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Naruto Chapter 441 – Renewed Confidence

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Do you read Bleach? Check out J-sama’s Bleach chapter blogs.

Naruto Chapter 441. After a short “break”, Naruto is back in control of his body and appears have renewed his confidence in himself. Has Naruto realized an answer to Pein’s question and the legacy of his father and the late Jiraiya? There’s nobody supporting Naruto now (the slug doesn’t count), no mentor to advise him, no teammates to cover his back, nor a secret admirer willing to put her life on the line to protect him. Naruto is now truly alone now, away from the eyes of the surviving villagers Naruto must depend on his own strength and resourcefulness to finish off Pein.

naruto441-1Rejoice Hinata fans! The raven-haired Byakugan princess is alive and well… maybe not in the best of shapes but at least she’s breathing and semi-conscious. It was nice to see Neji show some genuine concern for his cousin in distress; I guess all the malice Neji had within him which he turned on Hinata during the Chuunin Exams is now all in the past. However, Team Gai’s appearance in Konoha will now likely mean they won’t be seeing any action against Pein/Nagato or Konan – too bad, I wanted to see at least Neji or Lee take on Pein for a bit. Tenten confirmed that Hinata’s wound wasn’t fatal, which brings up again the question of whether this was intentional on Pein’s part or not. I find it hard to believe that a shinobi of Pein’s calibre can mess up making a killing blow on a immobile and prone target. So the unanswered question remains: why did Pein “spare” Hinata’s life when he had already taken so many through the mass destruction of Konoha?


Did I do that?

Naruto’s safe return back to his own body probably brought a sigh of relief in a lot of us, however I found the conversation with the Fourth Hokage in the last chapter a bit rushed overall. Naruto’s the main character and this is the first time we could get an opportunity to learn more about his past. Yet Minato disappears just as quickly as he appeared, leaving behind even more unanswered questions than before. I realize that time is short in the current situation, but at least Kishi could have given Minato an extra chapter to explain more about his past to Naruto. Heck, just look at how much time was devoted to explanations and dialogue during the Sasuke vs. Itachi arc… it just doesn’t seem fair.


One of the things I’m curious about is why Naruto is back in sage mode after the Kyuubi was resealed. He himself said that his reserve clone back on toad mountain was lost when he began transforming, so where did this extra reserve of nature’s energy come from? Another thing to notice is that Naruto appears completely undamaged even after undergoing transformation to the Eight-tails form. In the aftermath of the Four-tails battle versus Orochimaru, Naruto’s entire body was badly burnt and needed Sakura’s healing skills. Perhaps the reason for the latter was due to Yamato’s technique lacking the refinement of Minato’s sealing abilities. If Naruto can master the secret to his father’s sealing technique in the future, he can potentially learn to transform into his tailed form without suffering nay repercussions. The toad containing the “key” to Naruto’s seal may provide some help on this.

naruto441-3I got to say that Naruto’s handling of this final battle against God Realm Pein is superb. Naruto appears to have a clear battle strategy in his mind already – quite impressive considering he just recovered from his Kyuubi transformation a few moments ago. And most importantly, he is calm – a word you normally wouldn’t associate with Naruto. Even when Pein starts picking at open wounds by calling Naruto’s search for Sasuke futile, Naruto refrains from shouting back but instead calms himself and changes the subject by directly asking to speak to the real Pein (Nagato). Being able to keep a cool head even in the midst of a battle is an important trait Naruto would do well to adapt; it keeps him focussed on his target and allows him to formulate new battle tactics on the spot. Although charging head-on looks pretty cool, I’m glad Naruto is learning to take a step back and think everything through first before committing to a full brawl.

naruto441-4Naruto using Pein’s own chakra receptors to trace the chakra signal back to Nagato was ingenious. I think he was only able to it while he was in sage mode (when Naruto was stabbed earlier, he was not in sage mode). Geez, how long have Shikamaru’s group been working on this now and they still haven’t been able to locate the real Pein. I wonder who the real genius is in this case? It looks like Konan has hidden herself and Nagato in an artificial tree made from her paper. But before he can go there, he will need to finish off God Realm Pein. It was great to see Naruto up to his old bait-and-switch trick again, and this time recycling the old shadow shuriken clone technique he and Sasuke so masterfully pulled off during their battle against Zabuza during the first real mission together. It looks like Naruto is able to exploit Pein’s five second interval, but he has also used up his sage mode for creating the decoy Rasen Shuriken – can Naruto finish Pein off in five seconds without his sage strength?

naruto441-6I’m about 99% certain Naruto will be able to take down God Realm Pein with no problem. But the real question is how he will deal with Nagato afterwards? Naruto states that he wishes to speak with Nagato. Is this a bluff or is he serious about speaking to the man behind all the devastation in order to better understand him? Nagato’s health (what’s left of it) appears to be deteriorating rapidly due to over exertion, but I get the feeling it won’t be Naruto who will finish him off. Even though Naruto has every right to hate Nagato, I believe Naruto is not after Nagato to seek vengeance. If Naruto does give in to hatred and kills Nagato, he would be essentially proving Nagato’s was correct because he would have contributed to the cycle of hatred Nagato was speaking of. But at the same time, I cannot see Naruto forgiving Nagato for the destruction he has wrought. I’m very interested in what Naruto will do or say when he finally faces Nagato, cant wait til next chapter!


