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Shannaro!!! Manga chapter XXV: Hence dies?

Previous chapters here
Previously: While Bob was fighting Guruku. J-sama broke free with the help of the kunoichi. Now because of a fire jutsu from J-sama the tower is split in half and made it a 1vs1 and a 2vs2 battle but there also was a ninja standing in front of the tower Bob was caught in a immobilization technique and bot he and Guruku said the same thing: i got you now! the Kunoichi and J-sama fight SSj Sasuke and SharinganLeader and have come with a plan to defeat them.
Guruku: I got you now!
Bob: No i got you!

Guruku makes hand seals for raikiri and attacks Bob with it then Bob counters with the liquid he’s been spitting all the time, the liquid suddenly attacks Guruku and forces him to dodge it making him unable to hit raikiri then the used liquid dissapears.

Guruku:Nice try i didn’t expect that but it seems your trump card failed to hit me *a part of Guruku’s shirt was hit and got digested by the liquid*
Bob:*melding chakra for a big jutsu* Trump card? that wasn’t even close to mine.
Guruku attacks Bob with a Kasuiryuuudan (Fire/Water Dragon Blast) Bob doesn’t dodge it but releases his jutsu: Gofuuunkobushi: Kagami (5el. fist: mirror). The dragon hits Bob’s fist but it disperses andit reforms around bobs hand who shoots it back, Guruku deflects it with no problem.

*scene change to kunoichi and J-sama*

Kunoichi: Do it!
J-sama throws kunai with explosive tags in all directions SSJ and SL dodge them but then the kunoichi uses her 4th and 5th dance and appears at a speed that even SL’s sharingan can’t follow completely but he manages to dodge it just in time while SSJ uses a barrier to block j-sama’s fireballs but then the kunoichi breaks the barrier but SSJ is fast enough to dodge the fireballs
J-sama:Dammit i don’t have enough time to switch from kunai throwing to fireball mode.
Kunoichi: Let’s try it again but use a clone.
J-sama: Ok!
SSj: More boring actions?
SL: SSJ don’t underestimate them you got pretty beaten up by them last time.
J-sama makes a clone that throw s the kunai and he himself makes handseals for the fireballs but SL has killed the clone before he could throw most kunai and SSj and the Kunoichi hit eachotherdead on fist against fist, both of them get knocked back by the impact and start fireing a barrage of punches at eachother but all of them end the same as the previous one J-sama and SL both are shooting fireballs and lightning bolts at eachother. then after a while they all regroup.
Kunoichi:Dammit it seems that SSJ guy has put a barrier on his fists that allows him to hit harder and feel less damage.
J-sama: if we only could use it on full power….
???:Was that supposed to be Kujo-bouryaku 3
J-sama and the kunoichi look up and see the ninja that got introduced in the previous chapter on the back of a bird and they see it’s someone they know verry well.
Bob:Yo Nef i’m gonna need to release Hence! Tell everyone able to move to go to the border and take care of things over there! You have 5 minutes!
Kunoichi: I healed most of them so they should be able to move but tell them to not overdo it too much.
E.R. Nefarious:Ok!
Nef dissapears into the tower and grabs sothe and puts him on another bird.

Guruku uses a water jutsu andwater erupts out the ground with enourmuos strength, the water raises high into the sky and then it come crashing down on Bob but before it hits him a lightning bolt falls down from the sky that hits the water but Bob has used a barrier to absorb most of the damage.

Guruku molds more chakra andBob does the same, both of them know what to use and use it

Guruku: *draws sword* Za Takai no Mi: Renkaken (Death sword: party sting)
Bob: Gofuuungan: Kogofuuunheki (Great 5 el. barrier)
Guruku’s sword becomes darker and he stings like 100 times but the barrier blocks all the hits.
Bob:Hekiharetsu! (barrier explosion)
the barrier explodes while Gurukuis still stinging with his sword and Bob defends himself by jumping through the floor Guruku follows him and they start fightning on the floor below.
Bob: Your sword skills aint as strong as i thaught
Guruku:You haven’t seen anything yet!
Guruku pumps more chakra in the sword and shoots it off like thunder but bob dodges it and tries to hit Guruku but Guruku is the one that’s able to land a hit (it only gazes Bob but it’s still a hit)

Nef comes up and tells Bob that all the jounin have been informed

Bob:Good job nef! now let’s end this! *to himself* I’m sorry Shodaime but i need to release it.

