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NGS: Reborn of the Uchiha Clan.

Author: Zep Wolf

In this particular Next Generation of Shinobi (NGS) post I’m going to describe the SasuSaku children. Incase you forgot, this is how it’s going to work. First I’m going to state their name. Followed by a mini bio, their element/s (if any), and what they specialize in while they fight.


— The Uchiha Three — ‘The Uchiha Three’ is the name given by the villagers to the Uchiha Triplets.

Minku Uchiha: Minku is the oldest of ‘The Uchiha Three’, but not the strongest. He has a strong resemblance to his Uncle Itachi. Some even go as far as to call him ‘Itachi Ressurected’. Just like his Uncle before him, Minku was in ANBU for sometime, but retired at age 10. He was tired of being compaired to his deceased Uncle, something his father, Sasuke, can relate to. When not on assingment, Minku enjoys spending time with his pet weasels, Itachikun and Nezukun. As time passed, Minku even managed to teach his weasel friends to assist him in his Ninja Activities. Aside from being a really talented Shinobi, Minku is a great team player, and tries to help his teammates in any way possible. Whenever he can, Minku tries to find time to interact with his younger brother, Tenka. Something his Uncle would hardly do with Sasuke.

Elements: Fire.

Specializes In: Sharingan

Yama Uchiha: Yama received her MS at early age, do to the lost of her best friend, Kura. One day on a mission, with her first team, Yama and Kura were assinged to keep the enemy forces away, while the rest of the team retrieved a scroll from a cave. After a long wait, Yama grew concerned, and convinced Kura that they should investigate. As they made their way to the cave, Kura was stuck down visiously by an attack, killing her. The sight of Kura’s lifeless body awakened Yama’s MS. Following those events Yama went berserk on the enemy, leaving no one alive. She soon left her village, to escape the duties of being a ninja, but was eventually conviced to come back. Obtaining the MS at an early age made Yama the Strongest of the Uchiha Three.

Elements: Fire

Specializes In: Sharingan, Magenkyo Sharingan

Yoza Uchiha: Yoza grew up to be very jealous of Yama, and how strong she had become. She also noticed that Minku was pretty strong himself. Feeling left out, she trained as hard as she could to try and surpass her triplet siblings. Sakura witnessed her daughters’ fierce training, and it reminded her of herself. So, Sakura took it upon herself to train Yoza as her pupil. Under Sakura’s training, Yoza became very proficient in tree genjutsus, and healing techniques.

Elements: Fire

Specializes In: Sharingan, Healing, Genjutsus

— Uchiha’s Youngest —

Tenka Uchiha: Tenka resembles his father, as he looked at an early age, almost to a key. He has a great deal of respect for both his Father and Brother, and the Uchiha surname. Despite of that, Tenka wants to surpass Minku, and beat him in a spar match. So he trains as hard as he can to do so. His training has made him very good with Katon and Raiton jutsus. He was placed in the same team as Rai, and they both developed a rivalry, both stating that their respective clans is the strongest.

Elements: Fire and Lightning

Specializes In:

Ouka Uchiha: Ouka is the youngest and the smartest of the Uchiha kids. Most of her siblings usually ask her for help when it comes to problem solving. Her intelligence and great chakra control makes her ideal for genjutsu, so she would at times train alongside her sister, Yoza, and mather, Sakura. However,  while Ouka is a kunoichi, she is somewhat of a pacifist. So she asked her mother to teach her to be a medic-nin, and became very good at it.

Elements: n/a

Specializes In: Medic-nin, Genjutsu


– Sidenotes –

* Minku = weasel, mink, ermine
Yama comes from the word Yamazakura = wild cherry tree or blossoms
Yoza comes from the word Yozakura = cherry trees at evening
Tenka = Fire caused by Lightning
Ouka = Cherry Blossom

– Author’s Note –

I decided not to give these characters attacks, because it will be much easier/faster for me to post.  Their attacks are going to be revealed as the story progresses.

Also, the other characters are going to be introduced as the story goes along as well, some you might already know from reading my other work. Like that I can just go ahead and start writing the story.


– Author’s Plug –

Don’t forget to go and read my other project at, http://pariahstory.wordpress.com/about/
make sure you read this first so you won’t be lost.

And feel free to comment. Thanks for the support.


Minato Namikaze: Kushina!

Post Author: YellowFlash Naruto2

After Minato and his team takes care of the Sand Shinobi and Orochimaru’s hidden agenda, Minato gets some shocking news from the Third Hokage that the Whirlpool Country has been destroyed!

Minato, Kara, Sakumo and Fugaku Uchiha dashes through the obliterated forest of the Whirlpool on recon so they won’t be surprised by any sudden attack!

Sakumo: Alright Minato, we are all clear!

Minato and Kara moves in followed by Fugaku, who is using his Sharingan to find any kinds of traps!

Minato: Alright, this is a secret mission, the Mizukage and the fuedal lords must not find out we are here, for the moment I don’t trust anyone so we will move as the wind swift and boldly!

(Minato starts to think about what the Third Hokage had told him before he left!

Third: It’s very troubling but I got the news from the Mizukage himself!

Minato: Hokage-sama I am asking you to allow me to go to the Whirlpool country to search for survivals and to investigate it’s … demise!

Third: Are you sure you can handle this, I mean you just got back from a troubling mission yourself.

Minato: I’m fine I just need an hour to get ready.

Third: Well, okay but be careful, I am making you squad leader of this mission an you have to keep not only yourself safe but your team members.)

Team Namikaze suddenly come upon the waterfall, which is the opening to the WhirlPool Country!

Minato: Aright guys let’s move in!