83 Responses

  1. Good Post bob, I liked the way you pointed out he is alone and has no back up i think that is the key in this length of chapters! he needs to grow up fast and he is doing so. He is using his brain power more at every chapter which is great to read. i wonder if Minato had this much trouble at the tender age of 16 ha ha i seriously doubt it. i think naruto is very much torn between the ever present pain in his heart and the ideal of peace but i think peace will over come.

    I think when naruto sees how much havoc he has produced it will spare him on to harness this power swelling inside him! if he is able to control it i have no doubt that it could quite easily dwarf the Sage mode power as long as he can stop it from harming him! the Charka is that pure and raw it is scolding him, like the sage mode i think it needs to be balanced so not to hurt him. or that he needs to work something out with Kuybi. like allot of people have suggested he may need the training of Kirābī along with finding out how to use the toad key thingy lol.

  2. Wow i didnt pic it up but Maa! is wounded!! i really hope she is ok as i think it will be such a benefit too Naruto as an adviser and as sensei! gambunta is really busted up but alive too. i think that possibly team Gai will find out if Kakashi alive or not in the next two chapters i can see that coming!

    It great to see that naruto gets his game face on after he is told by the mini Katsuyu of what has happened! he just gets serious and focussed as bob point out :P.

  3. 3rd! YEAH!

  4. Awesome blog man. I dont know if its my own blindness but i do recall at the last section of naruto was still in sage mode after the rasen shurikens or am i just stupid? Anyway, i think Naruto will spare Nagato and he will see his mistake after all these years. But then theres the Nagato, he is as weak as hell but Naruto would have to fight the girl as well. but if Neji or Lee could meet up with Naruto then it would be a better outcome. Although i am pretty sure we want our hero to fight by himself. anyway, nice blog man.

  5. Ok, you see, i like this guy( Bob), he thinks that Narutos encounter with hes father was too short. Just like i do, i mean DaMN, the madara speech got me sick. Well let me tell you that this episode was GREAT.We learned that if someone can control the tailed beast seal, the jinchuriki wont get hurt. At least if you do as minato did, or the 8 tailed guy. ANd Naruto overpowering an exhausted pain in hermit mode, that was realistic. Things are going well. KISHI JUST HAVE TO CUT THE BULLSHIT(THE FUCKING FILLER ARCS, SORA’S CRAP AND 3 TAILED SHIT) IN THE ANIME AND GET TO THE REAL THING, CAUSE THERES SO MANY BATTLES that’ll look great in anime.

  6. People you know you love my comments so you can encourage me to become a journalist, im dominican by the way, its just that i’ve been studing english for 10 years. now you know why my english is not that good.

  7. I think there is a component to this battle that everyone here is forgetting. The only reason Naruto couldn’t make more than 2 clones in battle was because there were clones gathering sage energy. Unless he makes a couple to continue that endeavor, he can make several hundred again if he wanted to. I don’t think either rasen shuriken is real. I think the key will be to exploit the fact that his opponent thinks he can only make 2-3 and instead he’ll make an extra 1-2 which will allow him to win with the element of surprise.

  8. i think pcgnome is right, naruto no longer has backup clones focusing sage chakra. that means he can create more clones in battle, and surprise pein.

    i also wish that minato could’ve spoken longer. sasuke and itachi are just side characters when compared to naruto. is kishi playing favorites? i hope not, cuz naruto finding out that his father was minato has been anticipated by fans for a long time. and kishi didn’t bother to give them a little more time.

    naruto keeping a cool head and planning battle strategies instead of shouting and charging at pein is certainly a welcome change in his personality. i can only hope he can do the same thing when he faces sasuke.

    i don’t see how naruto forgiving nagato would make any sense. he killed so many ppl and destroyed the village. he deserves a little something from naruto. or maybe he will die of chakra exhaustion as so many think. either way, nagato being forgiven and becoming buddies with naruto is out of the question.

    also, does konan have the same ideals as nagato? or is she just following him because they are friends and wants peace through any means necessary? the only reason for fighting that she has given is “God’s will”. when and if nagato dies, will she switch sides or continue to serve madara?

  9. Good post Bob! Well i think Naruto is going to have to learn how to kill so or later cause Kakashi can’t be there to do it on do or die missions all the time.
    If he just want to try to talk Nagato out of his current thinking that’s crazy. This chapter shows us the maturing of Naruto and also showing us that Naruto will be stronger than his father one day. Thumbs up to Naruto.

