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The History of Kisame: Part 1: The Introduction

Post Author: Martuzachi (Mart and Kisuzachi)

This continues  the Akatsuki background blogs I’ve been doing. This one chronicles Kisame’s life before Akatsuki. This story takes place 17 years before the start of Naruto part 1, and Kisame is 12 years old.

Classmate: “I will kill you Kisame! I will become a real ninja instead of being a student!”

Kisame: “You wont beat me, hehehehe. I am a Hoshigaki, remember?”

He runs at Kisame and uses a clone jutsu (Genin level version). All three clones run at Kisame with their kunais extended. Kisame stands still, laughing. The first clone reaches and pushes the kunai through Kisame, but Kisame doesn’t flinch as the clone is just an illusion. He extends his hand to the second clone and grabs its throat, it’s the real one! The third clone disappears.

Kisame: “Now its time to die! Hehehehe!

Classmate: “How did you know it was the real me?!”

Kisame: “Like I said before, I’m a Hoshigaki.”

He tightens his grip and crushes his opponent’s throat. His classmate dies.

Teacher Shihyou: “Kisame Hoshigaki wins! That concludes the graduation exam! Now its time to assign you to your individual squads. The three of you that scored the highest on the test, that is, the three among you that killed your opponent fastest are; Kisame Hoshigaki, Satsujin Kaguya, Banjin Momochi.

Student: “Sensei Shihyou! Shouldn’t you pair us so that the weak and the strong end up on the same team, as a method to balance the power of each individual group?”

Shihyou: “That does not happen in Kirigakure young one. We put the weak together so they can be easy pickings for the other teams. This will encourage the weak to become strong! If we did it how you suggest, the weak members of a team would hinder the strong ones and thus growth would be impossible. Do you understand?”

Student: “Yes sensei!”

Shihyou: “Kisame, Banjin and Satsujin, you three may leave. We are going to assign the rest of your classmates to a squad.”

Kisame: “Sensei, cant I change partners? I hate that dumb bone kid!”

Satsujin: “The feeling’s mutual fish-boy!”

Banjin: “Please ignore these two sensei.”

Shihyou: “I wouldn’t change this team anyway. The constant turmoil on the team will only serve to make you stronger. Hahahahahaha!”

The three leave the academy and head to their individual homes. Kisame arrives home.

Kashisame: “My son, it seems you are now officially a Genin. I’m very proud of you.”

Kisame: “C’mon dad, you know I don’t like the sappy lovey-dovey stuff. Anyway, I’m a ninja now, so its time you taught me the family summon.”

Kashisame: “Oh yeah, I promised you I would teach you didn’t I? Okay (he takes out a large scroll) sign this scroll with your blood.”

Kisame: “I already know dad.”

He signs the scroll with his blood. He does five hand signs and hit’s the ground with his palm.


Kashisame: “Wow! You summoned a full grown shark on your fist attempt! You really are the best of the Hoshigaki clan. I know you will become a ‘Swordsman of Mist’ like your old man. But there’s one problem, you summoned a shark where there’s no water. (He quickly uses a Water Prison Jutsu).”

Kiga (the shark): “You dumb brat! Why would you summon me where there is no water?! Kashisame-sama! You know what must happen now, right?”

Kashisame: “I am completely aware. I’ll leave Kisame’s development to you and the shark clan.”

Kisame: “Father what are you two talking about?”

Kashisame: “Whenever you summon your first shark, you must go to  the land of the sharks (Blood Sea) for a period of  3 years.”

Kisame: “What happens there?”

Kiga: “You will be trained! You will be pushed to your limits and pass them. You will enter as a man and leave as a shark!”

Kashisame: “I will inform the Mizukage that your team wont be active for the next three years.”

Kisame: “Can you do that dad? Wont he get upset?”

Kashisame: “Kisame, I wield Samehada which means I am a Swordsman of the Mist, I can do whatever I want. Now I will reverse summon you to Blood Sea, where you will truly become a Hoshigaki! (He reverse summons Kisame and Richter) Goodbye my son, become strong.”

