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Legacy Chapter 1

Hey i’m new shannaro contributor and have red several posts in past while never really participating with them until now. Any who i had a crazy thought one day or (meaning 2 days ago) about an original Fanfiction series which i bring to you now

-Feed-back would be nice as a new poster

This is a series called Naruto Legacy, it takes place approximately 55 years from the defeat of negato with konoha and the naruto world different than ever before. The series follows a young teenager named Jet Uchiha with a complex state of mind and features several themes from the shadow of one generation to another or kishimoto type ideals such as purpose, anyways enjoy the story

CHANGES-examples of changes since naruto 55 years ago

Industrialization- 35 years ago an great war emerged in the shinobi world after the conclusion of 20 years of world peace from naruto’s actions against madara. During that time nations conquered territories, had alliances and entered what was known as thier imperial eras. Nations would reinforce thier main villages with iron and steel. They had engineers constructing all sorts of transportation devices. Which then resulted in the development of special explosives and armosr activated and controlled by chakra. To which an new profession known as siege-nin emerged and most importantly advanced the art of ninja combat

Clans-Ever since madara’s defeat and world peace, there has been restorations of many clans as well as introduction of those from a forgien continent. However since the great war, many clans have been obliterated by massive ninja attacks. Leaving only the most powerful to exist with thier affiliated nation taking measures to ensure that. These are some clans in konoha

Archevist Clan-An foreign clan from a different continent with the unique ability of metal style kek genkai through thier exceptional skills with both lighting and earth jutsus

Luna clan– Another forgien clan with the unique ability to transform themselves into different animals and acquiring superhuman abilities

Uchiha clan-An clan that has existed since konoha’s beginning with the unique abilities of the sharingan

Nara Clan-Known for thier achievements in medical ninjtu, siegecraft and unique shadow manipulation

Tsunada– An clan with origins to the land of water, praised for its variety in different kek genkai

Namikaze clan– An rare clan with little members though most of thier ninja usually become atleast jhonin for thier affinity to the time/space jutsus

Character bios

NAME: Jet Uchiha
AFFILATION: Konoha district
AGE: 16-17
NATURE : lighting(affinity) wind
HIEGHT: 69 inches
SPECIALIZATION: Offensive ninjutsu

RANK: Jhonin

Jet has always been considered a prodigy among the uhiha clan and konoha in general as well as being the protagonist of the story. He’s a genius in the ninja arts, having mastered several high rank jutsu and manipulating them to his own advantages. Jet has considerable chakra. Higher than any other living uhiha and estimated to be three times that of average. Though his greatest recognition comes from being the only child of Sin Uhiha, Konoha’s bringer Oblivion. An uhiha of such mastery in ninjutsu that he had entire cities engulfed in the fierces blaze single handily and considered to be one of the most powerful ninja of his generation. His Great power is accompanied by a awful blood thirst that earned him the nick name oblivion. Jet was highly influenced by his father during his childhood and acquired a gloomy attitude in his adolescence

NAME: Sonja Uchiha
AFFILATION: Konoha district
AGE: 17
NATURE: Fire Affinity)
HIEGHT: 64 inches
Rank: Chunin

Sonja is a promising member of the uhiha clan, as a young child she had kind parents who were murdered by stone ninja. This grievened her greatly and she became constantly isolated and upset. Though this astonishly changed when she met Jet uhiha in the Chunin exam age 11. She noticed his eyes and remarked on how he appears to have endured much pain, greather than her own. One that seems unbearable and yet he also has an ambition that keeps him bounded to this earth. As time progressed she began to understand Jet a little more and became a good friend to him. This friendship allowed Sonja to be social again and gave her some reinforcement to continue her ninja arts and dramatically change in character or rather what it was before her parent died

NAME: Sukaze Tsunada
AFFILATION: Konoha District
AGE: 18
Blood TYPE: B
NATURE: water
SPECIALIZATION: Offensive ninjutsu
Rank: Chunin

An tall slander adolescent with a energetic personality and constant Desire to challenge others especially while being observed by women. He is the teammate of Jet from their time as genin to chunin and considers him to be his ultimate rival. He is known to be perverted using his mastery of water ninjutsu to gaze at nude women through puddles. which is actually only a small demonstration of his incredible affinity for water. He is capable of performing jutsu beyond the rank of a chunin rapidly, flawlessly and furiously. He can also be considered a genius with how advance his ninjutsu actually is, challenging that of jet himself.