  10. @bob: on the two quetions you asked… 1. I think Naruto is healed because of Minato, I think his seal stopped the fox in a way that healed Naruto because he is in signifigantly better shape than pre-Kyubii take over.

    2. The Sage mode comes from either A. his clones dispersing gave the same effect as if he had done it himself or B. Minato once again used Kyubbi chakra to help his friend.

  11. Here’s what I think of the situation.

    If Naruto kills Nagato, there is no way he can continue preaching about peace when he let vengeance dictate his actions, which means he couldn’t talk to Sasuke about revenge (unless Naruto’s a hypocrite).

    Next, ‘The Will of Fire’ is only an excuse for leaf ninja to do what they want (kind of like what Hitler was saying about ‘White Power’). Will Naruto justify killing God Realm by saying Will of Fire, like what Shikamaru did to Hidan (Hidan beat Asuma fairly, and Shikamaru shpwed his human nature by tracking him down, setting traps, and ultimately killing him).

    I said this a while back, but no one believed me. I said Pein did not want to kill Hinata, so he chose to spare her (ASP, if Pein can take on 6 tail Kyubi, why couldn’t he kill a simple Chunin), because he doesn’t kill unnecessarily. Pein already made Naruto understand him, so he faked killing Hinata to lore out the Kyubi, bottom line, he thought killing Hinata was unnecessary.

    To everyone who thinks Naruto should kill a vulnerable, sick, half-dead, grieve stricken old man. Wouldn’t doing that make Naruto the same as Pein, but not as great as him? My reason for saying that is, Pein isn’t taking revenge, he is trying to bring peace, justice and equality, but if Naruto kills him, it would just have been for revenge, which is an even crappier reason than bringing justice.

    I’m glad Naruto wants to talk instead of fight. We are about to see the true Naruto, the Naruto that will bring peace. In a way, every Naruto fan should be thankful for all Nagato has done, because not only has it made Naruto stronger, but now he knows the pain the less powerful countries endure.

  12. I think there is a lot more to Nagato than his frail appearance. Perhaps he is even stronger than God Realm. Another thought, Naruto isn’t fighting fairly.
    1st. he came to the battle in Sage Mode (Nature’s chakra, not his). 2nd. he ran out of Sage Chakra and just called for another clone, while the Peins had to fight while sharing Nagato’s chakra. 3rd. he became 6tails (fox’s power) and fought GRP, and GRP exhausted himself to protect himself, and now Naruto’s using Saga Mode (nature’s chakra) again, he’s fully healed while GRP is barely going. Naruto is a cheat ( but he looks good doing it 😀 )

    Hasn’t anyone else realized this, or does when the hero cheat it isn’t cheating?

  13. It’s not cheating Kisu, it is his ability to use Nature’s chakra and his ability to unleash the fox. Not all ninja are created equal. They also don’t all know the same techniques, simply because Naruto knows advanced techniques and can use them doesn’t mean it’s cheating, you wouldn’t expect Pein to fight without the Renningan, Why should Naruto cripple his own arsenal of Jutsu?

  14. too me he looked like he still had sage mode left at the end but he was panting! but if i was Naruto i would of had a clone head off to one side at the start and begin molding nature chakra, even if it was just for a few minutes it would still be extra.

  15. Wow Naruto impressed me with his plan to insert the chakra rod in himself to find nagato.Quite ingenious. I would like to see to Key used on Naruto. Needs to control the kyuubi better and with out assistance from Yamato.
    I figured as much that Team Gai shows up when the battle is basically down. The fight was ment for Naruto only and no one else to be in. The only real use for them would be as back up if Sasuke and his gang shows up.

  16. Great post Bob! I think the reason Naruto is in sage mode because of the last clone at Myobukuzan. I mean I know they said it was dispersed because Naruto’s transformation but wouldn’t the sage chakra still come back to Naruto? I am also glad Everyones okay hopefully Kakashi is too! And I hope that last attack Naruto did finally ends this battle, I mean something always happen to stop this kind of attack but I hope it really is the end.

    We all finally see that hatred in Naruto’s eyes that we seen in Sasuke’s and I think from past examples like Gaara, Neji, and others Nauto can save the world from hatred that is that special ability Kakashi said Naruto has!

    I had hoped Neji and Lee would also take a shot at Pein but I guess it’s okay because we get to see the Naruto Kakashi always wanted him to be.

  17. @mart and yellowflash

    on Q1.
    makes sense

    on Q2.
    but I think the clone needs to be reverse summoned to Naruto’s location before its chakra reserve can be tapped. The chakra couldn’t have come from Kyuubi because it needs to be nature’s energy, not evil devil fox energy.

