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The Grand Tale of Ian and Iruka:Epiloque

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Not Made by Me Post Author: Iruka

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The Grand tale of Iruka and Ian
Chapter6: Epilogue
After my injuries had healed up, it was time to do some more training with Ian. As always, NTG would accompany us because her expertise in medical jutsu was needed. I continued to teach Ian more taijutsu. I also demonstrated certain tactics in dealing with different types of jutsu attacks. He learned about the types of genjutsu and the numerous ways of counteracting them. Ian found out that through perfect chakra control, he can pull away the chakra from his brain to escape genjutsu attacks. Unfortunately, genjutsu was not my forte. I knew how to do them, but I was more of a genjutsu escape artist. For Ian to be competent at genjutsu, LH had him study with the famed genjutsu master Sholan Gorfly. Eventually Ian became proficient at it. To gauge how his genjutsu is going, I had Ian try it on me. I could tell how good Ian’s genjutsu attacks by how difficult it was for me to escape them. Eventually, Ian’s genjutsu skills reached jonin level. The next step is to teach Ian how to transform into the WildOne state. I summoned Growlith and together, we showed Ian how to go about it. I told Ian to summon Growly and start doing the combination-transformation technique. His first few attempts failed. But through my coaching, he and Growly learned how to combine and transform into a werewolf. Ian had also trouble releasing himself from the WildOne State. But he did not stop there. Ian continuously trained until finally, he could escape the WildOne State all by himself.

LH decided to test Ian’s skills. She called him to have a sparring match with her. Only NTG and I were allowed to watch the fight. LH thought she could walk all over Ian and took him too lightly. They squared off and both of them got it on. To LH’s surprise, Ian threw great combos together. LH realized her foolishness and decided to get serious. She started fighting back but it was to no avail. Ian could match her attacks blow by blow. Not wanting to lose face, LH looked at me and made a gesture. That gesture means only one thing. Quickly, I made her a bow staff using my kekkei genkai. I looked at Ian helplessly because only I knew of LH’s next move. I threw the bow to LH, she grabbed it and used a forbidden taijutsu move. She got behind Ian and poked him right in the ass with the staff. Ian jumped up in the air screaming in pain. When he landed, LH went over to Ian and started laughing. LH said “Sorry, Ian. It looks like your sensei forgot to teach you this technique – One Thousand Years of Death.” Ian looked at me, puzzled. Finally I said “Ian, I know the move but I will never teach you that one. A sensei never teaches all of his tricks.” Wanting to get back at LH for probing him, Ian went up to me and NTG and asked “Did LH ever had a crush on any guy?” I replied “I knew she had a crush on a guy named Orochimaru.” And I showed him Orochimaru’s picture. NTG squeaked out “She also had a crush on Maito Gai.” Likewise, she showed him Gai’s picture. Ian then said “Watch this.” He marched over to LH and said “I want to show you a new jutsu I just learned.” LH nodded and said “Let’s see it.”Ian quickly said “Sexy Jutsu: Orochimaru and Maito Guy.” Puff! A cloud of smoke appeared. Out of the smoke emerged Orochimaru and Maito Guy in revealing poses. The look on LH’s face was priceless. Blood was flowing out of her nose like there was no tomorrow. She was hooting and hollering. NTG and I were laughing our asses off at Ian’s prank. Finally, Ian released the jutsu and LH slowly regained her composure. The color of LH’s face was fire engine red. LH grumblingly admitted “I deserved that for the ass poke but you better not say a word to anyone about this. If you do, I WILL KILL YOU! Ian, don’t use that jutsu ever again.” And we all went home.

One day, LH summoned me to her office. I opened the door and took a seat. LH said “Iruka, what are your plans for the future? Are you going to stick around in Konoha? Oh well, the question I am dying to ask is: When are you going to ask NTG to marry you? She loves you very much. I can also read you like a book so I know you love her, too.” I replied “Err.. umm.. well ok fine. I want to ask NTG for her hand in marriage but I haven’t got the nerve.” LH bellowed “Just take her out to a nice restaurant and when you’re about to leave, get on your knees and propose to her, you idiot.” With those great words of encouragement, I set out to find NTG. I followed LH’s advice to the tee. After I proposed, I slid the ring on her finger and kissed NTG. She was grinning from ear to ear. She quickly ran home to show off her ring to LH. After LH saw the ring, she and NTG hugged each other and giggled like two schoolgirls.

Three months later, NTG and I got married. NTG never looked so beautiful. She was the envy of all the girls in Konoha. LH met a guy named Kakashi at the wedding dance. Both of them enjoyed each other’s company. NTG and I were happy for LH. However, NTG and I talked about Kakashi in private. Neither of us trusted him. He was giving us bad vibes but we do not have the heart to tell LH about our suspicions.

