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Part 2: The Death of Madara Uchiha

Authors: Mart1 and Kisutachi

Madara awakens several days later, tied to a rock by several chakra strings so that he can’t sit up. To himself, Madara thinks “What happened? I was battling Hirashima, losing, about to die, lying on that rock slab and then? I could have sworn I was dead…” He looks around and tries to move. His struggling however, sets off a reaction among the strings however that was designed to alert Kakuzu’s wind monster who immediately takes off and flies to Kakuzu’s location. Kakuzu races back and says to Madara “You have been betrayed by your own creation, your “village system” has abandoned you, even your own kin have disowned you because you were a threat to their prosperity.”

Madara blinks and thinks to himself “Who is this fool? And what is he talking about? I left the village after my plot with Takigakure was discovered and then…”

Kakuzu continues “It just goes to show, only utility is valuable and the only proof of that value is money, nothing else matters.”

Madara blinks again and thinks “What is going on?”

Kakuzu is still speaking… “I brought you back to life, but you are still healing, I had to give you a new heart, a new arm, and some other minor wounds, you need to be careful, I am no medical ninja, I learned the basic techniques I used to save you only a few days ago, and I had to improvise to adapt them to the situation. I have no idea if they will reject you or not once I leave them alone. Kakuzu finishes and Madara blinks a third time.

Then Madara thinks “So that is how I survived.”

Then Madara realizes “My sight! My sight! My Sharingan isn’t active, for the first time since it was awakened so long ago, I can’t tell if this fool is lying or if he is a true believer of the nonsense he is speaking, I can’t tell what elements he has, or see the flow of chakra within him, the lack of focus is almost blinding compared to the depth with which I once saw. Another thing was different, colors are much sharper, more vibrant, even in the cave, the light that shines from outside is a terrible burden on my retina.” any lesser man might have cried at the terrible loss, but Madara was instantly in control, not even a flicker of despair crossed his face. Until he calculated a plan based on what little knowledge he had.

Madara wonder aloud “Just how weak am I? What exactly did you do to me and why has it caused me this to happen?”

Kakuzu starts to explain his jutsu “Look at your arm, those strings are also in and around your heart. The jutsu I have used to save you is a forbidden jutsu from Takigakure. It transplants the heart of a ninja into another so that that ninja can use the transplanted heart in place of their own, allowing them to extend their life as well as use the chakra of the original owner of the heart. Your heart I took from a Senju I recently killed who used primarily the earth element, I figured that it would have the best chance of compatibility with my strings because they are based off of the earth element.”

Madara takes a while to respond, he says “That explains it then, my old heart allowed me to control the Fire and Wind elements and I was beginning to learn the Lightning element, I have no elements in common with the Senju elements of Water, Earth and Wood. As the Senju blood infiltrates my body, it mixes with that of the Uchiha, and the two most powerful Kekkai Genkai fight for dominance. Their war has not come without casualties, I do not yet know the extent of my weakness, but I have lost most of the use of my Sharingan and the Uchiha heritage, even as I sit here talking to you, I have been trying to use the most basic of wind and fire jutsu and even that is denied to me. Eventually this can be remedied of course, but I will need the heart of an Uchiha who also possesses at least the earth element and this is not a common thing, the Uchiha blood is so predisposed against the earth element that I know of only one who has been able to use it and he died long ago.”

Kakuzu then says “My Jutsu will allow you to use the elements of the original owner of the heart. If you can’t use fire or wind, then you should learn other elements, luckily, I am an earth element prodigy, and I have recently acquired access to the other elements as well. I can teach you to use both the Water and Earth element, and while you no longer have your Sharingan, you might be able to use the hand signs you saw Hirashima use to access the wood element that was once denied to you. Come it is time to emerge into the light once again.” With that, the strings that Kakuzu used to bind him down fall off and free him.

Madara Thinks to himself “I am weak, I need him, for now, lets see where this leads.” He then gets up and starts toward the light, but once again the colors blind him…