  18. i honestly thik that when tsunada finds out about shinzu death(her assistant)it will send her over the edge and she will try to fight pein.there wasa thaory a whle back with the whirlpool countries were tsnada dies and kakashi becomes hokaga,and naruo unlocks his bloodline limit.i think that his theory will come to pass.and the loss of tusnada when she goes up against pein will set the ball ion motion for him to get his new abilities.

  19. kisuzachi – If Naruto don’t learn how to kill his enemies he will be too soft to bring on peace cause the one whose wanting all nations to be peaceful amongst eachother will have to be seen as a strong leader to all the other nations. Think about it is Naruto going to try and talk Madara out of his plans and convince Sasuke not to go after those cancelors for Konoha and those of the Fire Country who had something to do with the genicide of his people. If you think he’s going to do accomplish that crazy.

  20. scrubby, I want Naruto to kill, I want him to be a cold killer lik Zabuza was, but he is the destined child, he has to be different. If he kills Pein, he is only spitting on Jiraiya’s dream, and proving Nagato was right. Then his actions would be just as bad as Nagato’s, think about it.

  21. man, i would love to quote myself 3 chapters back when i said that naruto shouldn’t kill nagato, but rather talk and try to understand him (i got butchered for saying that though)…

    i hereby proudly declare uzumaki naruto (or rather: namikazi naruto) the winner of this battle for asking pein to see the real him. pein has also realized that and i believe, and he’s terrified of encountering naruto.

    nagato is strong, both mentally and physically (jutsu wise), but the great rennigan user is now facing — for the first time — the fear of defeat, not only physically, but also ideologically. nothing less from the hero of this series.

    i’m with u bob on some of the ‘flukes’ kishi makes. especially that recent one of naruto being uninjured after transforming back from the almighty 8 tails form instead of the past 4 tails form. but i learned to ignore these flukes…

    i like ur post this time, bob, and i think u’re getting better at this 😉 i also can’t wait to see how what naruto has in mind to talk to nagato about. and, i’m also not worried about him beating god-realm cuz according this chapter’s flow it seems well enough that naruto will.

    can’t wait to see the look on nagato’s face if naruto holds his hand out for him to join forces against “pain”; that would be the ideal way of crowing his victory IMOP, but that would be asking for too much from kishi, since there are lots of fans who can’t wait for naruto to kick nagato’s ass…. oh well, just give us a good compromise kishi!! one that satisfies both the “kick ass” hungry fans and the “give me a good story and wisdom” fans.

    see ya guys later! great stuff!

  22. Well i just don’t think he be able to talk everybody into being peacable to eachother, when just like now some people just are not going to do right no matter what you say or do. And i don’t see this as being no different. I don’t think he got to be a cold blooded killer by no means ,but atlaest be able to finish off his battles.

  23. talking to Nagato will finish the battle (killing ur opponent only brings temporary peace, but accepting each other or understanding each other can bring a longer period of peace)

  24. @kisuzachi, what do u think nagato has been doing? he’s been trying to bring peace by allowing people to kill each other in large numbers to temporarily stop the fighting.

    another important point is that naruto is a ninja and ninja are supposed to fight to protect their village. didn’t Minato say that there may never be peace as long as the ninja system exists? trying to bring absolute peace to a world of warriors is nonsense. there will always be fighting, but people can avoid the major wars.

    and for God’s sake, please stop saying that killing an enemy in order to protect the village and the world is a bad thing. if killing is the only way to stop their actions, then there is no reason whatsoever to not kill. killing is also a major part of being a true shinobi.

    furthermore, people have to accept the fact that a person’s ideologies cannot be changed by simply talking. nagato fights for his ideals and so does naruto. trying to convince one to abandon his ways would only be an insult, not a solution. in this case, if naruto kills nagato, he would only be doing what’s necessary to protect the village AND the world. it would NOT mean that nagato was right when he said that people are stupid and would never be able to understand each other. it would also NOT mean that naruto is only interested in vengeance, though that would only be natural considering what nagato did. killing nagato would also NOT mean that naruto is the same as nagato. in fact, it’d be something totally different. killing another person is not an easy thing to do. as such, by killing nagato, naruto would be accepting the burdens and responsibility of being a ninja.

  25. Wouldn’t it be a sick joke if Naruto wakes up and dreamed this whole thing?

  26. guruku, that would be totally messed up, i would come off manga forever(1-10 months).