Meanwhile at Satsujin’s house……

Satsujin: “Father, I’m home!”

A bone fires from a corner of the room. Satsujin grabs it in mid-air and throws it at where it came from. The thing that originally threw the bone jumps out from the shadows with a large sword. The thing slashes Satsujin, but it gets stuck in Satsujin’s collar bone.

Satsujin: “Enough playing dad. You cant get me like that anymore, I’m a Genin now.”

Kira: “You have become truly strong my son! But now the true training begins!”

Satsujin: “I know dad. The best Genin team gets three years off to train, but if after the three years the members’ powers aren’t up to snuff, they get beheaded.”

Kira: “As a Swordsman of the Mist, I cant let that happen to my son. Hahahahahaha! You will be trained hard! You will be trained the Kaguya way!”

Meanwhile at Banjin’s house…….

Banjin: “Little bro, where are you?”

Zabuza: “I’m not little anymore, I’m nine years old now!”

Banjin: “(He says it while laughing) Okay big man. Seriously bro, you always crack me up!”

Zabuza: “You’re on the best team aren’t you big bro.”

Banjin: “Yes I am actually. This means I’ll have to train for three years though.”

Zabuza: “Can I join the Academy next year bro?”

Banjin: “Absolutely not! I had to kill my best friend today! I don’t want you to face that pain. After our parents died I promised I would protect you. If I lose you I don’t know what I would do.”

Zabuza: “I hate when you do that!”

How will Kisame’s, Banjin’s and Satsujin’s training turn out? If you want to see, tune in next time. (Ps. sorry for the lack of pictures)


31 Responses

  1. Great post keep it up, dont take so long to write the next one.

  2. i thought it was kinda funny to see Kisame and Zabuza as lil kids 😀 i may always argue w/ u guys, but kisu, mart, i love your fanfics (okay, i didn’t like mart’s “Rematch” series cuz it was so far-fetched. Kakashi useing Kage-Mane?)
    @ any1 who’s wondering, that last part in parenthesis was from 1 of mart’s fanfics

  3. great blog.
    Are the other guys real or did you make them up?

  4. lol great.. 🙂

  5. @ Dk, he made up most the guys in his “Kakuzu” blog series, so i think he made these up

  6. “Rematch” series cuz it was so far-fetched”-thats why you were supposed to read the blog leading up to it…

    DK, some names are real, some are fake, Kisu. know which are which better than me.

  7. @ mart, i’ve read the blogs leading up 2 it, and their far-fetched too, the only ideas i liked were Naruto w/ fire element and Hinata w/ water element and genjutsu. but Neji w/ med-nin? subtlty isn’t his specialty if u couldn’t tell by his large scale jutsu and shouting their names louder than most others do. and u gave Kakashi the Nara clan kekkei-genkai and the Inuzuka clan SECRET technique, things i don’t think he’d b able to master, oh and Naruto using the Sound-4’s 4-corner seal, (sarcastic tone) “real likely”
    i rest my case

  8. on defense of my blogs: On Kakashi: “the Nara clan kekkei-genkai…things i don’t think he’d b able to master”-not a kekkai genkai, it’s only a secret jutsu that the Narra pass down in their clan, same thing with Ino’s jutsu, the difference is that it COULD be copied by a sharingan.

    On Neji: “shouting their names louder than most others” thats just ridiculous and based on your own bias against him. The Medical ninjutsu idea is more from the byakugan than from neji’s personality type anyway…

    On Naruto: “oh and Naruto using the Sound-4’s 4-corner seal” thats more of the idea, any barrier jutsu would do, that one just happens to be existant, I also think since it is a technique Oro. taught, it could have come from the hidden leaf originally (note the ANBU who tries to stop his people from rushing in)

  9. Awesome post dude. This one was kinda interesting. One of my favorite top 20 post. I can’t wait to read the next post.

