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Naruto Chapter 431: Payback!

Post Author: Sage Mode Bob

Naruto Chapter 431, Holy Shurikens! Now this is a Naruto chapter that would make even the most hardened Naruto fans misty eyed. Hot damn, how did Naruto become all cool and super elite so suddenly. Not only is he super strong now, but he also seems to know exactly what he is doing and is able to coordinate with his toad allies perfectly. This is the moment we’ve patiently waited for – Naruto getting serious and taking care of business. No wisecracks, no unnecessary talks, the man standing before Naruto is the one responsible for the devastation to Konoha, he killed Jiraiya, and he is responsible for Kakashi’s death (not confirmed). Naruto has trained hard for this moment and it’s time to give back to Pein some of the hurt he’s so obsessed with.

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It seems that in sage mode, Naruto not only gains super strength, he also can sense everyone’s chakra because he is in tune with the nature energy all around them. Naruto himself states that he could sense the chakra of everyone in Konoha, and because he cannot sense Kakashi’s signature he believes he is dead. Personally, I think there’s still hope for Kakashi, maybe it’s blind faith but I still cannot accept that Kakashi would die in such an unclimactic and insignificant way. I won’t believe Kakashi’s dead until Tsuanade or some other medical ninja examines his body and confirms it – until then…. He’s just sleeping! And what’s up with Tsuande getting all wrinkly and shrivelled again after depleting her chakra? She’s only in her fifties, she shouldn’t look like some dried up mummy just because she can’t maintain her vanity jutsu anymore. Anyways, back to Naruto’s new sage abilities – Naruto’s newly gained ability to sense others’ chakra will give him a huge advantage in future fights. He practically now has a power similar to that of the Sharingan and Byakugan. Naruto now has a big boost in his tracking skills as well his ability to gauge enemy strength through chakra levels or identifying clones from the real opponent. This is not the clumsy and clueless Naruto we used to know!

It’s hard to say it, but even though Naruto arrived too late to save Konoha from Pein’s technique, he probably couldn’t have chosen a better time to come back if he’s aim is to defeat Pein. After using such a huge jutsu, God Realm Pein still requires time to regenerate his powers. After seeing Naruto so easily take down Demon Realm Pein, he has no choice but to play it defensively until he is fully recovered. However, I don’t think Naruto gives a crap right now whether Pein is at his weakest or at his strongest, the only thing on his mind is payback for all the harm Pein has wrought.

The old Naruto would have charged in blindly about now and would probably have opened himself up for Pein to easily take him down. But the new Naruto is more balanced and although he is filled with anger inside, he does not make it cloud his judgement. Notice that Naruto isn’t the one to make the first attack, his first priority is to get Tsunade to safety and to ensure that the villagers don’t get involved in the heavy fighting to come. Animal Realm Pein is the one to make the first move by summoning her rhino, bull and hellhound. Naruto stops the rhino’s charge with his bare hands and chucks it into the air without breaking a sweat. I love that silent glance from Naruto to Fukasaku and Shima when the other animals charge in; he is able to coordinate with the toads without uttering a word – now this is how professional ninjas should fight like! Naruto, you just got some major points in the coolness factor.

While Fukasaku and Shima paralyze the beasts with their song, Naruto keeps moving forward towards Pein. He creates two clones to generate two giant Rasengans to feed to Animal Pein’s pets while Gamabunta and the other two giant toads finish them off. (Note that Fukasaku calls them Bun, Ken and Hiro. I wonder if Gamabunta’s first name is Ken?) All the while, Naruto doesn’t look back but keeps moving forward towards Pein. Hungry Realm Pein attempts to cut him off, but Naruto has a wholesome nature energy filled Katas punch in store for him. What’s even cooler is that Naruto doesn’t even need to physically hit his opponent for the force of the punch to transfer over. Since the Frog Katas fighting style uses the natural energy around Naruto to attack, Naruto’s power and the reach of his attacks both get a major boost.

Next week’s chapter: Naruto is serious about finishing off Pein as soon as possible and is ready to unveil the new technique he has prepared for the first time! Don’t miss out!


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  1. he was able to maintain sage mode because of the clone he left in the froggy world….how CLEVER!!!!/

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