  27. This chapter was exactly what i needed, now i no that Hinata still is alive and mayby there will be some hope for some NARUHINA in the near future. THANKYOU XD

  28. would like to comment on those post for writers who think naruto should kill nagato, and who think that the other side are saying naruto should not kill nagato. i just want to clarify things because people are obviously not understanding some points.

    i’ll take this subject as a very good example, and i think this explanation should serve as a good example of what we think naruto should do.

    first, as i said, it’s obvious that people are not reading my and other people’s post seriously. u’re missing the point and/or not understanding what we’re trying to say. this, i think, is causing the conflict.

    i believe this is the very same reason why people get into disputes and arguments. people just DON’T want to listen to the other party’s argument. OR, there’s a major player in one of those parties (or both) that is misleading others in thinking that the other party is evil or irrational. i, for instance, have faced a couple of critics who attacked me for something i didn’t say, or attacked me on one side of the argument without taking my entire argument as a whole. trying to reread my posts and others who agree with me (or beat me to the point) is a good idea. if u read those posts again u will see that we’re not peace freaks but rather people who think (after reading so many stories) that the cycle of hatred wouldn’t end if the hero just kills the enemy. actually, in most stories the story ends there, but in reality the story never ends, it can go for thousands of years. the story of naruto is actually a very small event compared to other major events that took place BEFORE naruto was ever born; the great ninja warS and the fight between madara and the 1st are just examples. i think people need to relax and share their opinion in a more peaceful manner, otherwise u’re just like pein 😛 (only without the killing).

    killing is wrong, period. i don’t know of a religion or culture out there that say killing is right; none exists. HOWEVER, killing when one doesn’t have another choice in order to protect people/property is self defense. i’m sure we all agree on that point. i’m also comfortable in saying that we all believe that the one who started the assault is the sinner. WE, however, do NOT know who started the last ninja war (NOT putting into consideration the violence that took place before the hidden village system was created)…

    IF anyone out there thinks that naruto SHOULD kill pein then i’m sorry to say that i strongly disagree. we all know that nagato’s village was ruined when they had NOTHING to do with the ninja wars, they were just innocent bystanders whom their village was a battlefield for those hungry for power and territory. if u disagree with me, then u also disagree with those who united the ninja clans and created the hidden village system. those ALSO held grudges against each other for killing ALOT of precious people. the GREATEST rivals in the ninja clan history (the Uchiha and the Sinju) had lots of each others blood on their hands, but they decided to throw that hatred away and join forces together to form (with other clans included) a hidden village of the leaf. if they did that, why can’t naruto and nagato do the same?

    i believe it’s naruto’s job to explain to nagato that nagato’s pain isn’t the greatest there is. there are other insignificant people who probably bear even more pein than both of them.

    true, it’s very difficult to explain this ideology to a world of warriors, but that wouldn’t be the first time in history. who do u think made up the ninja system? who do u think have made it a RULE that ninjas are ONLY tool of war? aren’t those also people who had different ideologies and wanted to use the ninjas for their own purpose? people who mislead and brainwash others so that they can have the upper hand in realizing their ambitions and greed?

    martial arts wasn’t invented so that people can defend themselves, they were invented as a tool of war, period. HOWEVER, this ideology DID change once upon a time (not the case now obviously), and mostly nowadays, a martial artist is taught restraint and discipline BEFORE he/she is even taught the first technique.

    you can’t change the other opponent’s ideology if u’re weak. in order to bring peace you have to be strong. naruto has proven his strength; he’s the strongest opponent pein has ever faced. no one was able to make pein reach to a point of losing 5 of his bodies at once. naruto now is in good position to start negotiations.

    one thing that defines a nation or a group of people is a common enemy, so for people to unite they need a common enemy. Code Geass was a very good example, when lulouch used himself to be the enemy of the entire world so that the world can united against him. he even sacrificed his life for that goal to be achieved. the naruto world now has a very good common enemy; Uchiha Madara. and just like in Code Geass, a man’s name is far easier for the common people to recognize rather than the name of the group ‘Akatsuki’. Akatsuki can have more than a leader and it can recruit as many people as it wants, but Uchiha Madara is one man, he can only be one man. this is Naruto’s chance to unite the entire world against that one man. if he’s killed then there’s no need for fighting anymore, people would be already united and peace will come. would that world be perfect? absolutely NOT, it might even be harder to live in that world than the world of wars, LOTs of ninjas would be unemployed, and some might even starve, but that’s the real challenge. naruto and the other leaders should all united for the sake of the well being of these people. jobs have to be created, greedy men should be prosecuted, educational systems should be changed to adapt into this new way of life, and so on…

    i believe the hidden village system and uniting most of the ninja clans into only 5 villages was the first faze of world peace, and now naruto is responsible for the second faze that would unite those 5 villages and countries into one that serves the people.

    i hope guys who disagreed with our opinion know what we mean now, and i’m sorry if i offended anyone.

    i’m not going to be further explaining myself anymore. so i hope the case is closed. thanks everyone 🙂

