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The History of Kakuzu: Part 1: Gathering

I recently did posts that told Hidan’s story ( https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2009/03/26/aftermathorochimaru-vs-hidan/ ) ( https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2009/03/04/battle-of-religions-orochimaruism-vs-jashinism/ ) , so to be fair this set of stories is devoted to Kakuzu. It takes place 68 years before the start of Naruto part 1. Konoha and the other Hidden Villages have just been created and the Biju have not yet been distributed. Okay that’s it for the setting.

The story begins at a meeting, where treachery is being planned. Five shadowy figures plan their moves carefully.


Elder Kibishii: “Hashirama will undoubtedly give the Biju to the most stable villages.”

Elder Yakamashi: “Takigakure (Hidden Waterfall Village) is not stable due to the unrest the ninja clans have of joining a village. We cannot afford for the more stable and powerful villages to become even more powerful! We must ‘deal’ with Hashirama, one way or another.”

Elder Kaisujin: “I agree.”

Elder Gentaru: “I have the perfect person in mind to ‘take care’ of Hashirama. The most powerful shinobi besides the Leader of the village. The only one who can do this is Kakuzu!”

Village Leader Touiyaru: “Kakuzu is the perfect choice. He is the most loyal ninja we have as well as powerful. He will gladly put his life on the line for the sake of Takigakure, in memory of his father that died to help form it.”


After the meeting, Kakuzu enters the office of the Village Leader.

Touiyaru: “Kakuzu! I need you to go on an extremely dangerous mission for Takigakure. This mission is a S-rank miss………no it’s even greater than that. If you should choose to accept this mission, you will be paid handsomely.”


Kakuzu: “Touiyaru, I do not care about the money, however, what I do care about is Takigakure and all those who live inside its walls. I will go on any rank mission for the sake of Takigakure.”

Touiyaru: “Well said Kakuzu. The mission is……the assassination of Hashirama Senju!

(At the mere mention of this name Kakuzu trembles.)

Kakuzu: “Hashirama………Senju?!” (He says this in disbelief)

Touiyaru: “He has become a threat to Takigakure, the village your father fought so hard to create! If anyone can defeat him, it is you. I have complete faith in you.”

Kakuzu: “I did not say I won’t do it, but now, I have one condition. I must select those who will accompany me myself. I will select those who will complement my battle style and skills and those who put the Senjus at a disadvantage.There is one other thing that I will need to face Hashirama, it is the…………..”

Touiyaru: “I suggest you go soon, because the entire Uchiha clan is discussing the terms of the Peace Treaty with the other villages. You would not want to begin your mission when those ‘Demon Red Eyes’ are back.”

Kakuzu leaves. He goes into a bar.

Kakuzu: “Well, well, well……..it looks like you haven’t changed a bit. It’s been a while since I last saw you, my old master. Three years to be exact.”

Old master: “Who…..who’s there? Is it my mommy? I’ll go to school right away mom.” (He faints, but Kakuzu catches him)

Kakuzu: “You have got to cool it on the drinking master Meimu. That stuff will kill you.”

Meimu: (His eyes open suddenly) “Ahh, Kakuzu my boy, I thought I would never see you again my student. Why don’t you ever visit? We live in the same village for darn it. I know why, it’s because I turned 50! Isn’t it? Anyway, why are you here?”

Kakuzu: “Sorry master, but I’m very busy. I came here because I need your help. I need to bring you on a mission; your experience and mastery of Genjutsu will be a big service to me.” (Meimu agrees, because he wants to feel young again)

Kakuzu tells him they are leaving tomorrow, and not to get too drunk. Kakuzu leaves the bar and heads to the library, when suddenly a shuriken lands at his feet. He stops and looks for who threw it. To his dismay, it was his annoying little brother, Kokusu.


Kokusu: “Hey big bro, I heard about your mission, and I want to come too.”

Kakuzu: “This isn’t a field trip you idiot. Go home! I promised father I would let nothing happen to you.”

