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The History of Kakuzu: Part 2: Battle With Hashirama!

Post Author: Kisuzachi

Last time we saw Kakuzu, he and his team had just left Takigakure (https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2009/03/31/the-history-of-kakuzu-part-1-gathering/). Lets continue.


It is now one day since they left Takigakure, and they are well into the Fire Country’s borders. They got pass the ninja posted at the border due to Meimu’s mastery of Genjutsu.

They are now extremely close to Konoha.

Shiana: “Hey Kakuzu! What’s in that big bag you’ve been lugging around, anyway?

Kakuzu: “Do not be concerned about the luggage; just know that it will be instrumental in our mission. You just focus on bringing glory and honor to the name of Takigakure.”

Shiana: “I’ll leave that to you, I’ll focus on bringing glory and honor to my purse.”

Meimu: “Will you two be quiet! I’m thinking of what Genjutsus I will use when we get to Konoha! And need I remind you who our opponent is?! Hashirama Senju! Now get your acts together and let’s go! Honestly, dealing with you two could only be bearable with sake.”

Kakuzu: “You’re right as usual my master, except for the sake part. Now let’s double our speed. We will kill Hoshirama and report back to the Village by dinner time. Now let’s go!”

They finally arrive at the outskirts of the newly formed Konoha. Each of them goes to different positions around the village. They all stand on wooden building tops. Meimu immediately casts his Genjutsus in a combination format, i.e. he uses more then one Genjutsu at once due to his mastery of Genjutsu (Temple of Nirvana Technique, Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique and Demonic Illusion: Double False Surroundings Technique). The entire Senju clan falls into a deep sleep. In his office, Hashirama senses something is wrong. He secretly dispels all three Genjutsus at once (which only frees HIMSELF from it), without Meimu knowing. Being a master of weapons, Shiana aims an arrow right at Hashirama’s head. She fires it, and it goes right through his skull, but to her surprise his body turns into wood. Hashirama teleports in front of her.

mokuton_kawarimi1 first-hokage1

Hashirama: “I knew we were under attack, so I waited for the enemy to make a move. That way I would know their position. In this case, your position.”

Shiana: “You’re as good as they say. I have never missed my target before.”

He turns his finger into a wooden spear and attempts to impale her, but she counters by summoning a wolf in front of her. The wolf dies, but Hashirama’s finger is stuck inside. Shiana back flips over his head and lands behind him with her sword ready. She pushes the sword into his back, but there is no blood! A wooden hand reaches from the ground and pulls her from the top of the building. She crashes through each floor until she final hits the solid ground. Hashirama stands over her, but suddenly the body turns into the wolf his clone had killed. The real Shiana jumps down from the roof. She speaks into her collar.


Shiana: “Kakuzu! Target acquired.”

Hashirama: “So there is more than just one of you. In that case, give up. I do not want to kill any of you. Just surrender.”

Shiana: “We have you outnumbered! And plus, our mission leader is far more skilled than you, you stupid tree hugger!”

Hashirama: “I tried.”

A second Hashirama rises from the ground and grabs her. Suddenly a small rock in the shape of a spear flies through the clone’s head, killing it in the process.

Shiana: “Thanks Kakuzu, but all the money for this mission is still mine.”

Kakuzu: “Whatever. Now Hashirama, my plan has come full circle. This massive bag I’m carrying is full to the brim with explosive tags. If you do not surrender, then I will be forced to detonate it, and every member of your clan will die, you will die and also my comrades and I will die. Hmhmhmhm hehehehehehe hahahahahaha!”

Hashirama: “You wouldn’t do that! What’s the point of killing yourself just for senseless violence?!”

Shiana: “Please tell me you’re bluffing! What good is the money to me if I’m dead?!”

Kakuzu: “At least you will be dying for your village. Now surrender Hashirama!”

Hashirama: “Never! I won’t allow you to cause turmoil!!!”

Kakuzu throws the bag at Hashirama and detonates it. A huge explosion occurs, but at the last second a sea-like quantity of water surrounds the explosion. The water greatly reduces the power of the explosion, but Kakuzu, who is closest to the explosion, gets thrown high into the air. Kakuzu braces himself for the fall, but at the last minute, the water rises to catch him safely.

thumbnail1 2nd_hokage1

Two new combatants join the battle, Tobirama Senju and Kokusu.

Kakuzu: “How did you get here! I told you to stay home!!! Why did you come?!”

Kokusu: “I came because I knew you would need my help, after all you’re fighting the legendary Hashirama Senju, plus I just saved you from a horrible fall!”

Kakuzu: “How did you get here?!”

Kokusu: “I followed you guys from Takigakure, but I kept my chakra extremely low and stayed way behind so you would’nt detect me. Im a genius are’nt I?”

