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Chapter 442 is out!

Naruto Chapter 442: Rasen Shuriken vs. Shinra Tensei :


The fight continues… Will it ever end?


Chosen: Chapter 3

Post Author: nine@tailed@girl

Here it is ladies and gents, chapter 3. Sorry for taking so long ^^;. I’d like to give a special thanks to Iruka for writing the fight scene for me. So here it is. Enjoy.

Part 1 Part 2

Chapter 3

“Me?  Why me?

“Not you really but the little one you have growing inside of you.”

“My…baby…  What do you want with him?”

“I’m sorry but we are not inclined to tell you that.”

She looked at them shocked and terrified, unable to believe what she had just heard.  ‘My baby?  They’re after Minato?!  But…but…why?  No.  No time for questions.  All that matters is that I can’t let them win!’ She pulled out a kunai.

Deidara raised an eyebrow,” You’re going to fight?  Ok then.  You’re on.”

“No Deidara.  We are not to harm her.  Those are our orders.”  Deidara pouted, “Che!  No fun at all.”  Itachi turned to Hinata, “Now.  It’s time for you to come with us.”  He held out his hand.

Hinata gripped the kunai tighter. “Never.  I’ll never go with you!”  Itachi withdrew his hand, “Fine then.  Have it your way.”  He activated his sharingan.   The tomas around his pupils started to spin and his eyes began to give off and errie glow.

“Huh?”  She looked into his eyes and found out that she was unable to look away.  Suddenly her eyes began to droop and she felt her strenght begininng to slip away. ‘Wha…what’s going on?  Why do I feel…so tired…all of a sudden?’ The kunai fell with a clang on the floor as she fell, unable to keep standing.  Itachi caught her before she reached the ground.

“Let me go.”  She said, weakly as Itachi lifted her up bridal style.

“Like I said, you’re coming with us whether you like it or not.  It’s our leader’s orders and we can’t go against it”

Hinata closed her eyes as tears began to leak out, ‘Naruto-kun…’

BOOM!!!!  As if on cue, the front door flew off its hinges and splintered into pieces.  A dark figure stepped through the opening and said, “I knew that chakra felt familiar.”

Itachi chuckled and said, with his back turned to the opening, “Naruto-kun. How nice of you to join us.”

“What are you doing here Itachi?  If it’s me you’re after, you know you’ve got no chance in hell.”

“Actually Naruto-kun, we’ve already got what we wanted.”  Itachi turned to face Naruto, whose eyes widened when he saw Hinata in his (Itachi’s) arms.

“Naruto-kun…you came…” She said and then unconcious.  Naruto’s face contorted with rage. “You bastards…what have you done to her?!”

“We’ve done nothing to her…yet.”  Deidara said, smirking as he stepped out from behind Itachi. “You see, we’ve got big plans for the future and she’s a big part of it or to be specific,” his smirk widened, “Your son is.”

Naruto was stunned, “What!  What’s my son’s got to do with this?”

“Well everything!”  He threw his hands into the air, “But we’re not gonna tell you, and,” he put his hand in his exploding clay pouch, “You’ll never find out.  Hey Itachi, ” Deidara turned to Itachi, who was watching them quietly, ” Why don’t you take the girl to Leader.  I wanna fight this guy; see if he’s improved since our last fight.”

“Huh.  It’s your funeral.”  Itachi turned to leave.

“Like I’d let you take her!”  Naruto charged at Itachi but was sidestepped by Deidara. Naruto backed up,

” Ah ah aha.  This is between you and me now and there’s no one to help you like last time.”  Just behind him, Itachi disappeared in a flurry of wind.

Naruto was furious. “You… I’ll make you pay for this!” Naruto yelled out as he charged at Deidara.  He quickly made hand signs and made 10 shadow clones.  They ran to attack Deidara, but…

“Looks like you have a pest problem.”  The clones stopped at this. ‘What the hell is he talking about?’‘  The real Naruto thought, looking around. Then something caught his eye, the walls looked like they were moving but when he looked closely he saw that the walls were actually covered with clay ants. “Should’ve called the exterminator.” Deidara said laughing.  Naruto looked up at him and narrowed his eyes, “You wouldn’t dare.”  All of a sudden Deidara set them off, causing an explosion and Naruto was thrown, painfully, against a wall as debris rained on him.  He got up coughing, shook the dust off himself and glared at Deidara, who seemed unfazed by the blast.

