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Minato Namikaze: Identity

Post Author: YellowFlash2

Minato stands watching his beaten comrades lie on the ground unconscious as Shenra rises from the ground once more.

Shenra: Well, Well, look who finally wakes up, are you well rested from that nap?

Minato: I won’t forgive you for what you’ve done.

Shenra: I am not asking for you forgiveness,… I think it’s time for you to beg for your forgiveness for being so troublesome.

Minato: I am done playing around!

Shenra:Stop talking all tough I know you don’t have enough chakra to fight me, you barely have enough chakra to stand up right now.

Minato: You’re wrong.

Minato forms a hands sign and starts to summon his chakra as Shenra looks surprise he states, “He still doesn’t have enough chakra to beat me.” Minato stares at him arrogantly and dashes forward and throws a giant shuriken and forms hands signs and two shadow shurikens appears in mid air shooting right for Shenra. Shenra uses his giant water hand and knocks the shuriken out of the air then counters with a punch to the area Minato is standing in. Minato struggles to avoid the attack but manages to get away. Angered by this Shenra opens his mouth and a giant water bullet shoot out of his mouth damaging the entire area. Moments later Minato digs himself out of the rubble looking worse than ever, he wonders how can this guy be this strong.

Shenra: You fool haven’t you realized who I am yet? You have been so busy fighting me you still have no idea who I am!

Minato: Then who are you?

Shenra:….. I am the king of the Hidden Mist, I am the Third Mizukage.

Minato stands completely still in shock at what he has just heard and Shenra uses this time and forms hand signs:

Shenra: I am tired of your presence it’s time to end this, Water Style: Taste of the Nile!

A giant wave of water forms like a giant wall ( Much like Gaara’s wall of sand) and he forms even more hand signs combining it with lightning. The giant wave engulf the area and heads straight towards Minato and in an instant a large iron wall with Samurai toads on it bust out of the ground shielding Minato. Jiraiya stangs on top revealing his jutsu as Summoning Jutsu: Mystic Toad Wall! Shenra is angeredbyJiraiya’s appearance and recognizes him as one of the Legendary Sannin:

Jiraiya:I think you better stay away from my young apprentice here if you don’t want to fight the great Toad Sage Jiraiya!

Minato:Sensei, you’re as corny as ever but you have great timing, I don’t know how I would have gotten out of this one.

Jiraiya:It doesn’t matter I knew you would need my help after I over heard him going on about being the Third Mizukage.

Minato: So you were here all along?

Jiraiya: Yeah, I wasn’t going to intervene unless you really needed my help, but now that I see you do, leave everything to me.

Shenra tries to hit Jiraiya off guard by making his water hand form into a spear and pierces him through the chest but it was just a clone and Jiraiya uses his Toad Silhouette Jutsu and uses his fire technique to counter his attack, the fire burns straight through the water with it’s intense flames. Shenra blows another water bullet out to stop the flames and tries to stomp him with his giant foot. Jiraiya avoids the attack and appears next to him using his lions mane to knock him off guard then he jumps into the air and summons a toad to come crashing down on top off him. While the water is blown away from his body Jiraiya uses Frog Katas to punch him in the face, with Jiraiya on the attack Shenra uses the water as thorns to create some distance. Shenra engulfs his body with the water once again and Jiraiya smiles and forms more hand signs, Earth Style: Dark Swamp, the mud quickly pulls him down, the water around his body combines and makes the swamp bigger Jiraiya smiles and tells him he will now die a horrible and pain full death smothered under over a hundred tons of mud. After the jutsu is complete Jiriaya begins to walk away from the battle field when Shenra shoots from the ground to attack but Minato uses his speed to hit him with the Rasengan just as he falls into the swamp Kushina also forms hand signs and unleash a jutsu created by her father, Secret Jutsu: Dimensional Whirlpool! A Giant whirlpool opens up in the ground and sucks all the water and mud including Shenra into another dimension. Minato looks on in shock as the whirlpool swallows Shenra whole, it’ finally over and they all collapse in exhaustion.

Minato: He was one the strongest fighters I have ever witnessed, I have to get stronger, if I am going to fulfill my destiny.

Kushina:(Looks at him in interest but changes the subject) Minato, I am so glad it’s finally over, are you okay?

Minato:I’m fine Kushina are you okay?,Well you should be, you are stronger than I thought.

Kushina:Yeah thanks Minato but, maybe we should get out of here, she then takes a moment to take one last look at her home, even though it’s entirely annihilated.

Fugaku wakes up Sakumo, while Kara heals Minato. Minato grabs Kushina’s hand realizing her sadness and hugs her tightly as they walk away from the Whirlpool County.

Jiraiya:Oh, yeah Minato nice jutsu, you have been holding out on me, maybe one day you could teach your old sensei that technique!

Minato: Sure, if you can handle it.

They both laugh as they leave the village to head home. Days later make it to the village and fills the Third in on the mission.

Third:Well, It’s a good thing I sent you Jiraiya it seems like you guys would have made it if I didn’t.

Jiraiya: We all know you are great old man but come on I deserve the credit!

Minato:Alright you guys I am going to show Kushina around the village catch you later.

Jiraiya: You really are my apprentice, you’re as much as a ladies man as I am.

Minato:Thanks Sensei, bye guys!

Minato and Kara walks through the village smiling into each others faces and all of a sudden Kushina gets serious and asks about the destiny Minato mentioned before.

Kara:Come on Minato don’t keep me out of the loop.

Minato:You heard me huh, well, let’s see, when I was with Jiraiya we went to a place called Myobukuzan ( The Toad Mountain Kingdom)! While I was there I met the Elder Toad who has the ability to see the future. The Elder Toad told me that my destiny will start the battle for the survival of the entire ninja world.

Kara: Entire Ninja World? What will you have to do?

Minato: I will have to make a decision and I will know when it’s time.

Kara: What Decision?

Minato: Actually I don’t know but he did say something weird,… that I am going to be the one to create the path of the child of prophecy, the Destined Child!

Kara: Who’s that?

Minato: I actually don’t know but I will find out.

Sakumo walks up with a kid by his side!

Sakumo:Hey Minato, what are you doing out of the medical unit this early?

Minato: Oh, I was feeling a little better so I just left.

Kara:I never thanked you early for saving us Sakumo, thanks!

Sakumo: It’s cool, anything for a comrade.

Minato: Anyway, who’s the kid?, I never thought you would be the one to babysit.

Sakumo: Oh, well, he’s my son, Kakashi Hatake.

Minato: WHAT? You have a son?

Sakumo: Well, yeah, we just got through with some training and now we were headed to the book store.

Minato: Wow, and your this far along, I have a feeling you are going to be very strong one day.

Kakashi: Thanks sir, I’m entering the Academy at an early age because the Hokage himself said so.

Sakumo:Yeah, my little prodigy is going to surpass me and become a great shinobi one day.

Minato: (Laughing) You guys are too much.

The scene goes back to the Whirlpool where Shenras body lies, he then awakens and releases his transformation jutsu and it is none other that the masked Akatsuki Madara Uchiha!

Madara:Well, he was as strong as I had heard, he will be a problem in the future, I must take care of him before my plan comes into action. I will complete my circle of brotherhood to finally fulfill my long time destiny.

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