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Minato Namikaze: Sakumo’s Decision

Post Aurthor: YellowFlash Naruto2

Inside the Earth Country the Feudal Lord Makes his way to his carriage to head to the meeting with the Tsuchikage and the Counsel members when Sakumo, who came inside the Earth Country using his invisible cloak jutsu appears right in front of him.

Feudal Lord: So the Leaf is trying to stop me huh, well, Even if you kill me the Tsuchikage will figure out it was Konoha’s doing and the war will still be fought.

Sakumo: That was was amusing, coming up with some lame excuse for me not to kill you, and I thought Feudal Lords are suppose to be tougher.

Feudal Lord: You won’t make it out of our country alive besides after you kill me our shinobi will be here so fast your head will spin and there is a dead Konoha ninja inside with all the information inside his mind, he’ll get someone to search his brain and find out everything!

Sakumo: Then I better kill you first and get rid of him!

Feudal Lord: You think I’d make it that easy, I sealed away his mind and the only one who can break the seal is the tsuckage himself!

Sakumo: Don’t worry I will have you begging in no time and I’m sure you’ll tell me then!

Sakumo dashes towards the Feudal Lord with his chakra blade when a shinobi intercepts Sakumo’s chakra blade with a sword of his own ( Sakumo thinks how can his sword stop his chakra blade) the shinobi kicks Sakumo sending him back a couple of feet.

Feudal Lord: Nadaru, I never thought you’d show!

Nadaru: I’m not doing this for you I’m doing this for Iwagakure. Go and warn the Tsuchikage, I’ll handle the leaf ninja!

Sakumo: You think I’d let him leave like that you have no idea who I am do you?

Sakumo forms hands, Earth Style: Four Pillar Seal, Four pillars rise from the ground around the Feudal Lord stopping him in his tracks.

Sakumo: If he tries to escape those pillars, my lightning chakra that I forms around those pillars will fry him!

Feudal Lord: Help me, Nadaru!!!

Nadaru: Shut up old man! Just stay right there why I handle this guy.

Sakumo: Oh, yeah just so you know if you try to destroy the pillars it will detonate on it’s own so there.

Nadaru smiles and throws a barrage of shuriken causing Sakumo to dodge them, Sakumo tries to counter attack but the shuriken keeps coming until he realizes what Nadaru is trying to do.

Sakumo: He’s trying to move our fight away from the Feudal Lord, well, he’s falling right into my plan. If we have our fight here it might warn other shinobi and the Tsuchikage that we are here and it could stop our mission so we will have to fight outside of the village.

Nadaru forms hand signs Water Style: Water Boiling Thrust, A wave of hot water forcefully attacks. Sakumo jumps to higher ground and forms more hand signs, Lightning Style: Fists of Rage, lightning chakra forms around his fists and he goes on the attack and pushes the water, the lightning reacts to the water and shoot right for Nadaru. Nadaru is hit by the lightning but it was  clone, Nadaru forms from the water and kicks him to a wall. Sakumo suddenly fades into the wall and then the wall shatters and giant stones fly at Nadaru. Nadaru dodges the rocks but Sakumo appears in the shadow of a giant boulder and punches him with his lightning incased fists through the forest. Now that Sakumo has him out side the village, he decides to end the battle. He runs toward Nadaru at full speed and disappears and appears again by his feet and kicks him in the air, as Nadaru fly into the air Sakumo hit him with a barrage of kicks and punches breaking his bones and causing contusions.  Then he hits him one last time with a strong kick and send in flying into the ground causing a huge crater.

Sakumo: It’s over!

Suddenly Nadaru forms a hand sign and dozens of explosive note tags appear around the entire area.

Nadaru: I planted these tags everywhere just in case you defeated me when you punched me into the forest,… Now when they go off everyone will know you are here and your plans will be for nothing!

Sakumo: I have to stop him!

Nadaru activates the tags and they explode causing a loud shock wave.

Sakumo: I only have a couple of minutes to kill the Feudal Lord!

Sakumo is about to finish him off when the Earth Shinobi appears with the Anbu Black Ops tied up.

