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Minato Namikaze: Fame

Post Author: YellowFlash Naruto2

It’s been a year since we’ve seen Minato and his comrades, Kushina has settled in the village and has become a full fledged Leaf Kunoichi. The Third Hokage sits in his office having a very heated discussion with Orochimaru.

Sarutobi: Orochimaru, you are one of the Konoha’s strongest shinobi and I hope that one day you can succeed me and become the fourth hokage but your behavior on your last mission can’t be tolerated.

Orochimaru: Calm down old man, I was just completing a mission.

Sarutobi: When I told you to sneak into the enemies base and take back back the sacred scrolls of fire, I didn’t mean destroy the entire village!

Orochimaru: It was a small village nothing to get too upset about, I simply eliminated the problem.

Sarutobi: If you really want to become Hokage you are going to have to make better decisions,Orochimaru!

Orochimaru: I did make the best decision now we don’t have to worry about retaliation.

Sarutobi: This decision could destroy our reputation in the shinobi world, other nations might think we are trying to take over!

Orochimaru: Fine Sarutobi sensei I understand,… it won’t happen again.

Sarutobi: hmmm, then we are understood, I just want you to be the best you can be, I believe in you. Now, go and rest you must be tired!

Orochimaru leaves the office with a smile on his face.

Orochimaru: Sarutobi sensei, Third Hokage, hmm you can’t be serious you can’t even see what’s right in front of you but you will just wait until I become Hokage and have the worlds most powerful jutsu at my fingertips.

The scene switches to Sakumo on a  mission in the Earth Country as he soars through the trees, he thinks back to his briefing with the Third Hokage.

Third: I want you to take on an S-Ranked Mission,your will lead your own squad of Anbu Black Ops Agents into the Earth Country and assassinate the Earth Countries Feudal Lord!

Sakumo: What, I thought we are on good terms with the Earth Country?

Third: We were but we have received some inside info from a spy that I planted inside their village that the Feudal Lord plans on raging war on Konoha, he plans on meeting with the Earth’s Kage and Counsel in a few days to make this proposal, so you will have to be quick and remain unseen. No one must know about this mission or this would all be for nothing and nothing must not keep you from completing this mission successfully because it will decide the fate of many lives in both countries.

Sakumo: There are things that seem unclear Lord Hokage, I mean the Earth Country are suppose to be our allies.

Third: I guess you need to know, It’s because of our place in the shinobi world is growing. We are becoming stronger and stronger and starting to dominate the shinobi world. We have strong clans like the Uchiha and Hyuuga and most villages are starting to rely on our power because of our strength. This is good for us but bad for the other nations, because of this there villages aren’t growing as fast and they aren’t prospering as much as they use to when our village was still developing.

Sakumo: I understand I have to prevent this because this could be the start of another great ninja war, not that it’s too much pressure!

Third: (Laughing) I believe in you!

Sakumo: Why me and not Minato? I mean he has more speed than me.

Third: Minato will be working on something else for me but I have complete fate in your ability, I mean you are compared throughout the shinobi world as being on bar with the Legendary Sannin!

Sakumo: Thank you Lord Hokage!

The Scene switches back to Sakumo soaring through the trees into the Earth Countries territory!

Sakumo: I will not fail you my comrades.

The scene switches back to the Hokage and Minato.

Minato: You called for me Lord Hokage?

Third: Yeah, I think it’s time for you to officially become a Jonin of the Leaf, you’ve been on many mission and all of them have been a success. You have strength to protect your comrades and have shown intelligence in leading a squad of your own. I think it’s time for you to break away from team 4 nd start to make a name for yourself, well, I may be too late for that.

Minato: What do you mean?

Third: Well, I gotten word from other nations that they have officially entered you in the Bingo Book as Konoha’s YellowFlash.

Minato: Wow, Thanks Lord Hokage!

Third: Don’t thank me you are the one who should be proud, I have to admit you also have a great chance at becoming hokage, Kushina should be proud. Now you will be entrusted to with more responsibility, I want you to start working with Anbu but your main job is to become a sensei to the next generation, it’s time to form Team Namikaze!

The scene switches to Sakumo whose whole squad has been wounded  and surrounded by Earth ninja!

Sakumo: It’s looks like this is going to be harder than I thought!

Black Ops Agent1: Sakumo we are going to have to take them out before they can warn the rest of the villages shinobi and quickly complete our mission or things are going to get really bad.

Sakumo: Alright, Don’t panic, we are going to have to split up.

BOA2: I don’t think thats a good idea!

Sakumo: Based on their crest on their clothing they are special ninja that protect the Feudal Lord so he must know who and where we are so we have to change our plans and stop him now! I want you to create a diversion and I’ll go for the Feudal Lord.

BOA3: Alright Let’s get started!

The Anbu Shinobi dash toward the Earth Shinobi at full speed, the earth shinobi mock them telling them this is a wrong wy to attack. The Earth Shinobi form hand signs and causes a rock shower attacking the Anbu shinobi, Sakumo seeing they are in trouble forms hand signs and combines earth and fire shooting Earth/Fire Missiles distracting them, while the Anbu agents finished their attacks Sakumo dashes off in search of the Feudal Lord.

The Scene switches again to the Feudal inside a a dark dank room with Konoha’s spy tied up and heavily wounded after being tortured.

Feudal Lord : I hope you are happy, to think you could come into the Earth Country and still information ( he slaps the spy in his face). You will die here and now.

The Feudal Lord takes his cane and pulls a knife out of it and stabs the shinobi in his chest killing him!

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