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The History of Kisame: Part 2: Make A Choice

Post Author: Kisuzachi and Mart

Ok, this continues Kisame’s story. Here’s the first part if you didn’t read it https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2009/04/26/the-history-of-kisame-part-1-the-introduction/. This continues three years after the previous chapter. Also, Kisame is 15 now.

Kiga (the shark): “Well Kisame, it looks like you have survived your three year stay at Chiunabara (Blood Sea). You have also survived the full shark body modification. You are now a shark, inside and out.”

Kisame: “Hehehehe. I have to admit, I could have done without the blue skin though. You guys just added that color to my skin for fun, didn’t you?”

Kiga: “If you were still a boy, I would devour you for such insolence! The reason your skin color is now blue is that now when you fight in water it will be harder for your opponents to see you. You can consider your new color as camouflage, you ungrateful pup!”

Kisame: “Hehehehehe, if you weren’t my master, I would tear you to pieces. Goodbye for now, oh and thanks for the training. The time’s here, the time for me to return to Kirigakure.”

Saying his final goodbyes, Kisame Reverse Summons himself back to Kirigakure. He enters the Village and goes straight to the Mizukage’s office. There he sees his old teammate, Satsujin. He also sees someone unfamiliar.


Kisame: “Bone boy, who’s the kid?”

Satsujin: “I prefer to be ‘Bone boy’ as you put it, than be a walking talking fish!”

Unfamiliar Ninja: “Big bro was right, you two sure like to argue.”

Kisame: “Big bro??? Oh I get it now. Hehehehehe. You’re……….Zabuza, Banjin’s younger brother. What happened to Banjin? Why isn’t he here?”


Mizukage: “Young Banjin is only one of several ninja that died in your three year hiatus from the village. Your father, Kashisame passed as well. He returned after a very difficult mission and was challenged by a young Jonin. As you know, if a Swordsman is challenged, they must accept. Your father did, but in his weakened condition he was easily killed. However you will be glad to know that the moment the Jonin grabbed Samehada, it killed him. As for young Banjin, he failed a very important mission, and Kirigakure does not tolerate failure, so as per the rules of the village, he had to be decapitated for his failure.”

Kisame: “Father died? It’s like the sharks always say, survival of the fittest. Hehehehe! Banjin, that’s rough Zabuza. So, why are you here? You have no formal ninja training after all.

Mizukage: “Actually Kisame, Zabuza did better than all three of you did on your graduation exams. He killed over 100 students 2 years ago. In fact, because of this event we have changed the graduation exam. Killing is no longer a part of it, instead we have adopted the graduation exam of most other villages.

Kisame: “You mean a simple ninja skills test? How boring Hehehehehe.”

Zabuza: “Lord Mizukage forgot to mention that I am being promoted to a Swordsman of the Mist. That‘s why I‘m here, to collect the legendary Beheader Sword. Its previous wielder died from natural reasons.”

Mizukage: “It’s time Kisame. Satsujin has already shown his skill, in fact you’re the only one that hasn’t done so. Your opponent is the last member of the Kasagogyou (Fire Water) clan, a clan famous for their Kekkei Genkai, The Futtoumizu (boiling water).

Kisame leaves the office and goes to the battle area, he confronts his opponent Yakan (Kettle).

Yakan Kasagogyou: “Well, its nice to meet you Kisame Hoshigaki. Too bad you are going to be beheaded after you lose to me. Hahahaha!”

Kisame: “I wouldn’t count on it if I were you. Its obvious that you’re weak, even your name sucks. Hehehehe!

Yakan gets angry and makes a few hand signs, he runs at Kisame and uses a fireball jutsu. Kisame stands his ground and gets hit with the full force of the fireball. Yakan capitalizes and throws explosive tags as well. A large explosion occurs and Yakan is now confident he has won. Suddenly a large shark made of water emerges from underground. It catches Yakan in its mouth.


Kisame: “How do you like my new jutsu. You see, while you were making your big explosions I was creating an underground lake. Hehehehe! Now die! (The shark explodes.) This is entertaining, you survived. Now I get to take your skin off your body, I’m glad that explosion didn’t blow you to pieces.”

