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The History of Kakuzu: Part 3: I Love Money!

Post Author: Kisuzachi (With some help!)

This is the final chapter of Kakuzu’s pre-Akatsuki story, however, there will be another story that Kakuzu plays a huge role in. Thanks for the support fellow narutards, and special thanks to Mart, he helped to Co-write some of this. Here we go.

After a long day of traveling without rest, Kakuzu arrives at the gates of Takigakure. He opens the gates and walks in, only to be stopped by several ninja.

Kakuzu: “What is this? Why are you all standing there? Get out of my way; I need to go to the Hospital to recover.”

Karibi Ooraka: “You’re going nowhere, but a jail cell Kakuzu!”

Kakuzu: “This must be a misunderstanding! On whose orders are you doing this?!”

Ichijin Ooraka: “On the order of the elders! Now come quietly! We don’t want to have to take you by force!” (Before Kakuzu could say a word, he falls to the ground unconscious, due to the adverse effect of the soldier pill).

Three hours later….

Kakuzu: “Whe…where am I? Why are my hands tied up?”

Guard: “How are you such a great ninja and you cant even deduce that you’re in a jail cell?! Hahahahaha!”

Kakuzu: “(Muttering to himself) Oh yeah, the elders did this. (Now talking to the guard) Where’s Touiyaru? He can sort this mess out.”


Guard: “Touiyaru was killed by the elders. The elders say he was a traitor. Serves him right for betraying his village. Hahahaha!”

Kakuzu: “Oh really now? (Thinking to himself)Those old ba*tards, what are they up to? These guards tied my left hand to my back and my right hand to my stomach. This must be an attempt to stop me from making Hand Sings. (Talking to the guard now) Doesn’t a prisoner get any food here? I’m starving.”

Guard: “(The guard takes a half-eaten apple, spits on it and opens the cell) You want food? I’ll give you food! (The guard pushes it into Kakuzu’s mouth) Hey! What the….”

Kakuzu kicks his feet and he falls to the ground. Kakuzu then spits the apple at him and does an axe kick on the guard’s head, which shatters his skull, thus killing him.

Kakuzu: “Keep you’re smelly old apple.”

Kakuzu then rubs his back against the guard’s kunai and cuts the rope, thus freeing his left arm. He takes the guard’s kunai and frees his right arm. Once again he uses Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique to go underground, and he leaves an earth clone in the cell to cover up the hole once he is gone. He comes out at the far side of the village.

Kakuzu: “Now it’s time I gave the three of you a proper burial.”

He throws Meimu’s, Kokusu’s and Shiana’s headbands into the tunnel he came out of. He covers it and uses Earth Style: Bedrock Coffin, two huge boulders fall on the burial site. In the boulders he writes their names and their skills (example Kokusu-water master).

website185boulders waterfallyn8

Kakuzu then sneaks into Takigakure’s library.

(Remembering a previous conversation with Shiana) Kakuzu: So, where is it?”

Shiana: “My father’s scroll is in the innermost part of the library. Also Kakuzu, you should know, this is the prize possession of Takigakure. It’s even more valuable than the Hero Water.”

Kakuzu: “I know. I have a feeling that this will come in handy someday.”

Shiana: “I wish you would just take the damn thing, I hate being in charge of this dumb library with every ninja “Depending on me to keep a record of his secret jutsu” when it’s really just an escape jutsu with a slight varriation.”

Kakuzu: “If I took it, that wouldn’t look good for you, plus you are Touiyaru’s daughter, it’s your responsibility to protect the scroll.”

Shiana: “He left it to you, My only responsibility is making money, and lots of it!”

(The flashback ends) He enters the innermost part of the library. There are three ninja standing guard, but Kakuzu easily overwhelms them and knocks them out. He takes the scroll and leaves the library.

One day passes, night is just breaking. Suddenly, huge explosions occur in the Takigakure bar, the library and the Ninja Academy.


Elder Kibishii: “It looks like Kakuzu is on the move.”

