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Part 1: The Life of Madara Uchiha

Authors: Mart1 and Kisuzatchi

Previously: Kakuzu: “I should seek out this “Madara Uchiha” he was once as foolish as I was, but I will enlighten him and show him the true nature of the despicable “Village system” that he and Hirashima have created. I will show him that only money, and the favor of the people that comes with it, can be relied upon ”

With these final thoughts, Kakuzu leaves behind Takigakure.

A few days later Kakuzu arrives at Kohana, still a newly forming village, Kakuzu slips in, covertly disguising himself as an average civilian, he slips into Kohana. After roaming through the crowds, he comes upon a bunch of Uchiha in an area that would later become their separate section of Kohana. Kakuzu declares that he is here to save the great man “Madara Uchiha and from a plot to sabotage his good name and request and audience with him. The Uchiha stare at him and say “Madara was exposed as a traitor, Hirashima Senju has headed off to find and kill him after signs indicated he was headed to the border of the Land of Rice Fields. But who are you, to be able to claim these things?”

Kakuzu thinks to himself “You are an Uchiha, yet you can’t use your legendary Sharingan to see the truth, you must be worthless trash, not even worth killing” Then he knocks them out without answering them. These Uchiha would later become those that believed in Madara’s innocence after they realized the truth.

Kakuzu thinks to himself “I need him, it might not be too late to intervene.” He rushes off to the place they indicated.

Tobimaru, after hearing about the unconscious Uchiha that had been found, sent out three of his most trusted tracking and speed specialist ninja, just to be on the safe side. Because of their speed and skills, these ninja caught up to Kakuzu just as he started to approach the area where Madara Uchiha and Hirashima Senju where fighting.

They are some of the best Senju fighters, They display a mastery of water, earth, and wood, that falls short only when compared to the nobility of their clan’s leader, but Kakuzu, who took on Hirashima, with his new found skills, dispatches them by using a combination of elements that prey upon their elemental weaknesses.

A now weakened Kakuzu gets there just as Hirashima is finishing his fight with Madara. The land scape has literally been split in two. Burnt trees liter the area and rock slabs with huge scrapes in them jut out at odd angles and a roaring waterfall floods the area. Amatseru flames burn in odd places, coming up from underground but have mostly been covered by plants and earth and are still trying to burn through.

Several Bijju, including the nine-tailed fox, are nearby, either unconscious or near death from exhaustion. Madara has been stabbed through the heart several times with multiple swords. Somehow he is still alive, but he is fading rapidly into the void. Hirashima is still standing, Kakuzu wants to try and kill him, but upon seeing him, Hirashima says “I had doubts about Madara’s guilt, but with you here, the truth is so obvious even a fool could see it. I see that murderous intent in your eyes, but I also see you are weak, I heard your battle, you and I could finish each other off now, but I have a village to lead, I cannot die here.”

Kakuzu “Your “Village system” is a joke! Look at my forehead, I have left their control, and their subservience to your despicable system. I came here solely to spite you with the truth, this man you have killed was not the one to try to kill you, this “plot” you have discovered is nothing more than a deception weaved by my old village’s now dead elders. I will fight your system until my hearts beat no more.”

I will not die here.” With this Hirashima uses his bringer of darkness jutsu and vanishes while Kakuzu is momentarily blinded. This does not last long however, Kakuzu uses his wind heart to blow away the dust that clouds his vision. Then he sees that Madara is still barely living and remembers his goal.

One of his monsters picks up the body of a nearby Senju and brings it to him. Kakuzu uses his jutsu to extract the heart but instead of transplanting it into himself, he transplants it into Madara by carefully extracting the swords and repairing the wounds they made with his chakra strings he slowly brings Madara back to life.