Yakan: “I am the last Kasagogyou. There’s no way I’ll lose so easily! You’ve forced me to use my Kekkei Genkai! (Before Yakan finishes his sentence, all the underground water Kisame created shoots up to the surface like a geyser.) The water is now at 100 degrees Celsius. My Kekkei Genkai lets me make water extremely hot! Now your dead!”


Kisame smiles as a water dragon of boiling water forms. The dragon comes at Kisame but he counters by raising the amount of chakra he is putting out. The chakra creates a shield around him and the dragon slams into him with incredible force. He stands uninjured, much to Yakan’s anger. Yakan turns the water into steam and an explosion of steam happens around him, every ninja in the immediate area gets their skin melted off.


Yakan: “Feel my true power!!!! Steam Stream!!!”

Kisame: “I expected more from you, oh well. It looks like another clan is gonna be extinct. Hehehehe!”

The steam makes contact and everything in the direction of Kisame is melted. When the steam finally disappears, Kisame is still standing ( Kisame used a water clone jutsu and created a few clones, who then used a water prison jutsu on him, thus the clones outside were destroyed but Kisame who is inside the prison survives). Kisame uses Water Release: Five Feeding Sharks. The sharks emerge from the boiling water and they engage in a feeding frenzy and Yakan is the meat. With every bite the sharks take, a piece of his skin melts off, this continues until he dies. The Mizukage stops the match and declares Kisame the winner. They leave the battlefield and go back to the Mizukage’s office.

abilities-kisame-waterclone abilities-kisame-5shark

Mizukage: “Now that you have proven yourself, I have a mission for you, Zabuza, Satsujin and Kira (Satsujin’s dad who is also a Swordsman). Also Kisame it’s time I give you and Zabuza your swords; Beheader for Zabuza and Samehada for Kisame. (He gives them the swords)”

6643 arma_samehada1

Satsujin: “I will inform father about the mission, but brief us before I go. I want to save time.”

Kisame: “I hope there’s some action on this mission.”

Zabuza: “You fight inefficiently, you could have killed him much sooner than you did. On this mission we wont be doing any drawn out battles. This is the reason I was given Beheader, because I kill quickly, and there is no faster method of killing than decapitation.”

Mizukage: “Enough talking! On this mission, you will go to the Land of Tea. There you will kill their Daimyo before he makes peace with Konoha. We cannot allow them to get stronger. Those leaf basta*ds!”

Satsujin: “Won’t we encounter trouble from leaf ninja?”

Mizukage: “That is why I’m sending four high level ninja, I.e. you.”

Kisame: “I’m counting on a challenge Hehehehehe!”

The three leave their Kage’s office and head to their homes for rest. The next day they meet at the gates of Kirigakure; Kisame, Zabuza, Satsujin and Kira. They leave running at top speed. After two days they approach the border of the Tea Country.

Kira: “Zabuza, now is the time for your specialty. We don’t want to attract attention by  fighting these weak ninja.”

Zabuza uses his Hidden Mist Jutsu. Once the entire surroundings are covered in mist, he uses his Silent Decapitation Technique (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Silent_Homicide_Technique)to kill every ninja stationed at the border. They died without knowing what was going on as none of them even tried to fight back. Kisame uses his sharks to get rid of all the bodies.

Kisame: “That was boring! Not even a struggle.”

The team enters into the main town of the Tea Country at night with no opposition. They immediately go to the mansion of the Daimyo, only to encounter many leaf ninja.

Kira: “Looks like they planned for our arrival. Zabuza, return to Kirigakure and inform the Mizukage of this development.”

Zabuza: “Yes Kira-sensei!” (Zabuza uses Hidden Mist jutsu to create a distraction so he can escape. He leaves them behind and heads back to Kirigakure.)

After a long, grueling battle, all the Konoha ninja are dead. Satsujin runs into the mansion of the Daimyo. His fathers yells at him for being so careless. After he hears Kira’s voice, he stops. But one of the ‘dead’ ninja makes a hand sign, Kira pushes his son out of the way and a huge explosion happens. Satsujin turns his hand into a spear of bone and kills the leaf ninja, but Kira lays on the ground, barely alive. Satsujin runs over to him and picks him up.

Kira: “I’m going to die, as a parting gift, I confer to you my sword. You are now a swordsman of the Mist *coughs up blood*.”


Satsujin: “*crying* No dad…. Stop talking like that! You….you’ll live…..you’ll live dad.”

