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Luck on Both Sides

From:THEORYMAKER.This is a continuation of Naruto Manga Chapter 424.It’s written from 3rd person point of view and I hope you enjoy it.This is my first post after all and I’d like to congratulate everyone who pushed me towards this goal.WARNING:THIS IS WRITTEN IN MY POINT OF VIEW!IT’S NOT REAL!

Kakashi lying there in the heap of rubbish,closes his eyes,shaking with the pain in his throat with every heartbeat.God realm Pain,looking at the sky as the sun was being covered by-sand?”It’s the sand villa-!”The Konoha ninja’s voice was cut short as a merciless rod impaled his heart.”Another piece of vermin out”, God Realm Pain whispered.”Onto the sand”,God Realm Pain said.

On top of the sand was a red-headed boy.No-it was a man.The kazekage himself was leading the army attempting to settle the commotion.It was Gaara.Pain stared in disbelief but quickly recovered from his shock.Just in time to avoid a bolt-tipped paper airplane.”Watch it”Pain said.The reinforcements were allowing new choices to be made.

Tsunade,frustrated with the ongoing events was focusing even with all the commotion around her.The airplane was hurtling at top speed straight towards Kakashi.To Pain’s luck, Gaara was thrown off balance by a parade of airplanes. Kakashi was defenseless.Animal Realm Pain joined the scene.”Demon and Human realm are dead should we-“.He was silenced by a piece of paper.A sudden shockwave of superhuman strength shook the ground.The shock caused the rubbish to collapse,protecting Kakashi.The shockwave’s foundation was right where Pain was standing.

The size of the shockwave was able to throw the Pains off balance.Gaara,bidding his time,took his chance.Now,with red veins contradicting to his very pupils,sent a hail of sand ripping Animal Realm pain’s akatsuki outfit to shreds.Animal Realm Pain was pounded deep into the ground by Tsunade.HE seemed to be dead.Sakura was now taking her spot,proving her candidacy for hokage.Tsunade rushed by Kakashi,hoping to heal his wounds.In mere seconds,his wounds seemed more like scratches.

Meanwhile,Naruto was sitting on a rock moving his legs left and right.He laid down,staring at the sky,and wondered what they were doing back at home.However,his thoughts were completely the opposite of what was occuring.Suddenly,Itachi intruded his thoughts,explaining the current situation.In less than a minute,he was on his way back.

Kakashi and Tsunade were fighting back-to-back hoping to push the Pains back.The reinforcements were battered now.However,they were pushing all the pains towards the center of the village.Konan was in the driver’s seat.She had three small yet deadly pieces of paper in Gaara’s throat.All four pains were in the center now.Kakashi and Tsunade was outnumbered.However,a big white smoke ball suddenly appeared.When it dispersed,Naruto was in plain sight.The sight of the nine-tails diverted all of Pains attention.

They stood engrossed at the sight of the nine-tailed host.He looked nothing like a ninja! This was the opening Tsunade and Kakashi needed.Gaara in the shadows,bled silently,and was waiting for help.He managed to trap Konan in his sand and Temari sliced her into pieces invisible to the naked eye.Tsunade took Hungry Ghost Realm by surprise and pounded him into the floor reapeatedly.Hungry ghost realm grabbed on to her,and stuck a rod into her heart.Both of them were in bad condition.Kakashi had his hand through Hell realm’s heart.However,hell realm had his rod through kakashi’s throat.

Bodies were slumped over rubble and other bodies.Blood and tears were in every square inch of konoha.Tens of hundreds of lives were gone in an hour.Naruto was fighting the only Pain left.God realm Pain.