Half of his house was leveled by the explosion and as Naruto got up from the ground, the wall he was leaning on fell to the ground in a heap. He was livid, ” You think you’re a funny guy don’t you?!  Look what you did to my house!”  He rushed in close to Deidara and landed a hard left hook, which sent Deidara flying backwards where a shadow clone was waiting for him. “This is for destroying my house!”  It yelled as it landed an axe kick right into Deidara’s midriff, knocking the air out of him.  Deidara hit the ground.  Hard.  “Betcha don’t think you’re funny now, huh?”

Deidara got up coughing and wincing, “Damnit.  Got caught off guard.”   He said, breathlessly.  He leaped away from the clone and called forth his giant clay bird, jumped on top of it and took off to the sky.  At his command, the bird quickly dive-bombed the clones, biting one, which disappeared with a poof.  The bird then flapped its wind creating a gust that blew the clones and Naruto away.  He threw bombs at them and Naruto was having a hard time dodging all of them.  The remaining clones were not so lucky.

Realizing that he is now at a disadvantage and that he’s going to need some ‘big’ help, he summoned Gamakichi.

“Hey Naruto, Why’d you summon me here?  I was just about to have dinner you know?”

“Sorry but I need your help in beating that guy.”  He pointed at Deidara, who was hovering overhead.  Gamakichi looked at Deidara and said, “Wow.  Who’s that guy’s tailor and hair stylist?  He’s one happening dude.  Makes you look like chopped liver.”

“Oh shut it before I send you to the Cloud Village where frog legs are a delicacy.”

“Alright!  Alright!  Don’t get your panties in a bunch.”

“What did you say?!”

After they finished exchanging ‘pleasantries’, Naruto jumped on to Gamakichi and explained the situation.

“So they took your wife, eh?  Any idea why?”

Naruto frowned, “Maybe.  They said something about my son being the center of all this.”

“Your son?”

“Yeah. I have no idea why cause they won’t tell me so i guess i’ll have to beat it outta them”

“Ok then.  If that’s the case, I’ll do everything I can to help.  Now that that’s settled, let’s go!”

Gamakichi jumped into the air, made a couple hand signs and began to spit toad oil at Deidara, who was so surprised that he didn’t have time to dodge.  Within seconds, he and his bird was covered from head to toe (in the bird’s case, talons ^^) in oil.  Just then, Naruto threw a paper bomb, which ignited the oil.  Deidara was forced to jump off when the bird, which was now engulfed in flames, blew up.  Before he (Deidara) reached the ground, he was caught and thrown against a boulder by Gamakichi.  The toad then spits some more oil on Deidara.  With all the oil on him, he is unable to move. Sensing that now was his chance, Naruto inserted some of his wind chakra into two kunai and threw them at Deidara, cutting off his hands.  Without wasting a moment, he created a rasengan and hit Deidara right in the chest with it.

“Now you can’t get away.”  His hand closed around Deidara’s neck and lifted him off the ground, ” If I didn’t need to tell me where Hinata’s taken, I’d kill you in a heartbeat.”  He tightened his grip, and Deidara choked, “Now tell me, where did Itachi take Hinata?  If you keep this little piece of information from me I will make you suffer, slowly and painfully.” Deidara coughed up some blood and whispered something but Naruto didn’t hear. “Answer me!  Where did Itachi take Hinata?!”  Deidara chuckled, “You’ll never find her and if you do you’ll be too late.  I hope you like my parting gifts.”  Naruto looked at Gamakichi and then back at Deidara, “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”  His question was answered when he felt something crawling on his skin.  He looked down and saw that he was covered with clay ants, much like the ones who blew up his house.  He tried to brush them off but they were stuck to him like glue.  With his last breath, Deidara whispered the trigger word.

“NARUTO!!”  Gamakichi yelled as he charged towards Naruto but he was to late.  KABOOM!!  There was a large explosion and Naruto was sent flying through to air.  He landed about 50 yards from where he was standing and Gamakichi went to help him.  Naruto was covered in blood and his left arm and right leg were bent out of shape.  There was also a deep wound on his stomach that was bleeding profusely and he was motionless.  Gamakichi gently picked him up but he still showed no response.  Fearing the worst Gamakichi bounded in the direction of the village.

‘Gotta get him to a hospital.’ “Hang on little buddy!  Don’t you dare die on me!”


Will Naruto live? Will Hinata be ok? What do they want with Minato?  All these and other questions will be answered in the next segment of Chosen!

And remember, Naruto belongs to Kishi not me.

Til next time!!