byakugan only relies on taijutsu.

    so i hope kishi-sensei will at least power-up a bit of the byakugan. we’ve seen the sharingan evolved too much that it’s not fair!!

  19. anyways, sorry it’s been a whole day since my last comment, family stuff. about my last comment, i still think Byakugan is weakest, but i just don’t think it’s as weak as kisu made it sound, and yes kisu, U Nin games do exdgerate the characters, but not to the point that it’s immpossible. really the least likly things r that Sharingan can copy every element in UN1-3 and UN Heroes 1+2, it’s easy to recover chakra and that the ultimate jutsus hardly ever take place in the same battle feild as the rest of the fight. but other than that, the attacks r fairly realistic (as far as the show goes).

  20. Here I go again with the unpopular opinions… but I don’t think the Byakugan was under-rated in this post.

    While many complain about the fact that the Sharingan is portrayed as the strongest, the portrayal that is given by Kishi is all we have to go on here. The Byakugan has been shown to be very effective in tai justsu and tracking, but that is pretty much it. Also, I don’t think the blind spot is why Kidomaru had an advantage against Neji. He had an advantage that all mid and long range fighters will have against Byakugan users. If any Byakugan user cannot get close to their opponent then their gentle fist is completely useless. In order to become a more well-rounded-ninja the Byakugan users need to learn an element in order to gain long range jutsu or bring a team mate. Any gentle fist fighter will have an incredibly tough time against a long range fighter if they cannot close the distance quickly.

    The Sharingan was probably over-rated a little bit. It does have the ability to notice what jutsu is real and what is fake. It can see barriers and keep up with high speed movements, but even this has a flaw (and it was shown back in the chuunin exams). While the Sharingan can see all these things, the user has to be able to move quickly enough to keep up with their sight. Just because you can see a flashlight emitting beams of light does not mean you can move at light speed. In the aspects of genjutsu it is beatable if you have two or more ninja against it until you upgrade to the mangekyo stage. The mangekyo level offers great power in battle, but at more than just a risk to your life and chakra. Even in an Uchiha body it is an incredible strain on the body during the battle. The techniques of the mangekyo sharingan will cause you to loose a battle if you do not defeat all of your opponents quickly. Its just like the kao ken from DBZ. A huge boost in power, but a great (even deadly) strain on your body.

    The rin’negan (to be referred to here as ‘rin’) is probably rated pretty accurately. It does afford all the powers you mentioned. I am not sure that Nagato was aged however (unless I missed it being said in a manga chapter), but instead simply drained from all of the chakra use. While Naruto did an excellent job in fighting him, remember that Pein was not in perfect condition when Naruto came on the scene either. He had wasted a ton of chakra reading minds, killing people, and unleashing what must have been an incredible chakra eater jutsu to destroy the whole village. He also had to repair a body or two thanks to Kakashi. I’m not saying we should feel bad for him, but he was not at 100% when Naruto fought him (just like when Itachi fought Sasuke, only to a much lesser extent).

    Overall I think that this was an excellent post and I enjoyed reading it. I’m sorry that this is such a long comment. I’m also sorry its been so long (lots of stuff hapening at work and in real life).

    -pcgnome out

  21. You forget that the rinnegan has another added function, which is similiar to that of the sharingan. Whereas the sharingan offers its user the ability to copy and learn any technique it has seen.

    The rinnegan does this and more, it allowed nagato to master any and all techniques created. If you recall jiraiya said nagato mastered all six elements at the age of ten, most shinobi can only control one or two, the gifted ones maybe three. Nagato mastered all at ten.

    Plus he mastered every technique he saw or learnt. that to me was the most interesting aspect of his rinnegan which is why i believe he was the ultimate ninja, and his death was to me a rather lame move just to push the story on and show naruto’s growth. in fact i dare to say his death occurred rather cheaply (basically suicide, some would call it sacrifice)

    Additionally if he did not lose his legs against hanzo he would have all his powers in one body and it would not age him. The aging/ transormation we saw that occured when he called upon that summon that sucked the souls out of the rain nin and danzo’s black ops is the reason for his change and nothing else. He tried to use a mega jutsu without much experience with it and the side effect was that, or you could say that was the price for using the jutsu without having much control.