Kokusu: “I can be of use on this mission. After all, I’m the most powerful Suiton-user in Takigakure. I don’t get to do missions so I stay home and train, c’mon big bro, I’m 14 now. Let me help you, I wont get in the way, I promise!”

Kakuzu: “No! And that’s final! I can’t let you get hurt. I promised dad I wouldn’t let any harm reach you.” (After a long argument, Kokusu accepts defeat and goes home {or did he?}).

Kakuzu enters the library and takes out a piece of paper. He folds it and throws it to a woman. She catches it between her index finger and her middle finger.

Kakuzu: “That’s how many zeros will be on your pay for this mission, Shiana. I will need your help.”

Shiana: “For seven zeros! I’ll gladly help you.”

Kakuzu: “I’ll never understand your love of money.”

Kakuzu reports back to Touiyaru and informs him of the members he chose. Kakuzu leaves Touiyaru’s office and heads home. It is now morning. All the members of Kakuzu’s team meet at the village gate. Kakuzu teleports to their location, with a huge bag filled with supplies.

Kakuzu: “Everyone is here. Good. Now it’s time to leave.”

They leave the village behind as they go to complete their mission in Konoha.


Next chapter: Battle With Hashirama!


Crow Power

Iruka.gif Not Made by Me image by Kakashi26 Post Author: Iruka
Quite a few chapters in the past, Naruto and Itachi had a meeting. In this meeting Itachi gave Naruto some of his powers. This gift as you can call it, entered Naruto in a crow form. These crows flew into Naruto’s mouth. If you are like me, you are interested into know what this gift was. Here are a couple theories for you, the readers as to what this power was.
After Naruto had returned back to Konoha from his visit with Itachi, Naruto had a flashback about his conversation with Itachi. In this meeting Itachi wished Naruto would not have to use his gift he left him. This leads me to a couple possible theories about what this gift is.
As all of you readers know, the Akatsuki have an agenda to capture the tailed beasts. In the Akatsuki, there is a character named Tobi. Tobi has been speculated to be Madara Uchiha. . In the past it has been suggested that the Uchiha clan have a link with the kyuubi. Madara Uchiha could make and control the Kyuubi as a pet. Just recently was it confirmed that Tobi is in fact was Madara Uchiha who possesses EMS eyes. Itachi through his infiltration of the Akatsuki knew of Madara and his power. In order to prevent Madara from controlling or gaining access to the kyuubi, Itachi set up a blockade you could say. This blockade prevents or stops the users or the sharingan eyes from communicating to the kyuubi. In previous chapters, Sasuke was able to talk to the kyuubi so there is no question Madara could do it. With this knowledge Itachi could of set up a blockade from those piercing eyes.

kyuubi.jpg Kyuubi image by zerojec

There is also another possible blockade or trap Itachi set up for Naruto. This goes along the same theme if Naruto was captured or near the same vicinity of Madara Uchiha. If we go back to Itachi’s battle with Sasuke, Itachi gave Sasuke the ability of MS. This MS power activated instantly when Sasuke was in contact with Madara. The amaterasu was ment to kill Madara and protect Sasuke. Itachi could of done the same thing with Naruto. Implant a powerful jutsu in Naruto that would only be activated if he ever came in contact with Madara.

itachi.jpg naruto image by kingkikoki

SU has suggested that the gift to Naruto was something else. The gift was memories that were ment for Sasuke. When Naruto comes into contact with Sasuke, the gift to Naruto will appear and be sent to Sasuke. By that memories will appear to Sasuke and appeal to him. Sasuke will love again and cause Sasuke to understand that he must protect Konoha and what he loves. Knowledge of the MS true powers will be passed on along with its weakness. That weakness is of course that it might cause blindness and was that the MS was the cause of Itachi’s illness. Basically this theory is ment to assist Naruto and bring Sasuke back and help him find his way.