  29. @ kisu, y do u insist that killing Nagato will b bad, talkin to a madman is useless, and him dieing from disease i think will ruin the whole avenge his friends thing since som ppl just need to die, i wouldn’t mind to much if Nagato died from illness, but when u think of it, he won’t learn a lesson, he needs to kno that ppl r punished by those who they hurt. even the Bible says “an eye for an eye”, and don’t try coming back w/ that Konoha killed his parents bull shit, not every Konohian was responsible, so Nagato shouldn’t try harming every Konohian.
    on y Pein may have spared Hinata, i think eithr he just wasn’t trying cuz he didn’t care about her, only the Kyubi, anothr possibility would b that he wanted Hinata to suffer, haveing her wake up to find out the love of her life died, that would torture her beyond possibility, or maybe Nagato didn’t lose all humanity to the monster he became, and spared her cuz he loves Konan and can relate (just a thought, i prefer my 1st and 2nd suggestions, those fit Pein’s personality bettr)

  30. great chapter good job bob, nagato has met his end, its funny some people think killing nagato would make naruto the same as pein, if naruto does kill nagato he wont be same but just simply relieve nagato of his own pain (pein) thats inside him, then every character in naruto is the same as pein thats ridiculous, they are ninjas a society of elite assassins, there has to be good for evil to exist, there has to be war for peace to exist yin and yang, even though i dont think it would be wrong for naruto to kill nagato i dont think he will, right before the fatal blow will land he will die from his condition, it seems a little fickle for nagato to die so soon maybe theres more to nagato than what we have seen, i dont think the batle is over yet

  31. @ lilmoe, that was kinda touching, but it didn’t really explain y killing Pein is bad. if u kill Pein, then he can’t do anymore damage, period. only a few fanatic folowers would try regaining his honor by attacking Konoha, but how can som1 follow a ‘god’ who died in battle? they can’t, they would have to realize that Pein isn’t omnipotent, or omniscient. Pein would’ve created the largest war ever, and he won’t change his mind, so therefore, in order to prevent a war that would destroy the entire world, Pein has to die, Mandara too. that’s that, nothing more to it, Pein declared war on the world, and he’s only going on the same path Hitler went on, i’m going to make a post drawing up similarities between the 2, and lilmoe, you and kisu will eithr b neo-nazis or Pein haters aftr reading it! period!!

  32. @ASP (SN5): Some moron would probably say “An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind” because that was the principle the bible emphasized, but I’m not that moron.

    Instead I offer you a different perspective, wouldn’t it be the perfect irony if Nagato was destroyed by his own hatred instead of being validated by Naruto killing him? (A.K.A. Exahustion from this fight)

  33. that would b kinda good mart1, Nagato dying from his own attack, but what would b bettr is him accidentally killing Konan, then commits suicide

  34. also, mart, about the principle in the Bible, the Old Testimant says an eye for an eye, New Testimant says turn the other cheek, but that doesn’t work against ppl w/out sympathy, it’s also one of many reasons my dad’s an athiest, he doesn’t like the contridiction

  35. @lilmoe- dude…that was one long post, couldn’t you have just written a blog?
    well, anyway, im Muslim and all and the Quran said that you should always forgive someone because once you kill them they will never learn and all you have brought is more pain and hatred to the world. (well is said something like that). Pein (Nagato) should die due to his carelessness, not by the hands of naruto

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    One thing I have to say is that Bob, idk if u pointed this out or not I stopped reading so i could write this down and not forget , was thatremmber isnt the seal sacrificing himself to even have that seal in naruto, think about it He had a small portion of his chakra left to seal it one more time and thus giving up his last bit of life to rebuild the seal. which bargs the question why didnt he just use that lil amount to seal it to begin with (but u can obviously state that at that time he had a big ass fox in his face and only a portion of th ekyubbi is in naruto) but anyways. But yeah that was my observation ,

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    P.S.: Why are all of you questioning why Pein spared Hinata? In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter why, let’s just be thankful that she IS alive. There’ll probably be a bit of romance after the fight (NaruHina), hehehehehe!

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  40. You can still make your name appear as whatever you want. Login, go to Users > Your Profile > pick a nickname and display it as your public name.

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    also, @ darkknight, oh your Muslim, i don’t thing i ever met 1, just as long as your not a terrorist, (which i kno is unlikely anyway) we should still b friends. the Bible says forive also, but, blowing up a country probably has anothr catagory than what was thought of as evil at the time eithr Bible or Quran were writen (b4 nukes came out, it was impossible to imagine)

  43. @ASP, Yeah I’m not a terrorist but the US gov. a jerk. the actual likeliness of a terrorist attack is highly unlikely. There just making it so people fear Muslims and hate them.

    Anyway, Pein destroyed a country, thousands of lives, etc.. but he did that because he thought it was right. His life was also destroyed and now he wants to bring “peace.” In my thoughts, he should see the true light because now he is surrounded in darkness of his own thoughts. He can’t find the light and it’s not his fault. Only person to ever help him is jiraya who, by the way, left his in a year or so. I’m sure he didn’t kill his freind (forgot his name) instead he died and that was liek a dagger to his heart. Causing him to take over the body and find “peace by pain.” Naruto will probably help him see the light which he has missed for so long in his life and for which he forgotten (cause Jiraya helped him see a light.)