    The rinnegan offers its user the ability to master any technique but some techniques are forbidden and come at a cost and if not used appropriately then consequences will have to be dealt with. That was one of the consequences, just like the death god summon that sarutobi used on orochimaru that required his life as tribute. Minato also used a sealing jutsu that required and exchange of sorts.

    With all the powers in one body nagato would have been unstoppable, he would have had the ultimate defenses and offensive techniques, he would use all the diff elements, which is something we did not see him use with the six peins. Finally i think he would know how to achieve immortality, if he has not already learnt that due to the fact that he could already control life and death when he was crippled.

    I guess he really had to die when you look at how uber and awesome he was.

  22. I agree with the people that say the Byakugan is underdeveloped. Kishi is definitely playing favorites again. He introduces the Byakugan and the Hyuga clan as a badass set of people with an even deadlier kekkei genkai, but then he just stop expanding on it and started to focus on the Sharingan. Kishi should introduce a new form of the Byakugan or at least a few super-forbidden techniques.

  23. @kingkav-

    just wanted to point a couple things out to you about the rinnegan

    On the nijutsu, the rinnegan doesnt allow him to copy jutsu, the rinnegan just gives him the ability to USE most any jutsu (besides bloodline traits)..

    oh and nagato never lost his legs in battle, they were just burnt to a certain degree, it didnt impare him battle whatsoever, it just hurt like hell LOL

    and yes using the rinnegan with extreeme amounts of use DOES age him if he uses all the powers in a single body….1.)when nagato summoned the statue, BEFORE ATTACKING, it immediatly aged his body making it wrinkly and stretched thin 2.) during the seige on Konoha, nagato put all his chakra into ONE body…God realm…and konan specificaly said..”nagato dont do this, it will shorten your life span”..which means that whenever nagato uses an UBER powerful attack in any SINGLE body it has ageing affects on HIS body….thats why i think nagato uses six bodies to split his power up…using dead bodies to use his jutsu….its an ingenious way of circumventing most of the undesired side affects…thats the reason he’s in a chakra chair..and he wasnt crippled, his body was just aged from using powerful rinnegan abilities….another expample, when nagato used his Life/death jutsu to revive the villagers, his hair bleached white, and his body looked like it went through a cheese grater….LOL…

    everything else i agree with you on. if the rinnegan didnt have that side affect, i think Nagato would have been unstoppable, but i dont think he could have made himself immortal, or he would have already done it…it makes no sense that he WOULDNT make himself immortal if he could.. lol

    once again, great post kisuzachi

  24. @pcgnome-

    actuallyy it was stated, AND shown a few times in the manga about nagato aging..if you read my comment above that i wrote to kingkav, it wil explain for you

  25. @pcgnome-

    true nagato WAS in a tired condition when he fought naruto

    but naruto was ALSO in a weakened condition…here il explain

    Firstly the most obvious reason, is that naruto had been training for a week relentlesly trying to master the Sage techniques, it was the most arduous training seen in the manga, and naruto was also doing secret training at night, so he had almost no sleep, and no time to rest, he just went straight off to fight the most powerful opponent he’s ever fought (so far)

    another thing….naruto separated his chakra two times for clones to leave at myboukeken mountain to gather sage chakra… which means he was only fighting at about 35% of his full strength when he was fighting nagato…not counting his arduous training sessions with pa toad…..so in conclusion, naruto and nagato were BOTH weakened quite a bit before they started fighting…and naruto was at a disadvantage fighting SIX bodies who each had unique and powerful moves, naruto had a fair fight (if you call fighting six dead bodies with ultimate powers “fair” LOL) , and defeated nagato fairly….it was a fit match :), so naruto problably was fighting nagato in a much weaker condition than nagato was…..thats all i wanted to say, because i hate it when people degrade, and slame on naruto, and just IGNORE is enourmous talent, power, intelligence and skill…

    i garantuee you, saskue should NOT be a match for naruto after this fight, saskue could BARELY handle one akatsuki member, and almost died (three times) in the battle with killerbee, if it wasnt for his teamates…..but anyways i garuentee you, kishi is going to show “favorites” AGAIN and it really irritates me…but o well…

  26. @ Smartass (the real one? … hahahahh)

    i agree with you that both Naruto and Nagato were spent when they fought each other. And that Naruto was at an even greater disadvantage as he had to fight six pains. So i hope his fight with Sasuke won’t be such an ‘evenly-matched’ fight coz it just made Naruto looked as if he’s on the same level as Sasuke.. which he’s not; he’s more than that!!