NaruSasu17.jpg Naruto x Sasuke image by Hidans_Gaaras_Chica

As we all know, Naruto lacks genjutsu. Itachi was a genius of genjutsu and had many at his disposal. Genjutsu requires what I believe is yin chakra. Naruto has a tremendous amount of yang chakra from the Kyuubi sealed within him. Because of this excess of yang chakra which leaks out from the Kyuubi, Naruto yin/yang chakra is not balanced out. Itachi knew this and gave Naruto yin chakra to try and balance out the yang chakra. Of course, it will never be balance out do to the vast amount of yin chakra inserted into Naruto’s system from the Kyuubi. But with the yang chakra, it will help Naruto out. With the addition of the yang chakra and some lesson’s, Naruto could cast genjutsu. Obviously, Itachi would implant instructions on how to cast genjutsus and leave him some of his own genjutsus.

Flock_of_Crows___Itachi_by_pokefrea.jpg crow image by Rikku_Wolf_Blood

Theses are some theories of what I think the gift that Itachi left for Naruto. There definitely some more out there and I know some of the theories  that I mentioned are questionable. If any of you have any theories on what this gift is, please share it with us.

Iruka out.

Zep Wolf’s X-sistence: Birth of a Hyuga.

Author: Byakugan Fang

Zep Wolf’s X-sistence (ZWX), is basically the story of my Naruto OC. The story will take place where all my stories take place, the NaruZepverse*. In a way is going to be something like a autobiography of my OC, Zep Hyuga. In this story I’m going to cover the beginning of his life. How he got the name and nickname, Zep Wolf and Byakugan Fang, respectively. How and when he joined Shannaro. And much more.


Zep was born Zeppeki Hyuga to his father and mother, Gake Hyuga and Hattari Hyuga from the branch side of the family. As was tradition, he was to be given the Hyuga Curse Seal when he came to age, however his parents objected. They did not want their child to be submited to such torture, but it pointless, he was going to be given the Seal in spite of their begging.

In a foolish way to stop the seal process from happening, Hattari lunged towards the Hyuga Elder, the one who was going to perform the ceremony, in an attemp to kill him. The Elder defended himself by activating Gake’s seal. The elder ‘accidently’ killed Gake by holding the seal for to long, and warned Hattari to learn from her husbands’ mistake.

Zep was given the Seal nonetheless, but he noticed that his father wasn’t in attendance. Hattari would later tell Zep that his father died during a mission, hidding the truth from her son about the clan he has come to admire and respect. However that wasn’t the only reason she kept the truth from him, she was also afraid of what would happen to her if she did tell him. Was she to meet the same fate as her husband?

As hard as Hattari tried to forget and forgive the clan for what they did to her beloved Gake, she couldn’t errase the image of Gake’s dead body in front of her. She needed to do something about it. She didn’t even consider revenge, since it might cause the Main House, or the Elders to ‘disipline’ her. The way they disiplined her husband.

A day wouldn’t go without her having a nightmare about her husbands death, at time it would be her son, Zeppeki, in place of Gake. Many times she would be woken up by her young son, who would be scared at the sight of his mothers’ frightful trance as she woke. She would quickly apologize, trying to be strong for the both of them, and hug Zep as if that might be the last time she would see him.

Finally Hattari had enough. Enough of being constantly scarred of losing her son, the only person of importance to her. She needed to do something about it. She started to device a plan, not to hurt the clan, but to free her son of such oppression. After much time deliverating, she came up with it. The perfect plan, the hope her son would need to be free.

She started by taking walks to the forest, when in actuality, she was putting everything into play. Once everything was set, she started trainning Zep to improve his Byakugan, the only thing Zep could do at the time. She would always tell him, “Remember Zeppeki. Master the Byakugan, and you’ll see through anything. Even the truth.” Zep never understood what she ment by that, until . . .


… the day he lost it all.

What will Zep do after learning the truth about his father? What will happen to his mother?

Next chapter: Sight Gained. Sight Lost. Truth Found.


* For those that don’t know. NaruZepverse is the universe where all my Naruto related FanFic stories take place.

— Japanese Translator —

Zeppeki = Cliff. Precipice.
Hattari = Bluff, another word for cliff
Gake = Cliff

Sasuke Meets the NEW Naruto

Post author: Advanced Major

Oodama RASENGAN!!!!!
As the dust settles we see a battered Naruto standing over Nagato, who lookes even closer to death….
Naruto: Its over! You’ve caused me so much pain……but i forgi…..NANI????
Pain: <chuckling softly> ..the funny part is that you think you’ve won….
Wiping some blood off his chin, Pain mutters: Kuchiosé No Jutsu…..
Naruto quickly jumps back and falls into a defensive stance.