About a year later, NTG gave birth to twins: a boy and a girl. We named the girl Hinata in honor of her aunt. NTG wanted our son to be named Iruka Jr. LH was named the godparent of the kids. She was the proudest aunt that day. She loved them so much and thought of them as her own children. She would take them to the park to walk or play with them. On one of these outings, she invited Kakashi to join her. It was a hot day and being only 16 months old, the kids were getting cranky. Wanting to get some juice for the kids, LH stopped at a confectionary. She quickly went inside while Kakashi watched the little ones. While paying for the juice, LH started to hear the twins crying. She bolted out the store and to her horror found Kakashi yelling at the kids. One of them accidentally threw up on him. LH tried to calm the kids down while Kakashi was still reaming out the kids. LH had enough. She stood up and slapped Kakashi right on the face. Kakashi with a surprised look on his face said “If you like these kids so much, why don’t you go save them” With that he pushed the kids onto the street. Both of them fell down and starting howling. The howling was so loud that Ian, NTG and I could hear it while we were training. NTG and I dashed towards the twins’ direction with Ian right behind us. LH scooped the kids up in one arm and walked over to Kakashi and punched him. Kakashi then directed his attack at the kids and started hitting them. LH did the only thing she could do. She put the kids on the ground and hunched over them. She was taking all the attacks. After a while, Kakashi realized what he just did. He apologized to LH but he was too late. There was fury in LH’s eyes. She started beating him up while yelling “You scum! How dare you throw these babies onto the street?! How dare you hit them??!!!Finally NTG, Ian and I arrived on the scene. NTG went to get the children while I pulled LH off of Kakashi. Someone from the crowd had whispered to NTG what really happened. Like a possessed beast she yelled “Ian, take the kids home. I gotta take out the trash.” Ian quickly grabbed the kids and left the scene. No sooner had I got LH calmed down, NTG came charging at Kakashi like an enraged bull. She started pounding on his face. I quickly pulled NTG and yelled “You’re going to pay for whatever you did, Kakashi. Woodstyle: Binding Branches.” Kakashi was stuck in place by the branches. LH, NTG and I left for home. On the way, LH was apologizing profusely and tears were flowing in her face. When we arrived home, Ian was playing with the kids. He knew better and decided to save the questions for later. Seeing that the kids were fine, LH’s felt relieved. I went back to Kakashi and released him from the branches. I then dragged his sorry ass back to the house. When LH saw him she yelled “We are through. Don’t you ever set foot in Konoha again. Brother, take this piece of shit and escort him out of here.” Kakashi was forever banned from Konoha.

Periodically LH had to send me to S-class missions. She felt no one but me would be able to succeed in those missions. NTG did not like the fact that I was always given the most difficult assignments but she also knew I was the only who can complete them. LH always told me to come home in one piece. When it was time for me to leave, NTG and the kids would walk me to the gate where we say our goodbyes .One time the mission didn’t go as planned. I was ambushed. Greatly outnumbered, I fought tooth and nail with the thoughts of LH, NTG and the kids in my head. I could not die or come home barely alive. And so I fought valiantly. With no more threats I returned back to Konoha and report to LH about the mission. I walked into her office and debriefed LH about the mission. While this was going on, LH noticed a little blood on my shirt. LH said “Brother, are you hurt? You are leaking a little.” I said “It’s just a little scratch I will be fine.” And I passed out from blood loss. LH quickly tore my shirt and saw a massive wound on my chest. She quickly rushed me to the hospital and stabilized my condition. NTG was later informed of my condition. NTG was furious. She marched towards LH’s office and said “I want a word with you! I am sick and tired of you assigning the most dangerous missions to my husband. You always tell him to go by himself and you know how he is. He will complete the mission, no matter what the cost.” LH responded “NTG, do you think I like sending my brother on S-ranked missions? I have no choice on this matter. But I promise you this: I will never send you or Iruka both on a mission at the same time. I don’t want my godchildren to be orphaned at an early age.” NTG yelled “Thank you!!!” and stormed out of the office.

The kids grew up fairly quickly. Iruka Jr. was like his mother and auntie. He had perfect chakra control and wanted to become a medic ninja. LH and NTG took him under their wing and trained him hard. I felt sorry for him. LH was a tough instructor. She would grind him hard. NTG was tough on him as well but knew when to ease up on him. My son became a medic ninja at age 14. Hinata inherited the Mokuton. She was like me in abilities and personality but looked like her mother. I took it upon myself to train her since Ian was already a jonin and gaining fame as a ninja. Through my help, Hinata mastered the kekkei genkai. Eventually it was time for her to get a summon. Growlith insisted that his daughter, Growlandia will be a perfect partner for Hinata. With time she learned to go into the WildOne state. Like me, she needed help leaving the WildOne state while using Mokuton. Both of my kids grew up to be renowned ninjas.

After a while, LH felt that it was time for Ian to take over as Hokage. He was the best ninja of his generation. So when the time was right, Ian was appointed Hokage. LH, NTG and I remained active ninjas but took quite different roles. Seeing how successful they were at training Iruka Jr., NTG and LH opened up a medic ninja training program. Each of them took only one student at a time. The students benefitted from the one-on-one instruction method. They learned fast. As for me, I became a taijutsu instructor. Before an academy student could graduate, they had to complete my course. I also kept my classes small, taking in only three students. Through our family’s efforts, Konoha’s military strength became second to none.

That’s it, folks. Enjoy!