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Just so you know (A message from Advanced Major)

Thank you all for taking the time to read my post, i also extend my thanks to my fans and critics, you guys make it worth the while, but i have to make a few points clear:

a) I know there are a few key flaws with this work but this is mainly because this was actually the 1st draft. This is the 1 i sent to Bob just to let him see what i was working on. I revised the piece, added some pictures and glitter, and basically made it print-worthy, I then sent the new copy to Bob, again, and that was around when point B) occured.

b) My laptop is on it last lap of life. Viruses, spyware, you name it, its got it. I was unable to post it, but i think Bob posted it for me, well the draft anyway.

which brings me to point C)

c) I am currently too busy to continue the post at this time. I know its unfair, but my life comes 1st, Shannaro, a close 2nd. So i came up with this solution. Anyone who would like to continue it work has my full support and permission! :). all i ask is that you get in touch with me 1st so i can give the OK, maybe proof read the work, and we’re all done, it your baby, yes i am that nice. I’ll chose the best work, or only work, or none at all……it all depends on you guys, anyway by Friday 10th April, date is subject to extension.

Once again, i apologize to anyone who is disappointed.

Major Out.

(If anyone is interested in pickng up Advanced Major’s fanfic, please post a comment stating so  -Bob)


4 Responses

  1. okay, it should b interesting to see the revised version, if the other was just a draft, this should be pretty good

  2. I don’t understand this blog Sorry

  3. I don’t understand this Blog. Sorry !

  4. @ death hero advancedmajor wants to tell you he can’t continue his series and is anyone is intrested he/she could take it over

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