  10. great post keep it up

  11. @ mart1, go to the kekkei-genkai section, it doesn’t list the shadow manipulation as a secret tech or even a possible kekkei-genkai, it lists it as a less important kekkei-genkai, but still a kekkei-genkai. on Neji, i m never biased about anything, if u watched the anime then u’d kno he’s @ least among the loudest, maybe Naruto’s louder, but still, Neji sounds like he’s trying to get himself heard. also on the med-nin w/ Byakugan, Hinata also has the Byakugan AND already has a knack 4 medicine, so she would b perfect 4 it (altho, u were trying to stay away from the norm of female medics, which i can respect, but then u could give it to Hiashi since he also seems to have subtle fighting style, as shown against the invading Suna nin). and finally Naruto and 4-corner seal, Oro used alot of techs that Konoha had forbidden, so i don’t think even if it did come from Konoha, they’d want some1 useing it, and it may also require a curse mark, which would make sense cuz the flames used in the sealing jutsu looked like the chakra Sasuke had when he first used his curse seal

  12. @FSD: Shannaro is a great site, but it is often inacurate when it comes to the info pages, a more reliable site for info is http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Kekkei_genkai (Kekkai Genkai page)

    Parts of note are:
    “or “Bloodline Limit”) are abilities passed down genetically”
    “Kekkei genkai should not be confused with Hiden Jutsu. Hiden jutsu are exclusive to a certain person or clan, but only because they have kept others from learning how to perform those jutsu.”

    The difference is mainly that Shadow Mane is external while Kekkai Genkai are internal, Ex. Sharingan uses the eye so it’s internal, Mokyuton molds element chakra specially in the hands so again it’s internal, but Ino’s jutsu only uses hand signs and the same with Shikamaru. Their jutsu process is no different than a shadow clone jutsu or Rasengan (except Ino’s special hand sign which can be copied by a sharingan) They need to be learned, but anyone could do it.

    There are some Jutsu on the edge between normal jutsu and Kekkai Genkai such as Choji’s jutsu, but that too could be copied, it would simply be very ineffective unless they had a body type similar to the Akamichi’s, because the ability to grow is based off of body fat. The same can be said of the Abarame clan, anyone could try and comand the bugs if they knew the correct jutsu, but without the years of training and special host relationship, none of the bugs would obey.

    @”on Neji, i m never biased about anything” I’m not going to touch that statment, but I was thinking of a better way of writing those two things (Neji and Naruto)

    1. Neji, I’m not saying that he would be able to heal anyone, simply that he could use a jutsu similar to a chakra scalpel to target someone’s insides, a BETTER comparison than medical ninja, is Asuma’s trench knives, only neji’s hands would act like the blades instead (because he has better chakra control in his hands from gentle fist training and wouldn’t need a knife)

    2. Naruto, again a better jutsu: Nine Pillars of Death jutsu, this barrier ninjutsu acts like a chakra cloak, except it doesn’t make contact with naruto’s skin and instead forms a cage around him. This buys him time to enter Senjutsu.

  13. @ mart, you idiot, on any wikipedia, as long as your a member, you can say “hamsters on wheels power gravity”, what if they’re wrong? i’ll give the body-expansion idea some cred cuz some other kinda fat guy could use it in a filler (which, btw, if u saw it, that other guy’s shadow possession was simply wires making it look like he was controling the person) but the thing is, if that list of secret tech’s was true (different part of the site u showed) then, by YOUR own theory, then Diedara’s jutsu is copiable, u kno, Kakashi could just open his left eye and mouths appear on his hands is bassically what your saying about him copying the Nara’s jutsu. mart just give up, even if some1 outside the Nara’s can learn shadow manipulation, they can’t in only a few months. @ “a BETTER comparison than medical ninja, is Asuma’s trench knives, only neji’s hands would act like the blades instead”, u attacked me when i said Hinata’s 8-trigrams-64-palms gaurd used blades from reg chakra, now you’re saying that Neji can, comeon, you r just like a republican, always contradicting yourself every chance u get, no a “BETTER comparison” is that you’e a redneck. give me a real challenge in an arguement and i might start believing u have some common sense. (coughs): *kretard*