Bob releases the seal that gives Hence (the protecting barrier of the shadow country) it’s power.
Guruku: Now the fun begins.
Bob:I need to congradulate you, you’re the first one to make me this serious but it’ll be over soon!
Bob closes his eyes, Guruku thinks he can take adventage of the moment andattacks with his sword but Bob channels chakra in his fist and breaks the sword by punching it in half
Guruku: Damn you!
Bob: Shut up!
Bob and guruku seem to be at their limit but they still manage to stay up.

Bob opens his eyes and the legendary rokufuuungan shows itself.

Bob:Now i know why this is a forbidden jutsu it activates the rokufuuungan and the strain this thing gives is not normal but i guess the power makes up for it.

Guruku attacks but Bob tells him it’s no use and he punches Guruku 3 times on non vital places andends it with a kick in his stomach.

Guruku: *Coughs up blood*Dammit i’ll need yo use “ït”

Guruku gatheres up most of his remaining chakra and as soon as Bob comes close enough he releases all of it in his eyes and he can follow Bob’s movements now and another thing is that he can shoot lightning bolts from them but Bob channels chakra into his skin makeingit hard like steel and the lightning bolts have no effect then Bob channels chakra into his feet to get faster and Guruku needs to pump more and more chakra into his eyes to follow Bob but because he is pumping all his chakra nto his eyes he doesn’t have enough chakra in his other body parts to dodge the remaining liquid that Bob quickly gathered up, he gets hit by it and loses his concentration so he can’t follow Bob anymore and gets punched hard in his face, it looks like he will fall out the tower but Bob kicks him down on the floor and he falls through 3 floors and Bob jumps after him andfinishes the job with a Rokusengan that gits Guruku hard and he goes KO.

But the rokusengan has damaged the tower and it collapses, Bob has used too much chakra and the strain of the rokufuungan get’s too much, he tries to get out but he falls down on the floor next to Guruku.

*Scene goes to the other side where nef has joined J-sama and the kunoichi*

E.R. Nefarious:What’re the statics?
Kunoichi: I released my 5 dances and that’s about all.
E.R. Nefarious:*Whispering* Ok here’s the plan use your 7th dance then J-san you use your fireballs to hide my clay birds and as soon as you have the chance use boketsu.
The kunoichi use her 7th dance: Tokkan Kajou No Mai (spiral rush dance) the kunoichi gets at full speed at SSJ Sasuke and kicks him in the air then she kicks him from all sides and each kick sends him more in the air. Sharingan Leader tries to save him and summons susanoo who blocks the fireballs with his shield and then slashes at the kunoichi but she dodges in time and the sword sealed SSJ sasuke instead of the kunoichi, Susanoo then thrusts with his sword and SSj sasuke comes out again and shoots some more “flying rasengans” when he lands on the ground J-sama takes adventage and uses Doton: Boketsu (grave) the spikes impale SSj Sasuke but J-sama doesn’t activate the last spike (that’s mostly used to finish people off) and then a huge explosion occurs at Sharingan leaders place (the clay birds exploded) SSJ sasuke now uses a force field jutsu to get free and all of them regroup.
Kunoichi: As expected your strategies work out great even if you don’t have any information about the enemy.
E.R. Nefarious:Yea too bad in the end both of them survived But now i have more information about them i’vecome up with an even better strategy.
J-sama: Let’s hear it then.
*Nef tells her plan and they all aggree*

Nef activates her yonfuungan (she’s the only jounin+ level shinobi that doesn’t has Gofuuungan) and she draws on a scroll 20 birds and makes them come allive, J-sama and the kunoichi step on one also. and the birds start flying in a random order and even SharinganLeader can’t follow them with his sharingan. Nef draws some more birds and then all of them make clones and each clone has one bird then the kunoichi jumps off a bird and tries to punch but susanoo seals her inside the sword but it was only a clone.

Kunoichi:Damn susanoo is troublesome
E.R. nefarious: Yea but complaining won’t help us get rid of it let’s try using the 2nd plan
J-samasends some fireballs with clay birds at susanoo but this time he seals them away but they didn’t see that Nef used clones to make a huge clay statue as they release it to it’s biggest size it’s bigger then susanoo, before susanoo get’s the chance to seal it it explodes and then the kunoichi quickly jumps down and destroys the ground beneath it and while susanoo falls down J-sama has attacked SSj Sasuke and both of them have wounded eachother mortally SSJ sasuke got hit in his chest with a kunai while SSJ seems to have cut J-sama’s liver in half.

Then the tower collapses and the kunoichi grabs J-sama and jumps on one the 2 birds who’re left.

Is J-sama gonna be ok? what happened to Bob? you’ll see it in the next chapter of the shannaro!!! manga: Battle at the border!