    Yeah it does look lame that the uber powerful Nagato just succumbs to Naruto and ‘commited suicide’. But that just shows that Nagato is kind by nature and that now that he knows he can leave the searching for peace thingy in Naruto’s hand, he can try to atone for his sins by reviving the Konoha villagers that he killed, and die knowing his dreams were not false at all and that it’s achievable – through the next generation, ie. Naruto.

  27. Seeing how powerful the rinnegan is, it’s only right that it’s not a bloodline trait like byakugan or sharingan.

    imagine a clan that controls the dead. they’ll have a zombie army which oro will be so darn jealous!!

  28. @shykss-

    Lmao..yes im the real one…or am i….(dun dun dun) lol

    im going to hate kishi if he makes it look like naruto and saskue are equal…..no lie.i mean saskue is no doubt strong, but not at naruto’s level anymore, far below it now….regardless of his MS, it wouldnt matter, because saskue can barely use it once without exhausting himself, whilst on naruto’s hand, sage mode (NUff said)…..ms vs sage mode….pretty obvious which one’s going to win…..if its not obvious to those reading this..please go in a corner and get a dull fork, and play with your wrist :P….lol just kiddin

    but im serious, even the most die-hard saskue fans, CANT deny that naruto has surpassed saskue by a landslide now

    all you have to do is think about naruto’s fight with all six peins….something jiryia got pwned in….and tell me…honestly what saskue fan thinks that saskue could have beaten jiryia OR nagato??? be realistic

  29. @shykss-

    well we dont know wether or not its a bloodline trait….all we know is that the sage of six paths used it, and that he problably had heirs, and others from his line of family problably had the genetics to use it…just not the right situation like nagato did

    but who knows, maybe the rinnegan is a spirtual thing of the six way sage.. its anyones guess

    yea nagato was uber strong, no wonder maddara manipulated him, the motherfu*cer tore everyones arse up

  30. Here’s my theory on a Sasuke vs. Naruto fight:

    Genjutsu; Tsukuyomi would be a non-factor in this fight because Naruto has Sage mode as well as the Kyubi. As we saw with Killerbee when Sasuke tried to trap him in Tsukuyomi, his Biju woke him from the Genjutsu http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/413/09/ and http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/413/15/. We also saw that Naruto can sense what’s real and what’s not while he’s in Sage Mode. So Genjutsu wont work.

    Amaterasu; This is Naruto’s area of expertise. Naruto fights almost exclusively with Ninjutsu, and so far, all of Naruto’s jutsu are either A-rank or S-rank and I think the Rasenshuriken should be a match for Amaterasu, more or less.

    Susanoo; Not sure if Sasuke can use it. So far every MS has its own unique jutsus, so it can be assumed that Itachi’s Mangekyou had Susanoo has its special jutsu. IF Sasuke can use it, then Naruto can counter with a summon or something.

    Anyway that’s it for Naruto vs Sasuke. Nagato was waaaaay weaker than his normal when he fought Naruto. Just think how much chakra it takes to sustain those ‘all powerful’ bodies as well as using their jutsus. Then he used a giant Shinra-Tensei which took up a lot of chakra, plus all the fighting before. Naruto was also tired, but remember that Senjutsu gradually heals its user, according to Pa Toad anyway, so Naruto was tired but not to Nagato’s level.

  31. Great blog. I’ve always wanted to see a comparison between the eye techniques. Really enjoyed reading. I’m curious to see though what other powers the Byakugan has. Sasuke and Nagato are obviously more central characters so we need to see more of their development. Neji is a genius who figured out techniques of his Byakugan without being taught. Also, I can understand that genjustus can be related to the eye technique but how are summons related to them?

  32. Welllll what about that annoying kid who was with Raiko one of the legendary swordsmen. His eyes were somewhat good. He could fool the Byakugan by making illusionary shadows. Stop the Byakugan from seeing his chakra. And see through solid objects. And also neji said that raiko was dead and saw his chakra was gone, however the annoying kid could still sense some and knew he was alive. He can also predict movements with his foresight. This kekie genkai should be in here and Byakugan should be forth after this Dojutsu.