Jet Uhiha returns from a mission to the eastern gates of konoha, there he is to have a conference in the Hokage’s office but is greeted by a yound genin name Mar on his way. He has a conversation with Mar admiring being admired by him always when Sonja suddently appear. There she speaks to the two and asks about jet’s mission. In which Mar later responds with jet being the strongest uhiha of his generation. To which Jet glooms in discomfort and finishes his conversation. As he departs Mar asks Sonja the reason for jet always behaving this way when hearing those words to which she promptly explain that jet is related Sin Uhiha. In the next scene Sukaze challenges jet to a duel after he concludes his conference with the hokage. There Jet sighs and agrees to which they battle in a forest.

Mar: (In a cheerful manner) hey jet…Jet!

Jet: hmm…o hello Mar

Mar: Jet did you finish your mission

Jet: yes I completed it a while ago and I’m heading towards the hokage’s office

Mar: Cool, what kind of mission was it

Jet: A rank, the assassination of several ninja threaten a feudal lords kingdom

Mar: Really..Awesome!…hey Jet do you think I’ll be assigned those type of mission now that I’m a ninja

Jet: (Smiles) Well Mar you first need to pass the chunin exams before even getting assigned B rank missions

Mar: (Smiles enthusiastically) Ha, the Chunin exams are 3 months from now but it will probably be a piece of cake

Jet: (Smiles and closes eyes) don’t underestimate it the most powerful konoha gennins will be present there

Mar: (laughs) well I’m the most powerful of them all

(A figure appears behind Mar and a familiar voice emanates from it

Sonja: (In a friendly tone) Well if it isn’t the little Genin and the handsome uchiha

Mar: (Yells) Hey I’m not little anymore

Jet: Sonja it’s great to see you again

Sonja: (smiles) finished that misson have you

Jet: Yes im heading towards the hokage’s office right now to confirm it

Sonja: Well after that if you have time jet lets watch a movie or something

Jet: (Smiles) of course

Mar: (Devilish expression on his face) The strongest uchiha’s going on a date huh

(Jet Frowns and his eyes descend to the ground. Mar stares suprized)

Sonja: (slightly worried expression): Well jet You should be off to the hokage’s office now

Jet: umm…yes

(Jet departs)

Mar: Sonja why does jet always react this way when people call him the strongest uchiha, he technically is isn’t he.

Sonja: (eyes unfocused) Well it’s a long story and I shouldn’t really be telling this to you but.. have you ever heard of konoha’s bringer of oblivion.

Mar: (uncomfortable expression on his face) yes.. my father talks of him all the time. I was told that he was the greatest ninja during his time, that…he could even intimidate fear itself

Sonja: (Depressed Expression) Well that man was jet’s father

Mar: (shocked) what….wha….seriously

Sonja: Yes jet has many emotions in regards to his father some that I don’t even understand but…

(Scene changes to jet staring at the sky while walking)

Flash Back

Sin Uhiha: (Towards jet) My son look at it, do see the destruction, the power!

Jet: (Gasping in fear as he stare at the burned village and yet strangely feels slightly excited)

(Random child emerges from debre and is in tears at the sight of his parents distraught in the ash)

Sin Uhiha: Jet take my shuriken and kill that boy

Jet(tearing): Fathh…..fatherr no I can’t

Sin Uhiha:(Calm voice) Yes you can jet it is the bloodlust inside of you, the power in your veins ready to be activated, that you can not deny.

Another flashback

(Sin is performing a ninjutsu towards some ninja, jet is hidden in a tree 10 feet away. An camouflaged ninja appear from another tree with a blade directed towards jet’s heart only for it to be intercepted by Sin’s shoulder instantly stabing him. Sin stares directly at the ninja and smiles sinisterly at him from being paralyzed by only a glance as Sin wraps a chain around him which incinerates burning his skin completely)

Last flashback

Jet(crying): Father!!

Sin: It appears this is the end of my existence son(coughing)..jet don’t cry this is the ninja way of death. Glance around yourself look at all the havoc I caused, the people I brutally murdered. This is strength, strength is the only fathomable reason to exist in this life.(Coughing) To grasp for power, to destroy, to create to have a purpose. Son through your eyes, (Gasping) through it I can feel your abundance in kindness and I can also fell the anger trapped in you. Channel that anger, do not fear it as it will grant you strength, do this and perhaps your power will someday exceed my own, jet this is my death wish.

Return to the present

(Jet has finished his talk with the hokage and is greeted by sukaze, who urges and eventually convinces jet

to battle him in a forest)

(Sukaze begins concentrating chakra to his arms for it form liquid tentacles, he then directs the tentacles to his sides were he shouts)

Sukaze: Water style: water replication jutsu”, after studying shadow and water clones I finally perfected my jutsu jet”.