???: ….the fact that you reverse summoned me, means you getting beat by this scaredy-cat…
Naruto: ..S-scaredy..cat??….
Naruto’s eyes widen in amazement
???: ….and here i thought you wanted to see me, why so quiet, Naruto-kun?

Naruto: S-sa..su..ke?
???: Still as stupid as ever.
The smoke disperses as Sasuke walks towards Pain.
Sasuke: Hnh….so you’re the leader….I can’t believe i’ve been working under someone so weak. You deserve to die. But you did help my exact a measure of revenge on the village.
Pain: You’ve got guts…but my plans will still go on even after i die. I underestimated the Kyuubi….<cough> It’s powers are too great, and too dangerous to let them fall into his hands…..
Sasuke: Who’s hands?
Pain: It doesn’t matter, that boy is a threat….Sasuke Kill HIM!!! NOW!!!!
Sasuke doesn’t flinch, but scuffs at Pain.
Sasuke: You just want me to clean up your mess.
Pain: ..as a favor to a dying man….help me….
Turning to face the dumbfounded Naruto a few yards away, Sasuke mutters to Pain….and grabs the hilt his Sword of Kusunagi…..and disappears mid-sentence.
Sasuke: …..because I want to….
Naruto doesn’t even blink as Sasuke appears right in front of him slowly pulling the sword out. But merely bows his head to the ground.

Sasuke: How can you let me do this again? How do you live with yourself knowing you’re this weak?
Naruto: <mumble>
Sasuke: Cat got your tongue is see…I’ll make this quic…
Naruto: I said MOVE NOW!!!
Naruto looks up at Sasuke, with darkened eyes by sage mode, grabs his arm and disappears just as a large tree crashes where they once stood.
They appear a few feet away. Sasuke activates his Sharingan.
Naruto: ….theres no need for that…..it’s only her.
Naruto: SAKURA!!!! He’s not leaving this time. Just go bac…..
Obviously too far too hear she continues sprinting towards them through the dense forest, Sakura sends some of the trees flying with punches toward the duo.
Sakura: I’ll knock you out and keep you here!!!!!
Sasuke and Naruto easily evade the trees and debris, managing to still talk while disappearing and reappearing.
Sasuke: I’d like to end this………….<disappear><reappear>…….. before she gets here.
Appearing right in front of Sasuke…..
Sasuke:<surprised> ehn……
Naruto:….so would I.
Naruto jumps and grabs a large tree coming at them.
Naruto: ARGGHHH!!! SASUKE!!!!
Tosses it very quickly at him.
Sasuke dodges the tree easily, and smiles, and looks around for Naruto…
Sasuke: Haven’t you learned ANYTHING about my Sharingan?
From behind him…a kunai points at his neck.

Naruto: Yes….I have. Give up! I don’t want to hurt you. It’s not too late, just look at the people you fight alongside…..he destroyed Konoha, your hom….
Naruto: you can’t mean that…….
Sasuke: humph…………………
Naruto: …..then i guess there really is no helping you. You lost to me……I must….HUHN?
Naruto hears his name in the distance.
Sakura: PAIN!!!! WATCH PAIN!!!!!
Naruto and Sasuke turn to see Pain form a handseal….he’s too far to hear, but with his sharingan……Sasuke mutters..
Sasuke: ….Alternate Life Commencement Jutsu…???
Sakura watches , as she runs toward the duo, she noticed Pain had been making some seals for a while now, at least 100 seals, it would be too dangerous. Why hadn’t they noticed her? Why didn’t they listen? Running with tears down her eyes, Sakura watches as a wormhole sucks both them in, arriving to see the Sword of Kusunagi clank onto the ground.

My 1st  post. Hope you find it entertaining. Any mistakes?…….Tell someone who cares. Drop and give me applause soldier!!! Major Out!