  14. @”any idiot can change it”: but most don’t, thats why people have started using talk pages and wiki editors, that site, like most wiki sites, is more reliable than people give them credit, mainly because the copy and paste most things from a direct source (in this case I think it’s a databook) and only change things rarely. It is in most cases, fairly acurate, and in this case it is. (see external/internal explanation above)

    @ “u attacked me when i said Hinata’s 8-trigrams-64-palms gaurd used blades from reg chakra” you are misinterpreting what I am saying, I’m not saying he has the all powerfull quad-element combination you gave Hinata, I’m saying he can use an application of the one element he does have (wind) in a similar fashion to what has been used by Asuma in a similar strength scale, but can use is byakugan to aim it

    @”by YOUR own theory, then Diedara’s jutsu is copiable” Not neccesarily, to do Diedara’s jutsu according to my theory, you might need mouth hands (internal factor, thus Kekkai Genkai), though some of his techniques he used his actuall mouth, so they may not be necessary. You would also need his special clay to use it. it’s one of the on-the-fence jutsu.

    @”always contradicting yourself every chance u get, no a “BETTER comparison”” I in no way contradicted myself, I said he used a chakra scalpel, I then added detail so that you could see the way in which he used it, I explained myself, but I never said that he didn’t or couldn’t use the jutsu I had him use, I simply elaborated on the way in which he would use it, in a way similar to Asuma’s chakra blades (offence) rather than the generally considered defensive way in which medical ninjutsu is viewed.

    @”you r just like a republican”-Any politician can contradict themselves, you just don’t see it in your party, whatever it may be, because you do not wish to, that said, I’m neither Democrate nor Republican. I’m also not a redneck.

    @ “mart just give up, even if some1 outside the Nara’s can learn shadow manipulation, they can’t in only a few months” I never gave a time span for when Kakashi learned the shadow bind jutsu, but I would say he already knows it now, he is the “Copy ninja” supposedly knowing 1000 jutsu and we have seen him use less than 20, to make an educated guess, I would say the bulk of those 1000 jutsu come from Kohana’s repetoire because that is who he sees use ninjutsu most frequently and thats who he would have the most opportunities to copy.

  15. @ mart:
    about wiki, yes they have improved it, but it’s not flawless, no website is, but it is still able to b edited, and some things can’t b picked out so easily, so some1 could put completely false info on it, and as long as it makes sense to the person checking it, they won’t pick up on it
    about Hinata’s element: would u leave that alone, chakra, like every form of energy, can b heated, just as long as it doesn’t catch on fire, it’s not fire element. and the wind, Hinata’s attack demonstrates that slicing ability in the show, that’s the whole point of it: to chop up projectiles! if u saw the arc that introduced it, after training w/ Kiba and Shino, Hinata was surrounded by slice-n-diced kunai and when she used it against the wasps, they got cut up! do u actually research your theories?
    on Diedara’s jutsu, u said that the hiden techs (which narupedia lists that as a hidden tech) r copiable, so in effect u were saying: “Diedara’s jutsu r copiable” and most his jutsu involve the mouths on his hands, so you’re saying that’s copiable also!
    on the contradicting yourself: first u said that he used chakra scalpel, which is possible, but not likely, then u compared him to Asuma, making me think u meant that he does what Asuma does, if u just left it at med nin, i’d get what the power is, i just don’t think that fits his style, and therefore unlikly
    on republicans; yes any1 can, but the repubs do it the most often, just watch replays of speeches made by Mccain, Bush, Palin, Cheney, they all say somthing then a few months l8r, they say the near opposite, that’s what i was getting @
    on learning the Nara clan jutsu, if Kakashi knew it b4 hand, y couldn’t he have used it against Zabuza, or Orochimaru or Kabuto or Diedara when he needed it? cuz he couldn’t use it, and your rematch fanfics take place shortly after the time period in the manga (or @ least that’s what u make it seem, considering you’re not nice enuf to explain anything) so he didn’t have time to learn it
    i say we ask the others here who’s winning, u, who gets owned everytime u get into an arguement cuz u don’t pay attention to details in the series (even tho u don’t admit it), or me, who is always seeing past the obvious (then again, u can’t even see that)
    @ every1, vote who’s making more sense: anarchist jackass, i mean mart (or the 1st if u prefer), or Supreme Decepticon?

