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NGS: Reborn of the Uchiha Clan.

Author: Zep Wolf

In this particular Next Generation of Shinobi (NGS) post I’m going to describe the SasuSaku children. Incase you forgot, this is how it’s going to work. First I’m going to state their name. Followed by a mini bio, their element/s (if any), and what they specialize in while they fight.


— The Uchiha Three — ‘The Uchiha Three’ is the name given by the villagers to the Uchiha Triplets.

Minku Uchiha: Minku is the oldest of ‘The Uchiha Three’, but not the strongest. He has a strong resemblance to his Uncle Itachi. Some even go as far as to call him ‘Itachi Ressurected’. Just like his Uncle before him, Minku was in ANBU for sometime, but retired at age 10. He was tired of being compaired to his deceased Uncle, something his father, Sasuke, can relate to. When not on assingment, Minku enjoys spending time with his pet weasels, Itachikun and Nezukun. As time passed, Minku even managed to teach his weasel friends to assist him in his Ninja Activities. Aside from being a really talented Shinobi, Minku is a great team player, and tries to help his teammates in any way possible. Whenever he can, Minku tries to find time to interact with his younger brother, Tenka. Something his Uncle would hardly do with Sasuke.

Elements: Fire.

Specializes In: Sharingan

Yama Uchiha: Yama received her MS at early age, do to the lost of her best friend, Kura. One day on a mission, with her first team, Yama and Kura were assinged to keep the enemy forces away, while the rest of the team retrieved a scroll from a cave. After a long wait, Yama grew concerned, and convinced Kura that they should investigate. As they made their way to the cave, Kura was stuck down visiously by an attack, killing her. The sight of Kura’s lifeless body awakened Yama’s MS. Following those events Yama went berserk on the enemy, leaving no one alive. She soon left her village, to escape the duties of being a ninja, but was eventually conviced to come back. Obtaining the MS at an early age made Yama the Strongest of the Uchiha Three.

Elements: Fire

Specializes In: Sharingan, Magenkyo Sharingan

Yoza Uchiha: Yoza grew up to be very jealous of Yama, and how strong she had become. She also noticed that Minku was pretty strong himself. Feeling left out, she trained as hard as she could to try and surpass her triplet siblings. Sakura witnessed her daughters’ fierce training, and it reminded her of herself. So, Sakura took it upon herself to train Yoza as her pupil. Under Sakura’s training, Yoza became very proficient in tree genjutsus, and healing techniques.

Elements: Fire

Specializes In: Sharingan, Healing, Genjutsus

— Uchiha’s Youngest —

Tenka Uchiha: Tenka resembles his father, as he looked at an early age, almost to a key. He has a great deal of respect for both his Father and Brother, and the Uchiha surname. Despite of that, Tenka wants to surpass Minku, and beat him in a spar match. So he trains as hard as he can to do so. His training has made him very good with Katon and Raiton jutsus. He was placed in the same team as Rai, and they both developed a rivalry, both stating that their respective clans is the strongest.

Elements: Fire and Lightning

Specializes In:

Ouka Uchiha: Ouka is the youngest and the smartest of the Uchiha kids. Most of her siblings usually ask her for help when it comes to problem solving. Her intelligence and great chakra control makes her ideal for genjutsu, so she would at times train alongside her sister, Yoza, and mather, Sakura. However,  while Ouka is a kunoichi, she is somewhat of a pacifist. So she asked her mother to teach her to be a medic-nin, and became very good at it.

Elements: n/a

Specializes In: Medic-nin, Genjutsu


– Sidenotes –

* Minku = weasel, mink, ermine
Yama comes from the word Yamazakura = wild cherry tree or blossoms
Yoza comes from the word Yozakura = cherry trees at evening
Tenka = Fire caused by Lightning
Ouka = Cherry Blossom

– Author’s Note –

I decided not to give these characters attacks, because it will be much easier/faster for me to post.  Their attacks are going to be revealed as the story progresses.

Also, the other characters are going to be introduced as the story goes along as well, some you might already know from reading my other work. Like that I can just go ahead and start writing the story.


– Author’s Plug –

Don’t forget to go and read my other project at, http://pariahstory.wordpress.com/about/
make sure you read this first so you won’t be lost.

And feel free to comment. Thanks for the support.


13 Responses

  1. This is really cool. The future of Konoha 😀

  2. Great, the new Uchiha’s. Wonder if they can surpass their parents.

  3. cool, Sasuke and Sakura really got busy, i mean 5 kids! well, 3 did come @ the same time, so that takes some wierdness away. i personnally like it that u made a girl the strongest, that hardly ever happens in ‘Naruto’ for some reason, w/ Sakura, Hinata, Ino and Tenten always getting themselves in trouble (especially in filler arcs), Temari being overshadowed by her youngest brother, Tsunade haveing the least seal.ninjutsu skills of the Sannin and of the Hokages, Kurenai always haveing to ask the other senseis for advice, etc, my point is that Kishi doesn’t give the opposite sex much cred for anything othr than bein smart (Sakura annoyed by Naruto’s empty-headedness, Tenten can’t stand Lee and Gai, Hinata gr8 in strategy, etc)

  4. unbelievable and very interesting. sasuke and sakura’s kids seem more talented than sasuke himself. they are still kids and the uchiha triplets have already awakened their sharingans. one became and anbu, another awakened the friggin’ MS and the other one can use medical techs. if sasuke is a genius, i don’t know what to call them. they will become legendary ninjas. as kisu said, konoha’s future. the konoha in ZepNaruverse seems to be a lot more stronger than the one that pein just destroyed

  5. @ berserkerx, Zep is purposely makeing all the kids the cross between their parents in skills and appearance
    PS, i saw a funny comic where Sasuke’s pink-haired sons (prob Sakura’s) try defending him from Itachi, and Itachi laughs himself to death cuz they’re so funny looking LOL

  6. “As kisu said, kohana’s future…” how else would “Genins and Chunins beat Kage and S-rank level ninja”?

  7. there should be no more Uchiha because of the “Special requirement” to achive better eyes. The more Uchiha there will be, the more will kill their best friend and if they don’t, then they won’t be good enough.

  8. Cool Zep. I hope to read soon the adventure of these kids. Although you made Naruto’s kids cooler than Sasuke’s. I hope at least was uchiha become as good as his father

  9. The Uchiha are pretty strong themselves, I ust didn’t have time to add their attacks.

  10. good work zep. when i first found this site i read lot of your old post and they was just as good the u stop. glad to see u back at it keep up the good work.

  11. awesome! some new uchihas, i’d like to see more of the next generation.

  12. what makes u guys so sure sasuke likes sakura??? sasuke only looks up to her as an annoying girl. he also pays WAAAAAAAAAAAY more attention to naruto more than her…thats my opinion. there will never ever be a sasuke or sakura thing going on. sasuke’s more interested in battles or strength! SASUKE DOESNT LIKE SAKURA ONE BIT!

  13. i have pictures of the kids, i could give them to you guys to compleete the article. and to those who think they did it they did NOT have sex or any thing related!

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