After seeing Tsunade and Kakashi die along with Gaara,Naruto turned into 6 tails form.Now,God realm pain was amused.However,the rest of the akatsuki members were here.Naruto made tons of shadow clones and enveloped the akatsuki members.The only person caught was Kisame and he was blasted to smithereens by Naruto’s new jutsu:Rasengan!BLASTING AIR AND LIGHT!However,the drawback was that Naruto was stunned because of the power of his own jutsu.Now,God Realm had his long finger nail protruding Naruto’s throat.Naruto’s screams of pain were settled by a soft whack to the head.He was knocked out and slunched over Pain’s shoulder.

Part 2 will come out later!Thanks to all readers.Sorry for not adding more pics,I know it’s boring but thanks for sticking with me.I’d enjoy constructive criticism.Thank you!And now for some funny pictures!

Quote:It takes 20 years to make a man,but only 20 seconds to destroy him.Credits to COD3 For this quote.

Pics from GOOGLE.

Zep’s Farewell Blog


press play (open in new window)
The Movie is at the end. Hope you all like. Thanks for everything Zep-senpai. Take care, and strive in everything you do…………

There are a couple things that I’d like to say about Zep, that I hope he, and you all can read before he departs us. It is hard for me, as the youngest author in the Shannaro family to live up to the large shoes made by those before me. As one of the first authors on this site, I feel Zep has played a huge part in making those shoes. Zep is an author that gets to know his fans/the members of this site/friends. I’ve read his work ever since before I became a member to this site, and I’ve enjoyed it, more specifically the 10 years series. Anyways Zep, I’d just like to say thank you for being an inspiration, and an awesome father of the site. Good luck in life, and never quit being a Narutard!

– Stay Great
SSJ Sasuke

ZEP is an amazingly talent writer… “10yrs later” is a masterwork; and it means a lot to me, “hope in love and dreams of a good future in Naruverse”. A man that can bring hope and goodness in fictions can build it for real. Therefore, I see Zep as a man with his feet on the ground and his mind capable of flying to a world of imagination and a wonderful real future. Furthermore, he shared this marvelous world with us. THANKS YOU ZEP! I wish you have a brilliant future, a life full of happiness, success, love and uncountable blessings.
-Silver Uchiha

One of the original Shannaro Five is now leaving us. It’s gonna be weird without you around, buddy. Zep was a great author who was putting out blogs back in the day when there were just a few regular readers. He had a knack for researching his topics and telling a good story. I got the feeling he was a bit biased towards Neji in his posts though…. nah, must be imagining it 😀 . Also, you gotta give credit to a guy who takes time during the middle of his job to come chat on the blog, kukuku. Well Zep, best of luck in where ever life takes ya. Like I said before, “once a Narutard, always a Narutard.”

-Bob Senpai

Well Zep, its fun been fun having you at Shannaro! I hope you succeed in whatever you do in your later days! I don’t have much to say at all, but you have been a great friend! Good luck my friend, and from the rest of Shannaro!


‘Hey Zep, Guruku here… Zep is one of the original Authors of Shannaro. He is greatly respected and shows candor in everything. He has insightful blogs, and informative comments that add to a discussion. Personally, my favorite piece by Zep is the original FanFic of Naruto10 years later, that blog is simply amazing! If you read it, you can see how he intricately plans out all of the teams and gives great details for each character while also adding suspense. He is a creative, show not tell writer which a lot of authors can learn from. Due to his hard-work, long-term dedication, and valuable presence at Shannaro, I know that he will flourish in anything he does, and I wish him the best in pursuing his career.’


What can I can I say about the guy? He is easy going and always
approachable. He has shown me that we should not be so hard on
ourselves when it comes to writing. People will like our stuff. He
showed and told me we are the worst critics when it comes to our own
work. Zep has taught me perseverance and patience when it comes to
writing blogs.
Another good trait Zep has is his sense of humor. He can take a joke
and dish it out. He doesn’t mind a good rib. Zep is one cool dude.