Elder Yakamashi: “The explosion happened at his deceased teammates’ favorite or assigned spots, he’s so sentimental. Hmhmhmhm.”

Elder Kisujin: “I agree.”

Elder Gentaru: “I have no doubt that he will come after us. But when he does, he dies.”


Karibi Ooraka: “Hey Kakuzu! Suck on this! Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!”

Ichijin Ooraka: “Have some of this too! Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!”

The two jutsus combine, and the fireball becomes three times as large. Kakuzu jumps above it and uses Earth Style Wall, which he then kicks at both ninja, Ichijin counters this with a wind sheild, he is still paralized and Kakuzu is about to finish them, but then Kakuzu suddenly stops and thinks to himself “Oh yeah, I cant kill them that way…” so instead he kicks the upper portion of his earthen wall in a way that it extends out and beheads them. Then he thinks “Now it’s time to try out what I learned”

how_to_perform_the_dragon_flame_jutsu_hand_seals earth_style_wall3

As he is finishing up, six more ninja appear. Two of them use Water Style: Black Rain Jutsu (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Water_Release:_Black_Clouds_Technique), which covers Kakuzu in oil. The other four use a combination of fire and wind release techniques. The jutsus hit Kakuzu with tremendous force, unfortunately for them, it was just a clone. Kakuzu stands on a tree branch and uses Clone Great Explosion; the explosion kills all six ninja.

Kakuzu: “These ninja were weak and unworthy, I dispise myself for once calling them “Comrades” but more ninja should be on their way here, which means that the elders are now defenseless. If I keep killing these ninjas, that should de-motivate them. Old men I’m coming for you!”

He jumps from tree to tree quite loudly to attract more attention. His plan worked, two more shinobi show up.

Kakuzu: “Just how many of you must I kill tonight? It doesn’t matter anyway.”

Hiyayaka: “You broke out of jail. What would your old man think if he saw you now?”

Kakuzu: “You have no right to speak of my father! For that, you will die first!”

Raiden Ooraka: “And what of me? you Killed my brothers?”

Kakuzu is enraged he says “You think you know me and my pain. Soon you will feel my pain as if it was your own.”


Hiyayakato whom Kakuzu was referring uses Hidden Mist Jutsu. Raiden Ooraka now uses Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Lightning_Release:_Electromagnetic_Murder). The lightning heads toward Kakuzu, but he laughs and suddenly an unseen force cancels it out, making it useless.

The two ninja think “What happened? I didn’t even see him make a hand sign? But before they can think anything else, suddenly two boulders fly through the air at high speeds and take out the two ninja.

Kakuzu: “They were smart. They used Hidden Mist to make the water droplets in the air come closer together, and then they used a lightning technique, thus making the attack unavoidable. It looks like they weren’t a match for my two boulders though. I will have to remember their combination; it just may come in handy someday.”

Kakuzu leaves an earth clone behind, in order to make a distraction, while he stealthily approaches the elders’ abode. After about ten minutes, he finally arrives. He kicks down the elders’ door and boldly walks in.


Elder Kibishii: “How nice of you to come, Kakuzu.” (All the elders welcome him)

Kakuzu: “Enough pleasantries! I came here for answers and to kill you if I don’t like your answers!”

Elder Gentaru: “I suppose you want to know what is going on, correct?”

Kakuzu: “I’ll ask the questions, you half-dead old ba*tard! Why did you kill Touiyaru, and don’t give that traitor bull.”

Elder Yakamashi: “We killed him because he was interfering in our plans and he was no longer of any use to us, just like your father!” (Hearing this, Kakuzu charges at him. But a hole suddenly appears under his feet. He falls in.)

Elder Kisujin: “I agree, we should tell you our plan in detail. Elder Gentaru, if you please.”

