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Naruto Shippuuden Movie 2: Bonds

The DVD for the second Naruto Shippuuden movie has finally been released!  Even though the movie came out last August in Japan, we the normal viewers were forced to wait for eight long months.  Thankfully, the wait is over!


Many thanks to Datebayo fansubs!

Torrent by(Dattebayo)


Pein is Evil?

Post Author: Kisuzachi

It’s recently come to my attention that everyone is comparing Pein to Adolf Hitler. What many of you don’t understand is that good and evil appears to be good and evil depending on the beholder. Thus they fall into perspective. Please, no one say I am blasphemous or disrespectful, OK? Also, this is not meant to offend anyone (sorry if it does). This goes to all the Pein haters, enjoy it.

Buddha is the founder of Buddhism. He gained enlightenment through intense meditation and through a kind of self imposed exile. In his exile he starved himself to the point where he was just skin and bones, while he was a prince, the opposite was true. He soon realized that neither of these was right, so he created The Middle Way (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_way). He believed that people were overpowered by greed and HATRED, so they could not understand his teachings and each other. Eventually though, he decided to teach his findings to people, and thus Buddhism was born (more or less). To the religions that were their before Buddhism, I imagine that they saw Buddhism as an EVIL threat to their beliefs (good and evil fall into perspectives).


Muhammad (Peace be unto him) is the founder of Islam. He had a very troubled childhood (lost many relatives at an early age). He had to endure many hardships, which changed the course of His life and made Him the perfect candidate for Allah to select to start the religion. After Muhammad however, there were many who spread the religion through war, how was it justified? Simply by the fact that, if there is one religion there would be less wars (more or less). To the unconquered and those not affected yet, the Muslims were evil, however to the Muslims; they were doing the right thing (good and evil fall into perspectives).


Finally, Jesus was like the two mentioned before. He is the founder of Christianity and the Son of God. He too had a bad childhood. He grew up in a land impoverished by the Romans. After many years He started to do miracles and to recruit those he saw to be ‘righteous’. With His followers He travelled, spreading the message of God. His good deeds attracted the attention of Satan, who tried to manipulate Jesus to do His bidding, but Jesus proved to be too strong for him. Unfortunately (or fortunately), He died for the sake of His religion, thus saving mankind from Satan (antagonist). This however was His destiny. Thanks to His selflessness, we see Him as a hero, as our saviour. Think about Rome in those days, they saw Him as an EVIL threat, which is the opposite of how we see Jesus today (good and evil fall into perspectives).


Here is the fun part. Just like all these religious leaders, Nagato had a very troubled childhood. This childhood shaped who he would become in the years to come. Madara most likely manipulated him to do his bidding or simply focused Pein’s dream of peace at The Five Great Hidden Villages. He (or Madara) gathered a team of elite ninja to broadcast his message of ‘pain’ by capturing the Jinchuriki. In the pursuit of his dreams, he has become physically drained; he has become a glorified skeleton. Pein decides that in order to stop war, there must be war. A war so great, that the fear of it happening again will keep a temporary period of peace. Basically he is trying to unite the world through pain to break the cycle of HATRED. This was the destiny that Jiraiya saw for Nagato, believing him to be the destined child, until he met Nagato on the battlefield.

317px-nagato_invasion 387px-emaciatedbuddha madarauchiha

Nagato has done things we perceive to be evil, but is he much different from these great leaders that we hold such high regard for? Just as easily as one can compare Pein to Hitler, one can also compare him to Jesus. To the people of Amegakure Pein is the greatest form of good, he is a ‘god’. However, to those who have met him on the battlefield, he is the greatest evil; he is a ‘demon’. Every religion teaches forgiveness, and has stories of those who pursue vengeance, the stories never end well for them (What Pein is doing isn’t vengeance; it is selfless dedication to peace). There are many similarities between Nagato and theses religious leaders, but I’ll leave the reader to pick them out. I leave you with this thought.

“If the series was called ‘Nagato’ instead of ‘Naruto’, and was told from Nagato’s point of view, wouldn’t we all want to see Nagato destroy the Great Nations?”