    ~~Cursed Hidan comments this from the dear infested area where I curse my REVENGE~~

  33. @cursed hidan: that kid appeared in the filler arc. i guess kisuzachi took in consideration only the doujutsu from the manga (which is better i think).

  34. yup fillers are not counted as they’re not the author’s [ kishi’s ] creation.

  35. @Hidan, I wanted to put in Ranmaru’s kekkei genkai, but it has no name, and it wasn’t fully covered by the anime. That’s why I left out his Kekkei genkai, and notbecause it was a filler. I like most fillers (but I’m starting to hate the current one just because of Yukimaru)

  36. @Kisu. Ha, okay man good reason!. But yeah at least that fool is gone and out of the series forever hopefully… Guren GUren GUren!!.. I wonder how many times he says a place to return too.. somebody should count that. Lol.

    ~~Cursed Hidan comments this from the dear infested area where I curse my REVENGE~~

  37. I think we need to see the dojutsu used in battle against each other to really get a feel

  38. The sharingan and rinnegan are definately the two most powerful in my opinion. The byakugan cant use ninjustsu or genjutsu like the sharingan or rinnegan.
    But i’d really like to see a sharingan rinnegan battle. ^_^

  39. I think the Sharingan is by far the most powerful dojutsu, because if you consider not just the tsukyomi, and the amaterasu, but also the Susano’o with it’s ultimate totsuka sealing blade, and the ultimate mirror shield, it is basically invincibility if you add the non-perishing sharingan that Madara aquired.

  40. @narutard, But if you add the rinnegan’s statue, then it could just take the sharingan user’s soul, which would cancel out Susanoo

  41. @ kisuzachi

    Well if you I’d have to wonder how anyone would get a Mangekyo Sharingan user, using Susano’o and all it’s abilities, inside that cave were the statue is when they have the totsuka and mirror shield. Although I don’t know fully understand all the abilities of the Rinnegan but thats my opinion. (btw I’m Narutard3d, i changed my name)

  42. Also how do you change the picture beside you comments and stuff??? >.<


  44. @ justsum1wholikesnaruto

    First of all, why the caps lock?!?!
    Second, kakashi is not the best example for the strength of a sharingan.

  45. THe rinnegan is obviously the best because it was used by the sage of six paths who CREATED ninjutsu and byakugan is 2nd because it allows you to see chakra points shich together with gentle fist style you can kill an opponent with one strike to the heart and sharingan is just a boost and helps predict movements if a ninja with no great skill has sharingan the boost would do nothing

  46. what the fuck, obviously sharingan is the best of all eyes cause it can get to mangekyou sharingan which lets the user use tsukoyomi, amateratsu, and susanoo (the best genjutsu, the unstopable fire, and the ultimate defense) the only weakness is that it makes the user blind if used too much but it can become eternal like’s madara which. The ones that said that the rinnegan was the best only cause only two people had it, because it was so rare are all wrong cause madara himself said that pein was just his minion and that Sasuke was possibly much at the same level that Pein. So all this proves that the sharingan is the best eye of all times!!! BEAT IT RINNEGAN G”A”ys!!! (just kidding, but i’m still right :P)

  47. oohh and by the way kakashi only lost becasue he isn´t a real uchiha, using the sharingan is like 10 times if it isn´t more tiresome for a not uchiha members like kakashi and Danzo and besides kakashi also has a little bit of chakra and it takes almost all of his chakra to use the mangekyou sharingan (and besides, the sharingan is cooler than all the other two k(()

  48. Pablo, just how messed up are you? The Mangekyou Sharingan can use Ameterasu, Tsukuyomi and Susanoo, but didnt u see the far more powerful techniques Nagato used. Didnt u see the Freaking Chibaku Tensei!? In case u dont know, the chibaku tensei was what created the moon in Naruto, Nagato’s was child’s play. Didnt u see how easily The rinnegan allowed the user to kill, simply by pulling out the victim’s soul. It can even bring people back to life! In fact, it’s the Rinnegan’s summon that allows Akatsuki to have Biju, Gedo Mazu (the statue that stores the Biju). Next time you comment with such overwhelming confidence, ensure that u have ur facts straight!

