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Naruto’s Christmas

Post author: Uzumaki Naruto

NOTICE! Just to let you all know, the next Naruto Total Drama Island is postponed until after Christmas

Naruto woke up Christmas morning, wondering what his friends and teachers had got him. He woke up really early, ate his breakfast, got dressed, put on his boots wintercoat, gloves and hat, and headed off to the ninja academy. he burst through the doors, went to the main office, and said on the loud speaker ” Everyone, my Christmas party will start tonight at 5:00 pm, and if you would like, bring a gift and some refreshments. Make sure you bring a gift for anyone, or everyone, and I will supply a gift for everyone. The party ends at 12:00 midnight.” with the party going on everyone said WOO HOO!.

Naruto was excited. He said “Man this is what Christmas is being with your friends, gift giving, and the most important thing, The birth of Jesus.” He decorated the tree, hung his stocking, and put up all that good stuff. The house was ready. He put out the Nutcrackers, and the candy canes were put out for everyone to eat.

This Christmas the house looked the best out of all the years. Naruto put out his special Christmas ham flavored ramen. Naruto forgot to tell the other people not to bring a fruit cake. “Aw crap, No one likes the store bought fruit cake, it has to be a home made one, if its any good.” It was almost 5:00

Everyone came. “Merry christmas Naruto” Hinata said. Naruto said” Lets go under the misseltoe.” Hinata couldnt beleve it Naruto asking her under the misseltoe. The party started. It was almost present time. Everyone liked their gifts. Kakashi got the entire set of Icha Icha paradise, and Naruto got a whole months suplly of ramen and a years supply of Ichiraku ramen tickets. The party was over, Naruto went to sleep for the day after christmas.


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  1. wo ho

  2. Not the best thing in the world…Actually, no offense, but it was kind of bad…SHORT…and bad, no offense though

  3. yeah this did suck

  4. vicka 088274204306 hp love love

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  6. vicka gso naruto lova slhs[ pa sd sds aksf vcjskosa ds dgs

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