Kira dies in his hands. Kisame throws the body of one of the ninjas at Satsujin. The ninja’s body gets filled with kunai.

Satsujin: “Fish man! How did you know that kunais were coming at me and I didn’t?”

Kisame: “I have the smelling of a shark you bonehead, no pun intended.”

They both look into the direction of the thrown kunai. It came from the Daimyo’s mansion, but its too dark to see who threw it. Suddenly glowing red eyes appear. Satsujin as impetuous as ever, and he attacks head on. He falls to the ground as his body is covered in black flames.

eternal-mangekyou-preview 1_amaterasucaracols

Satsujin: “Kisame!!!! Put out the freakin’ fire!!!”

Kisame: “Right…. Water Shockwave jutsu! (The huge volume of water makes contact with the flames, but strangely, the water burns up.) How is this possible?! Looks like I finally have a challenge on my hands. Hehehehehe!”

Satsujin: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I‘ll have to use dad‘s sword. It hardens a Kaguya‘s bones to the ultimate level!” (He tries to harden his bones, but even they start to burn. He dies in the agony.)

Sharingan user: “So, your name is Kisame? I don’t want to fight you. I can see your immense chakra, its monstrous. I want your help. That’s why I killed your teammates, so I can have your full undivided attention. I know Kirigakure ninja don’t think with their hearts like Konoha ninja, but with their brains.

Kisame: “ You have my attention, now tell me what you want.”

Sharingan user: “Yes but allow me to introduce myself first. My name is Madara Uchiha. What I want from you is………your allegiance.

Kisame: “You said it yourself, Kirigakure ninja think with their brains, what’s in it for me?”

Madara: “Power beyond your wildest dreams. The power of the Biju.”

Kisame: “Power huh? I already have power, why should I join you for something like that?”

Madara: “You should join me because you will gain the greatest power of all. The power of a king.”

Kisame: “Hehehehehe!!! Hahahahahaha!!! Fine, I’ll join you, just to see how this plays out. So what do you want me to do?”

Madara: “Simple………Kill the Mizukage and the Daimyo of the Water Country. Oh, I have also killed this Daimyo, you can bring him back to Kirigakure as proof of you succeeding this mission. (He throws the body to Kisame.)

1217201932 madara1

Kisame takes the body and retrieves Satsujin’s sword and then leaves the Tea Country and heads to Kirigakure.

Will Kisame carry out Tobi’s plan? How will the Mizukage react to losing two of his best ninja? Tune in next time to find out.


11 Responses

  1. GJ kisu and mart but i thaught all of the swordsmen combined their power to kill the mizukage so why did one of them die?

  2. Cool blog. Yup he turned evil, poor guy…

  3. there isn’t one set of sevenswordsmen, the swords are passed down when ninja die along with the title…

    Kisame will probably give someone the sword to get their allegance…

  4. Wow amazing just how it should be. perfect!
    Good job dude keep up the work.
    Can’t wait for the next one.

  5. *thumbs up*

  6. great job guys.

    why did the guy who took samehada die? i thought it only prevented ppl from wielding it by sprouting spikes.

    so madara is going to be the mizukage, huh?

    and i didn’t know madara could use amaterasu… did u guys make it up or is it something i just didn’t know? also, those kiri ninja must have been small fry for madara, so why bother using MS? did he use it to show kisame that he had power well beyond his?

    great job, again. can’t wait for the next one.

  7. @BSK, Madara knows all the abilities of the Sharingan. Samehada hurts those who touch if they r unworthy, so y wouldnt it kill a very weak ninja? The EMS was just to let everyone know that he wasnt a regular uchiha.

    Hope i answered ur questions 🙂

  8. kisu, samehada didn’t kill gai, just forced him to let it go. so how did it kill someone who must have been strong enough to challenge a swordsman?

    about madara, does that mean he can use sasuke’s new techs too? not very convincing….

  9. retty good the bone guy died way to fast through

  10. @ BSK, the guy who killed the other Samheada guy challenged him after the swordsman came back from a brutle mission, so he was wiped out and inable to defend himself and then the sword killed the unamed guy; as for the EMS, i think Manadara’s sharingan had access to all sharingan powers except maybe (and i stress maybe) Kakashi’s mini-black hole thingamabobber

  11. Actually FSD, i think Madara can do Kakashi’s Kamui because he has learned ALL the sharingan’s techniques.

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