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Kishi’s Hidden Ambition!

Post Author: YellowFlash Naruto2

Has anyone out there in the Naruverse has thought that this story line of Naruto has been a lot like our world today. I mean I don’t know about a Naruto and Sasuke’s story line but when it comes to Pein/Nagato and Naruto it is clear.  Today in our time we have many problem in our world and their are many problems in the the Naruto Universe as well.

In the U.S today we are at war with secret organizations like Al-Queida and the Taliban just like Konoha is with the Akatsuki and maybe even Team Hawk. These Organizations are led by people who are blinded by their own agenda and too disconnected from the world to see what they are doing is hurting the world than saving it. The leaders of these twisted organizations in our world is Osama Bin Laden and was Sadam Hussein among others and in the Naruverse, Madara and Pein, and could possibly be in the future Sasuke and was Orochimaru.

These individuals are people who are working to destroy both worlds for their own reasons, I don’t know if the reason Bin Laden is doing what he is doing is because of Religion or hatred reasons, most likely both just like Hidan with Jashin. We all know Pein is doing it for peace, a twisted peace at that! Madara is a different story, he is doing what he is doing for nothing more than pure revenge. What we do know they all have in common is they want their hands on powers of destruction, Bijuu and Nuclear Bombs. They are trying their hardest to get these weapons and won’t stop for anything until everything we hold dear is destroyed, what other reasons could they be doing this for, could they be trying to create their own peace? If we could try to understand Pein like so many of us has than why can’t we try understand them? Why can’t we see through the illusions they have set for us? Why haven’t they come out and told what they want instead of just destroying everyone and everything? There are a lot of questions that most can not answer, all we can do is sit back and give theories like we do so well with Naruto!

Another way their world is so much like ours is when you listen to Pein explain his plan to Akatsuki, he knows that the different countries rely on each other to survive. This is their global economy, they all rely on each other to make money by hiring or trading with other countries to handle missions and other things. This is like our global economy,the way the U.S. and China interact with trading goods, we learn that not everything is about fighting you also have to use you brain to survive in both worlds. The one thing we all can agree on is that when a nation becomes as great as the U.S. and Konoha there will always have countries that suffer because of this and these countries resent those nations because of it. Take Konoha and Suna, The sand village hated the Leaf because of the scale of their strength and wealth and it’s the same with countries like Iraq and Afghanistan is when it comes to us.

But what they have to understand is there will always be forces of good stopping them from spreading their hatred in Naruto and in the real world, like Naruto and even President Obama and most of all, GOD. We may not all follow the people I have listed or the others the world has to offer (which I hope you do GOD) but we all can agree that they are trying to create a more perfect world for us and the next generation to live in and in peace.

What I am trying to get at is maybe Naruto is more like the real world than we thought, maybe Kishi and so many others wants us ( the next generaton ) to be the ones that will stop the spread of hatred in our world like Naruto is trying to do in his! Maybe right now we are learning ways to spread peace instead of hatred, I just want to see what Narutos answer to Peins question is on how to stop hatred, maybe Naruto/Kishi’s answer is an answer we can pertain to our world. Shouldn’t we try as hard as the characters in Naruto to make our home a better place so we all can live in peace.

Hope you guys like and understand my post.