Earth Ninja: Who are you? These ninja weren’t wearing any information so who are you? If you don’t tell us they will die!

Sakumo realizes he is almost out of chakra and he has two options he could save his comrades and escape or he could kill the Feudal Lord and be wiped out anyway and war will still break out either way because of the dead Konoha Spy inside the Feudal Lords house.

Anbu Black Ops Agent: Don’t worry about us, kill the Feudal Lord now!

Sakumo: It’s not that simple, either way there will be another war, a war that would kill countless of innocent people. So we lose in every situation, it would be smart to save our lives and fight to save our village another way, but easier said than done, I don’t have that much chakra left to fight these ninja and there are more coming so I guess I ‘ll have to get us out of here!

Sakumo throws smoke bombs and uses the cover to use Fire Style: Great Fire Ball jutsu, a great explosion is cause and Sakumo grabs the unconscious Anbu Agent and disperses. As they try to escape the Anbu Agent awakens and tries to go back to fight and yells at Sakumo for leaving, not understanding the situation. Sakumo, angry and feeling guilty knocks the Anbu Agent unconscious and wants again heads back to Konoha.

A few days later they make it back to the Leaf and reports back to the Third.

Third: So you failed the mission?

Sakumo: ( With his head down) Yes, Hokage-sama.

Third: I’ve heard from the Tsuchikage and he is raging war against the Fire Country,.. for now, I’ve sent shinobi to secure the borders from any attacks.

Sakumo: (Falls to his knees, as tears fall from his face) I’m sorry Lord Hokage I fail you and the entire Fire Country.

Third: I’ve watch you grow from a boy to a great shinobi, don’t apologize, I will never be disappointed in you, I’m just glad your okay!

Sakumo: Thank you Lord Hokage-Sama!

Third: Please go and rest, you must be tired.

Sakumo leaves the office and the Hokage watches him as he walks away and turns around strongly balling his fist in frustration.

Minato is walking through the village with Kushina.

Minato: So your back from your mission huh?

Kushina: Yeah, it was a huge success.

Minato: That’s nice, I have some news.

Kushina: What?! What?!

Minato: The Hokage has finally given me Jonin responsibilities, I have to become a teacher to three genin and even help out with Anbu, I’ll be assigned my new team in a few days.

Kushina: That’s great! But why aren’t you smiling?, I mean that’s a shinobi’s dream to be an elite like you.

Minato: I guess I never thought I was the type of ninja to teacher some kids, I guess it’s because their lives will be in my hands and its hard as it is have experienced ninjas lives in my hands on a squad in a mission being their leader and now I’ll have to protect inexperience little brats. I don’t mean to sound arrogant but as a squad leader I have a duty to make sure my squad isn’t wiped out but at least they can take care of themselves.

Kushina: (Laughing) Sorry for laughing Minato but seeing you like this is a surprise. I mean most of the time your so calm and collected and strong that I never thought you could have fears of your own. You are strong,smart, and wise and have a lot to pass on to the next generation, I mean it wasn’t that long ago you were their age so you will be a great teacher, I guess no one ever realizes the danger of being a squad leader and some how I know you are the best person for the job. Especially after everything that is going on we need more shinobi like you.

Minato: What’s going on?

Kushina: Oh, I thought you knew I heard about it when we were reporting in from our mission.

Minato: Heard what Kushina?

Kushina: Heard that Sakumo failed his mission to the Earth Country and now we are at war with the Iwagakure.

Minato: What?! This could be a start of another great ninja war!

Minato says goodbye and dashes off somewhere!

Sakumo is now walking through the village while everyone looks at him with anger and disgust. Pretending not to notice he puts his head down and continues to walk, villagers starts to throw trash at him but Sakumo stills ignores them. One of the teenagers picks up a brick and throws it at him and suddenly Minato catches the brick and crushes it with his bare hands.

Minato: I suggest you go home and learn some respect or I’ll personally teach you some!

Sakumo: (Turns and says) No Minato I deserve it. ( He then turns around and silently walks away)

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