  44. @ darkknight, yeah i kno that terrorism isn’t likely. and what gov isn’t a jerk? at least Bush is out of office tho, so it’ll calm down a bit. on Pein, i don’t think it’ll b a ‘see the error in his ways’ kinda defeat, or at least if it is, it won’t b like Zabuza who dies trying to make up for his past, it’ll b more like he tries attacking Naruto, he dodges, and Konan gets killed by Nagato’s attack, then Nagato commits suicide, that would b good

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    But i feel really bad for Konan, she didn’t do anything that bad. She was just by Peins (Nagato’s) side. If she dies then itll be horrible…but yeah she will probably die protecting Nagato and that’ll make him see what he has done was wrong (so to speak)

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    And now at the end of this batle I think Naruto will not kill nagato , instead he will talk with him and he will make him to understand that evrything he made up until now was a great mistake and all of his belifs was wrong . and Nagato will die fron chakra exaustion or he will not die and probably like in the past or like lilmoe said he will become an ally with naruto against madara and sasuke …. and he will understand that all of what he did was wrong and that is another point of view of things .

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    is gonna be what happens?”

    Look again.

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  56. Pein is more than a foot soldier, he is like a head general, he might not be the comander in cheif, but he is up there. Pein is just as responsible for his actions as Tobi is. Tobi may have brainwashed him, but it’s nothing that didn’t already fit well with his goals. He is as responsible as any soldier that gets an unethical order, it is his responsiblity to ignore and disobey that order and report that order to others.

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  59. @The Bic.: I think the renningan will survive after Nagato dies, I think it is present in a lot of ninja, but being an extreamly rececive trait, it won’t show up for a few hundred more years. I have a VERY far out theory that Oro. was actually searching for the Renningan in the land of rice.

    Also, they may have a few thousand forbinden techniques, but what is that when compared to the “will of fire”? But really I think your forgetting two things one genin, chunin, and jounin ranks are based on tactical decisions not the strength of jutsu. A genin such as Naruto can be incredibly powerfull but still a genin, also, remember, they could have all done what Saskue did and left as Genin, never getting that oh so special chunin and jounin vests 😉

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    (Naruto reach out his hand toward Nagato)

    Naruto: “join me, and together we can rule the wo- (cough*) um…I mean find true peace.”


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  62. @the bic- Yeah, I understand what you are saying experience over inexperience right? Well if you have years of experience and you are arrogant then even a inexperience genin can beat you. Kakuzu and Hidan were arrogant they believed noone can kill them therefore they’re dead. So was all the other Akatsuki. Plus the people that beat Kakuzu and Hidan were Shikamaru who has the IQ over 200 he is super smart and Naruto who is at the time a Jonin level even if he is just a genin. But what’s important when you are in a fight you have to have luck on your side as well as experience or intellegence. If two very powerful people were to fight and they are evenly match the one who mess up first will lose. What I mean mess up is either missing a punch attack toward an opponent or miss calculation in a stradegy that can lead to losing a battle. Naruto has luck on his side that’s why he was able to survive most of his battles.

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  65. @the_bic, about the akatsuki duo being defeated by a handful of ninja, i think u r absolutely right. when hidan and kakuzu were first introduced, they beat a jinchuurki in bijuu form. after that they wiped out the temple of fire. there were so many ninja/priests there and hidan and kakuzu made short work of them. then how come 8 ninja from konoha can defeat them without any casualties? while it is true that konoha knew a bit abt their powers, the difference in numbers compared to the temple of fire battle shud have made it easier. also, during the second battle, konoha didn’t suffer any casualties.

    moving on, i think naruto talking to nagato in order to end the battle without further bloodshed is typical of him, and that’s what’ll probably happen. however, i can’t imagine nagato giving up his beliefs just because of some last minute persuasion from naruto.

    nagato was willing to go to any lengths to fulfill his goals, including killing his sensei, destroying an entire village and killing countless people in the process. he is not a kid like sasuke who fights for personal reasons, driven by emotions. nagato has learned from experience that the world is a cruel and unstable place, and has come up with a way to bring what he believes to be peace. he may or may not have been made to believe this partially by madara, but the fact remains that he IS responsible for his actions. he also knows what he is doing, he knows the damage he is doing to the world in his attempts to achieve his goals.

    if naruto tries to talk him out of continuing what he is doing, as i have said before, it will only be an insult.

    and come on ppl, peace in a world of warriors? warriors trying to grow stronger every minute? let me say that i think the very idea is absurd. ninja can’t exist in a peaceful world. they exist to combat and earn their living that way. if they still want absolute peace, naruto will have to kill all the ninja in the world, make sure no ninja will be born, and then kill himself. then there will be peace cuz normal ppl don’t fight much and even if they do, they can’t do as much damage as ninja.

