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The History of Kisame: Part 1: The Introduction

Post Author: Martuzachi (Mart and Kisuzachi)

This continues  the Akatsuki background blogs I’ve been doing. This one chronicles Kisame’s life before Akatsuki. This story takes place 17 years before the start of Naruto part 1, and Kisame is 12 years old.

Classmate: “I will kill you Kisame! I will become a real ninja instead of being a student!”

Kisame: “You wont beat me, hehehehe. I am a Hoshigaki, remember?”

He runs at Kisame and uses a clone jutsu (Genin level version). All three clones run at Kisame with their kunais extended. Kisame stands still, laughing. The first clone reaches and pushes the kunai through Kisame, but Kisame doesn’t flinch as the clone is just an illusion. He extends his hand to the second clone and grabs its throat, it’s the real one! The third clone disappears.

Kisame: “Now its time to die! Hehehehe!

Classmate: “How did you know it was the real me?!”

Kisame: “Like I said before, I’m a Hoshigaki.”

He tightens his grip and crushes his opponent’s throat. His classmate dies.

Teacher Shihyou: “Kisame Hoshigaki wins! That concludes the graduation exam! Now its time to assign you to your individual squads. The three of you that scored the highest on the test, that is, the three among you that killed your opponent fastest are; Kisame Hoshigaki, Satsujin Kaguya, Banjin Momochi.

Student: “Sensei Shihyou! Shouldn’t you pair us so that the weak and the strong end up on the same team, as a method to balance the power of each individual group?”

Shihyou: “That does not happen in Kirigakure young one. We put the weak together so they can be easy pickings for the other teams. This will encourage the weak to become strong! If we did it how you suggest, the weak members of a team would hinder the strong ones and thus growth would be impossible. Do you understand?”

Student: “Yes sensei!”

Shihyou: “Kisame, Banjin and Satsujin, you three may leave. We are going to assign the rest of your classmates to a squad.”

Kisame: “Sensei, cant I change partners? I hate that dumb bone kid!”

Satsujin: “The feeling’s mutual fish-boy!”

Banjin: “Please ignore these two sensei.”

Shihyou: “I wouldn’t change this team anyway. The constant turmoil on the team will only serve to make you stronger. Hahahahahaha!”

The three leave the academy and head to their individual homes. Kisame arrives home.

Kashisame: “My son, it seems you are now officially a Genin. I’m very proud of you.”

Kisame: “C’mon dad, you know I don’t like the sappy lovey-dovey stuff. Anyway, I’m a ninja now, so its time you taught me the family summon.”

Kashisame: “Oh yeah, I promised you I would teach you didn’t I? Okay (he takes out a large scroll) sign this scroll with your blood.”

Kisame: “I already know dad.”

He signs the scroll with his blood. He does five hand signs and hit’s the ground with his palm.


Kashisame: “Wow! You summoned a full grown shark on your fist attempt! You really are the best of the Hoshigaki clan. I know you will become a ‘Swordsman of Mist’ like your old man. But there’s one problem, you summoned a shark where there’s no water. (He quickly uses a Water Prison Jutsu).”

Kiga (the shark): “You dumb brat! Why would you summon me where there is no water?! Kashisame-sama! You know what must happen now, right?”

Kashisame: “I am completely aware. I’ll leave Kisame’s development to you and the shark clan.”

Kisame: “Father what are you two talking about?”

Kashisame: “Whenever you summon your first shark, you must go to  the land of the sharks (Blood Sea) for a period of  3 years.”

Kisame: “What happens there?”

Kiga: “You will be trained! You will be pushed to your limits and pass them. You will enter as a man and leave as a shark!”

Kashisame: “I will inform the Mizukage that your team wont be active for the next three years.”

Kisame: “Can you do that dad? Wont he get upset?”

Kashisame: “Kisame, I wield Samehada which means I am a Swordsman of the Mist, I can do whatever I want. Now I will reverse summon you to Blood Sea, where you will truly become a Hoshigaki! (He reverse summons Kisame and Richter) Goodbye my son, become strong.”

Meanwhile at Satsujin’s house……

Satsujin: “Father, I’m home!”

A bone fires from a corner of the room. Satsujin grabs it in mid-air and throws it at where it came from. The thing that originally threw the bone jumps out from the shadows with a large sword. The thing slashes Satsujin, but it gets stuck in Satsujin’s collar bone.

Satsujin: “Enough playing dad. You cant get me like that anymore, I’m a Genin now.”

Kira: “You have become truly strong my son! But now the true training begins!”

Satsujin: “I know dad. The best Genin team gets three years off to train, but if after the three years the members’ powers aren’t up to snuff, they get beheaded.”

Kira: “As a Swordsman of the Mist, I cant let that happen to my son. Hahahahahaha! You will be trained hard! You will be trained the Kaguya way!”

Meanwhile at Banjin’s house…….

Banjin: “Little bro, where are you?”

Zabuza: “I’m not little anymore, I’m nine years old now!”

Banjin: “(He says it while laughing) Okay big man. Seriously bro, you always crack me up!”

Zabuza: “You’re on the best team aren’t you big bro.”

Banjin: “Yes I am actually. This means I’ll have to train for three years though.”

Zabuza: “Can I join the Academy next year bro?”

Banjin: “Absolutely not! I had to kill my best friend today! I don’t want you to face that pain. After our parents died I promised I would protect you. If I lose you I don’t know what I would do.”

Zabuza: “I hate when you do that!”

How will Kisame’s, Banjin’s and Satsujin’s training turn out? If you want to see, tune in next time. (Ps. sorry for the lack of pictures)