Elder Gentaru: “Right. You see Kakuzu; the feudal lord promised us more money than we could imagine if we assassinated Hashirama, that’s why we sent you. You are our best ninja, plus you were a thorn in our sides, you and Touiyaru. We are sick of the both of you not accepting missions because they go against your morals, its annoying! We thought you and Hashirama would finish each other off. The death of Hashirama would undoubtedly cause another Great Ninja War, a war that Takigakure, being prepared, would win. Kakuzu, if you were successful in your mission, we would have control of the Bijju.”

Kakuzu: “You can’t control the Bijju! They are far too powerful!”

Elder Gentaru: “WE wouldn’t control the Bijju, we would simply trap them in “Hosts” and unleash them upon any village that went against us in battle. Obtaining the bijju would also be a speed bump, but We took out Hirashima, the leaf would be weak, we could take them in the chaos, not even the great “Madra Uchiha” could stop us, we had plans to “Take care” of him, We planted evidence that you were in league with him so that the rest of the Senju would prosecute him. Even now, Kohana thinks he has commited some kind of high treason. They will eventually retaliate, taking out one of the few people who can fully control bijju… Eventually, our village would become properous, overflowing in reveanue”

Kakuzu: “(He says this softly) So, you did this all for money?! (He shouts) What is it with everyone and money!?  You framed an innocent man, and ruined the lives of so many people. Why can’t they be happy with peace? My father died in the pursuit of peace, I will teach you what that means as I can no longer let you live.”

Elder Gentaru: “Why do you think you’re father died? He died in the pursuit of money, you fool.”


Kakuzu: “He died forming this Village! How dare you lie to me!!”

Elder Gentaru: “Why would I lie? He formed this village because the feudal lord paid him to do so! Why do you think ninja are ninja? Because we get paid to be ninja! Why do you think wars happen? Because countries want more and more money! Why do you think the elders don’t go on missions, why the rich don’t die and why you are in this particular situation? Because of money. Kakuzu, money is what makes the world go ‘round.”

Kakuzu: “(Mumbling to himself) My father died because of mo…money? Everyone I ever knew died because of money? Only those with money live? Money? Money? (He shouts now) Money?! I will honor my father by fulfilling his last mission for all my life! I will devote myself to making money! I think you old geezers have huge bounties on your heads.

Elder Gentaru: “Yes! Bounties you will never live to collect!”

Gentaru throws a spear through Kakuzu’s heart. The elders let their guards down and turn their backs to the hole Kakuzu is in. Suddenly four black creatures jump out of the hole. They grab the elders but Gentaru escapes by using a replacement jutsu. He runs to the exit. The moment his foot touches the outside, a hand grabs it. Kakuzu emerges, holding Gentaru in the air with one hand.

autoimages-ru8140lg kakuzu-masks-unleash

Elder Gentaru: “It couldn’t be, you couldn’t have! How did you find the scroll with ‘The Earth Grudge Fear’ and you mastered it as well?! You are no longer human, you are a demon!”

Kakuzu: “Call me what you will. But I thank you for my new focus in life, money! Before I send you to the Afterlife, know this. Thanks to Shiana, for giving me the location of the village’s most prized jutsu, I’m no longer a human, nor a demon. I am now a collector, a collector of money!”

Kakuzu rips out Gentaru’s heart, and the creatures follow what he did. Kakuzu replaces the hearts that were previously in the masks, with the hearts of the elders. He becomes one with the creatures again.


Kakuzu: “I should seek out this “Madra Uchiha” he was once as foolish as I was, but I will enlighten him and show him the true nature of the dispicable “Village system” that he and Hirashima have created. I will show him that only money and the favor of the people that comes with it can be relied upon”

Next time, in part four, the story will conclude.

Name meanings:

All the elders names, basically means, strict.

Shiana: fang sword (wolves, weapon master)

Touiyaru: loyal leader (did not betray Kakuzu, leader of Takigakure)

Meimu: Illusion master (master of Genjutsu)

Kokusu: King piece (chess, shogi)

Kakuzu: Bishop piece (shogi)

(“I wrote the four other names, they relate to the element that person uses and Ooraka means heart”-Mart)

Thanks for reading.