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Yahiko: Attack!!

Sorry if there aren’t any pics, cuz i DID put some on the draft when i submitted it. And the one on my blog have some pics, the pics just didn’t show up when i submitted it for review.

When we last saw Yahiko and the others, Yahiko had just met the woman who had killed his parents.

Freuda: So what if I killed your parents, it’s not like you’re going to avenge them.

Yahiko: You want a bet?

Freuda: You think you can defeat me, well, go ahead, you can try, but you won’t successed.

In a blind fury, Yahiko charges at Freuda all the while making hand seals

Nagato: Yahiko, stop!!

But, it’s no use. Yahiko is too pissed to listen to anyone but his heart, and his heart says. “kill her, kill her now!”

Freuda: Oh well, Earth Style: Earth Dragon Bullet!

Yahiko: Water Style: Violent Water Wave!

The two attack each other head on. But Yahiko forgot that Water Jutsu’s are weak against Earth Jutsu’s. So, Yahiko’s Jutsu gets thrown right back at him. Freuda’s Jutsu also makes a direct hit on Yahiko! With all the pressure of the two jutsu’s, Yahiko is thrown back into a wall. A rock had been protruding out of it and hit Yahiko, knocking him unconscious.

Nagato: NO!!!!!! That is it!! Wind Style: Cyclone Blow!!!! (sorry for last time, Nagato only knows three elements right now, wind, earth, and lightning, sorry for not clearing that up last time)

It lands a direct hit! As the dust settles, a dark figure stands right in front of Nagato. It is Freuda!

Freuda: You don’t actually think that I could be defeated by little kids like you, do you? Well, I’ve already wasted enough of my time on you little punks, so, I’ll end this quick. Earth Style: Abyss Trench!!

Seconds later, a huge trench amerges in the middle of the battlefield. Freuda pushes Nagato into the trench. While Nagato is falling, nobody has noticed Konan.

Konan: (In her head) I can do this. I can do this. (Now outloud) Paper Net!!

Just then, a million pieces of paper start to form a net under Nagato.

Konan: Yes, I did it!

Just then, Freuda notices Konan.

Freuda: You will pay dearly for that, little girl.

Freuda then rushes at Konan making hand seals.

Freuda: Earth Style: Earth Spear (the jutsu that Kakuzu used that made his body hard)

Freuda is just about to make contact with Konan when Nagato all of a sudden charges at Freuda.

Nagato: Lightning Style: Piercing Darkness!!

The attack makes a direct hit, but, it was only a earth clone. The real Freuda then walks out from behind a building.

Freuda: Well, I’m tired of you now. So, let’s finish this.

But before Freuda can even make a hand seal, Yahiko emerges using an unfamiliar jutsu to Nagato and Konan

Yahiko: Time to end this, Secret Water Style: Harden Water Drill!!

The huge pressure rips apart Freuda.

Freuda: No!!! Please spare me!

Yahiko: You brought this among yourself. You can burn in Hell now. I said I’d avenge my parents.

Freuda: NO!!!!!!!

Yahiko: I finally did it. (He says with a light in his eyes and a smile on his face.)

Next time; Yahiko: The Search!!