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The History of Kakuzu: Part 1: Gathering

I recently did posts that told Hidan’s story ( https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2009/03/26/aftermathorochimaru-vs-hidan/ ) ( https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2009/03/04/battle-of-religions-orochimaruism-vs-jashinism/ ) , so to be fair this set of stories is devoted to Kakuzu. It takes place 68 years before the start of Naruto part 1. Konoha and the other Hidden Villages have just been created and the Biju have not yet been distributed. Okay that’s it for the setting.

The story begins at a meeting, where treachery is being planned. Five shadowy figures plan their moves carefully.


Elder Kibishii: “Hashirama will undoubtedly give the Biju to the most stable villages.”

Elder Yakamashi: “Takigakure (Hidden Waterfall Village) is not stable due to the unrest the ninja clans have of joining a village. We cannot afford for the more stable and powerful villages to become even more powerful! We must ‘deal’ with Hashirama, one way or another.”

Elder Kaisujin: “I agree.”

Elder Gentaru: “I have the perfect person in mind to ‘take care’ of Hashirama. The most powerful shinobi besides the Leader of the village. The only one who can do this is Kakuzu!”

Village Leader Touiyaru: “Kakuzu is the perfect choice. He is the most loyal ninja we have as well as powerful. He will gladly put his life on the line for the sake of Takigakure, in memory of his father that died to help form it.”


After the meeting, Kakuzu enters the office of the Village Leader.

Touiyaru: “Kakuzu! I need you to go on an extremely dangerous mission for Takigakure. This mission is a S-rank miss………no it’s even greater than that. If you should choose to accept this mission, you will be paid handsomely.”


Kakuzu: “Touiyaru, I do not care about the money, however, what I do care about is Takigakure and all those who live inside its walls. I will go on any rank mission for the sake of Takigakure.”

Touiyaru: “Well said Kakuzu. The mission is……the assassination of Hashirama Senju!

(At the mere mention of this name Kakuzu trembles.)

Kakuzu: “Hashirama………Senju?!” (He says this in disbelief)

Touiyaru: “He has become a threat to Takigakure, the village your father fought so hard to create! If anyone can defeat him, it is you. I have complete faith in you.”

Kakuzu: “I did not say I won’t do it, but now, I have one condition. I must select those who will accompany me myself. I will select those who will complement my battle style and skills and those who put the Senjus at a disadvantage.There is one other thing that I will need to face Hashirama, it is the…………..”

Touiyaru: “I suggest you go soon, because the entire Uchiha clan is discussing the terms of the Peace Treaty with the other villages. You would not want to begin your mission when those ‘Demon Red Eyes’ are back.”

Kakuzu leaves. He goes into a bar.

Kakuzu: “Well, well, well……..it looks like you haven’t changed a bit. It’s been a while since I last saw you, my old master. Three years to be exact.”

Old master: “Who…..who’s there? Is it my mommy? I’ll go to school right away mom.” (He faints, but Kakuzu catches him)

Kakuzu: “You have got to cool it on the drinking master Meimu. That stuff will kill you.”

Meimu: (His eyes open suddenly) “Ahh, Kakuzu my boy, I thought I would never see you again my student. Why don’t you ever visit? We live in the same village for darn it. I know why, it’s because I turned 50! Isn’t it? Anyway, why are you here?”

Kakuzu: “Sorry master, but I’m very busy. I came here because I need your help. I need to bring you on a mission; your experience and mastery of Genjutsu will be a big service to me.” (Meimu agrees, because he wants to feel young again)

Kakuzu tells him they are leaving tomorrow, and not to get too drunk. Kakuzu leaves the bar and heads to the library, when suddenly a shuriken lands at his feet. He stops and looks for who threw it. To his dismay, it was his annoying little brother, Kokusu.


Kokusu: “Hey big bro, I heard about your mission, and I want to come too.”

Kakuzu: “This isn’t a field trip you idiot. Go home! I promised father I would let nothing happen to you.”

Kokusu: “I can be of use on this mission. After all, I’m the most powerful Suiton-user in Takigakure. I don’t get to do missions so I stay home and train, c’mon big bro, I’m 14 now. Let me help you, I wont get in the way, I promise!”

Kakuzu: “No! And that’s final! I can’t let you get hurt. I promised dad I wouldn’t let any harm reach you.” (After a long argument, Kokusu accepts defeat and goes home {or did he?}).

Kakuzu enters the library and takes out a piece of paper. He folds it and throws it to a woman. She catches it between her index finger and her middle finger.

Kakuzu: “That’s how many zeros will be on your pay for this mission, Shiana. I will need your help.”

Shiana: “For seven zeros! I’ll gladly help you.”

Kakuzu: “I’ll never understand your love of money.”

Kakuzu reports back to Touiyaru and informs him of the members he chose. Kakuzu leaves Touiyaru’s office and heads home. It is now morning. All the members of Kakuzu’s team meet at the village gate. Kakuzu teleports to their location, with a huge bag filled with supplies.

Kakuzu: “Everyone is here. Good. Now it’s time to leave.”

They leave the village behind as they go to complete their mission in Konoha.


Next chapter: Battle With Hashirama!


13 Responses

  1. i love it how u made Kakuzu the EXACT opposite of what he was when he was introduced, i also liked how u made his brother’s name just 1 letter away from Kakuzu’s, it reminds me of how in ALL the tv shows, especially anime, twins or other close bros have nearly the exact same name

  2. thanks ASP (thats the opposite of what I always say to u lol). In the upcoming chapters, I’ll tell how he became the Kakuzu we all know and loathe. And I’ll also tell what each name means (Kokusu= King piece and Kakuzu= Bishop piece).

  3. Yeah I agree I like how Kakuzu is because I think everyone gets confused that just because a shinobi is a enemy of Konoha they are evil, they are just people who are fighting for their survival and what they believe in just like Konoha!

  4. This ought to be an interesting piece of fanfic. Almost all authors write fanfics about the good guys (especially the main ones), but nobody writes them about the stereotpical “bad guys”. It will be interesting to see how you develop the people in this story into Kakuzu and make it work. I can think of a couple of different methods, but I’ll keep silent on them until you post.

    Till next time!

    – pcgnome

  5. @ kisu, i kno we get into debates alot, but i honestly think your a brilliant fanfic writer 😀

  6. Awesome bro. Great build up, i cant wait for the battle to come out.

  7. I already told you most of my thoughts on this blog, the only thing worth saying is that you should read my recent comments on Zep’s blog

  8. another great fanfic from kisu.

    so far it has been very interesting, and a little hard to believe that the kakuzu in this story is the same as the one we saw as an akatsuki. i can’t wait to see how the battle with shodai will go and how kakuzu changes (and starts loving money).

  9. Interesting. I like how you made him faithful to his village. I’m guessin your going to descrive how he becomes the man we all know.

  10. GJ it’s really hard to think kakuzu doesn’t like money he’s the greedyest person in the whole world can’t wait to see him battleing shodaime

  11. pretty good.i write biogphraphy papers on the naruto people.im still making my akatsuki biography.

  12. =)

  13. naruto is the best Cartoon……….

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