Zep has never tried to make a big deal out of himself on Shannaro. He
has always been welcoming to newbies and authors alike, without
hesitation. Frankly, he’s been like the guru that Shannaro members can
always turn to for advice or cryptic words of fascination. Yet after
dedicating many long hours of blog making, we never considered the fact
that he might have to leave us some day. It’s devastating to know that
there won’t be any author so completely willing to ask the simple
questions with so much meaning behind them. We’re sad to see you go, Zep
but remember to pay a visit when you need a fix for your inner Narutard!
Thank you for all your hard work and I hope all goes well for you in the

~ Nef

ZepWolfx has always been one of my greatest Shannaro!!! Friends. My first memories of him revolve around the Original Shannaro Five.. [Really the Shannaro Four since one of the members has been missing for quite some time.] It began when the site was still growing. And it was around the time Naruto Hurricane got its first online troll [damn that ******* I still have strong hate feelings for him…] And three more active members on Shannaro and the webmaster, began to know each other and express their blatant love for Naruto. Of course, if you haven’t guessed by now, those four people are your Bob Uchiha-sama, Zepwolfx-senpai, E.R.Nefarious-hime and yours truly,LadyP.
One specific time was when the four of us were all on at the same time, and we were using the comment function on one of Bob’s regular theory blogs. [This was back in the day when only Bob wrote blogs.] The conversation we had went on for….maybe an hour or more. And there it was decided that Bob would make the three of us authors on Shannaro. And maybe one thing that Bob said that solidified this quartet for me, was when he said jokingly that we were in the perfect positions to conquer North America. [Nef lives in the Northern middle of the USA, I live on the East Coast, Zep on the West Coast and Bob all the way in the North.]
So we decided that we would make awesome blogs and gain slaves followers. Thus, we all exchanged emails and gained THREE new pen pals! [Ignore this rather…corny writing.] And yes, we all know some personal info of each other, like names and ages and likes and dislikes…all of which you kiddies will never discover. [Mwhahahaha, wallow in your envy. No really, it’s more that we all like our online privacy, thanks.] And believe it or not, Zep’s first email to me was helping me and giving me ideas for my first blog.
ZepWolfx has always come across to me as that cool, suave guy. He always has an encouraging and supportive comment for you. He’s imaginative and yet down to earth at the same time. Zep is also a sensitive guy, which is extremely hard to come by nowadays. I also share his pronounced love for wolves, except on a lesser scale. He’s mature, and the oldest of the Shannaro Four. His warm, informative and amusing comments, along with Bob’s ingenious humor and wisdom and Nef’s wit and brains and technophobia were always a source of fun, laughter and smiles during my late nights while I was supposed to be doing my stupid Journalism homework. Shannaro will definitely lose something with his absence. I’m fond of the fellow, and even if he disappears from Shannaro for a while, I’ll be bothering him with my constant emails.
So, Zep, I’m guessing this is the part where I say I’ll miss you and that you shouldn’t have to go. However, I’m mature enough to understand why and regardless I can contact you. But here’s where I get to say, Zep you bastard, come back soon.

This is really hard for me. You see, ZepWolf-Senpai is the first author to have noticed me. I remember having trouble with my avatar (mind you this is when the site started to grow so there was a lot of questions). I was asking how to write blogs and do my avatar. I remember I didn’t get answer for like 3 days. And then out of the Blue, there was a comment directed at me. It said “He Ikamuzu (cool name by the way) if you are having troubles with loading pics, just give me your email and I will forward you the info.”

Without knowing me, he helped me off the right off the bat. It was funny to hear from “ZepWolf” because it was his JAT blog that got me interested in the site. I respect all the authors who have come before me for the work that they have done to make this site what it is today. I will miss my Senpai, but he will always have a place on this site. No one can forget, especially a member of the Shannaro 5.

So to Zep Senpai, thank you. Thank you for the advise, blogs, and encouragement to always do better. I can say that you have contributed to my being as a Shannaro Author.

– Peace love and all of the above

Ikamuzu Oturan

and here is the movie i made: The Movie