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Lies in Naruverse

Post Author: Silver_Uchiha

Naruverse is full of lies and secrets. While secrets may (generally) protect the integrity or security of a person, a clan (kekkei genkai), or a village; lies cause misunderstandings, distrust, and even war or disaster. Sometimes secrets are just almost as bad as lies. The Naruverse isn’t different.

Uchiha’s lies

Konoha lied about the Uchiha massacre. Itachi lied about his motives to wipe out his clan. As a consequence Sasuke was driven to become a run away and dig himself into hatred, despair, and loneliness.

Think of the opposite scenario. If Itachi and Konaha would have been honest, wouldn’t Sasuke have forgiven his beloved brother? I guess yes. Sasuke’s love toward his brother was so great that he would have struggled but in the end he would have forgiven and he would probably live in peace. He could have accepted his brother motives, or disagreed. But he would forgoven him, as he did after leaning the truth. Just look at the current sasuke, he is much angrier because Konoha manipulated Itachi and made him suffer, than because his clan was anihilated.

Sasuke probably would have been uncomfortable in Konoha, and after a while he could have moved to another Village, or like Naruto he could have built bonds in Konoha. But certainly Madara could have never use him if the truth wasn’t buried in the past.

Bad Secrets

It is always better to keep silenet than tell a lie. But sometimes the silence is also bad.. If Naruto’s generation had known the truth about the cruel methods that the Leaf used in the past (what happened to Nagato, what happened to the Uchiha). Naruto and his nakamadas would have had a better chance to dialogue, understand, deal and even forgive Akatasuki and make peace.

If the Hyugas hadn’t hidden the truth about Neji’s dad dead, Neji could have never been a hater as he was. If Hinata’s dad hadn’t told the truth, Neji definitly would have been still lost in hatred right now.

To Lie or not to lie

Sun Tzu declared that “All warfare is based on deception”; while Machiavelli advised the Prince “never to attempt to win by force what can be won by fraud“.

Why do people lie? To avoid punishment, to avoid trouble, to obtain personal gain, to take a shortcut, to hide something that would cause shame, to made us or our family or village to look better,

When politicians and press lie to us, they offened our rights and freedoms, and manipulate our capacity to choose. When common people lie, they could be harming many or only a few, but there are always bad consequences as well.

When we lie, we harm the confidence of our victims, and we lead to severe misunderstandings. For those who are following the tv serie “Heroes” this can be easy to understand, “lies and secretes can drive heroes into becoming villains”, misinformation and loss of trust cause people, even those with good intentions, to do bad things.

Just another example: Think how difficult is to have a relationship with someone who have been victim of lies and cheating. Those boys and girls found really difficult to trust again and can turn our lives into a miserable nightmare due to their fears and jealousy.

Don’t tell me that lies don’t have bad consequences!

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote “What upsets me is not that you lied to me, but that from now on I can no longer believe you.”

I believe there is no such thing as a white lie or noble lie. We all have and probably will lie. But that doesn’t make a  “lie” a good thing and does not change the consequences. Also, the truth always comes out, and it is better to confess than to be discovered making fabrications. To help people to be honest, there is nothing better than forgiveness.

Also, I believe History and facts of daily life, if true, guaranty the knowledge to make every day right decisions. If people lie to us, we can easily make bad decisions by mistake. If we have access to the honest facts we may still become bad people, go to war, and do bad things: but at least chances of goodness and peace are higher.

Konoha and the real world need honesty.

No more lies! No more secrets!

What do you think?

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15 Responses

  1. I disagree with the thesis, just a different viewpoint on lying…

    I think lies can be good, there is a reason we are not omnisentinent, if the “divine truth” was really that great we would know it.

  2. Good Point of view. yes lying is bad but sometimes it is needed. mostly because you know that when people lie they lie for a reason, thats better than nothing isnt it.

  3. I think it all depends on the reason DK, some people lie for pointless reasons that seem important at the time but seem stupid or trivial later while others lie to with hold a truth that someone (themselves or the person they lie to) is not yet ready to deal with or comprehend. (there are other good reasons for lies, thats just an example)

  4. Hey mart and darknight thanks for the comments.
    Can u guys tell me what you call a good lie, or one that you justify?
    Honestly i dont see the point. I cant think a single case of lie withhout a bad consequense in the end

  5. OMG! Itachi steals cable?! He IS evil! lol. This was excellent! I liked that you mentioned Konoha, but not in the usual “Konoha are heroes” way. You mentioned them in a way where they are equal to the other Villages like Kirigakure. This was a good post S_U.

  6. @mart, for some reason every time I see DK, I’m thinkin Donkey Kong lol, but its Darkknight lol.
    @S_U, here is a good lie. In the current Sanbi filler arc, Guren killed Yukimaru’s mother. He, however thinks of Guren as a mother, he thinks of her as someone he can go home to. He would be devastated if he found out the truth. He would not trust anyone again and be ‘orphaned’ also.