(The replications have tentacles of water emerging from their arms and simultaneously attacks Jet)

(Jet easily evades and performs 3 hand signs

Jet: Lighting style: electrical votage jutsu

(all the replications are zapped with electricity and all disperse with sukaze that preformed the replications becoming wooden log)

(From the ground Sukaze appears behind Jet only to be kicked in the stomach by him)

Jet: I told you several times before my sharingan can detect you even from underground

Sukaze: well Can your sharingan (gets interrupted)

Jet: yes it can also see the replication from mid air (Strifes left and upwards kicks a clone attempling to attack from the air) (Sighs) alright sukaze I know you been planning this when we arrive here disperse your two clones already and come out.

(The real sukaze emerging from another hole behind jet to which jet sigh again and does a backhand slam on sukaze’s face to which he falls to the ground with a comical expression on his face)


Friendship:Sai or Sasuke

IrukaNo16Dude-1.jpg picture by theiruka Post Author: Iruka

Friends are very important in life. We need them for support at times or for just hanging out. Some friends are better then others. Other friends are just cool to hang around with. In the Naruto world there are many characters that would be good friends or not. Lets take a look at Sasuke and Sai.

Sasuke is pretty cool to hang around with. He has that aura around him. In real life Sasuke would not be a good friend. He is selfish, arrogant and all he cares about is revenge. For Naruto, in my opinion Sasuke was a terrible friend. Sasuke was always arrogant towards Naruto. He thought that he was better then everyone. I will give Sasuke some credit. He was a good partner for Naruto. He became a rival for Naruto. Naruto wanted to show Sasuke he wasn’t weak so he worked hard to try and keep up with Sasuke. When Naruto finally started to show great improvements as a ninja, Sasuke became jealous. He no longer was the top dog any more. Sasuke also deserted his friends and colleagues to go to Orochimaru for power. What kind of friend deserts their team for their own personal goals. Sasuke even wanted and attempted to kill Naruto. As you see Sasuke was not a good friend to Naruto. Sasuke is arrogant, self centered, power hungry and is a jealous person.

sasuke.jpg naruto and sasuke image by cup09_bucket

Sasuke did have a troubled past. His family was murdered as well as the entire Uchiha clan. Being born as a younger son to a prodigy like Itachi didn’t help. It is hard to live in someone’s shadows. Also being an Uchiha carries a certain tole on a person. You have to live up to the clan standard and such. Many Konoha villagers had high standards for a member of the Uchiha clan. Still this is no excuse for the way Sasuke treated Naruto and team 7.

IMGLXFFN6CMCD.jpg Brother! image by sekool1412

Now it is time to talk about Sai. When I first was introduced to Sai, I couldn’t stand the guy. Always running his mouth and such. His outfit to was terrible. Sai would say the wrong things to the wrong people. He seemed to care about himself and his mission to kill Sasuke. Sai even attacked Naruto. After some time with Naruto, Sai changed. The change was for the better. Sai wanted to learn about bonds. He even was willing to protect Naruto from Sasuke so he could have a bond. Sai became a friend for Naruto and fought for Naruto’s beliefs. That is what a friend is suppose to do. Still Sai at times seems awkward. He is socially retarded. Given time and help from Naruto, Sakura and the rest of the gang Sai will learn social skills. To me Sai is a good friend to have. Given time, Sai will learn to be cool.

sai.jpg sai image by princeyuki0313

Due to Sai’s upbringing, he became isolated. Through his training he learned to be unemotional. As a member of root, Sai was taught emotions and friendship are no good. Sai had to learn from a book how to interact with other people. This didn’t let Sai from learning what a bond/friendship is. Naruto showed him what a friend would do to help another person out. Once seeing this, Sai wanted friends. He will do anything to help Naruto out. That is a true friend.

team704b.jpg yamato sai sakura naruto image by sesshoumarulover

I have shown you the readers two figures that Naruto claims to be friends with. Personally I think Sai is a better friend to Naruto. He maybe awkward to be around at times, but he would not turn his back to you. Sasuke is cooler then Sai, but he is selfish,arrogant and a whole lot of other things. You people choose who is a better friend.

sainarutosasuke.jpg sai, sasuke, naruto image by karinkr696

Team_7_Reunited_by_cutemew.jpg naruto sasuke sakura sai image by oksi-chan

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Iruka out.