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A jutsu for you (No really you!)

Post Author: Mart1

This is a thought experiment. If done properly it will reveal something about your self. Try to interpret it your self but I’ll help you out if you need it. I want people to use the guidelines to create a jutsu:

In this experiment we will go through the ninjafication process to create a ninja profile.

Genin Level: Pick a specialty

***Edit: You may use this to create three jutsu, but only one element-type jutsu and the non-elemental jutsu can’t be combined with the elemental. Ex. No shadow clone AND Mist clone.***

1. A Non-elemental technique: Ex. Shadow clones, Shadow bind, multi-size techniques. Not a Summon. Not a specialty, just the generic application of the jutsu.


2. An generic elemental attack that is very weak and has needs an external power-up. (Generic basically means it attacks counter intuitive to your range, think of Saskue’s first fire attack, it was an inaccurate, weak and wasteful) You also need to choose a range (Close, Mid., or long) the closer it is the more powerful… Ex. Temari uses her Fan to channel wind chakra

***Edit: You have to choose an attack or deffence type attack for the elemental jutsu along with a range… thats about all the verastility you get for this jutsu but later on you can upgrade it to something much better***

Chunin Level: Upgrade it!

***Edit:You can do three of these options, but you cannot invest more than two into the same jutsu, ex. you can’t change the range of your element, add in a non-element jutsu and strengthen it, but you can create a new non-element jutsu and add in your element.***

if you chose #1. (Non-element jutsu)… You can:

A. Add an element to your jutsu Ex. Lightning Shadow Clone Jutsu used by Kakashi


B. Create another jutsu that complements your current one. Ex. Rasengan working well with shadow clones because of the clones are used to analyze the opponent allowing Naruto to get close enough to deliver it or Sasuke using the Sharingan and Chidori in a similar analyze attack pattern.

If #2. (An elemental Attack)

you can develop a way to use your elemental technique in a different way, such as

A. a different range allowing you to use both the previous and the current. Ex. Chidori (Close) Chidori Nagashi (Mid.) Karin (Long) are Chidori derivatives. It can even be done in combination with your previous range with this the generic attack gets stronger and more accurate Ex. Chidori and Raikiri.

B. Same as letter 1. A. above except in reverse, this time you create a Jutsu to go with your attack. The thing is the range for the new technique has to fit the general elemental technique and you don’t get the Chidori to Raikiri benefit.


3. Learn a new element (Max four). Refer back to 2.

Jounin Level: Straight up dangerous!

***Edit: you can choose three options NO new rules

4. Take any jutsu you currently have and reiterate it back into anywhere in the system above again.

5. Learn a new jutsu as specified any where above.

6. If you have two-plus elements you can create Bi-elemental attacks. Both of these styles count toward your four element max (making tri-element combos impossible)

A. “Free” combine two elements so that a technique does damage of both elements. Ex. The Third’s Fire/Earth Dragon combo. These techniques allow you to combine the strengths of your current elemental jutsu in one attack. This creates a synergistic effect that increases the strength of one attack based on the original strength of the other.

B. “Complete” Combination of two elements so that the technique forms a completely new element with different strengths/weaknesses like Haku or Yamato. The downside of this is that you have to start at the point of creating a new generic element again.

8. Specialty jutsu: Realize an inner truth of your jutsu and apply it to the battle field.

Kage Level:

***Edit: You only get two jutsu from this option, but they are super powerfull now!

9. Any of the previous options are once again opened.
Summoning: Summons can be learned as an alternative jutsu to any level but they are equivelent to that levels strength and don’t self upgrade (change as you grow in rank without another investment) though when re-upgraded, they increase to your current level.

Use the guidelines to create a jutsu: Post your outcome here!