Kakuzu: “We will discuss this when we get back to Takigakure!”

Without wasting time, Hashirama sends several whip-like boards from the ground at Kakuzu. Kakuzu, Kokusu and Shiana dodge all the pieces of wood. While dodging, Shiana uses her swords to cut the whip-like wood.


Kakuzu: “Good job Shiana, I might ask the village leader to increase your pay. As for you Kokusu, I knew this was too dangerous, Hashirama can make would move like its alive.

Kokusu: “I can handle it Kakuzu, after all I am your brother *smirk*.”

Kakuzu: “Fine! You couldn’t leave now, even if I wanted you to.”

Shiana: “With all three of us, we are bound to win, but the money is still all mine, and it better be doubled for all the trouble I’m going through with this guy. (Mumbling to herself) If I kill both Tobirama and Hashirama, I’m set for life!!!!”

She summons another wolf and it lunges at Hashirama, but it is sent flying when a huge wave hits it. Tobirama dissolves into water, it was just a water clone of him. The real Tobirama walks out of a dark alley, with what appears to be a corpse in his hand.

1137943627__wallpaper2 abilities-secondhokage-waterwave1

Tobirama: “Well, big brother Hashirama, it appears you are having trouble with these intruders. I hope you dont mind that I sent a clone first. I wanted to see their strenghts and weaknesses before joining this fight for real.”


Hashirama: “That’s the Genjutsu user on their team, correct?”

Tobirama: “Yes. I found him on the outskirts of the village while I was returning from a mission. We had a brief battle, but as you can see, he was much too old to put up a real challenge. And I thought by killing him I could release this Genjutsu, but the members of the clan are still asleep, so simply killing the caster of the jutsu won’t awaken them.”

Shiana: “You basta*d! You killed the old man and my wolf!


She attacks Tobirama, but he dodges and jumps on the roof of a building, where he puts down Meimu’s corpse. Tobirama then jumps on roof after roof, with Shiana following him, thus leading her away from Kakuzu.

Kakuzu: “Thank you my master. You have done your part. May your soul find peace, without alcohol. Kokusu, follow her and provide backup, she doesn’t realize he is leading her away from me.”

Kokusu: “Yes big bro! Right away!”

Kakuzu: “Now it’s just you and me Hashirama.”

Kakuzu uses Earth Release: Bedrock Coffin (creates boulders that smash together to crush your opponent), two huge boulders smash Hashirama. Suddenly, tree branches push out of them, and Hashirama jumps off one of the branches and smashes Kakuzu with a forest of board. Kakuzu hardens his body enough (Earth Release: Earth Spear) to survive the impact. He breaks the wood with his hardened fist, and runs along the wooden structure to successfully punch Hashirama. Kakuzu looks behind himself fast enough to barely dodge a wooden spear thrown at him. The Hashirama he hit was just a clone. Several pieces of wood rise from the wood Kakuzu is still standing on, and completely covers him.

jfa1146l1 mokutona1 shichuutou_no_jutsu_mokuton2

Kakuzu: “I guess I made the right choice *pant* in bringing the Hero Water (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Hero_Water) with me.”

Kakuzu drinks it; his chakra becomes so powerful, that it is completely visible around him. With his increase in strength, he easily breaks down the walls containing him. Even with his visible and imposing chakra, Hashirama still looks unfazed……


Now let’s go to Tobirama’s battle.

Tobirama: “Shiana is it? Surrender and I will let you live, however, if you choose to fight, you will die.”

Shiana: “So far, two of my wolves have died, plus the old man! There’s no way I’m leaving without you and your brother’s heads on a platter!”


Kokusu: “Looks like I got here just in time! My first real battle! With Tobirama Senju no less. I’ll make you proud big brother!”

Tobirama and Kokusu start with a similar hand sign, just then a huge dragon of water appears!

836 armored_sabretooth_21

Kokusu: “The Water Dragon takes 42 hand signs and you only did one!!! I thought I was the only one who could use Suiton from water droplets in the air!!!”

Kokusu is in the path of the dragon, but just before impact, an armored wolf with a shield intercepts the attack. Kokusu jumps over the wolf and launches his Water Dragon at Tobirama, but once again with just one hand seal another dragon appears. The dragons battle each other to a draw. With that distraction, three swords fly from the dragons’ battlefield right at Tobirama. They catch him off guard, because he barely dodges them and receives three scars on his face. A shark made of water then emerges from nowhere and grabs Tobirama. The explosive tags in its mouth detonate.

water_dragon_blast_jutsu1 img3

Shiana: “Great job kid! We just killed one of the most powerful….. Ahhhhhh!!!!! (She screams in agony as Tobirama’s kunai is pushed through her chest.) Ho…how…did…you…survive?”

