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HE’S Coming. HE’LL Return. BE READY!

If you believe in HIM . . . .

. . . . . . then HE will come.


Are you ready for HIS return? . . . How can you if you don’t know who HE is.


You will soon know. You will soon experience HIS story. . . HIS memories. . . HIS legacy.


There is much to be done. HIS work is not finished. HIS work has yet to begin.

HE must finish what HE started. HE must show you the way.


HE has much to teach. And you have much to learn from HIM.


HIS mind might be gone. However, HIS spirit still lives on.


You will meet HIM soon enough. Some might already know who HE is.


How can you not. HIS name is right in front of you. HIS clues are prominent.


Are you ready? Be ready. Because when the time comes, HE will be. Will you? ………….


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