  16. A vote sounds nice, I’ll make my final comments then:

    “about Hinata’s element: would u leave that alone”: your the one who brought it up again… “Hinata’s 8-trigrams-64-palms gaurd used blades” you introduced it, not me, I am simply defending myself from the claim that the attack I have Neji used is like that, just in case I’ll say it again, hopefully a little clearer, this is a single or non-element jutsu, it is not Hinata’s jutsu which uses multiple grids of chakra, it is like Asuma’s Trench knives or Medical ninjutsu’s chakra Scalpels (both are similar)

    NarutoWiki is acurate in this case where as Shannaro isn’t. BloodLine limmits, as in GENETIC based jutsu, KAGE MANE is in no way a genetics based jutsu, it is simply a way of molding chakra through the use of hand seals not in any way genetics based.

    @”so in effect u were saying: “Diedara’s jutsu r copiable” Yes that is EXACTLY what I was saying, you just didn’t read what I said carefully enough so again I’ll quote myself… “according to my theory, you might need mouth hands (internal factor, thus Kekkai Genkai), though some of his techniques he used his actual mouth, so they may not be necessary.” Diedara’s mouth hands help his jutsu but aren’t nessecary for it as seen when he explodes his clones after they ingest large amounts of clay. On a side note, the copyier also has to know earth element ninjutsu because it is used as well. I also thought of another thing to mention, Deidara’s mouth-hands don’t actually preform the jutsu themselves, they only prepare the clay from it’s non-explosive state, He still uses hand signs to guide his techniques, it’s like the Rasengan in that it is not a Kekkai Genkai, it can be learned, but using it isn’t a one step process, but I stand by the statement that if Kakshi had the prepared explosive clay he could use it with the hand signals he learned from wathcing Diedara in their battle. (again this is not contradictory to anything I have said, I said basically the same thing with Shino above, only a different example, I’m simply elaborating so you can understand)

    “your rematch fanfics take place shortly after the time period in the manga” nope, they take place at random time periods, for instance Naruto/Kakshi rematch takes place LONG after the manga because by this time they are both using super advanced Kage level and above jutsu.

    I have a final question I might or might not like to comment on if you answer. Define Kekkai Genkai (note: “Bloodline Limit” is not a definition it is a literal translation)

    So what exactly are we voting on? This is my Co-blog, so I don’t mind puting a poll on it, and Kisu. probably won’t either.

    1. Kage mane could be copied: yes/no

    2. Neji could in the future learn to use chakra blades: yes/no

    3. I like ______ more because FSD has tried to turn this into a biased based popularity contest because he has no valid points to make: FSD/Mart1

    4. (almost forgot) Diedara’s jutsu is not a Kekkai Genkai but still cannot be copied because it uses special hand-mouths that Kakashi and others lack.