  49. @ kisu, I totally agree and had danzou been the badass everyone says he is, he wud have sent anbu to take out konan and stole the rinnegan to replace his sharingan.
    The sharingan is renowned for its time/space jutsu and genjutsu which have yet to be fully described, I mean what we know is itachi’s abilities, kakashi’s dimensional rift ability and tobi’s dimensional rift ability to be impervious to physical attack. However, unless sasuke’s mangekyo sharingan which has the most complex design (and therefore the most powerful-read that somewhere) comes out with some new more hectic sasuke specific jutsu then its pretty much completely trumped. However, I wud put my money on itachi or sasuke in a battle vs pein, they were extremely intelligent

  50. I agree the RINNEGAN is the most powerful and it is also the most rare, but EMS grants the user Eternal Life, while the Rinnegan kills the person slowly but surely… Its is also not just the Rinnegan that can control the statue of sealing this, since A) it didn’t dissapear with Naruto and B) Tobi said he would like to merge it with Sasuke.

    I do not agree that because Naruto made 2 Shadow Clones of himself he was fighting at 1/3 of his power, that would mean when he makes 100, each will fight with 1/100 of his strength, and make the shadow clones useless, the original (ie the person) does not get weaker for using shadow clone except the chakra they use to make them, (which for naruto is a none issue), if that was true in the fight with neji naruto would of died when neji found his real body….

    Sasuke being weaker then Naruto, for weeks now I have debated this point for three different reason.

    1) Naruto did not defeat pein by himself he had info from all the shinobi, battle of an unknown ninja is harder then to battle one you know the secrets to. (for example if Naruto thought God Realm Pein was the last Pein he would not of chased for Naguto and he would of still been alive), even Pein himself said if Jiriaya had known his true ability it he would not have been able to beat him, (though he admitted that killing Jiraiya would have been very unlikely had Jiraiya had prior knowledge of his six separate bodies).

    2) Sasuke’s only true test has been, KillerB a person who continually is rivaled with Madara, 4th Muzikage, 1st Hokage etc, A ninja with full control of his Beast, also Sasuke need to get him alive, it is also harder to capture a ninja then kill it, since you cannot use your full force, If Sasuke did not extinguish the Black Flames and saved Karin, the 8 tails would be dead.

    3) Sasuke could at anytime now, use his brothers eyes and if Tobi trusts him he can gain the power of the Statue and even a tailed beast, (that was why he went on the mission to kill KillerB) So the potential that, Sasuke could reach Naruto’s level is possible

  51. Why doesn’t this post show under recent?

  52. oh ok its an old one 🙂

  53. @pei0avenue, I found some holes in your theory.
    1. Sasugay was trying to kill Kirabi, he and his entire team were going full force at kirabi.
    2. Kirabi substituted the Hachibi with a clone made from one of its tentacles, so if the amaterasu wasnt extinguished, there would only have been burnt octopus tail.
    The manga didnt state that EMS grants eternal life, it said it grants an ETERNAL SHARINGAN i.e, one that doesnt go blind. Gedo Mazo is a Rinnegan affiliated ability, I doubt any Sharingan user could summon it. And i have a theory as to why it has yet to disappear, it has something keeping in Akatsuki’s hands, namely the 7 Biju. I doubt it would have just gone poof with them inside it.

  54. Wow… this is an old issue

    @P0A: The Shadow Clone Jutsu is a forbiden technique for precisely that reason, most people WOULD die however I disagree with the 1/3 power arguement for different reasons, because he eventually used those clones and because Senjutsu allowed him to fight above his normal full power at “1/3 power” so was it really “1/3”?

    Kisu. “I doubt it would have just gone poof with them inside it.” it’s a summon, isn’t that Kind of what they do? I think Gedo Mazo is Rinnengan affiliated but now that Madara has seen him summon it and has had contact with it he probably has some measure of control, though he did have to go to “Plan B”

    And besides the point you made about the substitution (which I agree with because it is a proven Amatseru counter-method) Sasuke didn’t stop Amatseru to keep the Hachibi alive but to save Karin.

