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Part 3 The Rebirth Of Madara Uchiha

Post Author: Mart (and Kisuzachi)

Madara gets up and starts toward the light, but once again the colors blind him so he takes his headband and uses it to blind fold himself.

As he steps out into the light, Kakuzu makes the remark “Is it that bad? I hope I didn’t go through the trouble of saving you simply to have you be a weakling” and then he thinks to himself “I could always kill him later and after he has announced his survival and then collect the bounty for doing a deed even Hashirama couldn’t.”

Madara replies “Don’t worry, even among the Uchiha, I have always been a quick learner, lets start with the Earth element since you said that was his primary element.”

earth_style_wall3 kisame_4

Kakuzu replies “We are at the bank of the waterfall Hashirama created during your fight, I didn’t have the time nor strength to go very far with all of those bijju nearby waking up at any moment but they have all cleared out long ago.”

Madara thinks to himself “I must have lost control of the Fox along with my Sharingan, he would not have left otherwise.”

A few months later, Kakuzu has successfully taught Madara how to use both the Earth and Water elements. After months of slowly introducing himself to seeing the world with normal, non-Sharingan eyes, Madara has regained his sight, but it is nothing compared to his lost Sharingan which was at the height of its power. He is about to step out into the light for the first time. At first his vision is blurry, but then he realizes that what he is looking at is real, it is a giant statue of Hashirama. He yells to Kakuzu “What the hell is this!?”


Kakuzu emerges from the tunnel and says “Oh that… I was bored while I was training you, so I thought I would make something to commemorate my battle with Hashirama

Madara responds “This is unacceptable, I may not have won the battle, but Hashirama is not the winner, this place should reflect that I will fight him with all my might.” With this he forms a hand sign and in a manner of seconds, creates a perfect likeness of himself on the side opposite of Hashirama.”


Kakuzu exclaims “Incredible. It took weeks to create that statue, and I’m a prodigy in my village” then to himself he thinks “He will definitely have a huge bounty on his head eventually.”

Madara responds “I told you I learned fast.”

With his training complete, Madara calls Kakuzu over. He says “Kakuzu, I thank you for all you have done for me, without you, I would be a dead man, but now it is time for you and I to part until I need you again. I have a plan, first we will use a combination of semi-permenant transformation jutsu and your special ninjutsu to gain huge bounties and then collect on them by “killing you”, once we have enough money, we go to step two, the infiltration of the most ruthless Hidden Village, Kirigakure. With my new skills in water and earth ninjutsu I can use this village to regain control over a few Bijju and, when the time is right, bring the Konoha to it’s knees. I will have no  allegence to Kirigakure, but the illusion will be perfect, It will seem as if I love it more than I once loved my own clan, the best place to destroy the system is from the inside. You can’t some with me though, I’ll be inside, but I will need outside support and when I have to leave, I will eventually need your help. In the mean time, I want you to seek out others like us, who have been abandoned by the “village system” and show them how evil it truly is. I also want you to bring me some of the ninja with the biggest bounties, alive, they will help us acheive our goals. But I am no fool, I don’t expect you to do this for nothing. You will be greatly rewarded once I rule all of the Shinobi world, you will gain wealth and riches beyond your wildest dreams! You will gain a position of great power, and from this position, gaining hearts will be little more than child’s play and money will flow like a river.”

With this, Madara and Kakuzu go their separate ways. For now at least…

121683_kakuzu_5B3_5D uchiha-madara

How will Madara regain the use of his Sharingan? Why did he call himself Tobi? Where did his mask come from? Tune in next time to find out.


16 Responses

  1. Nice blog
    I think he might get his Sharingan from another Uchiha maybe?
    Anyway, wow he did learn it fast…

  2. shhhhhh Dk, dont spoil the future blogs for everyone else, shhhhhh. Keep it on the down low……

  3. very smooth kisu LOL, thats not obvious at all 🙂

  4. @Kisu
    LOL alright man ill keep it low 😉

  5. ok something tells me i just ruined the future posts :D. I’m gonna make a new storyline 😦

  6. I would like to be consulted on that, I think what ever you did ruin was kind of obvious anyway (then again, I thought it up…) and that it is better to have that and the other twist that hasn’t been revealed than some other unnamed thing happen, … 😦 I’m on every once in a while…

  7. I think you guys should have let the Hidden Mists ninjas find him and he was nurse to health and they didn’t know he was from Konoha and maybe he lost his memory and started to bond with everyone in the village and became a hero and then the Mizukage and then he has a huge battle and in that battle he realizes his sharingan and he remembers everything and forms his plan of revenge. He forms his secret organization Akatsuki and you know the rest, I think this plot would have been a whole lot better. Don’t get me wrong I liked your plot too but this was just an idea!

  8. @yellowflash, our plot is very twisted. If you want to get the full grasp of it, ur gonna have to read ALL the pre-Akatsuki blogs; Kakuzu’s, Kisame’s and Madara’s. But even then there would be more questions than answers because the story isnt finished yet lol

  9. madara takes over obito thus the whole tobi thing and before obito died he gave his right eye to kakashi so thats y tobi has only a left eye whole and y he only showed his left eye to sasuke i know u guys already know this and danzo is an uchiha but i wont ruin the whole thing for u =)

  10. @warblood, dude u have to feel like crap now lol. The story has been completed since last week and none of that stuff happened. Nice guess though 😀 lol

  11. i was tryin to trick other ppl y’d u give it away =(
    and were did u find the end it took me forever to find it =/

  12. what episode is this picture in

  13. Hey

    When is the next one going to be released?

  14. @MadaraUchiha, the next one is actually the Tobi series (which has been completed months ago), you can check it out by searching History of Tobi Part 1

  15. again,,, dude ur good at pinpointing info!!!! u hav to write about hidan. he has to get back out of there!!!! maybe zetsu do the job.

  16. madara uchiha es malvado despiadado perro hijueputa caraemonda

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