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ZWX:Sight Gained, Sight Lost, Truth Found.

Author: Byakugan Fang


The day Zep’s mother died was both a tragic day for him, as it was also benefitial. It needed to happen in order for him to became the Shinobi he is now. Let’s see how it happened, shall we?


As days passed Zep’s Byakugan training was getting tougher, mre demanding, and more intense. However, Hattari was not dissapointed, as Zep’s vision was getting better, his range farther and his sight more precise. She knew of her son’s improvements through the training methods she had developed, just for him.

She first scattered a variety of tags all around the the forest, each with different markings. She would then ask her son to activate his Byakugan, for a certain amount of time, and mention as many markings as he could. He did, and as soon as he saw all of them, she decided his range was set. Time to move on to precision.

She taught Zep how to distinguish how far something is, how fast it’s going and how soon will it get to it’s destination. She started by activating the many tags that were already in place. Each showed a number; representing the distance they were from Zep. Then she had Zep throw a variety of objects to the tags; shurikens, kunai, rocks, metal balls, etc. By doing that everyday, Zep mastered distance, speed, and ETA (estimated time of arrival). He was ready, for anything.

Hattari ‘s secret training with her son soon came to the ears of the Hyuga Main House, as she expected. She was ordered to go in front of the Elders and explain herself. See, under Hyuga Law, no Branch should be permited to be stronger than any Main. Something she knew far to well, which is why she held the training in secret. The only reason they came to find out about it was because she planned it that way.

All of the targets that she placed in the forest were random, except for the last three. She deliverately placed them close to the Main House, so that they would find out about the training. And she didn’t order Zep to target them, until she sought he was ready for what was next to come. His freedom.

Before her trial, sort to speak, Hattari gave Zep specific instructions. They were,” If anyone takes me to see the Elders, you are to go to the ‘training grounds’ and activate your Byakugan when the first seal is activated. Then focus on my hands, and do as the paper says.” Zep didn’t understand what his mother was talking about, but according to her, “You don’t need to understand. You need to live free. Just do as I say.” Zep agreed, he had a feeling he was going to understand soon.

Hattari was finally in front of the Elders getting ready for the day she had been waiting for, the day she planed so carefully. As she was being lectured about the ‘crime’ she commited, she did a couple of quick hand signs to activate the seal Zep had been waiting for, he did as he was instructed. Hattari took no time to bring out the death of her husband, by mentioning if the same was going to happen to her. The Elders diregarded her remark, still sticking to their story of the insident being an accident.

In a fit of rage Hattari acussed the Elders of murder, and threaten them with death. The Elders activated her seal, shouting out “Slander! Slander!” Zep couldn’t believe what he was seeing through his Byakugan. He was shouting to nobody but himself, “Stop! Stop!! Your killing her!!! Stoopp!!!” But the Elders did no such thing. Eventually _ life came to a halt, and she fell to the floor. As her body gained closer to the floor, Zep’s eyes grew heavy. Her body touched the ground, his lids touched each other.

His Byakugan was deactivated, his eyes were in need of another use. As his all-seeing eyes were blinded by the tears of his mothers’ death, and the realization that his father met the same fate, he sat there still. Motionless, not knowing what to do. He then realized, he did have to know what to do, he was told what to do. Despite what he had just witnessed, he gathered the courage to fullfil his mothers last word to him.

He reactivated his Byakugan, and focused it to his mothers dead palms. Inside was a note, and it read; “Look to the North, 3 Miles.” He did, he saw a tree with another note that said; “Come here. Now, before they get you.” With no time to waist, he did as he was instructed. Leaving the clan he once heiled in such regard. The clan that took everything away from him. The clan that gave him his name. Precipice.


Now that Zep is on the run what will he do next? What will the Clan do about his dissapearence? Do they even Care?

Next Chapter: Hyuga On The Run.

—– Author’s Note—–

The Hyuga aren’t bad people here. To be fair, they were defending themselves from _. However they didn’t have to kill her. But like all leaders, they had to keep her quite. What better way than to kill her.