Becoming a Monster

Post Author: ssj

Throughout  recent chapters, we have seen a lot more coverage on the Kyuubi-side of Naruto that we haven’t gotten to see since he first went 4-tails. This is bad, for him, but as the readers we can’t help but be fascinated with it.

At first, I was very confused as to how Naruto would gradually transform into the actual Kyuubi. Before, all we saw was the red chakra surround him, and a few red-chakra tails would form behind him. I thought maybe he would just keep getting stronger with every tail that grew, but his appearance would remain, with a simple red-chakra aura. I thought, maybe the Kyuubi only looks like the fox we saw at the beginning of the series when it is not contained within a jinchuuriki.

Then, in chapter 293, we finally see a new look in Naruto’s transformation when he goes 4-tails for the first time. His entire body is covered in a much denser chakra, almost like fur. His face is now unrecognizable, and he is losing consciousness. It is more of a blind rage where neither him nor the Kyuubi have control. He is now able to use more advanced Kyuubi-based attacks like a concentrated chakra cannon. This form is strong, but it is still only four tails.

After that, and after realizing he had hurt Sakura, Naruto refused to use the Kyuubi’s chakra ever again. And he didn’t, up until chapter 437, where Pein seemingly kills Hinata. This immediately throws Naruto in a blind rage, unable to use reason, he immediately goes four-tails, then all of a sudden, jumping to a new level we have never seen before; six tails! Now the science behind the transformation is starting to come to light. He looks a lot like the four-tails version, but the skeletal structure of the actual Kyuubi is starting to form, like a protective armor around Naruto.

This form seems much smarter, but in actuality, it is just that the Kyuubi is gaining more control over consciousness. I’d say three tails and under, Naruto was still in control, understanding basically what he was doing, four to maybe five tails, it was neutral, and nobody really had control of consciousness. It was just a powerful menace. Now at six tails, the Kyuubi isn’t fully back, but he has a little more control, and who knows how to use the Kyuubi’s powers more than himself? Hence why he could gather a chakra cannon much faster with more accuracy, he used better battle tactics, and knew who his enemy was.

Now usually, if Kishi kept to his normal pattern, we’d have to wait another couple hundred chapters to see the transformation push forth any, but surprisingly we get to see more in just two chapters! In chapter 439, Pein catches the jinchuuriki in his Chibaku Tensei. Not even the 6-tails was a match for this incredible jutsu. Once again pushed to the limit, Naruto was loosing more and more control/confidence inside his conscious to the Kyuubi. Desperate, he grows two more tails. We only get to see a couple glimpses of the eight tailed version, but I think I only needed one.

It’s size was close to that of the actual Kyuubi, and its appearance was exactly like the Kyuubi’s without its outer layer of skin. Just the muscular tissue. I assume that the Kyuubi would have had almost complete control of physical actions in this state. The power in this state would have been ridiculous, but before we could see any of the eight tales, the Kyuubi tried pushing Naruto to take off the seal and allow him to fully go to 9. I think the difference between 8 and 9 tails would have been the fur obviously, it probably would have grown a little more, and the fact that once he went 9, Naruto probably wouldn’t have had a shot of going back. It would have been solely up to the Kyuubi at that point.Thankfully Minato was there to save the day…

A couple of things I noticed throughout the transformation were that the more Naruto is in control, (the less tails), he is still on the outside, with the Kyuubi’s power inside him as usual. But the more the Kyuubi gains control, (the more tails), he actually begins to grow outside and around Naruto, with Naruto’s power inside him. They need each other either way you look at it, regardless of who is outside, they are one. Another assumption,but slightly more obvious, I is that the more tails, the larger the jinchuuriki gets; straying further from Naruto’s actual size, to the Kyuubi’s natural size.

It would be ashamed to see the Kyuubi torn from Naruto, because like I said before, I think what has struck me recently is the Kyuubi isn’t a single entity trapped within Naruto, and Naruto isn’t a single entity holding the Kyuubi, they are one. Consciousness, power, regardless the way the scale tips, they are one, always balancing each other out. They need each other, and I think the sooner they realize that, much like Killerbee and his bijuu, the sooner Naruto can become the ultimate weapon.