Tobirama: “After your swords hit, you gave away your position. Then I replaced myself with a water clone. I offered you the chance to surrender but you did not take it, now you die.”

Kokusu: “Not if I have anything to say about it!!”

Kokusu uses Hidden Waterfall Style: Sword of Water and cuts at Tobirama, but Tobirama releases the kunai to dodge Kokusu’s attack. Tobirama jumps atop a building and uses his Suiton: Water Dragon Whip jutsu. Kokusu uses a Water Dragon to attack the core of the jutsu, and both jutsus cancel each other.

sz31 nsm20-small1 835

Kokusu: “Are you okay!?”

Shiana: “No! I think this is the end, *coughs blood* tell Kakuzu he better put this money into my account! Before I die, I will make sure you survive! My final and most powerful summon! (She cuts her left arm off as the tribute, and does ten hand signs) Come out Urukou-sama, wolf leader!! (A giant three-headed wolf appears, it towers over the large buildings) Urukou, My time here is over *cough*. Kill the man with the white hair and obey this boy for the remainder of the battle.”

13wolves31 791 180px-kawarimi_no_jutsu4

Urukou howls and uses (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Decapitating_Air_Wave) Super Slicing Soundwaves jutsu at Tobirama. He isn’t fast enough to dodge, so instead he uses a replacement jutsu. The blast destroys half of the village and kills many of the sleeping Senju clan members. Tobirama, now desperate to end it, throws three kunai at Shiana, killing her. Urukou disappears.

Now let’s go back to Kakuzu and Hashirama.

Kakuzu instantly reaches behind Hashirama and punches him through a wall. Hashirama gets up and uses his Mokuton to raise tree roots from the ground. Kakuzu dodges the roots and jumps in the air. He uses Earth Release: Earth Style Wall, and a huge rock pushes out from the ground, Kakuzu then kicks the rock towards Hashirama. Hashirama barely dodges it by covering himself in a shield of wood. Kakuzu then quickly appears behind him and kicks him through the wood shield.


Kakuzu: “You are now outclassed, you cannot defeat me. My mission is almost at an en……What?! (He feels a huge increase in Hashirama’s chakra)”

Hashirama: “I have had enough of you! For all those before me and those that will come after me I end this! Secret Earth Style: Deep Forest Creation jutsu! (Trees push up from all over and Kakuzu gets trapped in the forest-like jutsu) Now it ends! Detonate.”

image2 fukushusenbonfq92ist2_1217682-cartoon-explosion3 7632

All the explosive tags on the trees are released. Kakuzu is sent flying into the air (survived due to the chakra shield created by the Hero Water), he falls at Hashirama’s feet.

Hashirama: “This is the end for you. (His hand once again becomes a wooden spear.”

Kakuzu (muttering to himself): “I cant let this be the end. I…..I…cant. (He now shouts) Earth Release: Hiding Like A Mole Technique! (http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/358/09/) (its the move that Tobi used to go under ground)” (ps. That mole is so cute!)


Hashirama: “What!? Looks like he escaped me. (He speaks into his collar) Tobirama, my opponent has escaped. If you see him, kill him. “

Kakuzu, while underground takes a soldier pill. He slowly arrives at the battlefield of Tobirama and his brother to see the corpses of both Kokusu and Shiana.

Kakuzu: “No!!!!!!!!!! Brother!!!!!!!!!!! (He falls to his knees and weeps).” (He removes the headbands from each of his comrades’ corpse.)

Tobirama: “Ahh there you are. My brother said to kill yuo when you appeared here.”

Kakuzu: “You will never kill me! I will claim vengeance on Konoha, EVEN IF IT TAKES Me 68 YEARS!!! I will claim revenge for Kokusu!” (Kakuzu quickly throws several smoke bombs) (He gathers Meimu, Shiana and Kokusu, then uses an explosive tag to destroy all three bodies.)


He leaves the village and uses his communicator to inform the elders he has failed.

Meanwhile, back at Takigakure.


Elder Kibishii: “It looks like Kakuzu has failed.”

Elder Gentaru: “Then we cannot afford to associate ourselves with him any longer.”

Elder Kaisujin: “I agree.”

Elder Yakamashi: “When he gets back, we shall put our plan into action.”

Leader Touiyaru: “He lost his brother, his mentor, and a dear friend! You old basta*ds can’t do that!! I’m the leader, and I………… Ugh! (He is stabbed by one of the elders and falls to the floor, dead.)

Elder Kibishii: “What was that Touiyaru? You want us to carry out our plan? Thank you. Hahahahaha!”

Tune in next time. Part 3: I Love Money!