  66. warning…”SPOILER” dun read this if u dun want to be spoil…^^

    hi guyz…i’m here ones again to give you the link of summaries/spoilers i read(got)…anywayz, not much more to talk….

    but great bob-sama…y0u did well again on your great idea…of course i agreed of y0ur g0od th0ughts here…we really have some discussions/theories after this final battle end…it’s more interesting part…especially after distractions…

    1.What will be the flow on the story after the big destruction of konoha??
    2.Does danzou’s silent moving right away to get his wanted thrown as being Hokage??(no it won’t happen…gaysucks to him)
    3.Madara??what he will do now after nagato failed his commands to get the 9tailed??is he giving this great advantage to attack k0n0ha??or else…sasuke will stop him and do the rest…^^
    4.One more…after naruto’s epic battle…can it be hinata and naruto will get a chance to each other??does naruto manga will become addition of romantic genre…hope so it has a lot of more fun like the same we know…^^(stop emo crap things…sasguy…^^)hehehe…

    hmmm…see yah again if i got some more updated issues like this…

    God bless!♥♥♥


  67. @bic, Hidan has to constantly kill to keep his immortality, I dont think even Einstein could beat him.
    Moving on, @bsk, thats y Nagato is doing what he is doing. If ppl r afraid of war (becuz of pain) then there wont be any ninjas (they will be persecuted and ostracized).

  68. Hey guyz I was just wondering about that Hinata pic above what kind of building is that behind her? Is that a Hyuuga Royal mansion?

  69. Woah! Nice chapter! Can’t wait for the next one! (I’m currently reading Bleach from chapter 1 hehehe!!)

  70. one things that kind of bothers me about this whole fight is that the issue about the bodies was never really resolved. if you remember, jiraiya said that ALL of Pein’s bodies were shinobi that he had fought and come across in his travels. I think that maybe the back-story to the bodies may come after Pein has been scared off by Naruto. Why are the bodies that he uses only ones that Jiraiya had fought. I also feel like there is a connection between which bodies he used and the book Jiraiya wrote about Naruto (that gave Naruto his name).

    anyway i think there is just too much back-story to kill off Pein just yet. the same is true for kakashi as well in my opinion. i have no doubt that the body Madara is using is Obito’s and i think kakashi will be the one to figure it out (and possibly die trying to give the secret to naruto/sasuke…since there is a trend on how a lot of the character’s die.)

  71. Very good observation Uchihagaiden, I agree with u. We need to know about those bodies!

  72. What a sweet chapter. Can’t wait till for the next one…. well yeah I can.
    Thank you.

  73. There a couple things Ive noticed, is that my updating name isnt working liek nickname or maybe i just cant see it and the fact , that some points by different poeel arent ackknowlegded when they post a comment after 50 comments idk , maybe i should try harder , but then again i can understand we are all getting bak to usnig this form of bloging.

  74. yay i fixed the name thingy ok good , also what is good about this word press bloggin stuff is that it is much faster

  75. read a spoiler, when Hinata’s being healed by Sakura, somthin bout Hinata’s boobs comes up, or @ least that’s what the spoiler said, “like 3 bowls of rice”

  76. @uchihagaiden- very true we do need more info on those bodies, as much as i want to see nagato die theres too many unanswered questions on him, i still think pein will die but nagato wont, he will probably create a new name for himself like vengance or revenge with a new set of bodies (jiraiya being one of them) that naruto recognizes or has fought in the past and thats probably the link with the bodies that jiraiya had with the previous ones, maybe pein sets a target or person and uses bodies they recognize or fought before to get an advantage in battle, just a theory but we will see what happens in the next three chapters

  77. nagato will die now period

  78. this site … from what country it is ?? please tell me

  79. i agree that there are a lot of unanswered questions about the lives of nagato, konan and yahiko after jiraiya left. how yahiko died and how nagato changed to the man he is now. then there is the mystery of pein’s bodies. since jiraiya recognized all six bodies as shinobi he had fought in the past, nagato surely didn’t select random people to use as pein’s bodies. we need to know why he chose the people he did.

    so i think kishi will keep nagato alive for a while longer. and we have to find out how nagato came to serve madara too.

    kishi spent a few chapters to explain things b4 beginning the battle with itachi and sasuke. when the battle was over, again a few chapters were devoted to explaining more about all the uchiha clan and itachi. so why can’t kishi explain more abt nagato?

    even as i complain i’m pretty sure kishi won’t disappoint us

  80. Nagato will not die for now and his past will be explained, at least i hope so. but if he escapes to create new pain, then it will be lame. i think berserkerx is right that there should be some explanation in next few chapters and may be Nagato will give Naruto some in formations on Akatsuki.

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    the chapter is really a great one.

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