Naruto Chapter 441 – Renewed Confidence

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Do you read Bleach? Check out J-sama’s Bleach chapter blogs.

Naruto Chapter 441. After a short “break”, Naruto is back in control of his body and appears have renewed his confidence in himself. Has Naruto realized an answer to Pein’s question and the legacy of his father and the late Jiraiya? There’s nobody supporting Naruto now (the slug doesn’t count), no mentor to advise him, no teammates to cover his back, nor a secret admirer willing to put her life on the line to protect him. Naruto is now truly alone now, away from the eyes of the surviving villagers Naruto must depend on his own strength and resourcefulness to finish off Pein.

naruto441-1Rejoice Hinata fans! The raven-haired Byakugan princess is alive and well… maybe not in the best of shapes but at least she’s breathing and semi-conscious. It was nice to see Neji show some genuine concern for his cousin in distress; I guess all the malice Neji had within him which he turned on Hinata during the Chuunin Exams is now all in the past. However, Team Gai’s appearance in Konoha will now likely mean they won’t be seeing any action against Pein/Nagato or Konan – too bad, I wanted to see at least Neji or Lee take on Pein for a bit. Tenten confirmed that Hinata’s wound wasn’t fatal, which brings up again the question of whether this was intentional on Pein’s part or not. I find it hard to believe that a shinobi of Pein’s calibre can mess up making a killing blow on a immobile and prone target. So the unanswered question remains: why did Pein “spare” Hinata’s life when he had already taken so many through the mass destruction of Konoha?


Did I do that?

Naruto’s safe return back to his own body probably brought a sigh of relief in a lot of us, however I found the conversation with the Fourth Hokage in the last chapter a bit rushed overall. Naruto’s the main character and this is the first time we could get an opportunity to learn more about his past. Yet Minato disappears just as quickly as he appeared, leaving behind even more unanswered questions than before. I realize that time is short in the current situation, but at least Kishi could have given Minato an extra chapter to explain more about his past to Naruto. Heck, just look at how much time was devoted to explanations and dialogue during the Sasuke vs. Itachi arc… it just doesn’t seem fair.


One of the things I’m curious about is why Naruto is back in sage mode after the Kyuubi was resealed. He himself said that his reserve clone back on toad mountain was lost when he began transforming, so where did this extra reserve of nature’s energy come from? Another thing to notice is that Naruto appears completely undamaged even after undergoing transformation to the Eight-tails form. In the aftermath of the Four-tails battle versus Orochimaru, Naruto’s entire body was badly burnt and needed Sakura’s healing skills. Perhaps the reason for the latter was due to Yamato’s technique lacking the refinement of Minato’s sealing abilities. If Naruto can master the secret to his father’s sealing technique in the future, he can potentially learn to transform into his tailed form without suffering nay repercussions. The toad containing the “key” to Naruto’s seal may provide some help on this.

naruto441-3I got to say that Naruto’s handling of this final battle against God Realm Pein is superb. Naruto appears to have a clear battle strategy in his mind already – quite impressive considering he just recovered from his Kyuubi transformation a few moments ago. And most importantly, he is calm – a word you normally wouldn’t associate with Naruto. Even when Pein starts picking at open wounds by calling Naruto’s search for Sasuke futile, Naruto refrains from shouting back but instead calms himself and changes the subject by directly asking to speak to the real Pein (Nagato). Being able to keep a cool head even in the midst of a battle is an important trait Naruto would do well to adapt; it keeps him focussed on his target and allows him to formulate new battle tactics on the spot. Although charging head-on looks pretty cool, I’m glad Naruto is learning to take a step back and think everything through first before committing to a full brawl.