    Oh and while I love to speculate on what MS powers Sasuke will have, you can’t factor them into his CURRENT strength or the strength of the MS until they are shown.

  55. The piece that “feel” of KillerB was actually cut off by Sasuke, to save Karin a first time. It was not their intentions from the beginning to Kill KillerB since the host must be alive, to do it, they had to resort to that when they saw they were grossly out matched by KillerB’s strength.

  56. Rinnegan was said to be most powerful dojutsu, but i personaly like sharingan the best (has lot of potential and looks very good). Also Madara havent shown his MS full potential so who knows maybe it become other way around.

  57. I don’t beleive that somebody thig that sharingan is better than rinnegan. sharingan is just a few part of rinnegan, xith rinnegan you look like a god. read naruto scan n° 462 and you will see how Tobi explain to Naruto that the Sharingan it’s not better than Rinnegan.

  58. @kisu “Amaterasu; This is Naruto’s area of expertise. Naruto fights almost exclusively with Ninjutsu, and so far, all of Naruto’s jutsu are either A-rank or S-rank and I think the Rasenshuriken should be a match for Amaterasu, more or less.” how more wrong could you be. fire is clearly strong against wind, so naruto would get owned by amaterasu. he’d be able to beat chidori though.

  59. @Danny, that was just something I threw out there. The point is Naruto fights almost exclusively with Ninjutsu, so I’m sure he’ll create a jutsu to beat Amaterasu eventually, perhaps if he learns water?

  60. ok first of all hi, i am one of the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of naruto.
    I am glad that all of like the show that bad just let me say something even tho is not comming yet because we need to keep you all like this .
    and it takes long to draw
    but the strongest eye that you will ever see is narutos you already know he already posses.
    the sharingan,sage ,kyubbi ,rinnegan and naruto son will posses that,plus the byakugan an imagen right now naruto possesing the rinnegan ge can become 1000 person he dont have blind spot and each one of the can use sharingan plus the teleportation jutsu but we not talking about that we talking about the eyes naruto son and naruto both are going to undestroyable have a good day. 🙂

  61. Reningan! hands down!..is the most powerfull eye technique there is..and has the power to use all of Six element..

  62. Nasty eyes Hands down!


  64. NO, NONE EM ARE COOOOL, THE MOONS EYE IS THE BEST!!! go read naruto manga ppl

  65. rinnegan is awesome but the sharingan controls the nine tailed fox which is the strongest of the biju (not including the original 10-tailed jubi) and it alows the user to predict enemy movments and see chakra, which saved sasuke when he fought deidara

  66. I would like to ask a question I thought of while looking back upon this post, can “Shinra-Tensei (push), Bansho-Tenin (pull), Chibaku-Tensei (big moon creator thingy), Ninjutsu Absorption, rip souls out of bodies, summon the giant statue thingy, having dozens f animal summons at your disposal etc” really be considered Renningan abilities? What do they have to do with the eye? They simply seem to be jutsu Pein happens to know, for instance you wouldn’t call the grand fire ball technique a doujutsu simply because most (if not all) sharingan users learn it. Not even chidori, a technique based off of the use of the sharingan (but not limited to it) is considered a doujutsu. So why are the renningan’s?

    Also, I’m hoping Ao will use the byakugan in ways other than the gentle fist namely long-rang techniques that rely on it’s distanced vision. Imagine how deadly it would be to be able to kill some one miles away.

  67. well u see u all r here speaking about @%*%@ .u all speaking about eyes here and no not real ones fake cartoon .hhhmhh pathetic oh comon ppl u all even have friends

    out -_-

  68. Spoiler below
    Really this vote needs to come out after the next weeks installment.

    We find out about how and why the uchia eye came to be, what it came from, and what they were trying to copy when they made it. As well as another serious drawback to it. Also they introduce the bloodline that was trying to be copied and who has it.

  69. i don’t agree on the rinnegan being the best because if the rinnegan was the strongest then pein(nagato) wouldn’t have been beaten by madara’s mangekyo sharingan …
    but the rinnegan is still one of the kewlest eyes.