  17. 1)hmm…im not positive on this so i wont really answer mainly because maybe it could be copied but no one but else but than clan showed the ability to do it.
    2) yes, i could believe if neji uses chakra blades but its unlikely but still it is a possibility so i’ll stick with yes.
    3)…really….? that an opinion based question and you both are making point (although FSD is acting more childish LOL
    “retard”) i guess this isnt popularity because we are voting on who makes the better points, not whos the better person.
    4)hmm…actually maybe this clay making ability is passed on from his family so technically it could be a Kekkai Genkai. i dont see others making clay. the hands could be a trait like the eye of the sharingan or the bone fro Kimimaru. i would have to stick with disagree but i have some contradictions to my reasons

  18. 1. definitely yes
    2. highly possible due to his use of the Byakugan and his precise chakra control, so yes.
    3. I like both, BUT NOT THAT WAY!!!!! Get ur minds out of the gutter lol.
    4. I think its a jutsu that could be copied, but not used efficiently (due to the lack of mouth hands)

  19. pretty good you guys as an opener post. Personally i feel that the satsujin’s training will turn out to be the hardest and that him and jkisame will end up fighting eventually killing Banjin by mistake. But that is just my opinion. Great job all in all and i wish u guys luck with this.
    Suna OUT!

  20. kisame is bigger than zabuza? the how they were both part of Swordsman of Mist?

  21. great post again. i can’t wait for part 2.

    three known families, all creating geniuses, awesome.

    i just don’t like the beheading part. that’s a little too much. maybe some other kind of consequence would have been better.

  22. @BSK, dude we are talking about Kirigakure! Its a really brutal village. Look at its psycho ninja; Kisame, Zabuza, Suigetsu. The village is also said to have a brutal military, so i added the beheading part to stress the village’s brutality lol.
    @Sasori, they were both a part of it even though Kisame is older. It’s kind of like Neji being older than Naruto (in part 1), but they are both genins

  23. @ mart
    i said they can cut, wires can cut and that is what it is, if wind element makes blades, then i’m not saying she has wind element, cuz she uses wires, which can also cut, andthing thin can cut, that is what i’m getting @, not just wind chakra
    on Diedara, certainly didn’t sound like u were saying that
    i said that that’s the jist that i got from it, if u don’t specifically state the time period then how r we supposed to kno it was X # of years from now?
    i define kekkei-genkai as somthing that only members of a clan can do and cannot b copied, u define it as something internal, so, and DO NOT argue cuz u said that if it is internal and cannot b learned, that then being able to roll your tongue is, by your definition, a kekkei-genkai, okay, u r inable to argue that w/out contradicting what u said earlier
    1: i have no problems w/ how u worded it
    2: the discusion is not “can he do it” it’s “would he do it” which is highly unlikely considering his fighting style
    3: more like “who’s theories make more sense: the incredibly smart person who is being attacked by mart 4 having an oppinion different than his own, or the guy who just insults every1 and evrything every chance he gets and will not litsen to logic”
    1 last thing u biased, self-centered, projector: stop blaming me 4 making sense! it really pisses me off and u really just dont get it do u?
    @ DK i act childish as a joke and to turn the opponants tactics (pissing me off) against them since mart tends to attack me when i c errors in his theories, while i merely prove him wrong, his mental illness is just so frustrating to me i lose my cool, and i insult them WHILE still sticking to my oppinion instead of just re-wording things that were proven wrong

  24. “only members of a clan can do and cannot b copied” then what about Kakashi and Yammato? they can use the Sharingan and mokyuton respectivly, but they are not of the uchiha and senju clans (respectively), under MY definition they can use their respective kekkai Genkai because they have had the nessecary change made with in their body (eye implantation and gene therapy) but under YOUR definition they can’t use the Kekkai Genkai at all. Explain that.

  25. @ mart, i said “copy” meaning sharingan copy, not genetic alteration, that is different from copying, they got DNA from ppl who could use it and that’s y they can use it; YOUR definition says that it’s just some genetic power, like turning your tongue into a clover shape, that is in effect what u r saying!