  7. @Kisu
    LOL Donkey Kong
    Alright, to me a good lie i one that is used to protect a whole bunch of others. Like Itachis lie, ok that had some good and bad parts but he lied to Sasuke so he could grow strong. but he never believed Sasuke would join Akatsukki. To me that is Sasukes idiocy, not Itachi’s lie. Lies can be used to save people from like a killer (eg. In Avatar the Last airbender, Kataras mom lied to protect Katara and the rest of the village).
    Lies are good if they have a good and proper meanign to them.

  8. Kisu
    so far that is a secret, none has tell the guy that Guren wasent the killer.
    But anyway I still think it will be better if she tells him the true. Becouse he will find out, and it will be worse if he somone else tells him

    That is whole point fof my block. If Itache would have tell the trueth to sasuke he would have never need to become a avenger, neither stronger. He coukd have leave in peace, unders Itachis protection in Konoha or other place

  9. secrets are lies S_U, I believe the correct term is “Lie of Ommision” but that isn’t my justified lie.

    One lie I use frequently that I feal is justified is when my mom asks if I did my homewoke and I haven’t, but I tell her I have anyway. This is not what justifies it though, I could tell that lie and have it be compleatly unjustified lie. The differance is what I do after that, to make sure that not doing my homework when I said I did doesn’t become a problem.

    anyway, thats just my morale opinion, as for the naruto aspect, I think that it could have been supported and organized better, but overall the facts were solid. I like Kisu.’s point about Itachi’s lies leading to Sasuke’s current situation, Itachi did mess with Sasuke’s mind, but it was Sasuke’s choice, there is no way you can say “But certainly Madara could have never use him” because he may have known the things he knows now and still decide that the village is evil because even if you erase Itachi’s mind F*** you still have to consider that no child that age has the experience to resist the influence of their parent/guardian, and he would probably be prejudiced against the village, making Madara (who might spin the story another way in this case than he did in the naruverse) a miracle surviving member of the uchiha who also hates kohana and actively seeks revenge a pretty good option to Sasuke’s angst (lets face it the kid was born to be EMO)

  10. Very good use of sources.
    I know there is a fine line between protecting a secret and then of course Lying… It’s difficult at times to determine whether or not to divulge certain information. At times I would prefer to stay ignorant and happy than accepting knowledge for the becoming depressed.

  11. Mart sorry but totally msistaken A SECRET IS NOT THE SAME AS A LIE

    For example my adress and real name are secrets.

    I have never lie here about that. I have never say that my parents call me Silver Uchiha, you all know is a nick name.
    I have been ask also about my adress, and I anwered simple no>
    I keeps my adress and name in secret. Thatare not lies.

    About lying to your mom. Honetly she allways find out. You are hurting her feelings and causeing her to loss confidence on you. There are bad consequences. Well but it is up to u.

  12. you mean your real name isn’t S_U??? no wonder the google search failed… As I said, Secrets are lies of ommision (half truths, not telling the full story, ect.), it’s not a BAD thing, unless not knowing becomes a problem, but, for example, if you know someone was murdered and you don’t speak for that person, then it is a lie of ommision that IS BAD.

    Nope, she never finds out, thats the point, that is what makes it an okay lie, because it does no damage.



    honestly this is a hard subject to agree, and to disagree with because lying, and telling the truth, only depends on certain circumstances, and the person telling the lie, and the reasons behind the lie

    telling lies CAN be a good thing to protect people…but that doesnt ALWAYS justify a reason….but stil the truth non-theless

  14. I think that the lies that were told in Naruto were more to protect people. First off, the lies about the Uchiha clan were to protect Sasuke, because if everyone knew that the Uchiha were exterminated because of a problem, then Sasuke would be looked at as a target for elimination, similar to how Naruto was by the adults as he was looked at as a threat.

    Naruto was lied to about his past, or at least not told who his parents were, but he must have asked. Minato mentiones it was for Naruto’s protection.

    As far as lying about what the Leaf did during the ninja wars, I don’t think that anyone lied about that. Tsunade pretty much sums it up by saying the Leaf has suffered too as a result of the ninja wars. It’s more a perspective of seeing who is in the right when it comes to the fighting.

    One last point, about the Hyuga. I think it started out as a cultural thing between the main house and the branch house, but also Hiashi mentions that he didn’t tell Neji when Neji was younger because he thought Neji wouldn’t believe him.

    I think that it isn’t good to lie, and often lying leads to pain and suffering, even if you try to save something by lying. Maybe that’s part of the reason why countries are constantly fighting, because everyone is keeping secrets. But they keep secrets because they think that’s necessary for their survival. I think Naruto is trying to change all that.

  15. i agree lying is bad, but whose to say that madara is telling the truth about what happened to the uchiha clan, usually it’s this side, that side, and the truth. And we still don’t have the full info on how ruthless some of these other countries were, a lot ruthless people come from small countries in real life.

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