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Yahiko: Invasion!!

Yahiko: Invasion

Take it easy on me because this is my first post. But, I do want your feedback. So please, comment on my post.

It is a rainy day and the Amegakure Orphans are saying goodbye to their sensei.

Yahiko: But, Jiraiya-sensei, what will we do without you?

Jiraiya: I’ve taught you all you need to survive and protect yourself. You don’t need me anymore. I have nothing more to teach you. (he says smiling)

Konan: We’ll miss you sensei. (she says… crying)

Jiraiya: I’ll miss you too, but you will be fine.

And with that, he was gone.

Nagato: OK guys, lets prove Jiraiya-sensei right.

Konan and Yahiko: Right

The next day, the three are at their hideout, talking.

Konan: So you heard some of the villagers saying theirs going to be some stone ninja coming into the village?

Yahiko: Right.

Nagato: We should make a plan to help protect are village. So, we can show Jiraiya-sensei that he was right.

Yahiko: That’s a great idea Nagato. So, lets start thinking up are plan of attack, we only have 2 days before the invasion begins.

The next day, they have their plan of attack ready, but…

Konan: What the-I thought you said they were coming tomorrow, Yahiko?

Yahiko: That’s what I heard.

Nagato: Well, I guess you heard wrong, because, their coming this way.

Yahiko: Well, we know are plan of attack, so, lets do it!

So, they get into position. Nagato to the left, Konan to the right. And Yahiko in the center.

Now, the invaders are about 300 feet away.

So, they start!

Konan: Paper Shuriken!!

Nagato: Wind Style: Cyclone Blow!!

And with that, the shurikens (15 in all) go flying at the stone ninja. And some of them make a direct hit to some of the stone ninjas hearts.

Nagato: Well, that takes care of those guys, but there’s more of them coming.

Yahiko: I’ll take care of them. Water Style: Violent Water Wave.

All the ninja are blown back, some even are ripped apart by the pressure.

Even though Yahiko killed many ninja, there are still many more coming  at them.

Konan: What do we do now?

Yahiko: I’ve got an idea.  I’ve been working on this jutsu while you guys have been asleep.  But, I need Nagato to use an Earth Style jutsu, OK?

Nagato: OK, but, which one?

Yahiko: Earth Style: Earth Dome Jutsu.

Konan: But, on who?

Yahiko: Us.

Nagato: OK.

Yahiko: Ready?

Nagato: Ready.

Yahiko: Water Style: Acid Rain Jutsu!! (this is a jutsu that destroys flesh and organs (only) with acid!)
Nagato: Earth Style: Earth Dome Jutsu!!
In a few seconds they start to hear agonizing screams coming from outside the dome.
Yahiko: Release!
After a few seconds, the rain stops and Nagato releases the dome and the only thing they see for a mile is corpeses!
Yahiko: Not too bad.

A lone ninja comes out of a dark alley…

Ninja: It seems you little kids have killed all my men. Well, I’m impressed with you. My name is Freuda, and i would like you three to become my new squad.

Yahiko looks at the mysterious woman in astonishment….

Yahiko: I know you! You are the woman that killed my parents!! (he says with a little too much murderous intent in his eyes)