  26. Specialized DNA would be an internal factor in those cases within my theory. I see DNA, or the resulting organs, as the factor that determines if the person can use a kekkai genkai. If you wish to define making a sharingan appear in your eyes or having the correct chakra system to mold earth and water into wood a “genetic power” then that is what I’m saying. There are no hand signs to activate the Sharigan, and those used to control the wood element are after the special elemental chakra has been molded, they (the jutsu) could be copied by any mokyuton user who comprehended what he was seeing and could replicate it. But if he didn’t know the hand signs, he could still make a jutsu like a Wood Rasengan that doesn’t use hand signs but molded wood chakra but no knowlege of jutsu

    Now that we have your definition clarified, here is my problem with it. What determines what jutsu in your theory are Kekkai Genkai? Where is the breaking point? What makes a jutsu useable only to a select group of people instead of any ninja with the correct training? Your theory makes it seem as if Kakashi can’t copy jutsu because he lacks some knowledge of how the jutsu works, but isn’t that the point of having the sharingan? to provide that information? because if he already knew the jutsu, he wouldn’t have to copy it. Your definition is bad because there is no way of knowing if a jutsu is copyable upon seeing it used because technically even orphan ninja’s are in a “clan of one” so the only way to prove a ninjutsu is not Kekkai Genkai unless there are multiple clans using it. It is an guilty until proven innocent mentality. Another problem with your theory is that there is no difference between hidden jutsu and Kekkai Genkai and while it does say in the Manga that Shikamaru’s jutsu is a Hidden jutsu (secret jutsu only TAUGHT to clan members), it doesn’t say anything about it being Kekkai Genkai, and if you can find a place in the manga where it calls KAGE MANE a Kekkai Genkai I would be intrested in seeing it.

  27. mart, what i am saying is that a blood-line limit can only b preformed w/ that blood, and there is no evidence that kage mane can b used outside of the clan, not just cuz they don’t teach it, but also cuz i think that shadow mainpulation would require some kind of predisposure to that power, which is obtained thru genetics (ie: bloodline or operation) i just can’t see the shadow manipulation being useable by anybody, which you’re saying it can. it just defies logic that such a unique and amazing power is no more special than bushins. what i m saying is that if it hasn’t been used outside a clan, there’s a reason 4 it, we can’t say who’s right, but i just don’t think anybody can just walk up to a Nara and learn shadow manipulation (not in 1 day tho, it would take time IF u r right) (as a presponse, i kno they wouldn’t teach them even if they could, i’m saying that if 1 were willing to teach it) maybe it can b learned, but if it can, it won’t, so even IF you’re right about it just being a secret jutsu, no Nara clansman would trust it w/ some1 outside of their clan

  28. @ mart, u kno what, just forget it, niether of us is going to change the other person’s mind; besides i have more important things to do than argue w/ u over the fact that your logic sucks. over and out (no, u didn’t win, i just got bored of it)

  29. “i think that shadow mainpulation would require some kind of predisposure to that power” the Key words being “I think” there is no point in which it states Kage Mane is a Kekkai Genkai in the Manga (or anime/databooks) (I’m going to find the definition in the series of kekkai genkai after posting this)

    “it just defies logic that such a unique and amazing power is no more special than bushins” all jutsu are unique in some way. What makes Kage Mane any more special than Rasengan?

    “no Nara clansman would trust it w/ some1 outside of their clan” They wouldn’t need to teach Kakashi though, with his sharigan’s copy abilities he could learn how to do it instantly.

    “what i m saying is that if it hasn’t been used outside a clan, there’s a reason 4 it” yes, but because of style choices and methodology, not because of inability. Saying it hasn’t been done as proof that it can’t be done is rediculous, I haven’t ever beaten Tetris past level 7, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

    “it would take time IF u r right” we have already been over that.

    “we can’t say who’s right” You can have your opinion, that any jutsu you deem “Special” can’t be copied, but as for if Kage Mane is or isn’t a Kekkai Genkai, I’m going to look for direct evidence from the Manga and get back to you.

  30. okay, I’m still going to find the Kekkai Genkai stuff because now I’m interested so I’ll post it when I find it anyway.The post above this one was written and then I got distracted and didn’t actually post it till after your comment.

  31. scratch that, I’m just going to do a blog on it.

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