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hey guys this is my first FanFic. i hope you guys like it. leave your feedbacks and if you can point what needs to be changed to make the post better, i would be more than willing to make part 2 better. thnx for reading guys you guys are the best.

It is chaos in konoha village. Pein and his six bodies have broken into the hidden leaf village and causing destruction. The barrier watchers have identified the location the barrier was breached and have sent shinobi to capture the intruder.

“in the hokage office” Shizune comes running through the door.

Shizune: Tsunade sama!!

Tsunade: what is it

Shizune: the village is being attacked by intruders.

Tsunade: WHAT!!!

An unknown shinobi comes bursting through the door

Unknown shinobi: hokage sama!!! The intruders have been identified to be Akatsuki.

Tsunade: gather a team and head towards them quickly. If you cant capture them, then eliminate them IMMEDIATELY

Unknown shinobi: as you wish hokage sama.

“Tsunade thinking” so they have finally arrived for the Kyuubi inside naruto huh? I bet it is pein. Damn him for taking jiraiya from me. I am going to avenge you jiraiya you wait and see. Shizune, prepare for battle we heading out.!

Shizune: but Tsunade sama you are the hokage you have to stay behind and give orders.

Tsunade: with terror in her voice; I said we heading out!!

Shizune: humbly : I understand


Naruto is taining with fukasaku . Naruto is holding a sword and sweating.

Fukasaku: naruto you have progressed at a tremendous speed, I didn’t know you had such talent in you. You mastered the frog way of fighting in sage mode. I must say kid you will become a great hokage someday.

Naruto: smiling: hehehe yeah I did master it didn’t i? then calmly: but hey I don’t know that many ninjustsu, I don’t know any genjustu and my taijustu is not all that good. Cant you teach me some new justsus

fukasaku: boy your taijustu has increased by ten fold because u mastered the frog fighting style. But as for genjustu and ninjustu u need not worry. You didn’t think your father left you no power did you?

Naruto: my father? Who was my father?

Just as fukasaku is about to tell naruto who his father his, a messenger toad appears.

Messenger toad: fukasaku sama Akatsuki has invaded konoha!!

Fukasaku and naruto: shocked: WHAT!!??

Naruto: angrily , I want to return to konoha right now, my friends need me. (hurring up to get his backpack)

Fusakaku: jumps infront of naruto. Boy it is true that you have become stronger, but you are still not on the same level as pein. This is the man that killed your sensei a sannin. You do not have long range jutsus. You will need a powerful tool, something that will take pein by surprise and destroy him. (fukasaku thinking: is the boy ready for this? Should I let him know now or wait?) Naruto!! come with me I have something really important to tell u

Naruto: what is it?

Fukasaku : just follow me. (fukasaku makes a hand seal and disappear together with Naruto.) they appear at what seems to be a battle ground shattered from powerful justsu’s)

Naruto: what is this place?

Fukasaku: I think it is time you learned about your parents naruto. Your father was the Yondaime. (naruto is shocked. He flashes back to times when kakashi compared him to the 4th now he seems to understand)

Naruto : the yondaime is my father? Angrily. How come nobody told me about this ? how come I had to grow up all by myself without knowing who I am? Tears run down his cheeks.

Fusakaku: the third forbade anyone to tell you about your parents. It was to be keep a secret until you were grown up and ready.

Naruto: ready for what

Fukasaku: boy have u realized that konoha symbol is similar to that of the uzumaki clan?

Naruto: coming to think of it, it does look like the uzumaki clan’s symbol.

Fukasaku: your father’s name was Minato Namikaze. He was a very powerful shinobi. Well known across the world. Your mother’s name was Kushina Uzumaki.

Naruto: so how come I have my mother’s name instead of my father?

Fukasaku: im glad u asked that naruto. After your father made preparations to seal the kyubi inside you, he made the first promise to keep you safe from villages who will try to hurt you because of the kyubi so the name Uzumaki was added to your name for two reasons. First was to hide who your father was and second was to make people fear you.

Naruto: why would my own father make people hate me? wasnt sealing the kyubi inside me making people hate me enough?

Fukasaku: that’s where you are wrong. You were given the uzumaki name to make people afraid of mocking u because you host the kyubi.

Naruto: but how? Its just a name

Fukasaku: ohh but its not just a common name. The Uzumaki clan was a very feared clan. Their bloodline limit was incredible it was because of the Uzumaki’s kekkei genkai that brought war to the former water country. A group of shinobi eliminated the clan in order to control the water country. The first hokage was a Uzumaki.

Naruto : so if I have a kekkei genkai then how come I haven’t awakened mine then? Doesn’t a kekkei genkai activate in a life threathening situation? I had lots of that

Fukasaku: yes does how kekkei genkai is supposed to activate. But when it comes to the uzumaki, you need another uzumaki to help you activate it.

Naruto: but the uzumai clan was eliminated. There’s no more uzumaki living except me.

Fukasaku: on the day of the assassination, the first hokage was very young. He fled with his brother and cousin, your mother. They wandered and came to konoha. They grew up together and changed their last names to senju with the exception of your mother. so they can escape being hunted down. They formed a alliance with the Uchiha to form Konoha. The Uzumaki bloodline is so powerful that it can defeat the legendary sharingan of the Uchiha clan

Naruto: so are u saying there is still another uzumaki alive?

Fukasaku: yes. Now I think its time that u awakened your kekkei genkai. Because if you do u will be able to stand against pain on equal grounds or you will be more powerful than him.

Naruto: so its that powerful?

Fukasaku: I have somebody who will help you awaken your kekkei genkai. (fukasaku makes some hand seals and a whirlwind pops out of nowhere. It is so strong that the the landscape is being torn into shreds. From the hurricane a blonde haired woman appears.)

Naruto: shocked and surprised. Could that be my mother? (he looks at fukasaku but he only smiles at him.)



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  1. this is so cool,i want to see more a.s.a.p

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