  70. well the mankeiko sharingan will make u blind but if u can make fuumetsu sharingan(an eternal sharingan that can be obtained by takin the eyes of another sharingan user)

  71. @lang x, where did it ever say Pain and Madara fought? I think i missed that chapter…

  72. o sharigan e o melho olho de todos da os genjutsu que se torna o olho mais poderoso de todos a sua copia o seu pode uchiha sem comparação e o sharingan. alem do mais pode posui o outro segredo do mangekyou sharingan. opresioso

  73. This goes to Mart1 who was talking about Pein abilities not really coming from the Rinnengan, I say we dont really know enough to say that, Maybe having the Rinnengan eyes is the reason he can do all those techniques, just my thought though, I still say its the baddest eyes out there

  74. lol….. all the jutsus were doom bringers.. but sharingan is the coolest there is…. thats my opinion. imagine if you got the a limitless chakra, your susanoo will kick ass!!

  75. yo..Pain & Madara never fought…but they used each other…in madara, Pain can use his plan for peace…in Pain, Madara can collect his bijuu…Pain respects Madara coz the latter is the original leader of Akatsuki…if one wishes to b a good leader 1 must know how to b a good follower…also i cant see any counter to the Soul Absorption thingy escept time-space jutsus…
    we havent seen non-Rinnegan uysers use them so they might b affiliated wd the eye…

  76. @sage of Seven Paths, ur right. Kishi stated that the moves Pain uses are all dojutsu techniques
    @1stmanonmars no Uchiha has chakra even close to Naruto’s so that must be a VERY hypothetical argument.

  77. “Maybe having the Rinnengan eyes is the reason he can do all those techniques, just my thought though, I still say its the baddest eyes out there”- Well we’ve seen most of those jutsu before with the exception of his Gravity powers (though even this we have seen to some degree) and his Revival Jutsu. Given what Izanagi does, I will accept that the Revival jutsu is a doujutsu, but how is gravity?

  78. “Given what Izanagi does, I will accept that the Revival jutsu is a doujutsu, but how is gravity?”-Actually, Mart, to your statement that we’ve seen gravity before, where have we? No-one else has used a gravity technique, or one even merely close in respective. Maybe the Earth Style users, or even Dust like Onoki, but that was AFTER gravity jutsu were revealed by Pein himself.

  79. Oh, and gravity is probably just one of Rinnegan’s powers, since it is the all mighty eye, and since the Sage of Six Paths had the rinnegan, he was able to use the Chibaku Tensei, which is a gravity technique, and then there you have it.

  80. “http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Levitation_Technique” this is a form of gravity manipulation (onoki uses it) so to you comment “but that was AFTER gravity jutsu were revealed by Pein himself” my point is that we have seen other ninja use it. “Oh, and gravity is probably just one of Rinnegan’s powers, since it is the all mighty eye, and since the Sage of Six Paths had the rinnegan, he was able to use the Chibaku Tensei, which is a gravity technique, and then there you have it.” no I don’t have it, so what f the SoS could use it? That doesn’t neccesarily make it unique to him or the renningan, the sage could seal tailed beasts, that doesn’t mean he was the only one who could. I obviously get that you are saying is that the Renningan is related to Gravity Jutsu, but what I am asking is HOW?

  81. “I obviously get that you are saying is that the Renningan is related to Gravity Jutsu, but what I am asking is HOW?”- Becuz Kishi said so (don’t question it, I gave up questioning a lot of things in Naruto already) 8)

  82. Where did he “Say so” I distrust most interviews… is it in a databook or manga chapter?

  83. Well… I can’t choose between the Sharingan and Rinnegan…
    While Sharingan looks way cooler than the Rinnegan is more powerfull than the Sharingan… Although you can’t underestimate Amaterasu, Susanoo, and that hand+eye thingy Danzo used…

  84. Really the main thing thats stopping the sharigan to compete( and maybe be even better) with the rinnegan is its drawbacks. Aslo I think the byaguan is being a little underestimated.

  85. I think the best of all is the Rinnegan because of its raw power and i dont think that the byakugan’s useless because of it’s only used for surveilance. Sharingan’s powers are the total balance of the 2 mentioned above. And I say that Rinnegan has the ability to use all kinds of jutsu like Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu. I dont think that Pain can’t use the Sage jutsu just because Pain Ghost actually turned into a frog statue. The only thing is that Pain is not trained to handle that kind of chakra.

  86. @Mart, Kishi said so in the second fanbook.

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