In the Whirlpool a beautiful female shinobi runs through the dark stricken village surrounded by rubble as a group of shinobi chases her. The girl turns around and faces the chasers head on.

Kushina: I am Kushina Uzumaki and I will no longer run from you bastards! First you kill my father and all these innocent people, but you made the biggest mistake of letting me live!

Kushina takes out a kunai and dashes at the shinobi who is now seen as hidden mist ninja!

Hidden mist shinobi: You fool, you don’t even have any chakra left and you are trying to fight me. ( The hidden mists shinobi dashes at her at full speed and they explode in a battle of taijutsu the battle is short lived and the Mist shinobi knocks Kushina to the ground unconscious, he tells her it’s over and tries to land the final blow but Minato comes to her rescued and kills the Mist shinobi in a flash of yellow light! Minato picks kushina up in his arms and glare at the rest of them with an enormous amount of killer intent, and they disperse in fear!

The Third Hokage talks with the Council in the Hokage Office.

Councilwoman: Do you really think you should send him to the Whirlpool, seeing as though he has personal feelings on the situation.

Councilman: Yeah, I mean it may interfere with his ability to make the best decision on a mission like this one!

Third: Don’t worry my old friends, I have faith in him. Every since he was a boy I noticed how the “Will of Fire” grows strong in him and I have never met anyone with the potential of power and intelligence he has, he could even become hokage one day! Oh, yeah just in case I’ve sent someone to aid them if needed but if he is not I made it clear for him to stay hidden.

A few hours later Kushina awakens around a camp fire with Minato staring into her eyes. She rubs her eyes in shock and tears starts to fall from her face, she smiles and jumps into his arms!

Kushina: Oh Minato you’ve come, I knew you would come, I missed you so much!

Minato: I’ve missed you too, I’m so glad your okay! We are going to have plenty of time to be together, I am never letting anything happen to you again, thats a promise! We have to get the survivals and get out of here now!

Kushina: I don’t think that’s going to be easy, I mean the entire village has been destroyed by the Hidden Mists ninja!

Minato: Why would the Mizukage allow this?, I mean he acted surprised himself that the village was destroyed!

Kushina: That’s a lie it was all his doing, he killed everyone in the village including my father!

Minato: Your father?… We have to warn the Hokage! Let’s regroup with my squad and go to Konoha.

Kushina: First we have to get the survivals. ( As soon as the words can leave he mouth a giant explosion suddenly erupted killing all he survivals in a secret underground hide out! Tears swell up in her eyes and she falls to the ground!

Minato: Kushina we have to go, I’m sorry. They won’t get away with this. ( They try to escape but the Mist shinobi form from a puddle of water)

Shenra ( Mist shinobi): I’m an Shenra and I hope you weren’t planning on leaving without saying goodbye, that would be very rude of you.

Kushina : You bastard, you killed everyone in my village I can never forgive you!( Kushina forms hands signs in anger but is stopped by Minato.)

Minato: I can’t allow you to do that , you don’t have enough chakra and the chakra you do have you need to use to get out of this place. I told you before I won’t let anything happen to you ever again, I would die first!

Shenra: Touching! ( He dashes toward Minato and Kushina with full force)

Minato grabs Kushina and jumps out of the way but Shenra is moving too fast, he forms hand signs and activates and lightning jutsu called Domination! A giant lightning dragon  forms from the sky and crashes down one the area making a huge explosion. When the dust clears Minato is found lying on top of Kushina protecting her from the blast, with his jacket completely blown away and bruises all over him. Minato tries to catch his breath in a flash Shenra appears in front of him with a large kunai and strikes at them at full force, and in an instant Sakumo kicks him strongly in the face sending him flying. Shenra hits a giant bolder and a barrage of shuriken attached to string ties him up tightly and Fugaku walks arrogantly out of the shadow and forms hand signs, staring him down with his sharingan. Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu!, Fugaku unleashes the fire jutsu and the flame overtakes Shenra’s body but it disperses as a water clone and the water grows larger and larger and forms into a giant water dragon missile heading directly for Fugaku and Sakumo.

Shenra watches on as he unleashes his jutsu on Fugaku and Sakumo but is suddenly caught in Kara’s Dreamcatcher illusion. Kara warns the others to hurry up and end this because she can’t hold him in the her illusion for a long time.

Sakumo: This guy is too much, his jutsu is incredible and he is able to fight kara’s illusion.

Fugaku: Sakumo, what ever you’re planning you better do it fast because this guy is about to break out of her jutsu, with my sharingan I can see his chakra overpowering hers.

Sakumo: You wanna play with water , now suffer the consequences!

Sakumo dashes at full speed and forms hand sign, Earth Style: Four Pillar summoning, for giant earth rods grow out of the ground around Shenra and he forms more signs, Lightning Style: Evolution the lightning tears through each rod growing stronger and destroys the area in the center of each rod where Shenra was standing.

Fugaku: That was amazing I had no idea you could do something like that Sakumo.

Sakumo fall to the ground!

Sakumo: It took all of my chakra to pull that technique off!

Suddenly Shenra jumps out from the rubble, as he stands water falls from every pore of his skin and suddenly he stands encased in tons of water forming a giant water warrior. He then mocks them for their efforts, then he uses his giant fist and smashes the ground where they stood, but Fugaku manages to grab Sakumo and avoid the attack. Fugaku uses speed and flips through the air forming hand signs and three giant fire ball shoot toward Shenra but they have no effect, exhausted and out of chakra Fugaku falls on one knee panting and before Shenra could make his final blow Minato slashes away at his arm his his wind chakra encased kunai cutting his arm off.

Minato: Come on fight me!

Next: Identity