naruto441-4Naruto using Pein’s own chakra receptors to trace the chakra signal back to Nagato was ingenious. I think he was only able to it while he was in sage mode (when Naruto was stabbed earlier, he was not in sage mode). Geez, how long have Shikamaru’s group been working on this now and they still haven’t been able to locate the real Pein. I wonder who the real genius is in this case? It looks like Konan has hidden herself and Nagato in an artificial tree made from her paper. But before he can go there, he will need to finish off God Realm Pein. It was great to see Naruto up to his old bait-and-switch trick again, and this time recycling the old shadow shuriken clone technique he and Sasuke so masterfully pulled off during their battle against Zabuza during the first real mission together. It looks like Naruto is able to exploit Pein’s five second interval, but he has also used up his sage mode for creating the decoy Rasen Shuriken – can Naruto finish Pein off in five seconds without his sage strength?

naruto441-6I’m about 99% certain Naruto will be able to take down God Realm Pein with no problem. But the real question is how he will deal with Nagato afterwards? Naruto states that he wishes to speak with Nagato. Is this a bluff or is he serious about speaking to the man behind all the devastation in order to better understand him? Nagato’s health (what’s left of it) appears to be deteriorating rapidly due to over exertion, but I get the feeling it won’t be Naruto who will finish him off. Even though Naruto has every right to hate Nagato, I believe Naruto is not after Nagato to seek vengeance. If Naruto does give in to hatred and kills Nagato, he would be essentially proving Nagato’s was correct because he would have contributed to the cycle of hatred Nagato was speaking of. But at the same time, I cannot see Naruto forgiving Nagato for the destruction he has wrought. I’m very interested in what Naruto will do or say when he finally faces Nagato, cant wait til next chapter!

Naruto VS Yu Yu Hakusho: A Comparison

Post Author: Metal Superman

I have managed to compile a short list of similarities between Naruto and Yu Yu Hakusho. It is quite obvious that Kishimoto gathered his inspiration from several series of anime, but nowhere is it more evident than in Yu Yu Hakusho.


For instance, Hiei and Sasuke are a lot alike, both use fire based techniques and swords. Sasuke wields the Sharingan, while Hiei had undergone a surgical procedure to have the Jagan Eye implemented into his body; which is a lot like how Kakashi obtained his Sharingan. Both characters are exceptionally fast. Their overall personalities are similar as well.

Shortly after the Dark Tournament ended, Yusuke is tasked to fight a practician of medicine, Doctor Ichigaki. His foe seems to exhibit a fighting style similar to that of Neji Hyuuga and an ability which mirrors that of Kabuto’s medical ninjutsu. He is able to severe the muscles and tissue of any opponent, while his energy is focused upon his hands. In his introduction, he paralyzed a fellow pupil of Genkai’s with precise targeting of the muscles aligning the spine.

During a later episode in the Black Saga, Kuwabara runs into a psychic with the ability to manipulate water, imprisoning his friends in an (almost) impenetrable mass of liquid. This technique is similar to that of Zabuza’s Water Prison technique, seen in the earlier episodes of Naruto.

Both Kurama and Naruto have demon foxes trapped inside their bodies; however, there are several notable differences between their demon counterparts. Yusuke has a demon form as well, but I won’t bother getting into that right now.

In an episode where Genkai puts Yusuke and his group through a series of tests, an opponent comes into play with the ability to bind anyone by stepping on their shadow. Kishimoto may have expanded upon its initial idea, but he probably drew his inspiration from this particular character.

There are two other pieces of evidence I would like to present, which are not limited to the Yu Yu Hakusho series. I find these to be the most powerful pieces, despite them being from two completely different series.

Hunter X Hunter is yet another prime example in which Kishimoto has borrowed a few ideas from. Kurapika, one of the main protagonists in the story, has a few things in common with the infamous Sasuke Uchiha. His entire clan was assassinated by one skilled assassin, in which he has vowed to kill. He is also able to enter a mode in which his eyes turn red and his skills are temporarily increased.

One of the more irrefutable pieces I have stumbled across comes from the Cowboy Bebop movie, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door. If you can recall the fight between Naruto and Neji during the Chuunin exams, then you might know where I am going with this. I doubt words could do this justice…


Perhaps it was the same director? All of the camera angles and movements are the same, so I would have to assume they borrowed from Cowboy Bebop’s fighting animation as well.