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Naruto Shippuden Episode 84: Kakuzu’s Abilities

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 84: Kakuzu’s Abilities

Naruto Shippuuden – Episode 84

Despite being hit straight on by Choji’s attack, Kakuzu comes out unscathed. However, Kakashi has noted that his Iron Skin jutsu is Earth based and successfully attacks Kakuzu from behind with his Raikiri. To everyone’s surprise, Kakuzu is not killed. He removes his Akatsuki cloak and reveals four masks on his back. Each mask breaks away from him to form their own bodies constructed from Kakuzu’s black tendrils. One of the masks dies immediately because it was the one killed by Kakashi. With Hidan now also free of Shikamaru’s Shadow technique, the duo team up against Kakashi. Kakuzu takes advantage of Hidan’s immortality by attacking both he and Kakashi with a Wind technique released from one of his masks. He then attacks Shikamaru and Choji with a lightning jutsu from another mask, but Kakashi is able to rush to their aid and counter it with his Raikiri. But it’s not over yet as Kakuzu uses his final mask to unleash a fire jutsu.

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